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Chapter 7

I look beautiful wearing all these make up and jwellery right? But you know what? This isn't me.

I walked straight into my bathroom and headed right under the shower to take a good shower to refresh myself. I had to Shampoo my hair again for the third time this week.

Wrapping a towel around myself and draping another towel on my hair I walked out of the bathroom and sat on my bed looking at the notification on my phone.

There was message from an unknown number and I clicked it open to find a text message from none other than Mr. Theller himself. It read "Be ready Before 7 O'clock. I won't be able to make it to pick you up as I have got an important meeting to handle but my Driver will be there at your doorstep before 7. So, See you then".

I sighed and threw my phone on the pillow and fell back on the bed staring at the ceiling blankly. What was I going to do? I promised myself that I will stay away this jerk but life keeps on throwing me this curve ball where I don't know what to do and how to behave. He is making this harder for me as well. I have no idea how I am going to cope with him being near me all the freaking time. This was going to be one awkward party.

"He told me to wear something red" I muttered to myself. Why red of all the damn colors in the world.

"What should I wear?" I began to think of all the red dresses I have.

I got up from the bed and went inside my walk in closet. I went through every dress which has red print or pattern on it but I wasn't satisfied with any of it.

Sighing, I turned around to leave but stopped when a medium sized package caught my attention. It was placed near the wardrobe. Frowning, I picked it up wondering what on earth it was.

"Whose package is this?" I heard myself asking.

I opened the package and was surprised to find a sexy blood red colored dress inside it. I furrowed my eyebrows trying to remember whose package this was. I don't remember buying this so who could this be?

My phone began to ring and I made my way towards it still holding the dress in my hand.

"Hello?" it was an unknown number.

"Sang?" a familiar voice spoke.

"Yeah? Who is it?"

"It's me Jade"

"Oh Jade where did you get my number?"

"Margaret gave me"

"Oh Okay. So you called because?"

"Uh yeah listen did I forget any package in your apartment last Saturday?"

I looked down to the dress that I was holding and then it click. It was her dress.

"Yeah! I just found it now near the wardrobe".

"Yes yes that one. I remember now actually,whilst I was searching for a dress for you, I kept the package there but forgot to take it with me when I left" she told me.

"Oh, don't worry it is actually right here with me. I was wondering whose this was."

"Actually I went for a shopping that day. I saw that dress and I bought it. Now when I was going through the Bill I found that package missing so I recalled taking it to your home last time".

"Jade I need to ask you something" I bit down on my lips, anticipating her answers.

"Yeah? What is it?" She asked

"I need to ask you a favor" I told her

"Tell me Sang"

"Can I take this dress? I mean pay for it but I kinda need this red dress right now. I am going to this party today and their them-" she cut me off "Sang shut up already. You don't need to explain nor do you need to pay me. Keep it. Think of it as a gift from me".

"Really? I mean are you sure?" I asked

"Yeah I'm totally sure" she told me, giggling childishly.

"Thank you. You have no idea how much you have helped me. You are a life savior" I told her gratefully.

"Oh C'mon Sang. What are friends for? I am happy that I could do something when you needed it".

"Thanks once again Jade"

"You're welcome now I need to hang up, Nathan is calling me" she told me and I said "Goodbye" before she hung up.

I looked at the dress in my hand and ran my palm over the soft material feeling happy.

After my hair was dry, I made it into a neat French bun. I applied foundation, and applied eye liner. I chose a red lipstick to complete my look. I must say I was looking alright.

I slipped into the dress which was surprisingly perfect. It hugged my every curves gracefully. It was a long V neck dress which showed a little bit of my cleavage. I wore my Indian studded necklace and earring which was a gift from my friend and wore my red kitten heels to complete my look. I wore my Louis Vuitton watch which I brought from my savings. I was ready before the time and I went to my kitchen to drink Juice as I was feeling a bit thirsty. I was feeling a bit nervous as I waited for him. I was going against everything I told myself not to do. Only god can help me now!

Right on time at Seven, the doorbell rang and without bothering to look through the peep-hole I opened it but I found no one. Furrowing my eyebrows, I went out and looked around. When I found no one I went back in and closed the door.

The doorbell rang again.frowning I opened it again, but this time I found Mr. Theller's Driver smiling at me.

"Hello Good evening Ma'am Mr. Theller has sent me to pick you up for the event" he told me with a smile on his wrinkled face.

"Did you ring the bell just few minutes ago?" I asked.

He looked confused and shook his head negatively saying "No I just came Now".

I nodded and went inside to take my purse. I locked my apartment door and this time I didn't keep the key under the mat. I was somehow feeling perspiring and agitated at the same time. It didn't feel right to leave my key under that mat. So I took it with me and followed the driver into the limo.

He held the door open for me to enter and I said a quiet "Thank you" before entering the Limo. The inside was so luxurious and classy. No wonder Mr. Theller was a rich man.

The driver sat on his seat and began to drive towards our destination.

I kept looking out of the window lost in my own world. I didn't even realize when the limo came to a halt and some one got in.

It was when I heard my name being called that I came back to my senses.

"hello, earth to miss carter" I heard some one talking to me and I turned around on my seat only to find Mr. Theller dressed in a black Armani Suit looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

He looked very handsome. His hair was styled backwards and it looked wet. I could smell his strong manly fragrance and I think he shaved his stubble. He must have taken a bath to freshen himself for the event and he looked ravishing and perfect.

I blushed a deep red, realizing the fact that I just zoned out when he was talking to me.

"Sorry Sir can you repeat it again please?" I asked still blushing feeling embarrassed.

"So you want me to complement you again?" He said and I looked up at him with a questioning look.

"I just complemented you.You look absolutely beautiful Tonight" he repeated, his eyes roaming over my body appreciatively. I was sure my face looked like a tomato at that moment, so I looked away to hide my blushing face.

"Uh Thank You" I managed to utter.

After that, the ride to the venue went in total silence. I would look his way when he wasn't looking then I would again look out of the window.

In fifteen minutes we reached our destination as the Limo came to a halt and I looked out of the window to find ourselves surrounded by reporters and Paparazzi.

"Miss Carter just smile to the camera and stay near me okay?" I heard him speaking to me and I just nodded.

The bodyguards came rushing, as they surrounded us, shielding us from the paparazzi who were hungry for our pictures and looks.

Mr. Theller was the first to get out of the limo and follow him, I too got out, uncomfortably holding his hand. This was the first intimate touch we shared. I felt a spark flow through my spine when he touched me. I wanted to snatch my hand away so badly. I even tried to free my hands but he tightened his hold on my hand warning me with a look to say "leave it there." reluctantly, I gave in to his embrace.

I shrugged it off and he interlocked my arm with his, guiding me towards the entrance.

"Smile at the camera Miss Carter" he spoke more like whispered to me and I followed his order smiling at the paparazzi who clicked our photos, make me blind for some seconds.

I heard the reporters yelling "Mr. Theller who is she?"

"Is she your girl friend?"

"Is she your fiance?"

"Is she your secret last love?"

"Is she your -"

The last question disturbed me and I looked up towards Caleb to find him already glaring at the man who asked that rubbish question.

I just ignored it and tugged Caleb's arm signalling him to walk ahead.

He understood what I wanted and soon we found ourselves inside the venue.

I could see rich and sophisticated people gossiping and chatting with each other about business and other stuffs.

As soon as we entered, some eyes were on us. Some woman were eyeing Mr. Theller with lust while some man were staring at me as if I was some kind of tasty meat for them.

I shivered feeling disgusted at the way they were staring at me as if they wanted to eat me. This scared the shit out of me, and as if Caleb understood this he squeezed my arms warmly and protectively as if he was assuring me that everything will be alright. As If he will be there to protect me. I shook myself from this unwanted feeling that was creeping inside of me. Oh lord, what was happening.

I maintained a calm facial expression and followed him wherever he went.

"Mr. Theller glad to see you here" we were stopped by a middle aged blonde man who wore a navy blue business suit and smiled warmly at us.

"Mr Novak" Caleb greeted.

"I see you have a lovely lady accompanying you tonight" he looked down at me and I smiled back at him not feeling any negative vibes coming from him.

"Yes and where is Mrs. Novak?" I heard Caleb asking him.

"Oh she must be busy somewhere gossiping about ladies stuff you know" he chuckled and Caleb joined him.

"Sangavi baby meet Mr. William Novak he is the organizer of this event" Caleb told me and my stomach flipped when I heard my name rolling from his tongue joining with the endearment "baby". Ok, this was so not a good idea. I shouldn't have come here, with him. I was supposed to stay away from him. God damn it!

"Hello Mr. Novak it's nice to meet you" I spoke smiling genuinely ignoring the butterflies which were flying inside my stomach and reached my hand for Mr. Novak for a handshake.

He looked impressed by me. He smiled down at me and took my hand returning the gesture with a genuine smile of his own.

"I see you have got a well groomed and lovely lady. You are lucky Mr. Theller" Mr. Novak spoke and I found Caleb tightening his hold on my arm smiling at him.

"Yes that is true" he replied and looked down at me intensely.

My heart hammered against my chest and I found myself lost in his captivating eyes. A clearing of throat broke our stance and we snapped out of our moment and we turned our head to find Mr. Novak smiling a knowing smile.

"What's with that smile?" I thought to myself.

"Why don't you both take your seats? The event is going to start soon" Mr. Novak told us and we nodded going towards our seats leaving him there as he proceeded to greet the other guests.

"You did a good job there Ms. Carter" Caleb spoke to me and I smiled at him not replying anything.

We both sat on our seats waiting for the event to start.

It was going to be a long night I guess.

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