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Fifteen months later

The beeping of my phone got my attention as I looked back at it and pushed my wheeled, swiveled chair towards it as I got a hold of it. It was a message from Caleb and it read.

I will be landing at eight in the evening.

A smile crept up my face as I looked at his text. It has been more than a year since I last saw Giselle. Nor, do I ever wish to hear about her. Life has been going amazing since the day I gave birth to the bundle of joy of my life.

My little bundle of joy. My Carissa.

Shortly after meeting Giselle, I was so hyped up and emotional, I had a massive pain on my belly and I was rushed to the hospital where my water broke and luckily, I didn’t have any complications and gave birth to my baby girl. She is the most precious jewel of my life. From the day, I had her nothing remained the same.

It was as if God has sent her as a compensation for all the pain and suffering he sent my way. I couldn’t even think of my life without her. She has got her father’s eyes and hair but with my lips and nose. Somehow, she got curly hair and I was told by Ruth that she got it from her. She had curly natural hair but she straightened it.

After having Clarissa, I came back to France with Clarissa for my diploma. Ruth joined me and we three have been living in Paris as Ruth did me a great help looking after my baby when I was not around being an amazing grandmother. Clarissa was really closed to Ruth and Caleb stayed back in the states because of his work. He did come every now and then to us.

I felt really bad because he couldn’t be with Clarissa as she grew up but he really supported me for my studies and it is how I ended back in Paris. Now, we stayed in Caleb’s penthouse in Paris with Ruth. I met Caleb’s whole family and they were really kind to me and my baby.

I had never imagined that my life would ever be this beautiful. I could study and still be with my family.

I heard the beautiful giggling sound of my daughter and got up from my desk as the drafts fell down from the table. I have been sitting for so many hours working on my designs and studying for the upcoming exams.

Leaning down, as I picked up the sheets my eyes fell on the pacifier on the floor. The blue pacifier lied under my table as I reached it and picked it up. It was the second pacifier that Clarissa lost and here it was. I looked at it and narrowing my eyes, I walked out of my room to find Ruth and Clarissa running around the living room.

Ruth laughing as she ran before Clarissa who struggled to keep running with her baby limbs and watching the scene before me made me smile. Both are babies.

I kept the pacifier on the table and jogged over to play with my kid. The happiest moment of my life as I spend my time with my beautiful baby, ruffling her hair and playing with her as she giggled and babbling and mimicking the words we spoke.

“Mama!” Clarissa moved her hands up and down as she looked up at me wanting me to pick her up. I scooped her up in a go as she giggled and kissed her face. Her eyes twinkling, and her face radiating with happiness. Ruth clapped and cooed at her as she came near to us and ruffled Clarissa’s hair.

It was what I had always wanted. The only person missing was Caleb. But he would be joining us soon.


I pulled my jacket closer as I walked towards the living room.

“I am leaving! He said he would reach by eight” I told Ruth as I lean in to pick up Clarissa when Ruth got hold of Clarissa by her shoulder and pulled her to her.

“She is not going with you,” Ruth told me and I exchanged looks with Clarissa as I looked back up at her in confusion.

“Why?” I couldn’t help but ask. Clarissa, not even a single time miss going with me to fetch Caleb from the airport. Caleb always demanded that Clarissa should be there when his flight lands, he only wants to see Clarissa first thing first when he comes to Paris.

“Actually I think she is really tired today. By the time you would be coming back, it would be late and you both would end up making her more tired. And it is cold outside. I don’t want Clarissa to catch a cold. So she will be waiting for her dad in the house only,” Ruth shrugged at me and picked up Clarissa in her arms.

She was right though, it was really cold outside and it would be hectic if Caleb’s flight is late then it would be late for us too.

I nodded at them but inside, I thought how Caleb would react if he didn’t find Clarissa in the airport. Mentally preparing for his reaction, I made kissed Clarissa as I grabbed the car keys and walked out of the penthouse, and pressed the button to the elevator.

It took me approximately to an hour reach the airport and as I waited at the entrance for Caleb. It was already eight and I looked back at my phone hoping to get any call from him and looked back continuously waiting for him. Fifteen minutes passed by and yet there was no sign of him. I tried to call and it said the phone is switched off, so judging the fact that the plane might not have landed, I stood there patiently waiting for him.

Thirty minutes later, I called his number and this time it was picked up.

“Where are you? I have been standing and waiting for you for about half an hour. Was your flight late?” I asked and heard him taking in a deep breath.

“I am not in the airport,” he said and I stood straight near the rail, which I was holding and in confusion looked here and there.

“What? Did you miss your flight? Where are you?”

“No, I didn’t miss my flight. I landed at seven. I am in Paris,”

“What the hell? You should have told me if you reached before time. Caleb, I am in the airport waiting for you,” I couldn’t help but gt disturbed as I yelled at him. As passersby looked at my direction, I walked back towards the parking lot to get my car.

“Where are you?” I asked as I reached my car, still slightly upset with him.

“Listen, come to Toit Paris View,” I heard his voice and it was as if he was little out of breath. I stopped in my tracks as I recognized the name of the hotel.

Toit Paris View was one of the five-star hotels in Paris and it was right near to the Eiffel tower. We went there with Clarissa for her first birthday, three months ago. I remember how mesmerized I was with the view of Eiffel tower. Even though it been more than two years since I have been staying in Paris, still I couldn’t get used to the tower’s presence.

“What? Why are you doing there?” I asked as I opened my car door and got inside buckling my seat belts.

“Listen, Sang! Don’t be late. I am waiting here for you, come here quickly. I will tell you everything once you come to me,” he told me and I took in a sigh.

“Alright, I will be there,”

“Bye, babe!” I told him as I hung up on him and again drove off back towards the same route from where I came. He could’ve told me earlier. Now, I had to drive back again.

Fortunately, the road was clear and within half an hour, I was right before Toit Paris View. The valet took my car and I looked up at the building. Just a short walk from the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and the River Seine, sits a four-star luxury boutique hotel. From the outside, nothing, in particular, sets this hotel apart from any other in the surrounding neighborhood. The inside contains all of the amenities one expects from such an upscale enterprise: the top suites boast panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Palais.

What strikes people of the hotel is the ambiance. Beautiful inside and outside. A subtle mix of modern design and elegant decoration. I walked into the glass doors and I was directly greeted by the manager who was dressed in a navy blue suit as he smiled and walked up to me.

"Miss Carter?" he asked in his french accent and I nodded, giving him a smile.

"Mr. Theller has been waiting for you in the rooftop. Let me guide you," he said and I nodded as I followed him towards the elevator. Last time when we came here, there was some other manager. I guess they replaced him for his coquettish way of speaking.

Caleb seemed furious last time, for the manager who was flirting with me and I really hope he didn't get fired or choose to leave the job because of Caleb and me.

The lift stopped on the fifth floor and we took the stairs to the rooftop and I looked back at the time to see it's already past nine in the evening. "Here we are miss," he said and I looked back at him in confusion as he held the door open for me.

Is he not joining us?

"Thank you," I responded to his gesture and made my way towards the rooftop. The breeze hitting my face and I looked back to find him closing the door behind me. But there was something that got my nostrils flared up. It was a rosy smell mixed up with the chilly breeze of the night and what got my attention was the way the rooftop was decorated.

Lamps and roses all over the roof, and the amazing view of the Eiffel tower. Anyone would be mesmerized but the person who stood in the middle, made me walk over to him as he turned around, with that handsome face of his as he took hold of my hand and placed a kiss on it, making me smile.

"What's all this about Caleb?" I asked as I looked around at the decoration and then back at him. He was in his black tuxedo. I was confused but flattered at the same time. In my mind, there was this assumption I was making judging the atmosphere and somehow my heart started beating loudly against my chest.

His eyes were twinkling, reflecting the lights from the lamp and he looked a little tanned. He got a new haircut with fringes and shaved near his ears. It suited his personality.

"I like your haircut!" I told him as a compliment and reached out to touch his hair when he got hold of my hand.

"And I like the whole of you," he told me in a coquettish tone which made me chuckle. "What's with you today? Did you miss me?" I asked and he smiled as he pulled me closer encircling his arms around my waist.

"You miss people who are not near you but you are very near to me," he told me and leaned down as he touched his forehead with mine and I held his face as I made him look back at me.

"Is everything alright?" I couldn't help get worried with the way he was talking. He held my hand and placed a kiss on it as he took a step backward.

"We went through ups and downs. Broke up! Got back together! Helped each other in difficulties, met each other's family and dealt with each other's past. But most importantly we made ourselves comfortable with each other and ended up having the most beautiful kid to have as a daughter," as he told that, I smiled and my eyes stung as got watery. Somehow, I was reminiscing our past as he spoke and I got emotional.

"It was the beautiful moment of my life when you gave birth to Clarissa. Thank you, honey," he placed a kiss on my cheek and I chuckled because I already had an idea to where this was going.

"My mom loves you, our daughter loves you the most and I need you. I can even think of any other woman in my life which is not you. I can't even think my life without you anymore and I am tired of staying away from you and I want to name our relationship because the last time when someone asked me where I was going, I told them I am going to my daughter's mother," he joked and I burst out laughing and he chuckled holding my hand.

"You could've said girlfriend," I told him and he shook his head.

"I want something, high from that status. Be my wife! I want to tell people I am going back to my wife, my daughter's mother is a big sentence. I want to shorten it," as he said that I couldn't stop smiling and at the same time the tears started to fall off my eyes as I took in what he just said.

"Sang, please, marry me!" he got down on his knees as he pulled a ring box out from his suit and held it before me.

"I thought after you finish your graduation, I would propose you, but it's getting harder for me to stay away now. I want to live with my family, and my family is where you, Clarissa and my mother live. I really love you. You have no idea how you made me change to a better person and I look forward to you. I want to be with you. So will you marry me?" he asked and by this time I was crying like hell. It was really a bad idea to apply kohl on my eyes because I was sure, it must be all over my eyes by now.

"Please just say yes. Sang!" he sang and I chuckled raising my hand to him.

"Alright. I will marry you and save you from saying a bigger sentence," I made the joke as his eyes widened and immediately he took the ring out from the box and slid it on my ring finger.

"Yes!" he shouted in triumph and got up pulling me into a bear hug as I ended up crying being emotional.

"I was so scared. Remember the last time," I heard him as he spoke about it. I recalled the time when we broke up because of Eden and Caleb proposed to me when I was angry at him. I had rudely said no to him the last time, but this the scenario is different. Like him, even I can't think of anyone else in my life. I only loved Caleb.

"Your mother knew about this, didn't she? She didn't allow me to take Clarissa out!" I told him and he nodded as he let go of me and I struggled to wipe the stream of tears that continued to flow. He passed me a tissue and being thankful, I continued to wipe my tears away as I looked up at him to find him smiling at my condition. I ended up slapping his shoulder.

"Ow! What?" he rubbed the area where I just slapped as he looked at me with a look of bewilderment.

"Look at you and look at me! Why are you so dressed up? At least you should have given me a hint about this! Just look at me. I look like a mess. I should have gotten ready nicely," I cried and he shook his head.

"Typical wives," he joked and that earned him another slap and he laughed as he pulled me for a kiss. It was passionate but at the same time romantic and sweet. Our lips moving in sync as I placed my hand on his shoulder and he held me by my waist deepening the kiss.

It has been such a long journey and yet it felt as if I was kissing him for the first time. My cheeks felt hot and as he let go and rested his forehead on mine, I looked back at the dazzling Eiffel tower under the dark sky.

What else had I ever wished for?

I got everything.

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