Before I Met You

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Chapter Thirty

WITH FINALS COMING up, I’ve been studying at the library non-stop this past week. If I’m not stuffing my nose into a book then I’m writing out notes to try to memorize everything I possibly can. If I don’t do good on these finals then I won’t maintain my GPA.

It’s not that I’ve been slacking, but being so happy with Elena has definitely taken somewhat of a toll on my studies. Not enough for my grades to suffer, but enough to where I’m not studying like I normally do.

It’s almost eight when my phone buzzes in my pocket. It’s a text from Elena.

I miss you :(

My heart drops from how cute she is before I text back that I miss her too and put the phone back into my pocket. I haven’t seen her like normal this past week, but she knows I’ve been studying for my finals. She knows how important it is to me. She offered to help me, but I know her being with me would be more of a distraction than anything.

My phone buzzes again.

Well, when you’re done... come over? Amelia is at your guys’s house for the night with Dion, so I’ve got the dorm all to myself :)

Just the thought of being inside of her all night is so tempting. I tap my pencil on the notebook in front of me and glance back towards my phone. I’ve been here for almost four hours. I was planning on leaving in an hour or so anyways, so what’s leaving a little early going to hurt?

Another text.

I also may have purchased this? Thought you’d enjoy it.

It’s a picture of her body in this red, skimpy lingerie piece. A red thong and a matching red corset that is pushing her breasts up so much that they look like they might spill out at any given second. I’m hard just from the sight of her.

Yup. On my way. I reply.

Stuffing all of my folders and notebooks quickly into my backpack, I try to hide the smile on my face as I exit the library.

I can’t decide whether or not to leave the lingerie on or off when I see her. My hands immediately pull her towards me as my backpack falls to the floor, her laughter seeming to be music to my ears.

“You look...” I shake my head and leave kisses down her neck as she reaches for the hemline of my t-shirt. “God, you’re gorgeous.”

Pushing her back onto her small twin bed, I decide to leave the lingerie on and crawl on top of her, my lips never leaving hers.

She’s in bliss as my hands begin to roam to the places she loves the most, and when I hear those familiar moans I can’t seem to wait any longer. I need her now.

“I love you.” I breathe heavily after I put on a condom and enter inside of her, resting my forehead against hers. “So much, Elena.”

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than right here with her. No girl has ever gotten to me as much as her, and never did I think that I’d fall in love with anyone else ever again. I didn’t think I’d reconnect with my dad, and I didn’t think I’d be able to ever forgive myself for what I did. Although I’m still not where I’d like to be yet, I feel better than I have in years and it’s all because of her.

She grabs onto the silver chain around my neck and begs me not to stop. I love that look in her eyes as she stares at me with lust. It’s a gaze that lets me know I’m all she thinks about.

If she keeps staring at me like that then I know I’m going to finish way too quickly, so I pull out and flip her over onto her stomach, bringing her hips up so that she’s on her knees.

“Oh my god, Xav.” She laughs from the amount of pleasure when I push her panties to the side again and enter inside of her. She needs to stop saying my name like that or I really won’t be able to last much longer.

With other girls, I used to be able to go for hours. It took a lot for me to actually finish and find pleasure, but with Elena it only takes minutes. I don’t know if it’s the way this corset makes her body look so fucking good right now, or if it’s the way I know her body so well, but all I know is that it takes everything I have to wait her out.

All the way from the three freckles on her spine, down to the tattoo on her lower back, I slow down my motions and lean forward to leave gentle bites all over.

"Xav.” She pants, her body beginning to stiffen. That’s when I know she’s close.

Now I pull her up so that her back is against my chest and hold her wrists so that she can’t move them. As I speed my motions up, I move her hair to one side and suck gently on her neck, her moans becoming louder. Fuck. I’m not going to last.

Giving it one last stitch effort, I release her wrists with one hand and grasp her breast, running my thumb over her nipple.

“Shit!” She cries out, her body convulsing and going limp around me, finally coming undone.

I quickly pull out seconds after, letting out a moan from how fucking good it feels before I collapse down onto my back beside her.

We both don’t say anything for a few seconds, but she eventually stands up and grabs a dirty towel from her hamper to wipe herself off.

“I love you.” She smiles, tossing the towel back into the hamper. “You always give me the best sex I’ve ever had. It never fails.”

“Really?” I ask. I’ve never wanted to know, but I’ve been curious. I’m not sure how many guys she’s actually been with, and it felt kind of rude to be inquisitive about that with her addiction and all.

“Yes, really.” She laughs. “Why are you doubting yourself?”

I let my eyes wander over her body before she puts her bathrobe on and arches her eyebrow up at me once she realizes I’m not saying anything.

“I just... didn’t know...” I trail off, attempting to figure out a way to ask this without sounding like a dick as I stand up and pull my briefs on.

“Didn’t know what?” She asks, clearly amused by how awkward I’m getting.

“Like, how many...” I clear my throat, and she immediately pieces together what I’m trying to get at. “Not that it matters.” I quickly say. “Because it doesn’t. I mean, hell, my number’s high, so if yours is too then it doesn’t matter.”

I’m rambling, and when she finally smiles I feel relief in my chest.

“I figured this question would come up at some point.” She says. “I just don’t feel like you want to know.”

“Why?” I ask.

“Because you’re going to think differently of me.” She replies. “Trust me, it’s just better if you don’t know.”

She heads over to the mirror and puts her hair up into a bun. I know she’s about to take a shower because she always does that beforehand. She doesn’t like to wash her hair more than twice a week, so on the days that she just washes her body, her hair goes up into a bun beforehand.

As I’m realizing how many little details I truly know about her, I can’t help but let out a laugh.

“What?” She asks, turning to face me.

I pull on her hand so that she’ll fall into my lap, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear that escaped from the bun. “Do you honestly think anything could change my mind about you?” I ask.

She pauses for a moment, unsure of how to respond.

“Learning about how many people you slept with wouldn’t change my opinion of you. If you don’t feel like telling me then I’ll respect that, but I don’t want you hiding facts about yourself because you feel like I’d judge you for it, because I wouldn’t.”

She shrugs and plays with her fingertips in her lap.

“Why are you so afraid to tell me?” I tilt her chin up and kiss her cheek, trying to somehow give her the reassurance she needs.

“Because there are so many girls that haven’t been broken in. You could have any girl you wanted to, Xav. When I first met you...” she shakes her head and bites down onto her lip. “There are a lot of good girls out there that don’t have issues. Figuring out just how broken in or how much of a slut I truly am might make you realize that, and I’m too selfish to take the risk.”

“Is that really what you think about yourself?” I tilt my head to the side when I see tears brimming in the backs of her eyes. “Elena, look at me.”

She keeps her eyes down, and that kills me. I hate that she feels this way about herself. When I first met her I never would have thought she was this broken.

“Baby, do you know what it felt like when we first slept together? Do you even know how special that night was for me?”

She still won’t look at me, but I see her lips twitch, threatening a smile.

“I didn’t think you were broken in, and I certainly didn’t think you were a slut. I’ve never thought that. I was into you because you were confident, because you were the only girl who saw past my bullshit. You didn’t fall at my feet like I was used to, and you were sarcastic and witty, and...” I trail off when she starts to laugh. Finally.

“I love every part of you. Every piece of baggage you think you may have isn’t too much for me to carry. I knew what I was doing when I fell for you, and not an ounce of me regrets it, Elena. Your past is your past. I don’t give a shit how many people you slept with because I sure as hell am going to do everything in my power to try and make sure I’m the last one. That’s all that matters to me.”

“Seventeen.” She sighs and rests her head on my shoulder. “There. Now you know.”

“Okay.” I nod, and a part of me is pleasantly surprised. The way she was acting seemed like it could be more.

“Really? That’s it?” She peers up at me. “You aren’t disgusted?”

“Nope.” I send her a genuine smile and tuck the same strand of hair when it escapes again. “Still love you just the same.”

Pressing my lips to hers, I linger there longer than normal until she caresses my cheeks with both hands to deepen it. God. The love I have for her is unreal.

“Can I ask you the same question?” She asks.

“You want to know how many girls I’ve been with?”

She nods.

It’s not until I’m asked the same question that I start to have the fears she did. Would her finding out my number make her think less of me? She knew how much of a player I was when she met me, so hopefully the number isn’t shocking to her. Since she told me her number honestly, I might as well tell her mine.

“Twenty-eight.” I say.

“Wow.” She giggles, and I jokingly hit her on the arm.

“What happened to no judging?” I laugh.

“I’m sorry.” She giggles and pulls away, wiggling off of my lap to stand to her feet again. “You’re right. I’m not judging. I’m just surprised is all.”

“In a bad or good way?”

“Good?” She questions and thinks about it for a a second. “I’m relieved that it’s higher than mine to be honest.”

“Good.” I say. “That’s...good. At least we got that out of the way.”

She nods and grabs her toiletry bag off the hook, giving me a small smile. It seems like a weight has been lifted off of her chest. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the same. “I’m going to go take a shower. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“I know.” I smirk. “Your hair is in a bun. You only do that when you’re about to shower.”

The look on her face is priceless, and if I could take a picture right now I certainly would.

“Memorizing my routines now?” She asks. “Little stalker like, don’t you think?”

Ah. There’s my girl.

When I don’t respond, she puts her hands on her hips, the same cheesy grin plastered to her face. “What else do you know about me?” She asks. “How much do you watch me?”

“Well, let’s see...” I lie down onto my back and put my hands behind my head. “I know that you always use those makeup wipes when you’re about to go to bed to clean your face.” I point to the package sitting on her desk. “And I know that when you do put on your makeup you use that spray thing first. Always.”

“Spray thing.” She repeats and inches her way closer towards me again. “That’s called primer, baby.”

“Whatever. Am I wrong though?”

“No.” She giggles. “No, you aren’t wrong, Xav.”

Falling down into my lap again, she kisses me, but this time it’s filled with more passion than I’ve ever felt from her. It’s deep and strong, and when she grinds up against me I release the tie on her bathrobe.

“Again?” I ask.

She nods, the both of us smiling from ear to ear when we fall down onto the bed once more.

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