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Chapter 57

Sangavi Pov

The only noise that prevailed in the darkroom was the sound of the door creaking behind me as it closed and I looked back to see from the small glass panel that he was right there waiting for me. The amount of confidence that grew in me just by seeing how he stood there waiting for me made me look back at the woman who sat there on the chair.

Dark circles under her eyes, her hair tied up roughly and her face looked thin as if she had not eaten from days. Her eyes seemed dead, void of any emotions and she sat there in the prisoner orange-colored jumpsuit. The two officers right behind her and I saw how her hands were handcuffed. She looked at my direction and I stopped in my tracks for a second, carefully looking at the person who had ruined my whole life and killed my parents.

“When is the date?” I heard her timid voice as I watched as her eyes fell on my stomach and immediately my hands went over my belly as a protective instinct for my baby.

“Soon,” I told her and she nodded as her eyes still remained fixated on my belly and I took a seat before her wanting to hide my baby and this time she smiled looking down at her thigh shaking her head.

“I am sitting right before you, handcuffed, what possibly I could do to harm you and your baby?” she asked as I looked back at the officers who looked down at her, narrowing her eyes.

“Well, you can’t harm me and my kid anymore, but you have already caused a lot of pain to me and my family. What did you get after killing my parents? If I’m not wrong, you were in love with my father right?” I asked and she looked straight into my eyes.

“I remember everything now. How you used to hide and stare just at my father. I had seen you and I also remember your hatred filled eyes for my mother and for your husband. How could you do that? To a human? How demonic a person can be?” I asked and this time, she sighed as she looked up.

“I have not slept a peaceful night since the day I have been caught,” she mumbled and that made me slam my hands on the table in anger as she looked back at me.

“And I haven’t since the day you killed my parents. Do you know how painful nights I spent being an orphan? How dreadful dreams I had as if I was drowning. Because of you! Yes! Because of you! I lost everything. The life I had spent is worse than death! Alone! Every single time I was alone and stuck with hunger. The life I could’ve had with my parents were gone, only because of you!” I yelled as tears streamed down my face. She stood there silently as she looked at me with a calculative expression. As if, she was trying to figure me to something.

“You look exactly like your mother. Same anger! She was such a spitfire and so are you! No wonder, I got confused when I first saw you,” she laughed at the end and somehow I seemed to grow a little calm as I heard that.

“You are right! I did love your father. Till now, I only love him, I still can’t get him out of my head but what I did, I am not even a single percent regretful. What I did was right. According to me, it was! I loved him and tried so hard to get him, but he never understood me. He pushed me away every single time. If it weren’t for him, Jane and Oliver would have been alive,” she shrugged and at that moment the only thing I wanted to do was punch her dead.

My nostrils flared up as I tried hard to calm my anger.

“The only mistake I did was to let you get drowned away. I should have jumped right back into the water and stab you until you died. If you had not been alive then I would have been still living my life,” as she said that I leaned back in my seat.

“I see. Even after getting arrested and being in prison you are still not remorseful. I hate you. The only reason I am here because I wanted to let you know how much I hate you. I want my baby to grow up in a peaceful environment where people like you are not around. I want to be with him or her and live a happy life that I couldn’t spend with my parents. I hope you rot in hell and I really hope as you have got a lot of time to reflect on your sins, you will understand how it feels to live without your loved ones,” I told her and she huffed at me smirking at me as I got up to leave. Something in me wanted to let her know about the bad news both I and Caleb received from Nathan while I was about to enter the room but I went against it.

“Would you not ask me what made me so angry which made me murdered them?” she shouted and I looked back at her.

“The fact that your mother got pregnant again, triggered my anger,” she said and I almost felt like tripping if it weren’t for Caleb getting inside the right time as he held me in place.

“Sang! Are you alright?” he asked worried, and I held my head nodding.

“That’s right I really killed four people that day. Excluding you of course! Your mother, Jane was pregnant when I stabbed her multiple times on her stomach and the best part, your father didn’t even know that. Only me and Jane knew about it. Her pregnancy triggered my anger and I made them say goodbye to each other,” she said and my heartbeat raced up as I watched her with horror-filled eyes. Suddenly, I lunged forward, as angry tears spilled through my eyes and Caleb got hold of me restraining me from going any further.

“You monster!” I yelled breaking down in the end but there was no sense of regret reflecting on her face as she scoffed at me and looked to her front avoiding my presence.

“You will rot in hell. Oh! Even hell won’t have a place for someone so demonic like you,”

“Curse you!”

“No amount of pain can make you feel what I am going through right now!”

“Sang, relax!” Caleb tried his best to stop me but I couldn’t.

“You know what? I didn’t want to do this! I thought of showing humanity to you but I don’t really think that someone like you even deserves it. So here it is, your daughter, Hailey, depressed by rejected by you and failing in the eyes of the public for kidnapping me, suffered depression because of the humiliation and defamation. She attempted suicide in her cell this morning,” I shouted at top of my voice with tears refusing to stop and this time her head whipped at my direction as she eyes at me with wide eyes.

“What? Are you shocked now? I am telling you the truth. It’s only because of you, now even Hailey is gone,” I cried out loud as Caleb held me from my waist.

“You monster! You even killed your own daughter. You don’t deserve anyone. Now you will know the pain of being alone. I hope this loneliness eats you alive!” my voice latched with sadness as it broke in the end and she stood up slowly as the officers took some steps near her.

“You! You are lying!” she managed to utter as she stood there in shock and this time I ended up huffing at her and I watched as a lone tear escaped her eyes.

“I really wish, I was,” as I said that Caleb pulled me out of the room and no sooner we both heard a loud heartbroken cries and wails of a woman which came from Giselle’s room.

It was her. It was her heartbroken wails as she cried and kicked the chair as the officers gave her some space to mourn. But I stood there, right outside of the door wanting to watch her reaction. Every single tear of hers made me feel relieved and somehow calm.

It so strange how life holds so much meaning. It is true that we are punished by our sins, not for them.

I could see how she fought with her self as she realized her loss. I could see her in pain and that was what I had wished to see from the beginning, but never like this. I had hoped she would reflect on her sins and be remorseful but in the end, her daughter's death was what got her in pain.

This is life.

I had never wished to tell her something like this in a situation like this but I couldn't my own self when I cried the news to her.

She looked anguished and writhing in pain as she fell down on her knees sobbing and put her head on the ground.

I felt Caleb's hand on my back as I looked up at him.

"It's over now. Let's just leave," he said and I saw how painful his eyes looked as I nodded letting the few tears left to drop as I wiped them away.

"It is really over for both of us," I whispered and glancing one last time hoping I would never meet her again I turned around. My hand immediately in Caleb's warm ones as he guided me out.

It was over.

For real, this time.

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