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Chapter 9

I am not a play doll that you will just play and throw away whenever you want.

"You shouldn't have Kissed me" I thought to myself as I looked out of the window.

Caleb was sitting beside me silently as we drove off to my place. The car came to a halt before my building and I wasted no time to get out of the car.

I chose to ignore all those scenes that Caleb caused back in there. After that kiss I walked out the venue with him following me and we silently decided to return back home.

"Miss Carter!" I heard him when I reached his side near the window.

"Yes?" was all I managed to speak.

"Uh be at office sharp at eight O'clock tomorrow" he said as he got out of the limo.

"Yes" I said as I turned around to leave.

"Miss Carter!" I was stopped again.

"Yes?" I turned back looking at him.

"Good Night" he said as he slumped down his shoulder and gave me a small smile.

"Good Night Mr Theller" I said as I gave him my small smile and again turned around to leave.

"Uh Miss Carter!" and again I stopped turning around and waited for him to say something.

"Yes Mr. Theller?"

"Umm Nothing. See you tomorrow" he said as he turned around and went inside his limo.

I walked back inside the building and took the elevator and reached my floor.

In my room I sat on my couch watching TV. No matter how much I tried to forget that all thing it still didn't leave me alone. My mind was just replaying the scene with both Eden and Caleb.

"Oh God!" I yelled as I held my head which has started to ache now.

The ringing of my door bell woke me up. I sat back on the couch and rubbed my eyes. Last night I fell asleep on my couch and chose to sleep there as I was too lazy to walk back to my bedroom.

The door bell rang again and I began to get irritated.

"Coming! Coming!" I yelled to the person who was outside ringing the bell like a maniac.

"Who rings bell like this?" I murmured as I looked at the clock hanging on the wall which read 6 O' Clock in the morning.

"Yeah! Yeah!" I yelled as I unlocked the door and pulled it open only to find no one.

"What the heck?" I mumbled.

I looked around and went outside to look around to find any one but found none.

"Hello?" I called to no one.

"Is any one there?" I called again.

"What is this? Is this some kind of joke?" I was getting irritated now.

"Get a life. It's not funny" I yelled and went inside my apartment locking the door.

"Seriously? 6 O' clock in the morning is a time to play pranks?" I mumbled as I made myself a good coffee and breakfast to it.

I went to my room and brushed my teeth. I took a bath and got ready for my office. I had extra time as I was waked up "early in the morning" so I took my time and ate my breakfast slowly and then Locked my apartment and made my way towards my office.

"Hey Jade! Good morning!" I wished Jade who was walking out of the building.

"Good morning to you too" she wished back.

"Wait! Where are you going?" I asked confused.

"Oh its nothing. Driving back home. I just forgot a very important file back at home and I am going to fetch it now. Now bye" she said in a hurry as she practically ran out of the building.

"Uh bye?" I waved a little.

Shrugging my shoulder I walked back inside the building and took the elevator. Its only Seven forty-five in the morning.

Today we have a very important meeting which we are hosting here in our building. So, I began to Sort every files out which was needed for today's meeting and started doing my work.

I didn't have any idea when the time passed by but a knock on my cabin's door brought me out of my work.

"Good morning Miss Carter" Mr. Theller spoke with a small smile on his face.

"Uh Good Morning Sir" I wished as I got up from my seat.

"Is everything ready for today's meeting ?" He asked as he walked inside my cabin.

"Yes I was just sorting everything out" I said as I picked up an important file and handed it to him.

"It contains the deal papers Sir" I said and he nodded opening it and going through it.

"Umm change this" he showed me some lines and I nodded taking the file back from him.

"Call Mr. Novak and ask him to be present here by eleven".

I nodded and waited for him to say anything else he wanted me to do.

"Anything else Sir?" I asked.

"Uh Bring my coffee with the updated file to my Cabin" he said and I nodded.

"Right away Sir" I told him and without saying anything else he turned around and left my room.

I sighed as I rubbed my arms. Everything that happened yesterday is still fresh in my mind. Thank to the lords that I didn't behave in any manner which would have embarrassed me before him. I am really good in masking my feelings and I am really proud of it.

First of all I finished my work, correcting the file and then made him his coffee and walked towards his Cabin with the file in one hand and coffee mug in another.

"How in the world am I gonna Knock now?" I muttered to myself.

I managed to take the file between my arms and turned the door knob going in without knocking.

Should have knocked!

"Oh I am so sorry!" I exclaimed covering my eyes as I witnessed a half naked woman on top of table holding Mr. Theller's arm.

"Miss Carter!" He spoke as he stood up and adjusted his tie. "It is not what you think" he said and I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion to why was he giving me explanation.

"Um I should have knocked. Here is your file and coffee sir" I said as I placed the file and Coffee on the table near the door and without uttering anything I ran out of his room giving them there privacy.

As I reached my Cabin I huffed out air frustrated.

"Great! Doesn't he ever get tired of all this?" I mumbled as I sat on my seat and began to type on keyboard furiously. I don't know why but suddenly I was feeling very angry.

"Miss Carter!" I heard Mr. Theller and looked up from the screen to find him in my Cabin looking at me as if he lost something very precious.

"Its not what you think" he said as he walked towards me.

"Uh I should have knocked. I am really sorry sir for disturbing" I said as I got up from my seat.

"No! Let me explain" he began but was stopped by me.

"Sir you don't need to explain about your personal life to me" this statement shut him up.

He stared at me and then nodded.

"I think we should head to the conference room now Sir. The meeting will start in less than ten minutes" I said as I picked up all the necessary and important files.

"Yeah Sure" he said as his lips formed into a thin line and he turned around walking out of my Cabin.

Soon, I followed him and taking the elevator we reached the floor to the conference room.

"Did you call Mr Novak?" He asked and I nodded checking the time in my wrist watch. "He should be here by now" I said and we walked towards the conference room.

"One minute! Go and bring me the hard copy of this data in this pen drive. Quick!" He gave me a pen drive and I nodded taking it from him and handing him the other files.

He walked towards the conference room while I walked towards the printer machine for the hard copy.

Minutes later, when I was done with my work I walked towards the conference room and I knew the meeting should have already started.

Surely, the meeting was started and when I walked in everyone's eyes turned towards me and I smiled apologetically for disturbing in the middle.

"Here Sir" I gave him the copy and sat beside him as the man who was presenting his presentation continued.

"I am sorry for being late!" We heard a muscular voice and all our heads turned towards the direction of the voice towards the entrance door to find to my absolute shock Eden Blackwood.

Everybody present in the conference room began to Whisper seeing him in our building. He smiled at everyone and walked towards the seat next to me.

I looked back at Caleb to find him already glaring at him.

"Miss Carter right?" I heard Eden speak to me.

"Yeah? Uh Yes" I said smiling at him.

"I didn't knew that we would meet this soon" he smiled as he sat next to me.

"Alright! You continue" I heard Mr Novak signalling the man to continue on his presentation.

Now my heart was beating very wildly with two hot headed man sitting next to me and it didn't help a bit that I was the only barrier between those two Men.

"Oh please Lord please don't make them fight or else I will be in hospital" I prayed to the Almighty for help.

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