Before I Met You

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Chapter Twenty Seven

We get back to the hotel around nine at night. After we ate we decided to look around at all of the local gift shops. Elena found this sweatshirt with a tiny picture of the falls printed on it and the entire way back to the hotel she couldn’t stop talking about it.

“I mean, honestly. I’m going to wear this on the way back.” She sets the bag down onto her suitcase that’s on the bed and looks out again at the view. “Oh, wow.” She says. “It’s lit up now! It’s turning a bunch of different colors. Look!”

“Yeah, they do this everyday around this time of night. It’s pretty cool.” I walk over with her to the windows and look at all of the different colors flashing across the water. It’s so breathtaking.

“This view is so gorgeous.” She sighs. “I never want to leave.”

I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her towards me, sending her a little grin. “Yeah, well I’ve got two gorgeous views in front of me.”

“Oh, come on.” She rolls her eyes and swats me on the chest. “That was the corniest thing I’ve ever heard you say. Bring back bad boy Xavier.”

“Oh yeah?” I laugh and bring her closer to me. “You want the grade A asshole back?”


She’s tightly wrapped in my arms, her chest pressed against mine, and when she looks up at me the both of our smiles fade, the heat in here rising by the second. I clear my throat and look away but she grabs my chin and brings me down to kiss her.

The kiss starts off slow, but her fingers eventually find the zipper to my jacket before she starts to pull it down. I take my mittens and hat off and toss them to the ground, my lips never leaving hers. She’s running her tongue with mine as she tugs off her clothes as well.

I’m trying to keep things slow, I’m trying to take my time, but she’s raking her fingers through my hair and tugging on my bottom lip with her teeth. It’s fucking distracting.

I pick her up in my arms and the kiss grows faster. I don’t even know what to do with myself from how much love I’m feeling right now for this girl. She’s a complete drug for me.

I move my kisses to her neck and suck gently, earning a gasp from her in return. She’s squirming beneath my grasp as I move her back against the wall, her thighs still wrapped around my waist.

“Fuck.” She pants and moves her hands to pull the sweater I’m wearing over my head. Her eyes trail greedily over my chest. They stay fixated on the damn cross tattoo that she’s been fond of since she met me before she pulls me closer.

I set her down and unbutton her jeans, practically ripping them down around her ankles so that she can step out of them. She’s wearing a red lace thong, and when she pulls her sweatshirt over her head there’s a matching red bra to match. The sight of her makes my mouth water. She’s a goddess to me.

“You’re so...” I groan and kiss her neck some more, earning a couple of more moans from her.

“So what?” She asks breathlessly. “I’m what?”

“Fucking beautiful.” I finish. “You’re perfect, Elena.”

Her lips attach to mine once more and she pushes me back with her hands towards the bed, tugging my sweatpants and briefs down in the process. I’m rock hard when she falls down on top of me and sits back on her thighs to take her bra off.

“Jesus.” I throw my head back on the comforter as I take her in. I’d like for her to straddle me for the rest of eternity.

She moves down and sticks me directly into her mouth. I’m trying not to be loud, but a moan escapes uncontrollably. I haven’t felt this in a week. I’ve been thinking about this happening again non-stop.

Her hair keeps falling down so I lean up to hold her hair back for her as she continues her work on me. I curl my toes when she adds her hand in to stroke me, immediately pulling out so that I can flip her onto her back. If she continues to do that to me I’m going to finish and I don’t want to do that. Not yet.

I sink down between her thighs and glance up at her for approval. She immediately nods her head and opens her legs slightly to give me access, squirming beneath me from the pleasure she knows she’s about to receive.

I trail my fingertips across the lace of her underwear, earning a death stare from her. She wants this so badly. I can tell.

“Xav.” She sighs and continues to stare at me. “Please.”

Grabbing the lace of her underwear, I tug them down and discard them to the floor, finally viewing her full, naked body. She’s beautiful.

I trail kisses up her thighs first, pausing once I reach the spot I know she’s dying for me to hit. She squirms again beneath me, her legs coming around to put me in a headlock.

Sticking my tongue on her, she lets out a cry and wraps her fingers in my hair from how good it feels. I smirk against her skin and slowly add a finger. I love making her finish this way. I’ve been wanting to do this with her again desperately since the last time.

When she moves away from me I stare up at her in confusion. I’m panting, my chest heaving up and down, my dick practically throbbing, but if this is too much for her I have to respect it. I can’t get upset.

“Too much?” I whisper. “It’s okay, we probably shouldn’t have. It’s my fault.”

“Would you come here?” She pulls me up so that I’m hovering over her body, my face directly above hers. She brings me down to kiss her again as her nails scrape down my back, and all I can do is melt into her completely, my body beginning to grind against hers.

The kiss grows stronger, our hands literally roaming over every inch of our bodies. Now the kiss is fast and sloppy as I begin to play with her breasts.

She stops me and brings my face up to hers again. She leans up slightly and begins to nibble on my earlobe, causing me to let out another moan. “Do you have a condom?” She whispers.

My whole body stills once I hear her, the lust leaving as soon as the words resonate in my brain. “What?” I ask. “Fuck, sorry. We need to stop.”

“No, Xav.” She pulls me back towards her and stares up at me again. “I want to do this. It’s not just the lust talking. I want you.”

“Elena...” I trail off, unsure of whether or not to believe her. Is this how she acts to just get what she wants? I know deep down that’s not true because I’ve seen her when she gets that way. It’s not like this. Somehow a part of me knows she’s telling the truth. “Can we make a deal?” I ask finally.

She nods.

“Can we take a bath or something and cool off for a bit, and if you still want to have sex then we will, okay? I just want to be sure this is something you really want to do.”

“Okay.” She says quietly. I get off of her and study her for a couple of seconds to make sure she’s okay. “I’m not going to change my mind. I’m in a place where I want to do this with you. It’s not just because the lust is taking over me.”

I grab onto her hand and pull her off the bed and bring her into the bathroom, leaving the door open to take in the incredible view still from the room. I drop the rose petals in and start to run the hot water, turning to look at her naked body once more.

I’ve waited for this moment for so long with her. I couldn’t imagine what it’d be like, but now that it’s actually happening I don’t even know how to handle it. I’m scared, nervous but also excited. It’s a whole mix of emotions.

As the water continues to fill up I watch her eyes trail over my body again. I’m still rock hard, and I’m trying to not give into this emotion until I know for sure she’s ready. Somehow I just know she is though. I can read her better than anyone.

“Stop looking at me like that.” I say sternly.

She cocks her head to the side and leans up against the doorway, completely exposing her body to me. “Like what?” She questions jokingly, wrapping a piece of hair around her finger.

I gulp. Hard.

“I want you to stop being so afraid of me.” She admits, causing my eyes to soften. “I’m not some fragile piece of glass. I know what I want and what I can handle. Yeah, the Cam situation happened, but that was months ago. I want this, and I just want you to trust me.”

I don’t say anything, I just look down into the water that’s bubbling and know that when I stare at her body again I’m going to break. I’ve wanted her for so long.

“Plus, I still don’t know if you’re really good at sex.” She giggles, teasing me. “It’s still just a theory. I’d like to have my own opinion on the subject.”

“Oh, Elena...” I trail off, imagining all of the things I could do to her. “You should know by now that I am.”

She knows saying that makes me competitive. I want to show her just how loud I can make her scream. I want to show her just how much pleasure she can take, and at any moment I’m going to give in and have the best sex of my life. I’m sure of that.

“Oh yeah?” She asks. “But how can I be certain?”

I shut the water off and turn to face her, her breasts looking unreal, her hips looking like a coke bottle, her collarbone slightly noticeable in the light. Fuck, I want her.

“You can’t be certain from how many times I’ve licked you dry?” I chuckle and walk closer towards her. “How many times have you grasped onto my hair and cried out for me not to stop? Or what about the fact that I’ve gotten you dripping wet for me just from my words? That doesn’t prove it to you, hm?”

I’m face to face with her now, and I run my hand up to her throat to gently grasp it. “I would fuck you so hard, Elena. I’m not scared of you. I want the best for you. There’s a difference.”

“This is what’s best for me.” She says, grabbing my hand from her throat so she can hold it. “I want you, Xavier. I love you.”

The sentence that does my undoing echoes in my ears, and before I know it I’m picking her up once more, her legs wrapping tightly around my waist. “Fuck it.” I mutter. I lay her down onto her back on the bed and go into the nightstand drawer of the hotel. Thankfully the staff provided a condom.

“Thank god.” I say as I roll it on.

Elena pulls me down on top of her and kisses me again. I kiss her gently before I pull away from her and say, “I would fuck you senseless right now, but I think our first time should be gentle, don’t you?”

She nods and opens her legs slightly as she tugs on the bottom lip of hers. I bend down to bite it myself, tugging gently for her to release it.

I don’t know why I’m so nervous, and I don’t know why I’m doubting my skills now, but as I hover over her I feel so vulnerable. I don’t want her to think I’m bad at this.

“I’m going to ask one more time.” I relax my body on top of hers and bite gently on her earlobe. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, Xav.” She practically moans. “Please.”

Resting on my elbow, I grasp myself and slowly ease into her, my forehead landing on her chest from the amount of pleasure. Elena cries out, her fingertips slightly digging into my back.

I push more into her until she’s got my full length and start to move, a moan coming out again when I feel just how ready she is.

“Oh.. my god.” She breathes out and wraps her legs around me. “Xav, you feel...”

She can’t speak, she just throws her head back more into the pillow as I give her all of me. I’ve wanted this girl since the minute I saw her. Without knowing it, I ended up falling in love with her. Is this why it’s feeling this good?

“Be mine.” I say against her skin. “Please say you’ll be mine.”

I grasp her thigh with one hand and bring it up to make it deeper for her. She cries out again and bites down on her lip, her eyes closing for a second.

“Please.” I kiss her chest. “Fuck, you feel so good.”

“Don’t stop.” She pleads. “Just like that, Xav. Don’t stop.”

“Say you’ll be mine and I won’t.” I pant.

“You know I am.” She practically spits back, raking her fingers down my back. “Shit!” She cries out again from how good it feels.

“Elena, I’m about to-”

“Don’t you fucking dare.” She begs. “Don’t stop.”

I’m trying everything in my power not to finish first, and somehow I’m able to keep going. I know she’s about to reach her climax because she stops talking, her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

“Let go.” I mutter. “I want to feel you.”

At the sound of my voice she releases herself around me, and as she does I unravel myself as well, collapsing down on top of her to try and catch my breath.

It takes a few seconds before I lift my head up to stare at her. She’s smiling from ear to ear, and all of the doubts and fears that I had about this vanish out the door. She definitely wanted this.

She finally glances down at me and grasps my jaw with two fingers. “Fucking mind blowing.” She giggles. ”That’s my opinion on the subject.”

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