His Treasure

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Jacquelin Smith is one of those people who has her future all planned out and she’s determined to get through with it. That all changes when she meets Cole Bennett, a bartender. They both want nothing more than to be together, but there are obstacles. Jackie’s being her mother and Cole’s...well you’ll see.

Romance / Erotica
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1 | J A C Q U E L I N

Chapter 1

This handsome bartender and I were practically having a staring contest. His blue eyes mesmerized me that everything around me faded and I could distinctly hear the music around me.

Yeah, he was that captivating.

The next thing I know, I have a note in my hand demanding that I meet him here at midnight. I look at him and nod, then walked away with my girls.

"So, are you gonna meet him?" Olevia asks, bumping Jackie's shoulder with hers.

"Mmmmm...maybe." I turns my head in the direction of the bar.

"If you don't, I will." Isa joked.

"Speaking of which, we need to get you laid. Let's go dance guys!" The three of us quickly finish our drinks before we head down to the dance floor.

The loud beat of the music pumps loudly through the humongous speakers and my body automatically starts moving. The three of us move to the beat of the wordless music, swinging our hips.

"We're going to the ladies room, you wanna come or stay here?" Olevia shouted at Isabel.

"I'll stay!" She shouts back. Olevia nods and we move through the crowd of people to the restrooms.

"You know Olevia, we need to get you laid one of these days too." Olevia scrunches her nose.

"Nope, no thank you. I am the remaining virgin of our group and I'd like to stay that way until I'm ready. Thank you for your concern, though Jackie." She says sarcastically.

I beam, "Anytime!"

Olevia chuckles, "C'mon, lets go back out. Lord knows we can't leave Isa by herself for too long or she'll get herself into trouble."

We walk out and search the crowd until our eyes land on Isabel, who is dancing with a very yummy, sexy guy. Olevia and I move to the other side of the dance floor to give Isa and Mr. Yummy alone. Soon enough, two guys come dance with Olevia and I, but my mind was still on a certain bartender, who I can feel watching me. I swayed my hips more to get the bartender all hot and bothered. I twirl just to get a glimpse of him and sure enough, he's watching me like a predator watches its prey. I shiver and turn back around to the guy I forgot I was dancing with.

Mr. bartender is really ruining all guys. Sigh. That's not what I want. I love guys, especially those who are a bit older than me. I don't know why, but I'm just like that. I love an experienced guy.

"What do you say we get out of here?" The hottie in front of me asks. It's rather tempting, but I'd rather spend my night with a certain someone.

"Thanks, but maybe another time." I smile and move closer to Olevia. I could tell by the flash of irritation in the guy's eyes that he wasn't used to being rejected. Well, get over it buddy, there's a first time for everything. He leaves to probably find someone else who is interested.

"Have you decided yet?!" Olevia asked.

"Decided what?!" I asked back.

"If you're going to meet Cole!" I scrunch my eyebrows together.

"Who's Cole?!"

"The bartender!"

Jealously starts to rise, "How do you know his name?!"

"He asked for yours, so I asked for his!"

Interesting, "Oh!" Now I felt a bit embarrassed for being jealous.


"Well then I guess I will, yeah!" I nod. Olevia grins and wiggles her eyes at me, she may still be a virgin. But that doesn't necessarily make her a complete saint. I giggle and we continue dancing. While dancing, I kept sneaking glances at him but he was focused on bartending now, so I walked over and ordered a drink. I sat at the bar rail and watched him have conversations and fill up drink orders. He turned to look at me and winked as he wiped the counter, then walked over to me and leaned across the bar rail.

"It's almost 12." He whispers close to my ear.

"Hm, eager much?" I smiled seductively.

"I might have a thing for black women." He winks and licks his lips.

"Do you now?" I chuckle.

He grins and shrugs, "Well since meeting a certain beautiful black woman tonight, yes."

No doubt did I blush. This man is smooth with words, "Well..." I paused, waiting for his name even though I knew it already. But he didn't have to know that.


"Cole, I'll meet you by that table over there at 12. How does that sound?"

"Alright." He smirks and walks away and I watch him.

Damn, he has one nice ass.

If my mother knew I was hooking up with a white man, she would probably disown me. She was raped by a white man at the age of 13 and has been cautious of them ever since. You would think she probably would've healed by now, but sometimes you never get over it. She doesn't look at them, talk to them, much less be touched by them. If I had a white male teacher, she'd always send my aunt or uncle with me to conferences in school. She was comfortable around women, but not men. White men.

I tear my eyes away from the ass walking away from me and went back to Olevia, but found her sitting by the guy Isa was dancing with, with a beaten face.

Cole heard the commotion and came over to us with a body guard and kneeled by the poor guy.

"What happened?" Cole walked up to us.

"Some guy punched him, can you help us?" I asked.

Cole glances at me and nodded, "Sure, I have an apartment above the club so let's go."

He stays at this club?

Cole picks up the guy with the help of one of the bodyguards and drag him to his apartment, "Thanks, Nick." Cole nods at the bodyguard.

Nick nods back, "No problem, Mr. Powell." He then leaves, leaving the three of us alone with the unconscious man.

"Shouldn't we take him to a hospital?" Olevia chews on her nail and stares down at the guy.

"Probably, but we'll keep him here for now." Cole looks at the time and looks at me with a mischievous expression on his face.

I knew that look and boy, did I like it. I also checked the time and understood his face expression.

It was 11:59.

Don't know if it was the right time because of our current situation. But I was looking to have some dick tonight.

"I'll move him to the guest room I have." Cole picks up the guy and leans him against his body before walking down the hall. Olevia and I walk behind him and helped him lay the man down on the bed, "I'll also have Nick drive you home safely." Cole nods at Olevia.

Olevia glances over at me and remembers the note and nods. Cole and her walk out of the apartment, leaving me in the living room. I look around and spot some family pictures. I walk over to the shelf that held the pictures.

"Snooping around?" Cole walks up to me and pulls me into his arms. His mouth comes full force onto mine, making me moan by the unexpected force. Cole, then, leads me into a bedroom that was tidy and clean. Cole comes up behind me, pressing light kisses on the back of my neck as he hooks a finger on the hem of my dress and pulls if off the front of my body. He trails his kisses to my shoulder, slowly dragging my white dress down until it falls at my feet. Since the dress was tight, I decided not to wear a bra nor underwear.

"You have beautiful chocolate skin." He mutters against my shoulder, his lips grazing my skin. Before I could respond, Cole turns me around and kisses me like no other guy has before. Boy, was he a good kisser, "Hope you like it rough because there is no way I'll be able to be gentle tonight."

I grin at him and grab his face before kissing him once again. I walk backwards, pulling him with me until I fell back onto the bed, forcing him on top of me. Cole stands back up and admires my naked body, "Like what you see?" I laid there, kind of feeling awkward, self-conscious, and yet sexy at the same time because of the intense, lustful look on his face.

He leans down and takes a stiff peak in his warm mouth, flicking it with his tongue. I moan and arch my back, holding his head down with my hands, "Does that answer your question?" He kisses both my breast and stands back up, removing my heels.

"No." My breath hitches when he licks from my breast down to my navel, "Cole, please." I needed him down there and if he didn't do anything about it soon, I was going to take matters into my own hands.

He must've read my mind because he finally, finally relieved the tension that I was feeling. The smallest flick of his tongue on my clit had my hips bolting up and a loud moan escaping my lips. Cole continued his assault on my pussy, spreading my folds with his thumbs and flicking his tongue up and down my slick opening. It was too good, my moans escalated with each lick as did my climax that washed over me when Cole added two fingers into my pussy. I couldn't move when my orgasm passed and Cole chuckled when he noticed I had trouble moving.

"You taste delicious." He whispered and gave me a scorching kiss so that I could taste myself. I moan and I start to unbutton his jeans. Cole pulls away from the kiss for a second to remove his T-shirt, then slams his lips back onto mine. I pull his pants down, along with his underwear and pulled back to look at his member.

And my lord, was he big.

"Holy shit..." I breath out, staring at his manhood with wide eyes, "You're big for a white guy."

He rumbled out a chuckle and shakes his head, "I don't know whether to be offended or to take it as a compliment."

"As a compliment." I take him in my hand and began to slowly stroke him. Cole bites his lip as he watches my hand stroke his manhood. I gradually speed up and cupped his balls with my free hand. His hips start thrusting forward at a steady pace, a drop of precum covering the tip. I lean forward and wrap my mouth around the tip of his cock and swirled my tongue around it. I feel Cole's hands go into my hair and push my head farther down his shaft. I relax my gag reflex and managed to get him to the back of my throat.

"Fuck!" He grunts out, "I'm going to explode."

"Hmm." I continue sucking him, bobbing my head up and down. Cole grabs a handful of my hair and lifts my head off his shaft, anchoring my head down until I met his brown eyes.

"Lay down." He nods towards the bed and I eagerly get up, climbing onto the bed and lean back on my shoulders.

"You're one naughty girl." He leans down and covers my mouth in a raw and toe curling kiss. I moan out loud and lift my arms to tangle them around his neck. I lean back onto the bed, bringing him down with me and wrapped my legs around his waist, making his cock sit on my slick folds. We both moan at the contact and he starts sliding his cock up and down my folds, gathering up some of my cream.

"Now, Cole." I demand and raise my hips impatiently.

"What about a condo–"

"For god sakes, Cole, fuck me before I find someone down there who can take care of me." I yell out.

That seemed to do it because the next second, he was buried to holt inside me, stretching me out like no one had in a looong time.

"Holy. Shit." He grits his teeth, "I'm not gonna last."

"Ditto." I gasp out. My hands roam his back and shoulders, then move towards his butt where I squished his buttcheeks, "God, you feel so good."

Cole withdraws then thrusts back into me, grinding his hips against mine. I throw my head back, my body trembling from the pleasure I was feeling in that short moment. Cole increases his speed and he was soon pounding into me, causing me to scream his name and dig my nails into his skin. The sound of our flesh slapping against each other and our moans were the only noises in the room and Cole whispering dirty words in my ear had me quivering. I lift my hips to meet his thrusts, but I'm mostly paralyzed by how good he was fucking me. Cole stops, flips me over onto my belly and positions himself before slamming into me again, grabbing one butt cheek as he slams into me over and over again.

"Oooh myyyy–" I scream and my mouths forms into an 'o' as my climax hits me, creaming Cole's cock.

"Fuccckkk!" Cole grunts out as he abruptly stops, his cum filling me. I gasp out, trying to catch some oxygen. I lay there, sweaty and paralyzed.

"You fucked me good." I breath out a laugh, "Very good."

Cole chuckles, "That was my goal tonight. Glad to know that it was accomplished." He flips me over and leans down to give me a sloppy kiss before dropping into the bed next to me.

I was so tired, my eyes were becoming heavy and soon, I was asleep within seconds. The next morning I woke up before Cole and snuck out, stealing some briefs and a T-Shirt.

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