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Bonus Chapter


I know forever doesn’t exist, but with you it makes me hope.


I was pacing the long room, my hand as cold as ice, my heart racing and I was frightened that I would scare the girls around me. It had been just a week back that my therapist said that it was okay for me to stop my medications and I was going to get back to normal. Now, I started to wonder if she was right after all.

“You look like you are constipated.” Amber said, looking at her reflection in the mirror. I glared at her, not bothering with a smart remark.

For the first time, in my life, I was given a bouquet and was made to sit in this room. It was peach colored and looked so full of life. I placed it on the chair where I had been sitting few minutes ago. I didn’t want to strangle the beauty to death.

The curtains were drawn, covering us from the crowd that sat in front. I pushed the curtain slightly, to see if I could spot the person I was looking for all evening. I could see Hannah sitting at one corner talking to someone whom I didn’t recognize. I saw Rachel with her son, who was pointing towards Emerald, probably telling him to go and play with her.

I peeked further to see Mark tightening the bow that sat around Zack’s neck. I guess they shared some joke of their own and I saw Mark playfully hit Zack on his back. In the same line there was Thomas, who had brought his girlfriend. They seemed happy, but I had heard that they two had broken up recently.

“Hey!” Laura shouted, making me jump in my place, all thanks to my already jittery nerves. “Didn’t you hear the planner? No one’s supposed to peek outside.”

I rolled my eyes at her. “I was just looking for Miles.” I admitted.

Amber laughed. “Did he run away from your torture?” She turned towards me. “Wait, how’s that possible?”

Laura gave her a stink eye to her which made her shut up. “You know that the wedding won’t happen, unless he’s here right?”

“Yeah.” I nodded my head, looking at the bouquet that sat adorably at my seat.

“How do I look?” Amber asked, changing the subject.

“More than beautiful!” Laura agreed as I nodded my head when Amber looked at me for my approval.

“I think I need a little more of some mascara here.” Amber said, and soon a stylist was at her side, doing her make-up.

I looked at the closed door, wondering where the hell he was. It was almost time and the planners would call us any minute now. Out of all the times to go, he had to choose for now? As I started cursing, there was a knock at the door and I held my breath.

“Girls, can I come in?” it was Miles. I relaxed and slumped on the seat, making sure that I didn’t spoil the bouquet.

“Come in!” Amber shouted back and I saw Miles put his head first. As his eyes landed on me, he smiled brightly that put all my nerves to ease.

“How do I look?” Amber repeated her question to him, waiting patiently for his answer. Miles entered the room and closed the door behind him.

“I’ve never seen a more beautiful bride before.” He said walking to Amber for a hug. As he hugged her, he looked at Laura and mouthed, kidding.

“Awe, you are the sweetest, Miles.” Amber said. Laura and I both held back our smiles.

“Can I ruffle your hair?” Miles asked innocently. They were like brother and sister who always fought but deep down loved each other.

“I’ll kill you if you do.” Amber retorted back, making him back out the very next second.

“Lau? Help me fix this strand of hair. I bet Miles pulled it off me.” she said making a face at him.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” Miles said, as Laura and Amber both sat in front of the mirror looking at their reflection.

“Darling,” he said, coming to me. “Missing me?”

I pushed him away, making an angry face at him. “Where the hell had you been? I’ve been trying to call you for the past half hour. Do you know how worried I was?”

He smiled adorably. “I had some errands to run.” He pulled me towards him and this time, I didn’t protest. “Are you okay now?” he asked.

I nodded. Ever since I told him about what happened, he was a bit more protective and a little more possessive. In the beginning, it was so good to know that he cared, but later the same gestures started to suffocate me. It was as if he was eyeing on me. It was then that the fights and the cries tagged along.

We fought almost every day. He wanted to know my whereabouts all the time, even when he was in another country dealing with his hotels. It wasn’t fair to me when I didn’t know where he would be the very next day for all I cared. We almost broke up again when he found that I was with Frank, a customer, talking about the funeral for his dead wife, when I had told him I was with Amber. It was not a lie—I was with Amber when he had called. That night was the first time I had another nightmare since we were together.

Miles then made sure that he was not hurting me in the name of caring. From then on he never let me go to sleep after a fight, scared that I would end up crying and sobbing. He always ended up making me talk out my feelings to him. He decreased his meetings and now, he only flew once every few months. Sometimes, I would get the perks of flying with him too.

At this moment, as I was cradled in his arms, I couldn’t remember the last time I felt safe and secure. As I looked at him now, I could see the man who loves me, who would bring two worlds together just to see me smile. It had taken me years together to understand this look on his face.

“You two love birds, done yet?” Amber shouted, as she was leaving the room. I didn’t realize when Laura had walked out. “I’m supposed to be in the next room. I’ll tell Chris that you both are here. Don’t elope before then.” She said, before leaving us alone.

I laughed at her as Miles kissed my forehead. “That’s not a bad idea.”

“Miles!” I pushed him away, a little pink shaded on my cheeks.

He laughed. “So, tell me why were you worried?”

“You said you would keep the couple-rings!” I accused. “And you were missing!”

“You were worried of the rings and not of me?” he asked with a smirk of his own.

“You have them right?” I asked slowly, ignoring his questions. “If not, I’m going to die today.”

“You need to learn to relax, love.” He said, pulling out a black colored ring box. “See, it’s no big deal.”

I took the box out of his hand and inspected it. I had handed him a red box with Amber’s ring in it, in the name of safe keeping. But here I was with this was a black one and I had my own doubts. Tentatively I opened the box and looked inside. I saw Miles looking at me curiously.

I took the box near the light for inspection. It was an ancient ring, with a diamond that looking eerily similar to the one I had seen on television. It was an Egyptian diamond and it was clearly not Amber’s. Her ring was a plain band.

“The ring’s beautiful Miles. Wait! Did you lose her ring and get this one as compensation?” I gasped as the realization dawned on me. I would be sued by Amber and she would bury me alive. I turned around to give him some piece of my mind, but I was astounded instead.

There he was, the man whom I loved and admired, kneeling down on one knee in front of me, with a crooked smile adoring his lips. Happy tears ran down my cheeks, choking all the words down. “I… You…”

“Megan Taylor, will you do the honour of staying with me forever by marrying me?” he asked, tilting his head towards right.

“Oh, Miles.” I said. “You went to get this ring now?”

“No, I had got this years before.” He admitted, running his hands against his hair. “It was just waiting for the perfect time I guess.”

“What?” I asked surprised. “When?”

“Promise you are not going to get upset all over again?” he said, as I nodded my head eagerly. “The night when we broke up, I wanted to propose.”

“Oh Miles!” I sniffed, as I turned away from him. “I’m so sorry.”

“For God’s sake, Will you marry me or not?” he asked. “It’s an Armani suit and my knee is aching.”

I laughed in spite of the tears that ran down my cheeks.

“Since you asked me so nicely, I will.” I said, wiping my tears away. Miles laughed along with me, as I jumped into his arms. “I can’t wait to torture your life.”

“Oh, you have no idea how much I want to get tortured by you.” he said, bringing red color on my cheeks. I pressed my lips against him, kissing him like my life depended on it.

“I love you.” I said, looking at him.

“I love you more.” He said, kissing my forehead. He took the ring from my hand and placed it in my ring finger.

As we stood looking at each other, a thought occurred and suddenly I was worried. “You okay?” he asked.

“Can I ask you something?” I said, hesitantly.

“Anything.” he said, assuring me. He pushed an imaginary strand of hair behind my ear and cupped my face.

“Why did you have to propose today when you knew that it was Amber’s wedding?” I asked.

“I just wanted to see you hold a straight face when I know all you want to do is jump up and down for crying out loud.” Miles winked.

“You have no idea how much I love you. Trust me it’s the only reason you are not being fed to the hounds for making me go through this.” I asked, glaring at him.

He laughed ignoring my comments.

“How am I ever containing my excitement? I cannot announce this today.” I said looking at the ring that sat on my finger. “I don’t want to snatch the day away from Amber. She’s been dreaming about this since forever.”

“We are having a small party tomorrow just to announce this.” He assured. I smiled at him, but the next second my smile fell again.

“But they are going to their honeymoon tomorrow. I want my best friends to be there.” I wined.

He looked amused. “They are not going tomorrow.”

“Does she know then!?” my eyes were wide. “That you were going to propose to me?”

Miles looked entertained as he circled me within his arms. “Zack and my boys do. I asked him to postpone his honeymoon for our party.”

My eyebrows rose together. “But, won’t he tell her? I mean they are almost husband and wife.”

“Darling, don’t you know anything about bro-codes?” he laughed as I scrunched my face to understand. When I didn’t change my expression, he sighed. “Do you think Amber or Laura for that matter would be so calm if they knew?”

I chewed on my bottom lip. Perhaps he was right. They would have made it a big issue and would have continued teasing me for the rest of my life. “Okay.” I said as my face brightened once again. “I can’t believe this is happening! Oh, my God! I’m engaged!”

Miles laughed at my outburst. He lifted me up and swung around the hall. I laughed and clung to his neck tightly afraid that I would fall.

“Hey, they are here!” someone called and soon we were back from our little paradise. “You are supposed to walk together in next two minutes and you two are dancing together?” Chris shouted at us.

I lowered my head in embarrassment as Miles proudly took my hand in his and walked past Chris, the wedding coordinator. “You still have two minutes, Chris.”

“Take your bouquet.” Chris shook his head. “Young love.” He muttered.

As we reached the hall that connected to the isle, I saw Amber with her father on her right side. She looked as if she had seen a ghost. When I caught her, I signed what happened?

“What if he’s not there?” She muttered, coming near me. “What if he doesn’t want to marry me?”

“Amber, he loves you.” I said, rubbing her hand soothingly.

“And if he runs away, I’ll go catch him and bring him back to you.” Miles added, making her smile. “You can give all the punishments you want them.”

She smiled slightly, but I could tell that she had managed to calm her nerves. “Thank you guys.”

“The best man and the maid of honour come here please.” Chris whisper shouted and accordingly Miles and I stood next to each other, my hand looped in his. Miles patted my hand, his way of assuring that he was there with me. I smiled back and just before the door in front of us opened, I kissed his cheeks. I knew that he was the one who was taken aback this time.

As the ring in Miles’ name sat on my finger, I was having a very hard time containing my excitement. I waved at Hannah way to gingerly as I passed to stand at my spot that Chris had shown me earlier.

Next in line were three cousins of Zack with braids maid in their arms, all smiling happily as they took their places with similar bouquets in hand. Mark and Laura came next with Emerald as the flower girl. Everyone in the audience went awe as they saw the beautiful flower girl throw flower for the bride.

Amber, who looked so scared, now seemed confident and walked down the aisle never once talking her eyes off the groom. The photographers clicked all along the way, and I bet they took magnificent pictures of them both.

Amber’s father put her hands in his and whispered something to him and then patted his back. The scene unfolded in front of me and I stared to wish that Smith was alive. He would have been the one who would have given me away. Now…

Miles caught my eyes and smiled a promising smile that made all my worries melt away. I knew that I was going to be alright.

To have and to hold.


“You look so lovely!” Hannah beamed as Amber came towards us, after her wedding vows. “Zack couldn’t take his eyes off you for a second.”

“He’s looking at you for every five seconds.” I told her, making her blush.

“Oh, stop it, you guys.” Amber said. “Do you know when the dinner is?”

“I can talk to Chris and let you know.” Laura said.

“Please.” Amber begged. “I’ve been dieting to fit this thing!” she said pointing to her wedding gown which was filled with pearls from her bust to her waist.

Laura walked away shaking her head with a smile.

“Do you know where you are going to honeymoon?” Hannah asked.

“Oh, he’s taking me to New York. I’ve been dying to go there since I was a kid.” Amber said, with excitement.

“He let you know that?” I asked surprised.

Amber shrugged. “He’s just scared that I might not like the place which he selects. He would be the one to suffer if he didn’t right?”

I laughed. “Oh, that he is.”

“In another half hour, after the photo shoot, you have your dinner.” Laura said, coming back to our little group.

“Fine, I’ll go and talk to my college friends.” Amber said, as she walked to another small group which was sipping wine.

“She looks so happy.” Hannah said. “If only Smith was here to see her.”

“He’s watching.” I said, leading us to a table for us to sit down. Smith’s topic was still a little sensitive for Hannah, but she was coping well. “Do you remember how he was to Zack when he first met him?”

Hannah laughed. “Yes, how can I forget that?”

“He sprayed a mouthful of water on his face, when he got to know that those two were dating, right?” Laura asked laughing.

“Yeah,” Hannah laughed. “He actually thought that he was her cousin or something like that.”

“Or something like that?” I snorted. “But that cousin is kinda cute right?”

The two ladies watched my line of vision and nodded their head. “Yeah, but don’t let Miles know that.” Hannah said, winking at me.

“I guess he’s taken already.” Laura said, pointing at another bride’s maid, who was eyeing him all the time he was talking with Zack.

“Well, all my kids are happy. That’s all I ever wanted.” Hannah said, smiling at us.

“So, we still have one more wedding to go.” Laura said and my eyes widened, hands automatically cupping my ring finger. What ever happened to those bro-codes? “Are you guys still fighting like kids? I’m sure I can hear the wedding bells ringing somewhere near.”

I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding. She didn’t know yet.

“They are not running anywhere.” Hannah said, “Let them take all the time they need.”

“Hannah, you are the best.” I smiled at her, poking my tongue at Laura who was giving me her now smirk.

Suddenly, a ray of light fell on me. I still had my tongue sticking out, as all eyes fell on me. Embarrassed, I looked at Amber, who was now sitting next to Zack, mouthed speech. Oh, shoot! I thought. I was terrible at speeches.

A guy handed me a mike and asked me to stand up. Hesitantly, I did as I was told and slow claps erupted across the hall where we were sitting. I looked at Miles and for the first time, I saw him enjoy my discomfort.

“Hi all.” I started. It would have been a blessing if someone had given me a heads up about this speech thing. I would have done some research, remembered some funny stuff or cooked up some story to make the crowd laugh. “I’m Megan, the best friend of the bride here.”

Laura noticed how nervous I was and she nodded her head for me to go on. I took a deep breath and continued. “I’ve known Amber for almost six-seven years now and she’s like my sister. We share a bond that’s greater than friendship and now, when I see her all in white, there’s no one happy for her as I am.” I looked at Amber and I saw her wipe a tear off her face.

“When she first told me about Zack, frankly I was taken aback ’cause she’s one difficult woman to please.” There were small giggles in the crowd. I was confident now. “But when I saw them together, I knew that Zack was the guy for her. Yes, she’s stubborn, half-crazy and terrifying at times, but deep down she’s scary.” The crowd laughed and roared.

“I meant caring.” I corrected, with a mischievous grin of my own. “Honest mistake, seriously.” I said looking at Amber, who huffed and crossed her hands as Zack laughed sitting next to her. “As Zack is lucky to have her, so is Amber to have Zack. I wish them a happy married life.” I picked up my half-drunk wine glass, and toasted for the new couple. “To Zack and Amber.”

The crowd clapped for me as I sat down satisfied that I didn’t screw up my speech. The lights were on the best man next. He was already standing with few of his friends, with a bottle of beer or something on his hand. He looked at ease, and I rolled my eyes when he winked at me, he would have given a million speeches by now.

But there was something in his way that made me not to take my eyes away from him. In another few days, he would be mine. Oh, my God!

“When Zack told me that he had proposed Amber, I presented him with a good pair of boots and told him to run while he could.” He laughed along with the crowd. I could see Amber shoot him daggers from her place. “You still have that right, buddy? It might be worth something you know.”

I shook my head chuckling. “You will have to protect him from Amber when he finishes that speech.” Laura whispered next to me.

“But it was love after all. I could see it.” Miles searched the crowd as his eyes landed on mine. “Time seems to stand still when you are not with her, the day seems to dull and you are of no life.” his eyes were now on Amber. “You’ve got the best one there, never let her go. Happy married life!”

For better and for worse.

Zack lifted his glass and smiled politely at Miles as the crowd clapped for him. “He’s so whipped.” Laura whispered next to me, pointing at Miles, making me blush. “Look here he comes.”

“Can you please protect me from Amber?” Miles sat next to me, grabbing a chair from the other table. A girl from that table was eyeing Miles from past half hour, and it would be a lie if I said I was not jealous.

I looped an arm around his and kissed his cheeks. “What am I here for?” I said, making sure that the girl understood that Miles was mine. She gave me an angry look and turned around.

“Yes, she got your point.” Hannah who had been noticing all my actions, giggled.

Our table erupted into a small laughter, as I buried my face in Miles’ shoulder, trying to hide my burning face.

“If it makes you any better, I love it when you are all jealous over me.” Miles whispered, getting a playful hit on his shoulder. He laughed and pulled me closer.

The dinner was served a little while later. Emerald, who had been playing with Rachel’s son all these while, promptly came to Laura when she was hungry. “Mice!” she greeted, as he tickled her.

“Weren’t you supposed to fly to Italy tomorrow?” Mark asked, taking a bite of his food. “I remember you mentioning it as a good deal.”

“I got it postponed to the next week.” Miles said, just when Laura grumbled about the boys talking business in the wedding diner.

“Thomas looks happy with the girl.” I noticed him feeding the girl he had brought along with him. “But Rachel’s the only one who looks sad though.” I scrunched up my face.

“She’ll get around it.” Laura said. “She told me that she had been working harder to set her marriage right and it aches to see how her once happy life now crumbled to ground.”

“But the kid keeps her happy.” Miles said, pointing to her son who was ruining his suit while he ate.

“She looks more pissed than happy.” Mark commented as we giggled.


The music was playing mildly soothing the ears. I stood next to Miles as we watched Zack and Amber dance as a couple. Zack said something to Amber to which she put her head back and laughed. Then she hit his arms playfully.

“That was what I was talking about.” Miles whispered, making me smile.

“Darling!” someone called and I recognized the voice the very next second. It was Miles’ boys—Dylan and Joe.

As I turned around, Dylan picked me up and twirled me, making me laugh as I spun in the air. As he put me safely to the ground, I hugged him. “How have you been? It’s been so long.” I said. I hugged Joe who stood behind Dylan with a small smile of his own. “Joe! It’s so good to see you.”

“You look wow.” Dylan said, as I put my hands on my hips and posed.

“Easy there,” Miles said, pulling me closer to him. I suppressed a smile at his gesture. “She’s my fiancEe.” he whispered.

“What!” Joe feigned shocked. “You agreed? Didn’t you take a second to remember me at least?”

I laughed. “Of course I remembered.” I said. “But Miles was about to cry and I had to say yes. It was more like a compulsion.”

“Oh, yeah right.” Miles rolled his eyes. “I forgot that part.”

“But you still got time, you know.” Dylan wined flirting. “Just give me a call, we can elope together.”

“What happened to your girlfriend, Dill?” Miles asked, keeping a possessive arm around my waist.

Joe started to laugh at that, making me snicker. “What happened?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“She dumped him because she saw him dig his nose.” Joe said in between his laughter.

“She didn’t dump me, I did.” Dylan said, acting hurt. “And I was not digging my nose in the first place.”

“You sure about that?” Miles asked. “I guess I have a few pictures somewhere here.” He dug his phone from his pocket.

I hit Miles arm playfully. “Oh, stop it Miles.” I said, suppressing my smile. “Don’t be a bad boy.”

“I can be a good boy.” Dylan said. “I can’t believe you said yes to his proposal.”

“Shush!” I looked around to see if anyone noticed. Thankfully they were all busy among themselves. “Don’t worry about that, I’ll punish him when he misbehaves.” I winked.

“I’m gonna puke.” Joe said, with a mock disgusted face while I laughed.

“Oh, boy, you are busted!” Dylan cooed getting a few attentions towards us.

“I would love that.” Miles whispered kissing my cheeks in so doing getting some color there. “When will I be punished then?” he asked teasing me.

I pushed him away laughing at his charming face. “Get me something to drink.” Miles saluted like a military man and went to get me a drink.

Joe, who was watching us, wore an expression that I couldn’t tell. “What?” I asked.

“You two are so cute together.” he beamed. “I’m so jealous. When I’m going to be like Miles? So happy and in love?”

“You are happy and you love me.” Dylan said, hitting Joe’s arm.

“That you are.” I said chuckling at the two.

“But seriously Megan, Miles is head over heels for you.” Dill said. “I bet you to ask him to do a puppy dance and I’m sure he would do it for you.”

I laughed. “No, I’m not going to do that.”

“Just don’t let him go.” Joe said.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Dylan said, crossing his arms. “She’s already said yes.”

“I love him.” I confessed. I remember the times when he had skipped his important meetings just to attend my therapy sessions. He has sacrificed so much for me when I was suffering through my panic abilities. He made sure that I understood that he would always be there with me. He never once left my side.

In sickness and in health.

“We know. Yours is the only call he attends to when he’s in meetings you know.” Joe added. “So if we need to contact him the next time, I’m asking you for favors.”

I laughed. “I would be happy to help.”

“Since we are all clear now, come let’s dance.” Dylan pulled me to the dance floor where a few couples were already swaying to the music. “I would pay to see the look on your boyfriend’s face.”

“You are a monster, you know that?” I was amused at his change in mood from seriousness Dill to a playful one.

“A terrible one.” Joe muttered, clearly irritated that Dill asked me first. At the same time, Dylan spoke. “A handsome one.”

I put my head back and laughed. “Come on, handsome.” I said, positioning ourselves as the musicians started with a new song. “Let’s dance.”

“So tell me, how can I steal you from him again?” Dylan winked, as I put my left hand on his shoulders. “You can talk freely now, no one can hear us now.”

“Flirting with an engaged woman?” I asked feigning innocence. “You decreased your standards?”

“Well,” Dylan stopped for a second to think for the answer. “You are not official yet.”

“That makes sense.” I giggled. “But I don’t go out with men who dig their nose, though.”

“Hey! That’s not fair.” He winced. “Everyone digs their nose!”

I chuckled. “I can make an exception for you then.”

“Yay!” he did a happy dance on the dance floor, not caring if anyone else was watching him.

Amber pulled me from his embrace. “It’s the bouquet throwing thing.” She announced. “Come on.”

“I was just making some progress with you, come on!” Dill wined as I was dragged by Amber.

“Later.” I called back to him. I was looking forward to escape the ‘bouquet throwing thing’ as Amber had put it. But now, it was more like an obligation for me as Amber hauled me and made me stand at a position she had pointed at.

“I’m going to throw at you.” she winked and walked away. I huffed and stood there waiting for it to get over soon.

Amber stood two feet away from me and the other girls who were eager to get the bouquet. She looked at me before turning around, positioning herself to throw. As promised, the bouquet flew in the air in my direction. Just as I put my hand up, trying to catch it, the girl who had been hitting on Miles at dinner, pushed me from my spot and caught it in one hand.

“Oww!” I muttered as I landed on my butt. Amber came running towards me, inspecting me if I was okay.

“Oops, I’m sorry.” The girl, who pushed me, flipped her hair and went to her friends. On her way back, I saw her wink at Miles, but Miles was laughing at my misery not bothering to notice her.

”I’m okay.” I said, pulling myself up. “I’m okay.”

“You sure?” Amber asked, just when Zack called her name, to introduce her to his friends.

“Yeah, you go on.” I smiled at her. Hannah was beside my side then and Amber looked satisfied to leave me in her hands before she went.

“You don’t have to be sad about the bouquet.” Hannah said, handing me a glass of water. “It’s just a bouquet.”

“Yeah.” I couldn’t have agreed more. Absentmindedly, I ran my fingers on the ring with a small smile playing on my lips.

“I didn’t know you would fall on your butt for me.” Miles said, hugging me from behind. “It was delightful.”

I pushed him away with a mock disgust on my face. “You were laughing at me.”

“I think she hit her head hard when she fell, right Hannah?” Miles said, getting a blow from me.

“Fleeing with Dylan doesn’t seem like a bad idea now.” I glared at him, crossing my arms.

“All she needs is a good dance with you as a cure.” Hannah suggested, pointing to the dance floor.

“Come on, love.” Miles kissed me, making me forget the silly fight. “Let’s get that filthy Dill out of your head.”

I giggled when I saw his expression on his face. It was exactly as Dylan had mentioned earlier—the possessive, jealous expression which would make any man think twice before he would come near me.

As I was in his arms, looking at his face, there was nothing else in this world that I would ever wish for. All that mattered to me was right there at the moment. I always thought I was lonely with no family to turn to. Now as I watch the people around me, I know that I’m in the right place. They were my family.

I circled my arms around Miles’ neck, as he pulled me closer. He rested his hands on my hips looking at me with affection filled in her deep dark eyes.

“I love you.” I said, meaning each and every word.

Miles smiled. “I love you more.” He whispered as I kissed his lips. My hands automatically ran over his hair, feeling the soft curves underneath. His right hand cupped my face angling to deepen the kiss. I felt a jolt of electricity pass over me, numbing all my senses, making me week at my knees.

Somewhere up in the sky that night, I was sure that a shooting star passed by granting all our wishes true.

Till death do us apart.


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