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Chapter 55

Indistinctive sound of people talking and yelling was the first thing that came to my ears as my eyes slowly fluttered open and as it adjusted to the light, I took in that for the second time ever, I was kidnapped and bound to a chair. It looked like an apartment. But with no furniture, just a vacant apartment and as I turned my head, I saw Ruth tied down on a chair as her head hung low and she was unconscious.

Memories of the last time when I was conscious came flooding into my mind as I remembered I got the news from Caleb that they succeeded in getting Giselle. She was finally in police custody and as I was getting back to Caleb’s penthouse, I met Hailey and someone hit me hard in my head.

Wait! Hailey?

What has she got anything to do with this?

My baby.

I looked down at my belly hoping nothing should have happened to my kid. And to top of that, I knew Caleb must have been worried because he was in the call when all this thing happened. But that’s a good point since he must be knowing that Hailey was the one who kidnapped us and I knew him and Nathan would do everything to get us back.

Ruth was still unconscious and I grew worried as I looked at her. I tried my best to wriggle my hand and my head and finally got the cloth wrapped around my mouth out of the way as I whispered at Ruth.


“Ruth! Can you hear me?”


All my calls were going in vain as I got no response and I was getting anxious thinking if something happened to her. So, I used my body to drag the chair near to her and as I did, it produced some noise and I watched as her eyes squinted and her head raised as she groaned and slowly fluttered her eyes open.


She looked my way and winced, immediately closing her eyes and I knew she was hit at the side of her neck as there was a big bruise forming under her ear and she looked my way as she said something but I couldn’t quite get it as her words were muffled by the cloth over her mouth.

“Try to get it off your mouth!” I told her and she nodded as she tried her best and finally got it out of her mouth.

“Oh damn it!” she exhaled out loudly and looked my way.

“What the hell is going on? Are you alright?” she asked immediately and I looked back at the door and asked her to lower her voice fearing anyone would hear us and they would come to harm us.

“Yes, I am alright! Its Hailey. I was in a call with Caleb and he told me that they succeeded in getting Giselle but Hailey kidnapped us and the first thing she told me before I lost my consciousness is ’You have got my mother there, I will get your girlfriend here’,”

“What?” she looked confused but whispered yelled at me.

“I think she is related to Giselle and since Giselle got in police custody she is using us to get her free,” as I said that the door of the room opened and I heard clicking of heels as two bulky men walked in followed by none other than Hailey herself. Dressed in olive green cami tops and deep blue jeans and black stilettos. She flicked her long curly hair as her blue eyes fell on me.

“That’s right! I’m going to use you two to get my mother free,” she told me and Ruth stomped her legs as I looked back at her to find her seething in anger.

“This is not right! How dare you kidnap us? My son is going to find you and make your life a living hell,” she hissed at her and all Hailey did was laugh shaking her head, finding this hilarious.

“Calm down, Ruth,” I whispered at her and she inhaled and exhaled loudly. I marked how her breathing was turning odd and I grew worried about her health condition.

“Mother?” it was what I could ask and she looked back at me.

“Yes, mother. She is my mother,” she said and walked before me as she held my chin and made me look up at her. Her woody rose fragrance filling up my nose and she held my chin tightly.

“This face of yours! I hate it so much! If it weren’t for you Caleb would have been mine. But it’s alright! Since both I and my mother want you out of our way, everything will be alright!” she said and pushed my head to the side, huffing at me.

“I don’t understand!” I whispered not getting a thing.

“Then let me make you understand,” she said and signaled a guy who brought her a chair and she put it before me as she took a seat crossing her leg and exhaled out loudly. “So, where do I start?” she said rolling her blue eyes at Ruth.

“Right! So as you already know, my mother is related to you from your past. Since she did a horrible mistake and since the moment she found out that the sole witness to her mistake is alive. She got scared thinking you would eventually remember everything and she would be in trouble. So before she gets there she wants you dead, so that no evidence is left against her. I am her daughter from her second marriage and she left me with her real cousin to save me from the world. For the world, her cousin Mr. Davies is my father, but in reality-” she shrugged and I looked back at Ruth to find the same expression of confusion as I had.

“So, do you even know how hard I tried to get Caleb? But it looks like the past is repeating. Just like your bitch mother, you stole my love as she did to my mother!” she huffed at the end and as soon as I heard that I stomped my legs in anger wanting to get free and hit her.

“Relax their tiger!” she mocked me as she smirked at my attempts making me angrier.

“You say a single word about my mother and I will slit your throat!” I was seething in anger by this point. Never had I ever been so angry as I was now. I hated Hailey’s face at the very moment and everything that I wanted was to punch and make her apologize.

“Oh really?” she laughed and got up as she placed her heel on my foot and dug hard as I whimpered in pain.

“Sang! Get away from her!” Ruth was yelling at Hailey who dug her heels deeper on my foot.

“I am just proving my point. Right now I have the power, I am in power and I can kill you by throwing you off this building. So shut your stupid mouth or I will do even worse than this,” she hissed at me and finally let go. My foot was aching and I was sure, it was bleeding but I refused to look down or cry as I glared up at her.

“History is not going to repeat this time. I will get my love and you are going to go away from our life. But before that let me get my mother free!” she said and looked back at Ruth as she smiled.

“I hope we are taking good care of you. If you think of changing the team then I promise, I will be your best daughter-in-law,” she laughed at her own joke and Ruth scoffed at her.

“In your dreams,” Ruth snickered at her while Hailey just shrugged and turned around to leave.

“Be good. Be silent. Be cooperative. As soon as my mother gets here, I will use you two to get her free and then we can decide what we are going to do with you,” she told us and walked out of the room as the men followed her and closed the door shut and I looked back at Ruth who looked bothered and distressed. Her anxious filled eyes were looking down to my feet.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Caleb won’t let them win. He will get us first!” I told her wanting to assure her that everything was going to be alright but a small smile appeared on her face as she shook her head.

“I know that better than anyone else and I am not at all worried about that!” she told me and I nodded.

“You are bleeding,” she whispered in the end and I watched as a lone tear escaped her eyes as she continued to stare at my foot. I knew I was bleeding because of Hailey digging her heels on my foot but I refused to cry or whimper in pain.

“I am just sad. I failed to take care of you. I had promised Caleb that I would be looking after you, but look at what happened!” she lowered her head.

“But you are here with me. There was nothing you could have done to protect both of us from getting kidnapped. We were both caught off-guard and at this moment, I am in peace as I see you perfectly fine and beside me. We have to be strong until Caleb gets us. Don’t worry, everything will be alright!” I told her and she nodded as she looked up at the ceiling.

“For now let’s not depend only on Caleb thinking he would get us anyways. Let’s try our best to get out of here,” she said out of nowhere and my eyes grew wide as I have not expected her to say this.

“Now that’s like my girl!” I joked and she giggled and all of a sudden she wiggled in her place wanting to get her hands free. Both of our hands were tied back to the chair and I looked back at her as she tried furiously to get free.

“Wait! Let’s help each other.”

She looked back at me and nodded understanding what I meant as both of drag the chair towards each other direction. It was difficult but not impossible. The pressure was on my thigh muscle, as I used my foot to drag towards Ruth. But my injured foot hurt like hell and as if Ruth got it she told me to stay in my place as she tried her best to drag herself closer to me. And we succeeded.

I was worried that they might hear the screeching sound of the chair and get back to the room but thankfully they didn’t as I tried to turn around and both of our back was facing each other as we tried to get hold of each other’s hand.

“I got it!” she whispered yelled and I felt her trying to untie my rope. She was struggling for some minutes but as she figured it out, she untied my hand and the rope loosened as I untied it on my own and brought my hands to the front feeling relived. I had no idea for how long we were tied like that because my shoulder was aching and I hurried as I untied the rope from my legs and quickly got up as I helped Ruth.

She smiled widely as she stood up and came forward hugging me tightly.

“We did it!” she cried and I nodded as I patted her back and we withdrew.

“We have to inform Caleb,”

“But how? They took our phones,” she said and I looked everywhere and saw a window in the room as I made my way towards it and opened the window to find we were really high up in a building that looked like a newly constructed site. But I had an idea that it was isolated. The nearby building was also in the construction process and I had no idea where we were. The area seemed new to me.

“Do you think we are on the outskirts?” Ruth asked and I nodded. “Probably!”

“So what now?” she asked as she made her way to the only door in the room as she tried to pull the doorknob.

“It’s locked,” she sighed and got down on her knees as she tried to peek from under the door.

“I think there is no one outside,” she said and looked back at me.

“Can we break this door?” she asked and I looked back at the chairs.

“We can!” I told her and smile grew on her face as she got up and walked back to the chair.


The next half an hour went by as we continued hitting the wooden door with the chair and finally, a hole formed near the doorknob as Ruth took a blow one last time and used her hand to put it inside the hole as she unlocked the door and opened it grinning ear to ear.

“Great job!” she said and I nodded as we peeked outside and walked out. Turned out, it was a simple 2 Bhk apartment. We were locked what was the master bedroom and we were now in the drawing hall which had five doors. One to the master bedroom, one to another bedroom, kitchen, balcony and the main door. We made it immediately to the main door as we tried to open it. Unlike the previous door, this door was made of thick wood and it seemed impossible to break it using those broken chairs.

"Now what?" she asked as she looked around for anything but found none.

"Let's check the balcony," she said and made her way to the balcony and I followed her. It was impossible to escape from the balcony as it seemed we were on some twentieth floor. The wind hit my face, and I shuddered feeling cold as went back inside and sat on the floor. The apartment was totally empty.

It was not even painted. As I held my head and thought of something.

"Should we yell for help?" she asked and I shook my head.

"Nobody seems to be around. You will only end up losing your energy," I told her and she nodded as she crouched before me as she caressed my head.

"You are the strongest woman I have ever witnessed. I am glad Caleb has you," she said and though I smiled, tears pooled up in my eyes as I held her hand.

"But I know sometimes you might be thinking that I have too many problems around me and I am pulling Caleb with me," I told her and she shook her head no.

"No! Don't ever think like that. I know my son, he is going to protect us. I promise as soon as we are out of here, we won't let any trouble near you or the baby. And till we are here, I am going to look after you," she told me and as I was just going to reply the door opened.

"Oh, how dramatic," Hailey walked in with those two bulky men in the black suit. We stood up as she made her way to us.

"I had already hoped that you two will get through that door. Great job!" she clapped her hand as the men took out their guns and pointed it at us.

"Sang!" Ruth gasped and pulled me back shielding me with her body.

"Don't worry. We shall not kill you now. As soon as my mother gets here, I am going to use you two for her release. So until that, I have to keep you both alive," she smiled. Her blue eyes taunting us and my palm formed into a fist.

"I have already got the news that she will be transferred back tomorrow and tomorrow she will be here as we toast for our win and your death," she laughed at the end.

"Do you think you can win Caleb, even if I die?" I spoke for the very first time and she stared at me as Ruth looked back at me but still refusing to move before me.

"You have spoiled your own career and turned to a criminal for kidnapping us. Now people know of you as a criminal. If I die, you will eventually end up behind the bars. Caleb is never going to be yours," I told her and she huffed at me as she took the gun from the man from behind her and pointed it at me as Ruth shielded me from her.

"I don't think you should be worrying about that at this time," she said gritting her teeth. Her jaws locked and her eyes dead set as if she wanted to kill me.

"As I said, the history is not going to repeat this time. I will have my love. Your mother was a whore who took the love of my mother away from her. And you are just the same, whoring around for money and power," she completed and this time, I pushed Ruth before me wanting to hit Hailey for speaking about my mother but all of a sudden there was a loud gunshot and I froze to my place with wide eyes as I heard a loud sound and slowly looked to my side to find Ruth on the ground holding her arm which was shot.

Hailey shot at me, but Ruth blocked it at the end, shielding me but eventually got shot in her arm.

" dare you?" I whispered as for the very first time I saw blood and immediately lunged at Hailey pulling the gun away from her hand, shocking her.

My nose flared up and eyes were big as I pointed the gun at her. I could hear Ruth crying and groaning in the ground and it angered me even further. The man pointed his gun at me and I pointed the gun at Hailey.

"Throw the gun down, or I will blow your head open," I said with a low tone warning them and Hailey looked scared for a second as she signaled the guy to do as I said and he threw all his gun under my feet.

"What did say? My mother was the one who took your mother's love away?" I laughed at the end. I had no idea what got into me as I looked down at Ruth who was inhaling and exhaling out loudly and I knew she was hurting, she was in deep pain but still, she looked back at me and got hold of the guns thrown by those men.

"I will tell you the reality. My father never loved your psycho mother," as I said that Hailey took a step forward wanting to hit me but I pointed the gun at her and she stopped.

"This is the truth! Can't you understand! Why are you, mother and daughter so persistent? Why do you not understand it when somebody doesn't love you back and your mother! She ruined my life. She killed her husband and even my parents. Because of her, I grew up alone. You know what? I will end up everything today!" I said as I took a step forward and hit Hailey hard on her head using the back of the gun and she fell down wincing in pain, the two men took a step forward wanting to get me but unintentionally I pulled the trigger and shot one of the men on his leg as he fell down and the other took a step back. He was whimpering holding his leg as I pointed the gun at the man who was standing.

"Call the ambulance now!" I ordered and immediately he took his phone out and called 911.

I felt Ruth getting up and I helped her as she stood straight as she held the place where she was shot and held the gun in her wounded hand.

"Are you alright?" I asked and she was breathing in deeply.

"Yes, it went past me," she told me and I saw Hailey on the floor.

"It's good that you came to me on your own. Your mother started this, I will end this today," I told her and saw her gritting her teeth as she tried to get up but I kicked her hard on her stomach as she whimpered in pain and looked back at the man.

"Hand over the phone to me," I told him and he got rid of his sunglasses as he did what I asked him to do. He threw the phone at me and I caught it immediately. I dialed Caleb's number and handed the phone to Ruth as I pointed the gun at the man.

"Hello, Caleb?" I heard Ruth talking.

"Yes, Caleb. No! I am alright. Sang is alright too. We have got them. Get here immediately," she said and I looked back as I asked her the phone.

"Caleb?" I said once I took the phone from Ruth.

"Sang! Are you alright? Gosh! you made me worried," he seemed out of breath as he talked and I looked down at Hailey as I saw her trying to reach for the other gun on the floor. I took it the chance and pushed the gun towards Ruth using my foot and stood on her hand as she cried and whimpered in pain.

"What's that noise?" Caleb asked.

"Its nothing! Where is Giselle?" I asked not caring about Hailey.

Something got into me. It wasn't like me. I was hurting someone and I didn't even care. It felt as if I would kill the person and I wouldn't feel remorse. Perhaps, the way she shot Ruth triggered something in me. I had been keeping it inside me for a long time and as I tortured Hailey, I was actually feeling good. I felt no remorse for hurting and even firing at the guy who was all bloodied and whimpering on the floor.

Just what has happened to me?

"She has been brought back. She is here. I didn't let the public know about it," he said and I crouched before Hailey as Ruth pointed her gun at the man. Hailey glared at me through her tearful and bloodshot eyes. She had so much hate for me and I knew she wanted to me kill me. But I was not at all scared as I slapped her hard on her face and she cried closing her eyes.

"Sang, what's going on?" I heard Caleb.

"Caleb, listen to me. Hailey is actually Giselle's daughter. And Hailey's father is Giselle's cousin brother. They have been keeping Giselle and protecting her all these years. I want you to go after them and show them their place. Hailey is under me, I am currently pointing a gun at her head," I told him and heard no response.

"I know you are shocked but I don't know what has gotten in me. I think I am going to kill Hailey," I told him truthfully.

"Sang no! What difference will you make if you kill Hailey? You will be the same as Giselle. Don't let hate overtake you. You are better than that my love," Caleb tried his best to persuade me as I looked down at Hailey and truthfully her face reminded me of Giselle. They had the same facial features and hair.

"I know. It is why I am holding back. I have informed the ambulance and they will be here. Ruth is hurt. This bitch shot at me but Ruth blocked it. She thinks the bullet went past her but she is hurt. I have shot one of Hailey's man and he is down while other is at my gunpoint. Use the phone and come here as soon as you can. I am sending you a video. Use this video to make Giselle confess," I told him and before he could say anything I hung up on him as I stood up and opened the video.

I recorded the guy on the ground and the man in my gunpoint as I showed Hailey's face. I put the gun over her as I stood on her hand and she cried out loud, then I kicked her stomach so many times until and unless I felt relieved. She was crying and whimpering in pain.

My motto was to make Hailey suffer. If she really was Giselle's daughter then she must be her weakness. I wanted to use her to make Giselle confess everything.

"Can you see this Giselle? I am Sangavi Carter, daughter of Mason and Jade Carter, the one you murdered. Yes, I survived your attack and witnessed how brutally you killed my parents and your own husband. You are a piece of shit and you don't deserve to live. It was because of you I lived my life so lonely. You took everything away from me and as if Karma turns around. It is like, today I have got the chance to pay you back for your sins. I will kill your daughter today. She will have to pay for everything that you did. Look! What you have done, because of you, she is going to suffer," I said as I kicked Hailey on her face and recorded her whimpering.

"She thought she can kidnap me and Ruth and kill us. But the game turned. Now I have the gun and her life is in stakes," I said as I recorded Ruth with her bloodied arms.

"Hailey shot Ruth, and now I am going to shoot her. She is going to lose her life. But there is something which can stop this. This is on you now, if you want to save your daughter's life, confess everything to the police," I said and crouched down before Hailey as I held her chin and made her look up at the camera.

"If you don't confess, I will kill her, I promise. The history is not going to repeat, true! But this time, I will kill you both. None of you will live to disturb us in this world. I have had enough. Only after you make the confession, I will let Hailey go. If you don't, I will invite you to your daughter's funeral. You have got only fifteen minutes. I have already called for the ambulance and by the time it arrives, it on you if you want to take an alive Hailey or the dead one. I hope you are smart enough," I said and shoved the camera on Hailey's head as she cried.

"Say hi, to your mama," I laughed at the end as I stopped the recording and send it to Caleb.

"Sang," I heard Ruth as I avoided to look back at her.

"I am sorry, Ruth" I whispered still not making eye contact.

Ten minutes passed by and I hoped Caleb succeeded in passing the video to Giselle to get her admission on the things she did. Ten minutes passed by and I had no idea, how many times I had hit Hailey for her filthy mouth. I was on the verge of killing her but if weren't for Ruth, she would have been dead.

Five minutes more passed by as I pointed the gun at Hailey as we heard the ambulance siren. I got no message from Caleb and I was actually preparing myself to kill Hailey.

"No! You can't do this!" Hailey screamed on the ground.

"Why not? Do you think you people can only kill and make people suffer? I have had enough," my eyes were void of any emotion as I pointed the gun at Hailey.

"Don't do this, Sang" Ruth pleaded as she whispered at me. But I was dead set to kill Hailey.

"I am really sorry Ruth, you have to see this ugly side of me. But I have had enough. I can't let them cause more trouble for my family. I have had just enough watching these people harming the people I love. I couldn't save my parents but I will protect you, Caleb and my baby," as I said that Hailey looked up at me and I kicked her on her sides.

"Yes, I am carrying a baby. Not only did you try to kill me, but my baby also," I said and her eyes widened up.

The phone in my hand vibrated as I got a text message from Caleb.

"Pray, that she confessed or you are going to die today," I said as I opened the message and it read 'She confessed.'

My eyes scanned through the message again and again as I lowered the gun down as cops walked in and the ambulance team walked in. The cops came to me and took the gun away from me and handcuffed the guy before me. They held Hailey in custody and the ambulance team attended Ruth and the guy on the floor.

I was still void of any expression until Caleb walked in.

His eyes searching through the room as it ended up on me. He took big strides as he reached me and engulfed me in a hug. It was when as I heard his rapid breath and fast heartbeat, I came back to senses and tears continuously spilled through my eyes as I hugged him back and cried and wailed.

Everything that I had inside me, spilled out the moment I got in his arm. I found solemn in his arms as he whispered continuously assuring me that I was alright and I was fine and everything was fine.

"Mom," I heard him and withdraw back to look back at Ruth who was being inspected by the team. We walked back to her and she engulfed us in a hug and I cried even louder as I was pulled back to reality.

It was harsh, but it was the reality. I did something, I became something that no one would have ever thought of.

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