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Chapter 8

Yes, I do agree upon that. I am a bitch.

Sitting continuously for an hour is quite a tiring thing, I must say especially for someone who can't sit still like me. The speeches were really boring but you can't do anything to avoid it.

Finally, when the show was over it was time for the guests to interact with each other. I stood up from my chair and followed Mr. Theller wherever he went.

"Sir I'm hungry" I whispered to him and he nodded towards the food counter. I excused myself and went towards the counter to eat the starter.

"Get me something to drink" I told the waiter and he gave me a fruit juice which I gulped down feeling satisfied.

"Hi beautiful" I heard some one speaking behind me and I rolled my eyes.

Oh dear God! Not again.

Nevertheless I turned around and gave a smile to the man who was wearing a royal blue Armani suite and had blonde hair. He was actually quite a handsome man with his Brown eyes which twinkled every time he smiled, but he wasn't Mr Theller. There was something about him that makes every girl want to fall on their feet. He is a walking sex god but I made an oath to myself to not let his sexiness get to me. I can not stoop that low and become his fan girls. I am way more than that.

"Hello!" I found myself replying.

"I'm Jared Smith Nice to meet you" he told me as he reached his hand for me to take.

Shyly, I gave him my hand and he kissed it making me blush. He smiled at me and winked at me causing me to turn even redder.

"Uh I'm Sangavi Carter" I told him as I withdrew my hand.

"Pretty name for a Pretty lady" he spoke smiling brightly making me smile.

"Thank you" I muttered.

"So What is a beautiful lady like you doing here and that to alone?" He asked as he took a drink from the waiter and sipped on it.

"No I'm not alone I am here with Mr. Caleb Theller" I told him and he raised his eyebrow.

"Caleb? Well he is my friend. I didn't know he had a companion" he questioned looking amused now.

"If only you knew" I thought to myself.

"Sorry? Did you say something?" He asked confused and I shook my head No. OMG! did I say that out loud? I thought as I stared at the handsome man before me.

"So why are you alone now?" He asked again and I was just about to reply but stopped when I heard a dominating voice speak behind me.

"She is not alone Jared. She is with me" Caleb spoke as he took a sip from his glass and stood beside me with a neutral expression.

"She came here alone to eat something" he spoke and took another sip. He looked calm but his clenched fist and the sexy throbbing vein in his neck said otherwise. Why the hell is he pissed? Well as long as it is not aimed at me, I didn't give a damn.

"Hey! Caleb! How are you man? It's been a long time" Jared spoke excited as he came forward to hug him and they did the man hug.

"You saw me last month Jared" Caleb spoke as he gave him an amused look.

"Oh Right! I forgot" Jared spoke as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Anyways you didn't tell me that you are in a relationship" Jared asked as he eyed me and raised his eyebrows.

"There it goes again" I muttered under my breath but as if Caleb heard me he elbowed my arm making me blush.

"I got into it recently" he lied and I looked up to him, confused by his answer.

I thought Jared was his friend. What is the need to lie to him about our relationship?

"Wow you got a beautiful lady there" Jared complemented and I blushed even more.

I think I am here in this party only to blush.

"Thank You" Caleb replied as he wrapped his arm possessively around my waist, catching me off guard. He gave a light squeeze there which made me gasp. Jared's eyes landed on me as he raised his eyebrows in question.

"Uh I want to drink water" I covered up and he nodded. I took a glass of water from the counter and unwillingly gulped it down.

"So how is your business going?" Jared asked and I mentally rolled my eyes. Always the business talk.

"It's great when your girlfriend is working with you as your Personal Secretary" Caleb spoke out of nowhere making me choke on my breath.

"What the?" I thought to myself and mentally glared at him but in reality gave him a fake smile. He had a mischievous smirk plastered on his face and his eyes twinkled like an excited little child. It made him look ravishing. I forced myself to take my mind out of the gutter. This is only for the public. He ain't your type and will never fall for you, plus you hate him. He is an egotistical player and you don't need that in your life. I repeated my mantra inside my head, hoping to take my mind of him.

Caleb squeezed my waist again making my eyes widen. What is his problem?

I placed my hand on his and slyly tried to get his hand off me but he was too stubborn and refused to let go. His touch sent tingles along my body and I didn't like the way my body is reacting. I hated it but my body loves it. I felt safe and I really didn't like this feeling. This was a new feeling to me and im scared it will be the death of me.

"Ugh what is his problem?" I thought to myself and scowled mentally.

"Uh I need to use the bathroom" I spoke out of the blue.

Jared nodded and finally Caleb decided to let me go. I moved past Jared but looked back at Caleb and smirked, letting him know that I won. He raised his eyebrow and gave me an amused look to which I rolled my eyes and turned around going towards the bathroom.

I asked a waiter for direction and I reached the bathroom. I needed to pee urgently. When I was done I washed my hand and was just wiping it using a tissue when two blondes walked in.

"Did you see Caleb today?" One of them chirped and Caleb's name got me attentive.

"He is looking so handsome and sexy. I could take it right now." another one chirped.

"Yeah! I would've hit on him tonight but I heard that he has a girlfriend" the one who was wearing a golden dress spoke as she did a fake sad expression. God I already hated her. What can you do. A whore will always be a fucking whore.

"Girlfriend?" the one who was wearing a pink dress scoffed "He must be screwing her and that's it. He probably brought her here because of the Event".

This made my blood boil.

"What the fuck is the problem?" I thought to myself as I disposed the tissue into the dustbin.

"Excuse me" I said to the pink one who was standing near the exit of the bathroom.

She moved aside and I exited rolling my eyes at them as they began to chat more on Caleb.

I ignored them and walked back when I bumped into someone.

"Oh I'm sorry" I replied as I steadied myself and moved back a little to look at the person who was now holding my waist.

"It's Okay" I heard a muscular and husky voice speak and I looked up to see a most Handsome man who was probably 6 feet long with Brown hair and Brown eyes. He was fair and was wearing a Black Armani just like Caleb but with pattern on his suite.

"Uh I am sorry" I blushed when I found myself staring.

He smiled showing me his dimples making my knees weak. I was pretty sure I would've landed on the floor for him if his hands were not on my waist, supporting me.

I was swooning now for the first time in my life.

He let go of my waist and took a step back giving me space which made me smile brightly at him. His eyes widened and he smiled back at me.

"You have a beautiful Smile" he complimented making me blush.

"Why Thank You. You too" I replied as I heard the music turn on and some couples were going to the middle dancing along with the rhythm.

"Would you like to dance with me?" He offered and I was sure I was dumbstruck.

"Uh Sure" I replied as I took his hand that he offered and we both made our way towards the middle.

He kept his hands on my waist while I put my hands on his shoulder.

"What is your name?" He asked as we began to sway our hips together.

"Sangavi Carter" I told him shyly.

"Nice name. I am Eden Blackwood" he spoke huskily and his name began to rant near my ears.

It was a familiar name. Where did I hear it?

"You are very beautiful" he spoke huskily as he took hold of my hand and swirled me around to which I only blushed as a reply.

Then it clicked me.

"Oh no! He is the multimillionaire of New York as well as the CEO of the Caleb's opposition company" I thought to myself as the blood began to drain from my face.

When I came back to senses I found him leaning towards me.

"Why the fuck is he leaning?" I thought to myself.

"Sangavi!"he stopped when we heard a voice and we both looked towards our left to find Caleb with a Cold expression and was glaring devilishly at Eden. Oh shit!

"Can I dance with my girl now?" Caleb asked out of the blue, his voice dangerously low, making me shiver in pleasure. What this man can do to me without as much as coming near is incredible. He Is a magnet and I am attracted to him even now when I am dancing with another sexy man. What is wrong with me? Why do I always go for the bad sexy boys who are such jerks?

"Your Girl?" Eden asked arrogantly tightening his grip on me.

"What the freaking hell?" I thought to myself as my eyes widened.

Caleb glared at him and eyed Eden's hands on me murderously.

"Baby come here" he spoke to me as he reached for my arms and jerked me away from Eden making Eden glare at him.

They were enemies after all. Glaring was normal I guess.

"I will see you later" Eden spoke to me and took hold of my hand placing a kiss on it, his mouth lingering on my hand for longer than necessary, completely ignoring Caleb as he looked into my eyes.

Caleb took hold of my hand which Eden was holding and yanked it from his hold.

"What is wrong with him?" I mentally scowled at him.

Eden glared at him but smiled at me and left without a word. I looked around to find eyes on us. I looked at the corner of the hall to find both of the Blondes whom I met in that bathroom eyeing me with shock.
Probably because I heard them or maybe because I was stuck between two sexy enemies.

The music was still playing. Caleb took hold of my waist and made me turn in front of him. He did it so swiftly that I had to hold his arms for support. I eyed him with widened eyes confused at his behavior.

"Why were you dancing with him?" He hissed once everyone got back to what they were doing.

"Excuse me?" I questioned glaring at me.

"I bought you here with me as my girlfriend" He stated swirling me around.

"But I am not your real girlfriend" I replied arrogantly.

"Well?" He spoke icily as he took hold of my waist and jerked me towards him, his chest pressing against mine" this caught me off guard and my eyes widened as my grip on his shoulder tightened.

"W-What are you doing?" I stuttered making him smirk.

"Proving my point to others" he spoke and before I could say anything I felt his red plump lips on mine making my eyes widen even more.

He took hold of my neck as he pressed me into him even more to him and began moving his lips, kissing me hungrily and passionately. He devoured my mouth as if he had been starved for weeks. My eyes rolled back in pleasure and to be honest I was enjoying this a hell of a lot.

Damn! He was a good kisser. This was the first time I had been kissed and to say it was amazing would be an understatement. It felt like I was in heaven. I felt his every sculpted muscle and skin against me as I leaned into his irresistible touch, wanting more. He tucked at my lower lip asking me to kiss back but I was too shocked and was also surprised. I did not know what to do so I chose to stand still. He kept on kissing me and finally when he left me he kept his forehead on mine, his breath fanning on my face as he was breathless.

"T-That was not what you told me to do earlier" I asked still shocked making him chuckle. As he kept his hand on mine arms rubbing it unknowingly, leaving goosebumps everywhere.

I took a step back which caused him to loosened his grip on me. I turned around and walked out of the dance floor and I knew he was following me.

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