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Chapter 56

Caleb Pov

A thrilling silence prevailed between me and Nathan as we watched the video that Sang sent us. It would be weird to say, but I felt terrified as I heard her voice and saw what she did.

To top of that my mother was hurt and she looked like, she was bleeding very badly.

“How could San-”

“Listen! I know there is a lot going on inside you now but you saw what she did and what she said. She gave us only fifteen minutes to make Giselle confess,” Nathan interrupted me and as he said that I looked down at the phone.

“I know, but this is not right,” I found myself talking as I thought about it.

“We were already looking for Giselle’s weakness. We found it! Look! Caleb. Just don’t think about it! Before Sangavi does which would ruin both of your lives, let’s stop it!” he said and I looked up at him, nodding. I felt perplexed about what I was going on, but nothing mattered to me more than my family. I wanted to reach my mother for her aid and Sang as soon as possible.

“Let’s go!” I said and we re-entered the police station, wanting to meet Giselle.

We were already in the police station with Giselle as the officers tried to interrogate her, but she refused to open her mouth even after the man with her that we caught, confessed to everything.

The officer looked back at me through the glass door and I looked back at my phone’s screen. Sang gave me only fifteen minutes.

I signaled the officer to come out of the room and asked him if I could talk to Giselle. He thought about it and asked his fellow mate in charge and allowed me in. Nathan chose to stay out of the room with the officers, as I took the seat before Giselle who spits to her side as she scrunched up her nose in disgust looking back at me.

“No matter how many times you come here and show your face, it’s not gonna work for you guys you know!” she muttered and I smiled nodding at her.

“It is already starting to work as the guy, Victor who is your bodyguard has already opened his mouth!” I told her as she huffed at me.

“So what? His testimony doesn’t have any value. I don’t even know that guy,” she looked so assertive with her response that my hands went sweaty. I didn’t wish to do what I was planning to do as I took my phone out and kept it before her.

“What’s this?” she asked as her eyes fell on my phone and I pushed the phone further. “See-through it! Maybe it will open your mouth!” I told her as she narrowed her eyes and raised her hands up which were handcuffed as she played the video.

The video started playing and the sounds of a woman crying and yelling were heard. I watched as her eyes widened up for a second as she watched the video with Sang warning her to open her mouth as she hit Hailey who yelped in pain. I could see there was some tension in Giselle’s eye for the first time as she watched the video and I was on the edge of the chair. I was sure, she would eventually give up and confess.

Sang told me that Hailey was Giselle’s daughter and Hailey’s father is her, cousin brother. They have been together, plotting so many things against innocent people. Whatever it was, I hoped at least a mother’s instinct and protectiveness was there inside Giselle as she looked worried just for a second but the next minute, she threw the phone back at me and it caught me off-guard as I caught it and looked at her cautiously.

“Why are showing this to me? I don’t have any relation to this,” she said with a deadpan face and I gawked at her for a second before blood boiled in me and I got up slamming my hands on the table.

“To your own daughter? Do you choose yourself over your own daughter? What type of mother are you?” I yelled and the door opened as the officers walked in.

“Oh, how can I forget? You didn’t even spare your husband, why would even think about your blood? Let her die!” my nostrils fared up as I yelled at her but she had no reaction. I was failing to get any reaction from her and it was infuriating me. Lives were on lines and Sang, she would end up doing something which would destroy her own life. I couldn’t let that happen to her and to us.

I won’t let Giselle win this time and I won’t let Sang suffer.

“Caleb!” Nathan was right beside me.

I had no idea what type of woman Giselle was. Her daughter seemed to be dying in that video and she had no reaction. How can one be like this?

“You are such a wicked and black-hearted woman that now, you don’t worry about anything. People like you don’t even deserve a place in hell. You will never understand what love is because you chose yourself over everything. You will live and die alone! And you deserve it for the pain you have caused to people, you deserve a worse death, nobody by your side as you lay there waiting to die. I hope at that moment, you understand how it feels when you have nobody to sit beside you, to cry for you, to pray for you,” I yelled at top of my voice hoping my words to reach her ears.

She was like a dead person sitting there staring at nothing. Her eyes dead and that sinister smile of hers, long gone.

Nathan pulled me away with him and I held my phone as he directed me out of the room. Once, out of the room, I exhaled out heavily as I grabbed my head. I had no idea what is going to happen.

“What do I do? Damn it! What do I do?” I was already pacing around anxious about what was going on with Sang.

“Listen! Hear me out! Relax!” Nathan got before me trying to stop me but I pushed him away as I glared at him. “Relax? Do you not fucking understand the situation? Sang! She will kill Hailey and she will ruin her life. I can’t let this happen. I will make Giselle confess today, no matter what! Even if I had to kill her, I will do that!” I said out loud and made an attempt to walk back towards the interrogation room but Nathan caught me in place and pushed me back.

“Stop it Caleb!” he yelled at me.

“We don’t have time Nathan and I can’t let Sa-,”

“I know! I know! So hear me out! Sang doesn’t need to see Giselle’s confession. Just message her that she did! We have less time and instead of wasting our time let’s go search for your mother and Sang. They need you!” he told me and I stood straight in my place thinking about it as I adjusted my suit and looked back at Giselle’s interrogation room.

I did what Nathan told me.

I lied to Sangavi.


It took us some minutes as we used the helicopter to get to Sang’s location. It was already a piece of national news and the paparazzi somehow got to know about it and the reporter’s helicopter roamed around the building. They all wanted to know how a celebrity kidnapped my girlfriend. They wanted to know the reason for Hailey to kidnap Sang. To know if it for revenge or jealousy.

I hurried my way inside, getting past the police team and the paramedic team. Adrenaline rush came in me as I got worried about my mother. She was hurt when I saw her in the video. My steps faltered out of anxiety but I didn’t stop as I found the floor in the newly constructed building and got in where the paramedics were going.

My eyes fell on Sang. Her hair disheveled, her eyes bloodshot red and as soon as her eyes fell on me she came running to me. My heartbeat was fast, but I found solemn as soon as she was in my arms. She was wailing and held me tightly as she buried her face in my chest. I had an idea, how distressed she was.

Her body was shaking and she trembled and she cried, delivering her emotions to me. I could only tell her that everything was alright. My eyes fell on my mother and I unwrapped my arms from Sang as she looked at up me and then looked back towards my mother who was being treated by the paramedic team.

Within seconds I was near her as she looked up at me and smiled. I was about to burst out crying as I saw her condition but the team told me that the bullet went away touching her. So, there is no need of worry. But still, I was worried like hell as I wrapped my arms on her and pulled her to my racing heartbeat. She laughed wanting to make the atmosphere a little bit lighter and I looked back at Sang as my mother opened her arms for her. She came running to us as my mother and I hugged her tightly.


A day passed by and both Sang and my mother were treated for any injuries. The doctor informed us that our baby was alright but at this period of time, Sang needs to be out of stress. My mother on the other handed got admitted for preventing the infections from the bullet. I called my father and my relatives and they came rushing for my mother. I was at ease because my family was with me when I needed them the most.

Hailey was arrested and is in custody as she is going through interrogation sessions. But she managed to hire a lawyer who is trying hard to get her free from the total drama.

It was the time when I told Sangavi that Giselle didn’t confess and I lied to her wanting her not to do anything stupid. I had expected that she would be angry and lash out on me but what she did was totally the opposite. She was quiet for sometime after learning the truth but ended up with an emotional breakdown as she thanked me for not letting her ruin our life. She was glad that she didn’t pull the trigger on Hailey.

On the other hand, Hailey has been rebellious as she was charged with kidnapping and attempt of murder. It took me some days but finally, I was able to meet her in jail as I told her how her mother didn’t even care when she was before Sang’s gun. She was quiet and didn’t even react to what I told her but yelled at me for choosing Sang over her, which made no sense to me as we were never even close. I was sure, she knew nothing about me but why she thought I chose Sang over her was out of my imagination.

For the time being, they were found guilty and time passed by with the court hearings as finally, Giselle got the lifetime imprisonment order from the court while Hailey got a twelve years jail option.

Her lawyers fought hard wanting to get her less punishment but Sang was determined to get her more, she was scared what if she got free after twelve years and come after us wanting to hurt our family out of revenge. Hailey, on the other hand, didn’t seem any affected by the judgment. She did eye Sang once as she was taken out of the court after she was found guilty.

Finally, after so many months, the time has come as Sang said she would want to meet Giselle personally. She wants to ask her what fun she got by ruining people’s life.

I was reluctant at first about letting Sang, meet Giselle. But Nathan persuaded me that it was needed. Sang should get the chance to meet Giselle. Its been seven months since Giselle was found guilty of the murder of Mason Carter, Jane Carter, Oliver Lewis, Melanie Hill, and Tommy Albert, son of a businessman.

She didn't confess to anything but the investigators managed to get every evidence as Nathan provided some details which he managed to get while he was investigating.

I watched as Sang stood there with me as she was already eight months pregnant, waiting to meet Giselle. She managed to go with her course as she took online tutoring and notes from her friends but she did fly back to Paris when she four months pregnant to give the exam. My mother went with her and took care of her the whole month as she caught up with the studies and gave her exam

Finally, as she was given the date when she could face Giselle, she was ready and determined to meet her. Heavy security was given to Sang as she was pregnant and we didn't want Giselle to hurt Sang.

I stood right before the room where Sang was supposed to meet Giselle. We could see right through the small glass panel that Giselle was already inside seating with handcuffs on her hand and two guards behind her. Sang looked agitated and jaws locked as she watched Giselle silently. I knew she was having an internal battle and she was confused if she was making the right choice to meet Giselle.

I held her hand and she looked back at me as I gave her a smile.

We managed to come so far by ourselves. I knew she was strong enough to do this and be in peace. I have seen how agitated and disturbed whenever she was left alone. I knew she was always thinking about Giselle. I had to let her meet her so that she gets to be at ease after confronting her.

"Everything is going to be fine. I am here with you," I told her and pulled her closer as I gave placed a kiss on her forehead and she smiled looking up at me.

The pregnancy got her, and she looked so beautiful and mature. I couldn't remove my eyes off her. She nodded at me and it was when I let go of her hand as she placed her hand on the doorknob and finally I watched as she went inside the room whilst I stood there waiting for her to come back outside so that we could go back and start our life, happily, together.

I was planning to propose her and hopefully, she would say yes, this time as I placed my hand in my suit pocket and touched the ring box.

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