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Chapter 52

Giselle Pov

The shining antique ring gained my attention as I stood there watching at its massive blue diamond. It was a beautiful piece and at that moment if anything I wanted was it.

“Hello, ma’am. You have a nice choice. This is our solo piece and it is a vintage one,” the salesman told me and I smirked as my finger trailed on it.

“How much?” I asked and wore his gloves as he brought it out from the glass box, keeping it before me as it dazzled. My fingers itched to touch it and he smiled as he picked it up and asked my hand so that he could slip it on me. I forwarded my hand and he slipped the ring to my index finger as it slipped perfectly and I smiled looking at it.

It was an emerald cut diamond set on a platinum band and it revered for its rare, light pink hue. I loved the color and as it set on my finger. It was as if it was meant just for me.

“It would cost you eight thousand and fifty-three dollars,” he said as he grinned and I huffed internally as I passed the ring back to him.

“Pack it up for me,” I told him as I handed him a cheque and he looked ecstatic as he took the cheque and quickly went away with my ring to get it polished. I wore my gloves back as I looked around. The place was filled with antique and expensive jewelry. But none had my attention as much as that ring.

Only a few things ever got my attentions and whenever it did, I had always ended up wanting it. And I have always got whatever I wanted. There was nothing left in this world which I didn’t have.

I watched as the manager brought my ring back and handed it to me in a bag. I walked out of the store as I was followed by my bodyguard, Spencer as he guided me to my car and we got in before the driver drove us away.

“Did you get her address?” I asked as I took my ring out from the box and examined it, loving its shape.

“I will take one more day,” Spencer said and that made me look up at him. My eyes trailing down at his tense body as he shifted in his seat which made me smirk for the power I held.

“Twenty four hours more then,” I smiled and he nodded and I closed the box.

“I don’t want to spoil it with blood. I will wear it after twenty-four hours only. Make sure, I get to wear this after twenty hours. You wouldn’t want me to be upset.”

He nodded and picked up his phone going through it as I looked out the window. My mind drifted off to deep thoughts that made me grit my teeth as I thought about it.

I have gotten everything, but there is only one thing that I was not able to get. And that one thing has made me do so many wrong things. I had never wanted anything so bad but I failed to get it. I went berserk when I didn’t get it.

I closed my eyes as I remembered the day.

It was the most beautiful day of my life because I finally met the guy for whom I have been waiting for my whole life. Nobody ever paid attention to me, nobody ever cared what I felt, but he did. I was sitting at the corner of the cafeteria. I had no money, for days I didn’t eat anything. It wasn’t as if I didn’t have money but my stepmother stopped paying me and blocked my cards that my dad had left for me.

She was so nice to me when dad was alive, but after his death, she changed. She loathed me and wanted to do nothing me. She thought I spent a lot of money but the only time I spent it was to eat or to bring the necessities. I was tired of my life. Because I had no money, I couldn’t go out with my friends and as time went by they stopped talking and socializing with me. It was growing frustrating for me.

For the last two months, I have been depending on my university night free dinner. Somehow, I managed to find a way to have breakfast on my own but it was a problem for me at lunchtime. A sigh escaped my mouth as I looked around and saw pupil sitting with their friends and eating.

I was hungry and I thought it was a good idea if I saw the food. But now, I was feeling even more hungry. I only had some cents in my purse and somehow I had to manage until I graduated for more six months so that I could get a good job and work to earn money.

I was from a wealthy family. My father was a businessman and I know he had left me my share in my will, but because of my stepmother, I was not able to retrieve it. Moreover, I was not legally mature to be able to retrieve the money and properties. I was always quiet and listened to whatever she told me but still, she hated me and her daughter made sure to make my life a living hell, even when my father was alive.

It went past my father’s eyes and I didn’t wish to cause him any trouble so I kept quiet suffering alone.

“Hey there,” I heard someone and looked up to find none but Mason as he smiled down at me and sat down before me on the empty seat.

He was the most popular guy in the whole university and girls died on his looks. “I was wondering if you could lend me your physics thesis? I mean I have already finished mine but there are some problems. I am just going through everyone’s thesis to understand mine. If it’s not a problem with you, of course,” he smiled. His brown eyes shining and I felt my inner self going flat over his looks.

“Of course!” I smiled as I hurried to pull my notebook out from my bag as I handed him my notebook. He smiled and took it as he opened it to read it.

“Thanks. It’s a great help! I will return you back tomorrow. Is that alright?” he asked and I nodded clasping my finger together, giving him a smile. He got up and I watched as he pushed my notebook into his bag and he reached forward as he places something before me.

“I bought this veg meal box. But I had my lunch with my friends. As a token of thanks I am giving this to you,” he said and I gasped as I pushed the box towards him.

“No! It’s just a thesis. You don’t have to do that!” I told him but he shook his head and returned the box to me.

“I insist,” he told me and not knowing what to do. I touched the box and he smiled before turning and leaving. The box was pretty hot and I opened it to find zucchini and tomato flatbreads to crispy chickpea tabbouleh and mushroom Gemelli and freshly baked garlic bread. My mouth watered instantly as I looked at the food and looked up to find him gone.

Thanking him in the inside, I wasted no time dine on my food and as soon as the garlic bread reached my mouth, I was already moaning and feeling pleased as I savored the food down and munch on my food happily. It’s been such a long time since I had something so delicious like this.

All thanks to Mason.


I jumped down the stairs as I felt happy after a long time. My stomach was full and I felt energetic as I descended down the stairs.

“Why do you always have to be the one to submit the thesis first man! Just when do you get time to study and how are you so quick?” I heard someone whom I recognized as my classmate.

“I told you so many times to divide your work. But you never listen!” I descended down the stairs a little more and saw Mason and Jamie standing at the end of the stairs talking to each other.

“But can’t you wait! Why did you submit it so fast? No one is ready with theirs. Because you submitted, now we have to finish ours no matter what!” Jamie complained as Mason huffed at him.

“It’s none of my business. We were given a deadline and I did my work!”

I stood on the corner of the steps watching them as I heard about it.

“And you all are just lazy ass!” Mason exclaimed.

“No, we are not! You are just too punctual. Nobody had time to do that boring thesis,” Jamie huffed at him.

“You are wrong there. Look here! There is someone who has!” Mason told him and I watched as he pulled my notebook from his bag and showed it to Jamie.

“No way! There’s one more nerd in our class?” he looked surprised and I clutched my bad tightly.

“Wait! What are you doing with her notebook?”

“I took it from her,”

“Why? It’s not like you need someone’s help to complete a mere thesis like this right?” Jamie asked as he looked confused and Mason smiled at his hit his head with my notebook and kept it inside.

“Take help and give help!” he said and I watched as he walked away as Jamie frowned and followed him. I stood there thinking about it when it hit me.

He gave me that lunch box deliberately.

It means he knew my condition.

My fingers curled up and I gritted my teeth as I felt embarrassed that I have been fed because someone felt sympathetic for me. How did my condition grow so bad? How did I end up like this?

I looked at the direction from where Mason walked away and followed him as I walked through the corridors of my college and saw him parting away from Jamie. I took the chance as I marched up to him and stood before him, my nose flaring up from all that running I did.

“You!” I said as I pointed my finger at him and he looked caught off guard as he signaled me to calm down.

“Give my notebook back!” I screamed at his face.


“What’s up with you?” he asked and I huffed at him.

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you? You even asked you for your sympathy?” I was seething with anger as I saw his calm face. I thought he would at least fight back because I agreed even I was too loud but he didn’t.

“What sympathy? What are you even talking about?” he looked confused as he took in my words.

“You gave that lunch box to me deliberately. Out of sympathy! You said you wanted my thesis for help but you have already completed and submitted your thesis. So why do you need mine? The answer is you knew I had no money and you gave me your lunch box out of sympathy! I hate it! Give my notebook back! Now!” as I screamed, he looked strangely at me before pulling my notebook out and giving it to me.

I snatched it away from him and as I opened it, he spoke: “I don’t know what you are talking about. But I haven’t submitted my physics thesis either! But I have submitted Chemistry. And if you are talking about the conversation I had with Jamie a few minutes ago then let me tell you, I showed him yours because I wanted to encourage him to complete his,” he told me and shoved his hands inside his pant pockets as I looked up at me dumbfounded.

“What?” the word came out merely as the feeling of embarrassment rose up on my body and I returned my notebook to him. He took it back as he looked at me cautiously while I took some steps back.

“Well then,” I laughed nervously.

“See ya?” I said and without even letting him speak, I turned around and ran away.


Talk about Embarrassment.

Every time I saw Mason, I hid or ignored him gladly. I had expected that he would tell everyone about our weird encounter but he didn’t. Instead, he just smiled at me and I turned my head towards the other direction feeling embarrassed.

Not even did I just yell at me but also unknowingly let him know that I didn’t have money. This was just so embarrassing that I wanted to go somewhere and die.

Just why did everything turn out like this with me?

It’s been two days since he took my physics notebook and I did a mistake by returning my copy to him. I should have taken it back, now he would come to me anytime wanting to return it back and that would be even more awkward than before.

I bought a chicken sandwich and walked out of the canteen not really wanting to sit in the canteen. I wanted peace and a secluded area to have my lunch peacefully and I knew just the best place for it.

There emergency staircase at the back of the building was an amazing place and I stood at the corner looking at the campus as I unwrapped my sandwich and took a bite from it. It was not that amazing but still, it was better from not having anything. The sandwich was dry and I took out my water bottle when someone placed a juice can before me and I looked back to find none but Mason.

He gave me a small smile as he climbed up at the remaining two steps and stood before me. It was the first time, I noticed how tall he was and this was also the first time, we were so close. His face was so handsome. Those dimples on his cheeks and those brown orbs melted me as I looked up.

The chill wind went passed me and my hair moved up when I closed my eyes for it pricked my eyes but then felt his cold hands moving the few loose strands of my hair away from my face and I opened my eyes to look at him. My body shivering to his mere touch.

“Now don’t start yelling at me!” he laughed and I gave him an awkward smile as I realized, I still had food inside my mouth and immediately gulped it down.

He forwarded my notebook and I took it from him.

“Thanks. It was a great help!” he told me and not knowing what to do, I just nodded at him and hoped he would just go away but he stood there playing with the straps of his sling bag as he smiled.

“This is none of my business but do you know if you are out of money, you can always work to gain it!” he said and I furrowed at him.

“Excuse me?” I questioned and he shrugged.

“I remember what you told me last time and I think you are in need of money. There is a vacancy of a waitress in a diner, where I work. If you want I can talk to the manager,” he said and that made me gasp.

“You work as a waiter?” I couldn’t help but ask and he smiled showing me his dimples as he shrugged.

“Work is work. They pay well,” he said and I shook my head. It was not about money but never had I ever imagined that he would be working as a waiter somewhere. He was the most popular guy in the uni and he did this work?

“Does your friend know about this?” I couldn’t help but ask and this time he was the one who furrowed at me.

“Of course!”

“If you don’t want it. It’s alright! After you told me that, I realized you don’t really eat well. And I have heard what’s going on in your family. So,” he trailed off and I shifted in my position, feeling awkward. He gave out a sigh and turned to leave when I realized something.

“Yes!” I told him without even thinking.


“I mean, it will be a great help if you could recommend me to your manager,” I told him and he smiled.

“Great! I will tell you the details after talking to him,” he said and I nodded bring grateful as he turned and left.

Why did I not thinking of working beforehand?


So, as he told me, he did recommend me to his manager and I got the job. The pay was well and I received tips from the customers. Immediately, my life was back in track and I was coping up with my life. It was all thanks to Mason. Now, I could have my meals three times and no longer depend upon anyone.

I saw him working hard and got to know he did more three jobs to pay for the university fee. I felt guilty for not even thinking of working. I was just finding lame excuses even looking up to solve my problems on my own. Within a month, I grew close to him and as I started to know him, I realized I had been feeling very different for him.

He walked me back to my hostel in the night and we started to spent most of our time together when I realized, I was deeply in love with him. It was a wonderful feeling. He was a wonderful man. He was always generous and carefree with me. I was really comfortable with him and I looked up at him wanting to be close to him but I wasn’t sure if he loved me back the way I did.

He sure did help me multiple times, walked me back to my hostel and sometimes we even went out for movies but never did he ever cross his limits and I was growing frustrated. I wanted to know if he felt the same way I felt for him. So, finally, after knowing and spending five months with him, I grew the courage in me to take the initiative of expressing my love for him.

But never I had expected that he hid so many secrets from me. All these times we were close but still, he didn’t even open his heart for me when I saw him with another girl in the movie theatre. The woman was so beautiful, dressed well and they seemed as if they were in love as they walked inside the theatre just before my eyes hand in hand, kissing once in a while.

That day, I was broken. I felt my heart got pricked millions of times and the pain I felt was million times more than what I felt when my father died. I ran back to my hostel and locked myself in the bathroom as I looked at myself in the mirror as I recalled that girl.

I was average before her. She was tall, beautiful and had beautiful eyes, her lips like a red rose petal and when I compared myself with her, I realized how lame I looked with my long curly hair and face filled with freckles. That day, I couldn’t stop crying as I knew that I could never have him when I loved him the most in this world.

Something in me changed and for the first time ever, I wanted to fight. I didn’t even fight with my stepmother when she didn’t give me my rights but now, I wanted to have everything. I wanted to have my rights and the things I deserved even if it meant I would have to take it by force.

As I had expected Mason finally brought the girl to our uni and made me meet her. I got to know that she was pursuing a jewelry design course in the other city. She was beautiful and elegant.

All of a sudden, I started to hate her because I didn’t really like the way Mason ignored me for her and looked at her. He was drowning in her love and I couldn’t do anything. The girl was nice to me and even though I wanted to slap her and show her place, I behaved well for Mason’s sake.

I didn’t wish to lose Mason. No matter what! So I continued to tag along with them for shopping and hangouts wanting to keep a tab on Mason. But nothing worked for me. He only thought me as his friend. With time, I grew frustrated and I created misunderstanding between them.

They fought.

They even grew apart.

Mason sobbed before me as he said, she broke up with him and took the bus back to her hometown. I was so happy that day. I thought finally, she was gone and now he would be mine. We were already close to getting graduated and then I would make him travel to some other city where we would start from the beginning and I would make him fall for me.

And I succeeded. We graduated and I made him take a job in another state. He seemed he was getting over his ex-girlfriend. Jane was finally out of his mind and he started working in a good company and he looked so happy. At times, he would sit in the corner looking sad and exhausted but I made sure, to entertain him. I thought finally everything got in place and finally, I told him one cold night how much I loved him.

But he rejected me.

He said he still loved Jane and only Jane.

He can’t forget her and he could never love me.

He apologized to me and left me standing there alone. I was again devasted but lost no hopes. I knew I got so much time to make him realize that I was the only one who loved him the most. I wanted to show him that I could go to any extent for his love. He had a financial crisis and he needed money.

I thought if I helped him then he would get it.

I had to kill my step sister.

For him, I went so far. She was in between me and my father’s will. I had to kill her and eventually snatched all my rights and even my step mother’s part to grow wealthy. I did everything just for his sake.

I was so scared.

I killed someone.

It was an accident. We fought and I pushed her off the building. She fell down from the twenty-second floor like a rag doll and I watched as life went out of her. She was lying there dead and I escaped from her building crying the whole night for what happened. I was lonely and I struggled. But I thought Mason would make me feel loved and come back to him.

I helped him financially and everything was fine between us. He looked guilty and sympathized me for my sister’s death and thanks to her death we were again back together. He thought I needed him and he made sure to be with me every time. I told him once again that I loved him but again he rejected me and soon returned me my money.

I heard he was again in touch with Jane and one day he came to me and told me that he had finally settle everything with Jane and both of them wanted to get married.

I wanted the ground to open and swallow me. It wasn’t what I had ever thought of but it was happening right before my eyes. He brought her one day in an outing and I saw how beautiful she grew within a year.

The misunderstandings were cleared between them and she was now famous for her outstanding designs. Though I smiled at them, in the inside it was killing me. I couldn’t see them together. I couldn’t see how much they loved each other and before my very own eyes, the dates were set. They were getting ready to marry each other.

I couldn’t take it.

I thought Mason would leave me forever.

So, just before his bachelor party, I made him drink too much and wanted to make him mine. I took him to a room and wanted to make him mine but didn’t realize that I mistook someone else as him. I shouldn’t have drunk with him. The idiot wine played well in me and I had sex with a stranger whom I had thought of Mason.

The next day, I found out that it was Oliver. Mason’s colleague at work. He had been after me since the time we met at a restaurant. Mason introduced us and he seemed he really liked me. But I showed no interest to him. But ended up losing my virginity to him.

Mason and Jane married before my eyes and I was lost.

I was lost, became an alcoholic, spend my father’s money lavishly. I wanted to forget him but couldn’t. I heard they even had a daughter. It was when I met Oliver again and heard Mason and Jane were his new neighbors.

It’s been two years since I last saw him. I couldn’t forget him. I wanted to see him again and went to visit Oliver when I saw him with his new family. A lovely daughter in his arms and a beautiful wife.

I knew I didn’t forget him.

I couldn’t.

The moment I saw Jane, I realized how jealous I grew whenever I saw her. I should have killed her in the beginning. If she had no been here then that kid would have been mine and Mason would have eventually fell in love with me. But it was only because of her.

I started to stalk the family and soon realized the only way I could see him was if I stayed near him. Oliver was his neighbor and he still liked me. He said I was his first and he even proposed wanting to spend his life with me. I felt nothing for him.

It was as if I saw only Mason in him.

Every time I had sex with him, I only thought of Mason. My heart was with him.

So I said yes to his proposal and we got married.

I was again close to Mason.

Oliver, mother was a nag. She lived with us and she showed me so much love and affection that I started to dislike her immediately. I hated her love. She was nowhere close to my mom and Oliver was a disaster. He loved someone who could never love him back.

I couldn’t stop myself from jumping off the boundaries and standing near the window of Mason’s house wanting to have a glimpse of him. He was really happy to meet me after years.

One day Jane was out with her daughter and I took it the chance. I sent Oliver and his mother out and went into Mason’s house. I couldn’t stop myself. I was physically attracted to him and without even thinking, I kissed him. He was shocked for some time but then as he realized he pushed me away and even slapped me. He said he still didn’t have any feelings for me and he only loved his wife and his daughter.

I was angry that day. We fought and finally he pushed me out of his house as he yelled at me for the first time ever telling me that what I did was wrong. He got to know that I married Oliver for him and he said he was disgusted with me. My heart was hurt and but I couldn’t take it anymore as I stomped back to my house and plopped down on my bed.

Everything that I had wanted, I got it.

But I could never have Mason.

He didn’t love me and as time passed by, I was growing frustrated and annoyed with everyone around me. Oliver got me pregnant and I was disgusted with myself. I wanted to have Mason’s child in me so I aborted the baby even before it was born. I felt nothing for it.

By this time, years passed by and Mason never talked to me again. I heard that he even asked Jane not to interact with me much. Finally, after sleepless nights, I had it enough.

I came to the conclusion that I would die if I couldn’t have him.

He was like a drug to me.

And I couldn’t spend my whole life just thinking of him.

I thought of killing both Oliver and Jane. They were the biggest obstacle in my life. But everything went bad as I grew frustrated and ended up killing Oliver before Jane and Mason.

I thought I would make Oliver and Jane die in an accident and soon Mason being a single parent with a kid would want to be with me as I had also lost my husband. But it executed wrong and I ended up killing everyone to hide the mistakes.

I ended up killing the one whom I had loved the most. I watched as life went out of him before my eyes and I cried like hell. Till the moment, he died he told me that he hates me and he had never loved me. It was so hurtful but nobody was alive to let anyone know about the crime I did.

His death was a shock to me and I thought there was of no use if I went back. I would have to take care of that ugly old lady. So, I faked my own death and fled away. To the world, everyone in the boat died. But I was living my life, living like some other woman.

Years went by and I grew successful with what I did. Until I saw that face.

The face of Jane.

The girl was young and it was as if Jane was right before me alive.

I couldn’t believe it. How could a person return back from death? I had made sure that she died before I threw her body into the lake. The woman in the restaurant was a complete replica of Jane.

I was scared. So many years went by and it was as if the past came out before me to haunt me.

I did a background check on the woman and found her name as Sangavi Carter. And realized she was the daughter of Mason and Jane. I had thought she drowned that day, but she managed to survive and grew up in an orphanage.

She was there in that boat and she was the only witness left, alive. I was scared that if she found me I would be in trouble.

I cursed my fate and reacted first. Before she could reach me, I made sure to kill her, so I sent a man after her and he succeeded in getting into her apartment but ended up hurting himself.

The girl knew defense and she hurt him badly as she got him arrested but somehow I managed to remain in the shadows. I left no chance wanting to kill her even if it meant poisoning her. But she survived every single time.

I was scared when I collided to her in the Visa office. I thought she recognized me, but thankfully she didn’t. I hated that someone had the power to scare me and before she could get me, I wanted her dead.

It was beyond my imagination how she survived with three bullets in her but she succeeded in unveiling my identity. I had to remain underground and kept tabs on her from her social media that I had been following since day one and finally got to know that she relocated herself to France.

I took no chance to fly out of the states wanting to end her matter once and for all.

The story started in my past and managed to continue in my present.

I won in the past and I intended to win again in the present and also in the future.

I could see my future, it was bright.

Sangavi Carter had to die. It was her fate and she chose it for herself.

I kept Sang's mother name as "Jane"

Remind me if I had kept it as something another name. And don't forget to mention which chapter.

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