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Chapter 54

Caleb Pov

As soon as we landed, we were met with Mr. Jaques, a senior officer of the Paris Police team. Nathan talked to him letting him know every detail and soon we got in the action as they used Sang’s social media to relocate and check into a place near to us.

The plan was to wait and catch her while she comes to find Sang. As much as we were ready to go into action, we were also a little bit in a dilemma if she would take the bait and come find Sang. She has been smart and has killed so many people that it left us wondering if she could be dumb enough to fall in our trap.

Our plan was sudden and no matter what we were ready to sprint to action.

The officers told me that it would be better if I stayed back. They didn’t want any casualty for the one they were trying to catch was a wicked and dangerous one but I chose to go as I wanted to catch her with my very own hands and make her pay for everything she did.

Finally, we reached the spot and cameras were attached and cars with cameras were parked right near to the spot. The officers didn’t wish any civilian to get hurt and it was how we chose a place away from the city. It was a diner and we informed the owner about our plans. He was cooperative and only the officers dressed as civilians were present in the motel.

Sang’s social media sites were used to post some food pictures and check-ins for live location and a post was updated which gave indirect message that she was going to spend some time at the same place for two days. As it was done, we could only wait. It was only a two hours drive out of the town from Paris and we expected if she was here, she would definitely not leave this opportunity.

We could only wait.

I was inside the car, waiting anxiously with an officer beside me as he kept on glancing towards every direction. He was brilliantly cautious and I noticed as the officers dressed in civilians played their role well as they behaved like normal people eating food and chatting to each other but at the same time remaining cautious enough to mark each car that went past the diner.

There was one car that went past the diner various times as if it wanted to see what’s going on and immediately it got our action. The car slowed down near the diner and a lady officer disguised as Sang knowingly walked here and there in the diner. The sleek black car seemed to slow down right before the diner, but all of a sudden, it took a right turn and made a U-turn as it drove away.

The officers looked back and forth hastily if there was any other car nearby but found none. Again an hour went by and the same black sleek car returned back. The officer next to me informed this to the officers inside the diner and they gave the car their full attention as we watched a man got out of the car with black sunglasses on and made his way inside.

He was tall and well built, and his attire matched the one of a bodyguard. He went directly inside and went past the officer who was disguised as Sang. In that moment, we thought he was someone else not after Sang and we plopped back on our seat looking elsewhere when all of a sudden the man came back and before we knew it he put his hand inside his pant pockets and pulled a gun out and before our very own eyes shoot the lady officer right on her chest.

There was loud bang shot and the owner of the diner screamed as she tucked down under the desk and the officers got up with their guns and the man ran out leaving the lady officer on the ground who got up seeming perfectly fine and tore the dress revealing her bulletproof jacket as she pulled her wig out and together they ran after that man who ran towards his car as it immediately took a turn and he entered.

“Hang tight!” the officer next to me said and I looked back at Nathan who held the roof handles as the officer ignited the engine and immediately followed the black car and the officers from the diner got their own car as they followed us.

Never in my life, had I ever thought of something like this. A car chase with police siren on as we had our eyes fixated on the one before us. The black car before us took a turn and then we saw a slight glimpse of a woman.

“Do you think that’s the woman?” the officer asked and as we took a turn behind the speeding car.

“Definitely yes,” I said as I got another glimpse of the woman and immediately recognized her face matching the sketch drawing and the picture Sang has.

The officer contacted his team and told them to go separate ways and try to get before the car from the next road to block it and as the car before us was not even slowing down he asked to inform the traffic police to look over the people on the road.

“That bastard!” the officer cursed under his breath as we saw the car nearly missing a collide with another car which had kids in it.

“Reporting the vehicle number to the traffic control department, the car is a black Mustang and is swerving around other cars, and is above a hundred miles per hour, breaking the speed laws. Female Culprit inside the car with a driver and a man who shoot our female officer. They are heading North to Calais,” the officer informed the traffic control and soon the real chase begun as he sped the car nearly reaching the car.

“Watch out!” Nathan screamed as the car before hit the side of the truck and immediately turned. The officer put his feet on the brakes and debris from the car fell on our car breaking the windshield into pieces and I used my arms to shield my face but something hit my head and I could feel the immense pain I felt as something wet trickled down my face.

Instantly, I groaned and touched my head to find blood oozing out. I looked to my side to find the officer hurt and Nathan was groaning. Because of the hit, the car remained in its position as we took some time to recover from the impact.

There was another car turned upside down probably because Giselle’s car hit that car and the driver from that got out injured as he crawled to the side of the road and leaned next to the pavement. It was a chaotic situation. He looked hurt as well, scratches and bruises all over the middle-aged man.

But all of a sudden the door of the driver’s seat of the Mustang opened and the driver was thrown out of the car. He whimpered all bloodied and we watched as the man who shot our officer moving into the driver seat.

No matter how hurt the officer next to me was, still he got out and pulled his gun out as he shot at the black Mustang who ignited the engine as the half-torn car produced a weird sound but still it was able to move. The officer shot three bullets but the car didn’t stop as it turned around and wanting to leave but the police cars came from the other side as it stopped right before it disabling it to move past and it was stuck.

“Get out the car!” the officer yelled at the people in the black car and immediately both Nathan and I got out of our wanting to see. There were other police cars which came to our aid as it stopped right next to us. Giselle was stuck in the middle with nowhere out.

A few of the officers ran to the bloodied injured but still alive man in the ground and got hold of him as they dragged him out of the scene. Some helped the guy near the pavement and took him away from the scene.

Now, only Giselle and the man was inside the car.

“Get out within ten seconds or we will shoot!” the officer warned and as the other officers circled the car with guns in their hand, the situation grew tense as nobody got out.

“On the count of ten, one..” the officer began and I held the door tightly as I looked at the black hoping them to get out or Sang would never be able to confront her culprit for killing her parents. There would be no meaning left if Giselle died on the spot because there would be no punishment left to give her. And death was such a simple punishment.

I wanted her to rot in hell. She has lived her life lavishly without anyone ever finding of her. She killed so many people and she needed to get punishment for it. She should rot in jail.


“Fucking get out of the damn car!” Nathan hissed.


The door opened and the man came out with a gun in his hand.

“Throw the weapon!” the officer yelled at him and he raised his hand throwing the gun. He seemed to be hurt as well as there was blood in his body.

“Slowly walk to us,” the officer said and the man obliged slowly walking towards us and immediately a group of officers lunged at him and tackled him to the ground handcuffing his hand.

“Get out of the car!” the officer warned and nodded at one of the officers who sneaked towards the car and immediately opened the door and pointed his gun inside. He used his hand and pulled someone out and we watched as finally, the woman dressed in a pink jacket and black boots got out removing her sunglasses.

Her head was bleeding but she didn’t seem to mind it.

A lady officer whom I recognized as the same officer who disguised herself as Sang, ran to her and held hand as they handcuffed her hand.

Nathan lunged at me to congratulate me as I smiled realizing we had finally caught the one. The woman who destroyed our lives and so many people lives. Giselle was right before us, arrested and I heard Nathan laughing.

“Quick! show this to Sangavi,” he said and I realized I should at least let Sang see this. Immediately feeling out of the world with happiness, I began wondering how Sang would react when she sees this. Her biggest dream got true and as face-timed her waiting with anticipation for her to pick up, I looked back at Giselle who was held back by the officers and our eyes met.

There was something in her eyes that I could quite put my finger on. It looked as if she knew me, she recognizes me, there was something evil in her eyes and I felt as if she gave me a smirk, a knowing smirk which got me worried and with anticipation, I waited for Sang to pick up my call and finally she did.

I exhaled out a breath, I didn’t know that I was holding as I saw her face. She smiled at me and I heard her talk. “Did you reach there on time?” she asked and I realized I didn’t even get the time to call her since the time I got back to France.

I turned the camera and made her see the place and the situation. I was pretty sure, she would get it immediately.

It took her some time, as she looked at the scene and the police vans and she gasped as I made her see the upside turned car. But then it was the best part as I turned the phone camera towards Giselle who was made to walk towards the police van with her hands handcuffed.

“You got her?” she screamed and I laughed with victory.

Nathan popped out of nowhere and gave a victory sign while Sang gasped.

“What the hell happened?” she yelled and I glared at Nathan for not thinking of it before popping before her with that blood on his face.

“Caleb! Let me see your face,” she demanded.

And as I had thought she behaved the same as she panicked and began screaming at me.

“You promised!”

“You fucking promised!” she cried and all I could do was laugh at her wanting to assure her that everything was perfectly fine. I recognized that she was in my building elevator probably heading back to my penthouse.

“It’s over now baby! It’s over! Get here! Don’t you want to confront her?” I told her and she kept her mouth shut but finally nodded.

As I was getting ready to tell her that she needs to get to France I saw her face as she was looking at someone as she whispered. “Hailey.”

“You have got my mother there, I will get your girlfriend here, Mr. Caleb Theller,” I heard a familiar voice and before I could speak up the camera got blurry and frantically I called for Sang’s name as someone picked up the phone and I realized the person was no other but Hailey.

“What the-”

“Guess what?” she said as she smirked at me and then turned the camera and immediately blood drained from my face as I saw Sang on the ground unconscious, with a man standing next to her.

“Your girlfriend is going to entertain me for some time until you give my mother back,” she said and the call was cut. Nathan looked at me as if he was about to pass out, disturbed with what he just saw.

Then it hit me, as I looked back at Giselle who was still looking at me from the car’s window with a smirk on her face.

She outplayed me.

She outplayed everyone.

She had planned this from the very beginning.

She eventually succeeded in getting Sangavi.

She fucking made us feel that we were actually getting her but in reality, she was the one who got us.

She is going to kill Sang.

All this while, Hailey was with me and I didn’t even know that she is feigning her identity.

“That famous celeb is Giselle’s daughter?” Nathan asked dumbfounded.

“But how can that be? She is Mr. Davies daughter right?” he said and pulled his hair as I gritted my teeth in aggravation.


“Open your mouth and tell us everything. Where is Ms. Sangavi Carter and how are you related to Hailey Davies?” the Senior officer asked as I stood behind the glass pane listening to their conversation. She was being interrogated and the time was ticking but all she did was keep her mouth shut as she shrugged to the officer’s question.

“I don’t know what you are even talking about officer. Who is Sangavi Carter? Who is Hailey Davier? I know neither one of them. And I am Talia Morrison. I understand that my face matches the sketch you have there but that doesn’t mean I am the one. You have got the wrong person officer and mind you I will sue you!” she said and I moved from my place wanting to get inside the interrogating room and choke the lady but Nathan stopped me.

“This ain’t a movie, where you can just create stories. We have gotten your whole life history with us and we know very well who you are and what horrendous activities you have done. So, it will better for you to confess everything right now,”

“Or what? Just what evidence do you have that would make people believe your story?” she laughed and the officer sighed as he looked to the side.

The same lady officer who disguised herself as Sang came forward from the corner as she trained her eyes on Giselle.

“Oh, are you gonna hit me? That’s not how it works! Does it?” Giselle laughed at her own stupid joke and it was when the officer looked over towards my direction.

The whole moment if anything, I could only think of Sang. Every attempt to reach her went in vain. I had no contact with my mother either and I cursed myself for not leaving a bodyguard behind as I came to Paris. My heart ached thinking of Sang, my child, and my mother. But the only person who could tell us where they were was right in front of me. But the evil bitch didn’t open her mouth.

I felt a hand on my shoulder as I looked back to find Nathan who gave me a small smile.

Pulling my suit to myself, I made my way into the interrogating room as Nathan followed me and we stood right before Giselle as she smiled at me. Now, when I see her face perfectly, I saw how older she looks compared to the picture Sang showed me.

It was a plain room with a few furniture ideally four chairs and a table in the middle. The room was soundproof and no sound went out of the room but earlier, the door of the room was open and it was how we were able to hear everything. A camera in the corner of the roof and a recorder under the table. The lights were off and only the light hanging on top of the table was on, making it an intense situation. It was supposed to be like that so that the suspect felt isolated and wanting to get away from the room, he or she answers swiftly.

My eyes trained on Giselle as she shifted on her seat. Her hands were still handcuffed and she leaned back on her chair as she waited for me to speak.

“Mason Carter,” I said the name out loud and she looked up at me with no expression.


“Oliver Lewis,”

“Melanie Hill,”

“Do these names ring a bell?” I asked and she narrowed her eyes at me and shrugged.

“Alright. I guess you have killed so many people that you don’t even remember their names,” I told her and she huffed at me.

“You can just put allegation like this on someone. I have not killed anyone and I don’t the person you are talking about,” she snickered at me and I looked down at the officer.

“Officer, can I have some time with her? I promise I know my limits,” I told him and he nodded as I saw him putting his recorder under the table and nodded at the lady officer before both of them walked out of the room leaving only the three of us inside.

Nathan took the chair and dragged it to the corner as I sat before Giselle, clasping my hand as I stared at her.

“Believe me, I know everything. I don’t know what and how you are related to Hailey, but if she harms Sang, I am going to kill you,” I told her with venom laced voice and all she did was raise an eyebrow as she raised her head up and laughed like a maniac.

“Kill me? Really?” she asked with a sense of mockery in her voice.

“I would say that’s really ambitious and atrocious of you to even think that you can even kill a person,” she said and looked up at the ceiling.

“Kill. You know, have you ever thought about it? What’s in the mind of the person who is going to be dead? Fear? Sacred? I think it’s solemn. They find solemn in their death. They get to start from the very beginning. Death frees you from the burden of life and relation. And I think you should worship the one who lets you feel this solemn emotion,” she completed and Nathan huffed at her.

“Only people like you, murderers think that. You have no right to kill anyone and if you did then your sins will be replenished in this birth only,” he told her and she chuckled.

“Sins? I did no sins,”

“I have never done anything that is a sin. I have freed people who were mentally unstable and lost their tracks in life. I just showed them the right track,” she argued and at that moment I had an immediate urge to slap the woman, hard on her face but I restrained my own sanity as I took in deep breaths.

“I don’t really care what you think of all this, but tell me where is Sang,” I enunciated each word so that she would get it clearly but all she did was stare at me, quietly.

“Fine,” I nodded as she didn’t open her mouth.

“If not this way then I have other options as well,” I told her as I got up from the place as I called the officer.

“Prepare the process to transfer her back to the States,” I told him and he nodded as I looked back at her.

“Once we are back in the States, I will make sure to make your life a living hell. You are going to curse each minute and seconds of your life for even thinking of hurting my woman,” I snarled at her and although she looked anything but scared, she simply shrugged and smirked at me as I walked out of the room with the officer after me.

“She is hard-headed. This type of criminal makes it hard to spill out everything,” the officer told me and I exhaled out loud.

“It is harder but not impossible. We have to make her spill everything on her own. But for that, we need to know her weakness. It is easy to make someone speak when they are scared or feel helpless. We have to find her weakness and then only she is going to open that filthy mouth of hers and spill everything out,” I said and he nodded as he walked past me probably to start the process of transferring her back to States.

The officers back in the States have already been informed of Sang and my mother’s kidnap and they have already started the search operation.

“Just what is going on,” I spoke out loud as I thought of it.

“Its alright mate! Be strong! Your family needs you to stay strong,” Nathan told me and I nodded.

“I know but I am just frustrated with things that are going on. You fix this point, the starting point breaks and you go back to fix the starting point, the endpoint breaks. This is a mess,” I said and he hummed in response as I turned to look back at Giselle who was still in the interrogation room, alone as she looked as if she was unbothered and she looked around barely affected by the place.

“I will break her,” I made a promise as I stared at Giselle.


The flight back was even more stressful. I couldn’t even blink my eyes let alone even think of sleeping. I was tensed juts by thinking about Sang and my mother. Sang was pregnant and I hoped she didn’t get hurt. At this moment, every prayer that I prayed made me think that this is the only thing that I would ever want in my whole life.

As soon as we were landed, Nathan was back on his tracks doing his investigation searching for every trace of Hailey, my mother and Sang to find their location. We hoped them to be in the city.

The officer said it would take a week or more for Giselle to be brought back to the US.

Still, Hailey didn’t contact and at that moment I was growing even more irritated as I struck directly at Davies family.

The officers got hold of Hailey’s parents as they interrogated them. Just like Giselle, they refused to talk and spill out anything. They said they had no idea why Hailey kidnapped Sang and my mother and in the end blamed everything on me.

They accused me of playing with Hailey’s feeling and because of that, they think that she took this step wanting to get revenge from me.

But the case was deadset on Hailey kidnapping my woman and my mother and somehow it got to the ears of the media as they started hunting me. Hailey got a bad reaction from the public as they knew that she kidnapped a pregnant woman and my mother.

Although some even pointed finger at me for playing with her emotions which in truth was not even the point. If I wanted, I could have easily revealed everything about Giselle and how she is related to Hailey but I didn’t because I had no idea what Sang would want.

I had to go with it enduring it as I fixated my mind on finding Hailey.

“Do you think that she knows Giselle is going to be transferred back here and it is what she is waiting for? I think she wants to use Sangavi and your mother as hostages and bait to release Giselle,” Nathan told me and I nodded as I thought of it.


“If it is like that then we better find them soon,” Nathan told me and I nodded.

The ringing on my phone got my attention as I read the caller ID to find it was a call from the officer from Paris.

“Yes, Officer”

“Hello, Mr. Theller. I hope everything is going well there. Is there any news about your mother and Ms. Carter?” he asked and I sighed on the phone.

“No. Not a single trait of them,”

“Don’t worry. They will be found soon. I have called wanting to inform you about Giselle. The transfer process has started and luckily she got a quick order to be transferred back. So it will take two days and she will be in the US, serving her time behind the bars until her case is solved,” he told me and for the first time, I smiled out of relief.

“Oh, that’s great news officer. Thank you so much,” I told him and Nathan got up from his place as he walked to me wanting to know what was going on.

“And officer can I request you one more thing?” I asked and he said a yes.

“Can we please make this stay out of the public’s ear for now? I think Hailey is waiting for Giselle to be transferred back so that she could use my mother and girlfriend as hostages to free Giselle. It a normal process, and everyone knows that it would take more than two weeks or sometimes months for transferring process to be executed but since Giselle is being transferred, we would still have time to search for Hailey first,” I told him.

“Alright, I understand. We would keep that in mind. All the best,” he told me before he hung up and I looked back at Nathan.

“She will be here in two days. Speed up your investigation,” I told him and he nodded without any argument as he got back to his work.

“See the last time Hailey was seen was in your penthouse as she kidnapped your mother and Sang. The CCTV camera has been destroyed but I got the footage from the nearby streets and marked three cars. I have already sent the vehicle numbers for information of the owner,” he told me and I nodded.

“Don’t worry we are going to find them no matter what,” he smiled at me and all I could do was sit back on the sofa as I put my hand on my forehead aggravated.

I just wanted to see Sang and my mother. I hoped they ate well and at least stayed together. I knew my mother, would never let Sang get hurt and she would protect both Sang and the baby but I was worried for her. She had high blood pressure problems and that made me worried.

“These witches have got their way,” I spoke through my teeth.

“I simply don’t understand what’s the deal with this Hailey,”

“Listen! I think they are mother and daughter. Remember how she said, you have got my mother there, I will get your girlfriend here? They are obviously related and while we were chasing Giselle she knew that Sang was not in Paris so she might have called Hailey to search for Sang in the US. She knew she is going to be caught but she also planned the way out. And this is clear, Sang is the only witness to the three murders of her father, mother and Oliver Lewis. So if she gives a testimony, Giselle is doomed," Nathan spoke as he held his coffee mug and sipped his coffee.

"But if Sang is out of the way, as Giselle wants her dead then there will be no one to be the witness and give the testimony. Keeping that on mind, Giselle is playing her games. We seriously do not have any proof of all the murders she did. So now, she will only have one charge and that is of firing on a lady officer on work and irrelevant, reckless driving making the officers chase her,"

"She will probably be sentenced for only four to five years for that and then she will be out,"

"So you are saying that she is smarter than us?" I scowled at him and he shook his head.

"Not smarter than us but she is quite cunning and just playing safe," he told me and I scoffed at it as I curled my palm in a fist.

"I hate that snake-like eyes of her," I murmured as I recalled my conversation with Giselle and Nathan laughed.

"Everyone does!" he said and got back into his computers working his way as he tried to hack Hailey's location and I checked the time waiting patiently for anything to happen.

I was restless for three things and that was to find my mother and Sang, find the location of Hailey and the arrival of Giselle in the US. If either one of them happens successfully then it will be easier to break the other two.

Keeping that in mind I got up from the place as I made my way out of Nathan's house wanting to reach the police station to interrogate more from Hailey's parents. If they are not going to spill the easy way then I would have to use the hard way.

Anything for my family.

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