Before I Met You

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Chapter Twenty

AFTER SPENDING WHAT seemed like an eternity at the library, I successfully managed to finish up my homework for the week and finished up the rest of my studying for my literature test on Friday. School seems to get more difficult when I keep having the distraction of Elena on my mind.

I’ve been trying not to allow myself to get too happy with her in case something decides to go south, but the past few weeks things have been great for us. I normally get to see her the most on the weekends, but sometimes she’ll come over and we’ll just watch a movie together and talk until the early hours of the morning.

When I open the front door to the house I hear Dion and Amelia laughing away upstairs in his bedroom. They’ve been inseparable since they’ve met, and I just think it’s funny that we both seemed to have met girls that we can’t stay away from.

“Yo.” Rodney nods his head at me when I walk into the kitchen before he shoves his face with another bite of pizza. “Where have you been? Dion has been acting like a fucking girl up there for the past five hours.”

“The gym.” I lie, sending him a small smirk. “Maybe if you found someone you wouldn’t be so upset about the noise.”

“Ha!” He takes another bite, eyeing me with humor. “As if. I’m perfectly fine with not being tied down. You and Dion can have fun with that.”

“Me and Dion?” I grab a bowl from the cupboard and grab the cereal box from the one next to it. “I’m not tied down.”

“Right.” Rodney smiles, clearly not believing me. “Because hanging out with Elena almost every night of the week doesn’t put yourself in that category. Keep telling yourself that buddy.”

I don’t know what to reply to him because honestly I’m not sure how to. Elena and I haven’t put a label to this yet as to what we are, and I’m not sure we want to. If we did, I feel like that might just be too much pressure for both of us. We’re not ready for a relationship. Hanging out for the past couple of months has been comfortable enough, so I don’t want to change anything between us to screw this up. I don’t want a label.

“I’m not tied down.” I decide to say with a mouthful of captain crunch. “We’re just good friends.”

“And you seem to forget that I stay in the room right across from yours.” His eyebrow shoots up as a smirk goes onto my face. “She moans like a canary whenever you guys are in there. She’s a little loud if you haven’t noticed.”

Okay, I’ll admit it, it’s hard for us to control ourselves. We obviously haven’t had sex, but the make out sessions we have when we give into the temptations are extremely hard to stop. So far Elena has handled kissing really well, so that’s what we’re sticking to.

“Sorry.” I press my tongue to the inside of my cheek and shrug my shoulders. “Actually, I’m really not.”

Before he has any room for a rebuttal, Dion and Amelia head into the kitchen with huge smiles plastered to their faces. “Hey.” Amelia says. “Do you and Elena want to go to a movie tonight with Dion and I?”

I shrug my shoulders and nod my head as I check off the mental list of the things I had to do today. I’ve finished everything I’ve needed to. “I’m not sure what she’s got going on, but it’s cool with me.”

“Awesome!” She exclaims. “I’ll text her to let her know you said yes.”

As we all wait for Elena to arrive at the movie theatre, I can’t help but feel my palms begin to sweat and I’m unsure why. Maybe it’s because we’ve never exactly been on a date before, unless the time at Waffle House counts, which I certainly am not classifying that as a date.

I decided to wear a nice white button down dress shirt, a dark pair of blue jeans and a pair of my dress loafers. I rarely get dressed up, but Dion got all dressed up for Amelia so I felt like I had to do the same for her.

“What took you so long?” Amelia half jokes when Elena comes up from behind me. I turn around to face her and try to shove away these stupid feelings that I always seem to get when she’s around me.

Her long, brown hair is gelled back into a ponytail on top of her head, her makeup is done heavier than normal and she’s got these pair of light blue jeans that just seem to hug her hips in all the right ways. Jesus.

“I had to take the bus. I don’t have a car, remember?” She shrugs her shoulders but can’t seem to take her eyes away from me to look at Amelia.

“Whatever.” She mumbles back. “Let’s go buy the tickets. We’re already five minutes late.”

“You do know the commercials take up like the first twenty minutes, right?” I tease her before I’m shot a death stare by Dion. I back down as we get in line for the tickets before Elena tugs at the sleeve of my shirt.

“What are we even seeing?” She asks.

“Some lame romance I think.” I shrug and move slightly closer towards her. I can’t stop staring at her eyes that just look so defined by the eyeliner. She looks so good.

“That is lame.” She smirks, sending me a look that says she can read my mind right now.

After we buy our tickets, Amelia and Dion have to use the restroom, so Elena and I volunteer to stand in line to get the popcorn and drinks. I let her step ahead of me so I can get a good look of these jeans on her from behind, my hands instantly wanting to hook into her belt loop and pull her into me. I stay behind her though, my thoughts disrupted when she spins around to face me again.

“So, do you remember that professor I was telling you about? My art professor?”

“The one who licks his lips every five seconds?”

“Yes!” She giggles, her eyes practically dancing with glee from what she’s about to tell me. “Well, today when he came into class he tripped over a students foot and just fell flat out onto the ground. It was the funniest thing ever. You had to be there.”

Behind Elena I see a group of guys, around three of them standing over by an entrance to the movie. The one in the center looks around my age, maybe older, but he’s got his eyes glued to Elena’s ass. He’s not even trying to hide it.

“That does sound funny.” I say, narrowing my eyes towards the guy. He doesn’t seem to notice though. He just keeps his eyes fixated on her.

Why is it bothering me so much? It’s not like we’re dating, but we’re something, right? She’s not technically mine, and I don’t want to seem obsessive over her, but it’s pissing me off that she’s clearly standing here next to me and yet he still thinks it’s okay to stare at her like that.

“Xav.” Elena pulls on the sleeve of my shirt to grab my attention, and that’s when I realize we’re ready to order.

“Oh, sorry.” I mumble. I order two large popcorns and two cokes before I pass my card over to the employee.

“Are you okay?” She asks. She looks behind me to the group of guys, and the one in the center sends her a smile, nodding his head towards her.

“Oh.” She stares down at the boots on her feet and bites at the inside of her cheek. “Is that why you’re not being talkative?”

“I’m fine.” I reassure her. “It’s cool.”

The guy waves at her for her to go over there, and more than anything I want to tell him to fuck off. Is he joking? Doesn’t he see that she’s with me?

Maybe we don’t look like a couple. Maybe it’s obvious that we’re just hanging out right now as friends with sometimes a little bit of benefits. Maybe our situation looks as confusing as it actually is.

Before I’m able to think about it more, Elena takes me by surprise and pulls me close to her body. She stands on her tiptoes, wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me. I pull her closer and entwine my tongue with hers like I normally do, smiling into her when I get those feelings I just can’t seem to shake.

My hands find their way to the pockets of her jeans before I slip my hands inside them and give her backside a gentle squeeze. We’re interrupted by our food landing on the counter, and Elena immediately backs away from being embarrassed. By the time I look behind her again the group of guys are gone.

I don’t ask why she kissed me even though I have a feeling it was to make me feel better about the guys looking at her. I just let her lead the way to our theatre number so that we can find Dion and Amelia again.

I take Elena back with me to the house. I’m not ready to stop hanging out with her just yet, so when the door to my room closes I toss her the remote to find another movie for us to watch on Netflix. Our usual routine.

“Hm...” she ponders through the different titles as I change into a pair of sweats. “Hey, have you ever thought more about going home for the holidays?”

I look up at her with a bewildered expression. “That’s random.” I say.

“I know, I’ve just been thinking about it a lot though. It’s coming up in a few weeks.”

I climb into my bed beside her and clear my throat before I relax back into the pillows. “I honestly don’t know.” I admit. “I’ve been thinking about it.”

“Really?” She gets a huge grin on her face and arches an eyebrow up towards me. “Could this have anything to do with me constantly asking you?”

“Why do you want me to go there so badly?” I grab the remote from her and send her a small grin as I begin to scan through the titles as well.

She analyzes her pink fingernail polish in her lap for a couple of moments before she lets out a tiny sigh, her shoulders slumping slightly. “I don’t know. I just think it’s awesome that you get an opportunity to spend the holidays with your family, you know? I don’t remember ever celebrating Christmas or Thanksgiving.”

“You’ve never celebrated them?” I pause scanning through the titles and glance over towards her. “You’ve never had a Thanksgiving dinner?”

She can’t bear for her eyes to meet mine, and my heart sinks a little in my chest from feeling so sad for her. It makes me feel stupid for ever declining to go home to my family in the first place. At least I have a family to go home to.

“I’m sorry.” I say when she remains silent. “That must’ve been terrible.”

“Don’t be sorry.” She shrugs. “Yeah, it sucked, but I learned how to be independent after I was separated from my parents.”

“Where did you go? Where did they take you?”

“I was with a foster family until I turned eighteen. They weren’t the greatest though by any means. They basically used me for the money and got themselves what they needed. They could’ve cared less about me.”

“That’s... fucked up.” I shake my head in disbelief, unsure of what else to say.

“It could have been worse. Lots of foster kids bounce around from house to house. I was lucky to stay in the same place.”

I want to apologize again to her for what she went through, but I know that an apology can’t fix her past. Nothing I say is going to heal the hurt she’s been through.

“Enough about me.” She laughs like everything is fine and rests back into the pillows beside me. “Let’s just find something to watch.”

I look over towards her so that I can give her the remote again, and as I see her eyes scan over the titles I just can’t help but notice how beautiful she is. The way her lip gloss makes her lips so kissable, or the way her ponytail just falls so gracefully across the sheets. She has no idea how insanely addictive she is.

“Hey.” I reach over and grab onto her side so she’ll roll over towards me. The remote falls from her hand and lands onto the sheets, her eyes growing wide. I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do, but I press my lips to hers and just do what I want. I’m tired of trying to tiptoe around her. At this point, if I do anything that awakens her addiction I’m confident she will tell me.

I pull back her bottom lip with my teeth and tug gently before I slip my tongue inside. Her breathing becomes heavier as I roll on top of her, my fingertips beginning to run up and down her sides.

The connection between us is something I can’t describe to anyone even if I tried. The feelings that erupt inside of me are all too strong, and the only way I can tame them is by doing this. Being as close to her as I possibly can.

She tugs off the t-shirt I have on before she sits up and strips herself of her sweater. A pink and white lace bra stares back at me, her skin looking tanner than it’s ever been.

She takes the opportunity to straddle me now, her thighs on either side of my body. I slide my back up so that it’s resting against the headboard before I pull her closer against me, her thighs still straddling mine.

Grabbing her chin between my fingertips, I bring her lips down to mine again and kiss her softly, her body seeming to just melt into mine from the contact. “I’ll go home for the holidays.” I find myself saying, panting heavily. “But only if you come with me.”

She sits back on my thighs in shock, her hands resting on my chest. “What?” She asks again as if she didn’t hear me correctly.

“Come with me.” I say again. “Spend the holidays with my family.”

“Xav, I didn’t say all of that stuff to try and get invited to spend the holidays with you. I genuinely just want you to have a better relationship with your family. I’ll be fine here, alright? I’ve spent many-”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to do this without you there.” I breathe out and run my fingertips over the lace of her underwear sticking out of her jeans. It feels good to be honest. “I want you to come with me. It’s not because I feel sorry for you.”

I see her mind working as she contemplates on whether or not to say yes. Going to see my family for the holidays is nerve wracking to me, but if she’s there with me I just might be able to do this.

“Are you sure? That’s like, a whole month with me. You can really deal with me that long?”

She giggles when I start to kiss down her neck, stopping to suck on that little flesh of skin that makes her the weakest right above her collarbone. “Somehow I think I’ll be able to manage...” I mutter into her.

She tilts her head back in pleasure as I continue my work, letting out a tiny moan as I run my hands lower down her back. “And what about your parents?” She pants. “They won’t think it’s weird? I mean, we aren’t dating. We’re...” she stops herself and lets out another sigh. “We’re friends.”

“They’ll be fine.” I reassure her. I’m not worried about my parents. My mom will just be thankful I showed up to begin with. “Just relax. It’ll be fine.”

“Make me then.” She pleads, her eyes radiating nothing but lust. “I mean it, Xavier. I can’t take it anymore.”

I watch her unzip her jeans before she moves off of me to tug them down. She’s in a white thong that matches the white lace lining of her bra, and I find myself at a loss for words. She’s back to straddling me in the matter of seconds, her hands beginning to run down my chest.

“Elena...” I trail off. “I just don’t think that-”

“I want this.” She states. “I’m serious. I want whatever this is.”

I can tell she’s not deciding this out of lust. I can tell she means it. This isn’t like the night in the alley at the club. This is raw, honest emotion.

“Okay.” I nod my head and brush her ponytail away from her shoulder. “Can we agree on something though? Can we just take this slow and see how it goes?”

“What do you mean?”

I gently roll her onto her back and crawl on top of her, opening up her thighs with my knee. “I mean, let’s just try one thing at a time, alright?”

She’s unsure still of what I’m trying to do until she watches me begin to kiss down her stomach. I situate myself between her thighs, glancing up at her for approval.

Her body begins to squirm in anticipation as my breath hits the lace of her underwear. I see goose bumps appear on her skin.

“Promise you’ll tell me if it’s too much.”

“Xav,” she pants my name and opens her thighs up wider to me, which lets me know she wants this. I don’t think I can control myself any longer if I can be honest. I’ve been waiting for so long to give her pleasure, and I’m excited to show her just how good I am at this.

I nip at the inside of her thighs, running my tongue over the bites to try and ease the sting. I look up for a brief second to see her covering her mouth, her thighs pressing around the sides of my head to try and somehow push me onto her.

“Be patient.” I smirk.

“I’ve been patient.” She moans. “For two months.”

Moving her underwear to the side, I stick my tongue on her without a second thought and hear the biggest gasp escape her mouth. Her fingers wrap into my hair as she tugs on the ends, her back slightly arching off of the bed.

“Xav.” She pants and moves herself against me, her legs slightly shaking from the contact. It’s such a turn on when she calls me that.

I stick a finger inside and peer up at her while I continue my work. She looks in utter bliss right now, and when she sees me staring at her she begs me not to look away. She lets me know that she’s close, and if she thinks I’m going to pull away and not taste the end result she must be crazy.

“Go ahead.” I mutter, pulling away slightly. “I want to taste you.”

She hits her climax, her body practically convulsing around me as I stick my tongue directly into her. She calls out my name and grasps the sheets beside her, her chest heaving up and down at a rapid pace.

I let her wind down from the high she’s on and relax back down beside her onto the bed. I don’t take my eyes off of her though. I hope she’s okay, and I hope after what just happened she doesn’t regret it.

“Are you okay?” I finally decided to ask. She looks over towards me and smiles so brightly that it feels like a ton of bricks comes directly off my chest.

“Am I okay?" She bites on her lip before she lets out a giggle and stretches out her body. “I am more than okay. That was the best...” she shakes her head in disbelief and laughs again. “I mean, wow.”

She moves her hands down my stomach before she tries to slip them inside of my briefs, but I reach my hand out to stop her. “I’m okay.” I tell her.

“What? No.” She says, pushing herself between my legs. “You deserve to have something done too. I’m not the only one that’s been patient.”

Rolling my eyes, I pull her down on top of my body and let out a chuckle. “One thing at a time.” I tell her. “I’m glad this went good, but I’m not trying to do a bunch of things at once, alright? Let’s just take it easy.”

Her chest is still rising up and down at a rapid pace, her eyes still alive with lust. She’s addicting to stare at in this moment with her cheeks flushed and that huge smile plastered to her face.

She looks at me in silence for a couple of moments before she sends me a sly grin. “And you say you’re a bad boy... yeah right.”

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