Before I Met You

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Chapter Thirteen

IN THE MORNING I find myself hot. I’m sweating from head to toe, the elastic of my briefs sticking to my stomach. It’s only then that I realize that I’m completely on top of Elena.

I’m directly between her thighs, my head resting on her chest and my arms around her sides. She’s still sleeping. Her full lips are slightly parted as she breathes peacefully in and out, completely unaffected by the sweltering heat in this room.

I sit up immediately, embarrassed that she might have noticed that I slept on her that way. I’ve never been this type of guy. I don’t sleep in the same bed with a girl, let alone cuddle? I don’t understand how in the short time I’ve known her I’m slowly becoming a different person.

I run my fingers through my hair in frustration and head out the door to get away from all of it. I don’t feel like being in there when she wakes up to bask in the awkwardness. What I really wish I had is more of that blunt to smoke.

When I see Dion cooking breakfast I can’t help but break into a wide smile, practically begging him to give me an opportunity to roast him right now. He has never in the six years I’ve known him cooked a single meal in his life.

I push my tongue into the inside of my cheek when I notice Amelia in his t-shirt and shorts sitting on the barstool by the island. Her cheeks flame when she notices me staring at her, or from the fact that I’m in just my briefs, but I just give her a casual nod and try everything to not end Dion’s life right now.

“Breakfast.” I say with a smug grin and open the fridge. “Interesting.”

He narrows his eyes towards me before he replies, “Shut up. There’s girls here, so I want to cook something for them. I’m not going to be rude.”

“Okay.” I nod with the same grin plastered on my face, and it’s not long before he finally smiles back. I want to ask him if he got into her pants last night. From the looks of it he did. He’s practically dancing in front of the stove as he flips the bacon in the pan.

“Thanks for the blunt last night.” I sit down next to Amelia and crack open my bottle of water to take a long sip. I’ve been meaning to thank her again because not many people would just give away a blunt for free. I didn’t even expect Amelia to be the type of girl to smoke anyways. She seems like she’s been brought up in church her whole life with parents that stayed on top of her every move. That’s at least how she acts anyways.

“It’s cool.” She says. She looks at Dion again who has his back to us and smiles towards him. Man, she’s got it bad.

“Are you going to want any, Xavier?” He turns around and shows me the pan with the bacon on it and I eagerly agree. I barely got a bite of that burger last night from Elena scarfing the whole cow down practically. Just the thought of her with mustard all over her face makes me laugh. Thankfully nobody notices.

“Thank God.” Cameron waltzes into the kitchen with groggy eyes and leans his back up against the fridge. “I’m fucking starving.”

“Little hungover there, bud?” Dion chuckles.

Cameron groans and slumps his shoulders slightly before he sits down at the kitchen table. I don’t know why I feel the need to punch him in the face, but it’s been happening a lot recently. Maybe it’s the fact that he took advantage of her last night. Well, not that he would know that. He doesn’t know about her addiction. Or does he?

Maybe Elena is open about this with all of the people she wants to sleep with. Maybe her addiction isn’t as big of a secret as mine is.

“I had such a shitty night.” He mutters. “Didn’t even get laid.”

I turn to look at him suddenly, my eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. She didn’t sleep with him? I thought she said that she did?

“We saw Elena come back here with you.” Dion seems to read my mind. “What happened to that?”

“She was fucking weird, bro. Like, she wasn’t how she normally is. I kept trying to fuck her and she wouldn’t give it up, so I kicked her out. I was pissed as fuck.”

“You kicked her out?” I ask in shock. Everyone turns to look at me, including Amelia. “Why the fuck would you do that?”

He gives me a dumbfounded expression. “Um, because she wasn’t going to have sex with me? Why the fuck would I let her stay?”

That probably explains why she was crying. I guess I just assumed they slept together, but she didn’t exactly get a chance to finish the story.

Almost as if right on cue, Elena enters the kitchen wearing one of my t-shirts that she must have grabbed from either the floor or my dresser. Everyone looks at her, then looks at me. You could cut the silence with a knife.

If she were anyone else I’d rip her a new one for even daring to grab one of my shirts, but standing there seeing the fabric graze just above her knees makes me more attracted to her than ever.

“Him?” He scoffs and rolls his eyes. “You really gave it up to him instead of me?”

“As if.” Rodney joins the party and slaps Dion on the back. He’s wearing a t-shirt that barely covers his beer gut with a pair of shorts. “He’s been trying to tap that for weeks. He doesn’t have a shot in hell.”

I gulp loudly, sinking down a little into my chair. I want this conversation to end. I should be the cocky and arrogant asshole they’re used to, but for some reason my chest feels like it’s deflating.

“We didn’t-” I try to explain what happened but Elena cuts me off.

“It was the best sex I’ve ever had.” She grins proudly and sends me a reassuring smile. Why is she doing this? “We didn’t get to sleep until... four, was it?” She questions.

Do I play along with this or tell everyone the truth? I don’t know what she’s trying to do. Is she trying to help my ego?

“Uh, yeah.” I admit as I watch her grab an apple from the fruit bowl. She brings it to her lips and takes a bite, a little bit of the juice spritzing onto her cheek.

Cameron rolls his eyes at me in annoyance, earning a smirk from me in return. I don’t know why she just said that, but I’m somewhat grateful that she did. It’ll keep all of them off of my fucking back.

Dion clears his throat to avoid the awkwardness and turns off the burner on the stove. “Do you want some breakfast, Elena? There’s eggs, bacon and sausage.”

“Oh, uh, no thanks.” She says quickly. “I just wanted to grab something quick. I have stuff to do today.”

“What stuff?” Amelia asks. She crosses her arms over her chest and narrows her eyes, more than likely because she’ll have to be alone with Dion. I guess she wasn’t so nervous last night because she was drunk.

“I have a thing to go to.” She shrugs. Her eyes wander back over to mine, and I know instantly that she’s going to her support group because she looks nervous. Nobody else would be able to tell, but I’ve gotten to know her more than I’ve wanted to in the past couple of weeks.

I don’t know when I’m going to see her again. I don’t know why I want to see her again, but I do. I find myself following her when she goes into the hallway and grab onto her wrist before she reaches the staircase.

“Um...” I can’t think of what I want to say now, so I just release her wrist and scratch the back of my head.

The corners of her lips turn up into a small smile when she notices me struggling and arches a brow up. “Yes?” She asks.

“Are you going to your group?”

This isn’t what I want to ask, but it’s what ends up coming out.

“Yeah. I have to go get changed into my clothes from last night though and then go back to my dorms to get ready.”

“Right.” I nod and tap my fingertips nervously on the banister as if I’m trying to somehow come up with a way to keep talking to her. Never have I been speechless with anyone. It’s always been easy for me to hit on girls. It’s never been a challenge for me to come up with a witty comeback or a flirtatious remark. “Why’d you say that we slept together? You didn’t have to do that.”

“They were being assholes.” She shrugs. “It’s the least I could do.”

I nod and tell her thank you, the awkwardness becoming overwhelming. I hate the fact that I’m so nervous around her. Why does she make me feel like this?

She bites on that lip of hers and after a few moments she decides to head up the staircase. I don’t follow her. Instead, I go to grab some breakfast.

“She had to have been sixteen.” Rodney says with a mouthful of bacon. I swear he never stops eating. “Am I the only one that saw her? She had underage written all over her. No thanks.”

“She said she was a freshman.” Cameron replies. He takes a gulp of his orange juice and wipes his mouth off with the back of his hand. “She didn’t seem sixteen to me.”

“Well you’re fucking blind then.” Rodney hits him on the back of the head and erupts into laughter when he tries to jokingly swing back. The dining room chairs screech against the hardwood flooring when they stand up to continue the fight, but I tune them out and shove some bacon into my mouth.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not the typical college student. Don’t get me wrong, I love having sex as much as the next guy, but I just don’t think I’m as much of a dipshit as Rodney and Cameron. Dion and I are similar in many ways, so I think that’s why we get along better with each other than with the two of them.

We finish eating the rest of our breakfast in peace, and after everyone’s plates are in the sink I hear Dion offer to take Amelia home to the dorms. She blushes immensely and just nods her head while I continue to stare at him in disbelief.

“That’s my cue to shower.” I jokingly say in disgust. “You guys should get a room.”

A towel gets thrown across the counter at me from Dion before I dodge it quickly and head into the hallway, laughing so hard that I can feel my chest tightening.

“You’re a dick!” He shouts.

I’m on the second floor now, but I can still hear his voice echo all the way up here. Once I’m up the next flight of stairs I head into my room only to freeze when Elena is changing. She’s bending over to pull up her jeans, and I feel my breath hitch in my throat. Holy fuck.

“Shit. Sorry.” I stare down at my feet and cover my face with my hand even though all I want to do is continue looking at her. The view of her ass is burned into my memory now. “I thought you left.”

“Uh, no.” She giggles. I hear the sound of a zipper. “I was on the phone with a friend. You can look now. I’m dressed.”

I remove the hand from my face and see her bundle up the t-shirt of mine, looking around the room to see where to put it. My room is still a mess.
“Just throw it on the floor.” I shrug, and she does.

She grabs her bag that’s on my computer chair and swings it over her shoulder before she gives me another smile. “Alright, well I’m gonna head back to the dorms.”

“Dion is giving Amelia a ride back there now.” I say. “You can probably still catch them.”

I step to the side and allow her to brush past me, but when she does I feel a piece of paper slide into my hand. “If you still want to be friends.” She mutters lowly.

There’s a number written down on the paper, which I’m assuming to be hers, and before I can say anything back she bites on that fucking lip and leaves me speechless. I think it’s a flirtatious habit or a nervous one. I’m unsure which, but it’s addicting to stare at.

“Bye Xavier.” She laughs as if she can read my thoughts and sends me a wide grin. “By the way, try not to smother me next time. This morning was torture.”

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