Before I Met You

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Chapter Eight

FIGURING OUT MY financial aid is the probably the most stressful part of the entire year. It’s been a week since classes started, and you’d think that the system would have my money figured out by now, but yet again I found myself waiting three hours just to speak to some random woman who looked like it physically pained her to be doing her job to finally get the money released to buy my books.

Most people wait awhile to buy their books for the semester, but I like to be prepared. I always have. School is the one thing in my life that I felt like I can control. Getting good grades has never been hard, and my mother has always raved to all her friends throughout my high school years about how her only son is going to be a hot shot doctor one day. If I don’t maintain my damn near perfect GPA I’ll lose my full-ride, and that’s something I can’t risk. My one goal is to make her proud of me if it’s the last thing I do. After all I’ve done, she deserves that at least.

I have the flimsy piece of paper with the list of books in my hands as I scan the shelves. When I grab the brand new literature book, I strum my thumb against the pages and inhale the smell of the newness. I’d never tell anyone how much I enjoy the smell of a new book. My boys would never let me live it down. They don’t even know that I’m on a full-ride here. The only person that knows is Dion, and he knows better than to spill that to anyone. I want to be normal. I don’t want to be known as the nerd that’s trying to become a doctor.


I turn around and see my biology professor from last year in the aisle across from me. She gets a huge smile on her face, beaming from ear to ear. Ms. Hartford was probably my favorite professor I’ve had since being at Florida state. Her tests were always easy, yet challenging at the same time. I learned a lot from her.

“Hey Ms. Hart.” I send her a smile back as I make my way over towards her. Out of the corner of my eye I see Elena enter into the store though, my face immediately going pale. Fuck. Why the hell does she have to turn up everywhere that I’m at? It’s like God is just trying to tempt me.

Ms. Hartford goes on about the upcoming semester, but all I can focus on is Elena’s ass in her leggings as she’s analyzing the backpacks arranged on the wall. She hasn’t seen me yet thankfully, because if she had, I know she’d want to know why the hell I’m in the bookstore to begin with. I know she thinks I’m some dumb fraternity asshole. I’d like to keep it that way.

“I’m sure that you’re excited for the semester.” Ms.Hartford smiles when I finally tune into her conversation. “You were one of the smartest kids I’ve ever had, Xavier. It was refreshing to have someone so interested in my class.”

At that, Elena turns around and immediately spots me. Fuck.

“Uh, yeah...” I trail off awkwardly and scratch the back of my head, setting down the literature book on a random shelf. I’ll buy my books another time. I just need to get the hell out of here. “I mean, biology was cool. I’ve gotta get back home though. I’m late for something.”

I leave her standing confused and go to exit the store, but something about Elena stops me in my tracks. I thought she’d care that I’m here, or be interested in figuring out why I’m in the bookstore, but it seems as if she just couldn’t care less. I should be okay with that, right? Why am I wanting her to care? I don’t like that she’s different from the other girls. I know about her addiction, but damn. She doesn’t even want to talk to me?

Talk to me?

Since when the fuck have I wanted a girl to just talk to me?

I put the smug grin on that seems to fool everyone but her and tap her on the shoulder. She glances towards me, smiles, and rolls her eyes. “Yes, Xavier?”

“You weren’t going to say hi?” I tease.

Looking her up and down, I focus slightly on her tits that are poking out of the top of her shirt and see her gulp. I know I said I wouldn’t flirt with her, but damn it’s hard. This girl is fine as hell.

“Didn’t know we were on that level.” She replies sarcastically. “What? You’re already attached to me after a night of talking? I guess you really aren’t that much of a bad boy, are you?”

I’m speechless like I always seem to be around her, unsure of what to respond to that. Why isn’t she commenting on what Ms. Hartford said a few minutes ago? Did she not hear her? She doesn’t want to make fun of me endlessly for it? She really must not give a shit if we’re friends or not.

Just then, a girl I slept with last semester comes into the bookstore as well. I can’t even remember her name, but I remember her by her hair. Long braids, fat ass, chocolate skin and a gorgeous face. Perfect timing. Just what I need to get this sexual tension with Elena out of the room. I can’t try to sleep with her, so I’m just going to have to find someone else. She doesn’t care, right? Time to move onto the next.

“Oh, shit.” I send the girl a wide grin and fix the chain around my neck. Elena’s eyes watch me as I do so, becoming slightly darker.

“So now you want to act like I exist?” The girl laughs and crosses her arms over her chest, pushing those heavenly tits up. “You didn’t call afterwards. Don’t even try to say hey.”

“Oh, come on...” I trail off, trying to remember her name as she looks at me in disgust.

“Drea.” She finishes for me. “Seriously, Xavier? Fucking pathetic.”

I gently grab her wrist when she tries to push past me, and just from the contact I watch Drea bite her lip. I’ll make her putty again just like I did before. It’s honestly not that hard.

“What?” She asks, her eyes softening once they meet mine until a small smile appears on her lips. “Boy, would you stop playing? What is it?”

I pull her closer and move her braids to one side, lowering my head down to whisper into her ear and making sure Elena can still hear me at the same time. “I fucked up.” I smile. “Alright? I didn’t forget what happened that night though. How could I? Let me make it up to you?”

“Mhm.” She rolls her eyes but continues to smile. “You’re lucky you’re fine as hell.”

“Come over later?” I ask. “Rekindle old habits?”

She brings her glossy lips to my ear and says, “Only if you do what you did last time.”

What the hell did I do last time? I’m trying to remember our night together but nothing is coming to mind. It annoys the shit out of me when Elena goes back to searching for backpacks, seeming completely uninterested in the exchange. I know what I’m doing is probably provoking her addiction, or is it? Maybe she’s just genuinely not interested in me. It seemed like she was the other night though, right? Or am I just losing it?

What the hell is wrong with me?

“Whatever you want.” I mutter and press my lips to hers. I can tell she’s ready for me and it hasn’t even been ten minutes yet. Like I said, it’s just that easy.

Giving a gentle squeeze to her ass, she wanders off for what she’s looking for on the opposite side of the store as Elena finally decides on a pink backpack, pulling it down from the wall to head to checkout. Why do I follow her? I don’t know, but I do.

“So, Elena, just to be clear, I’m not attached to you. The person you saw the other night, or thought you saw wasn’t me. If anyone’s falling for anyone around here, trust me when I say it’ll be you.”

Letting out a long sigh, she turns around to face me and laughs in my face. “Xavier, would you just stop already? I told you that we shouldn’t keep talking to each other because we’re far too alike. I didn’t mean that I was interested, I was talking about being friends, which clearly you aren’t used to. What makes you think you’re so special, hm? Have you seen me? I can get any guy that I want. Why are you so confident that I want you? Just because I got drunk and we kissed you think I automatically want to have sex with you? ”

I blink a few times before she smiles at me.

“I was nice the other night because I was just trying to be nice, alright? That’s it. Clearly I shared too much with you when I shouldn’t have. It was a nice conversation and a good kiss, but that’s all it was. Just a conversation and a kiss. Go and annoy someone else with your cocky ass attitude.”

I look at her full, pink lips while I think of all of the dirty things I’d like to do to that smart mouth. I’m not sure if she’s piecing together what I’m thinking, but she gulps again and looks down at her shoes. Why does she turn me on so much? She’s such a bitch, but it’s hot. I love it. I can only imagine what she’s like in bed, and that makes me really wish she didn’t have this addiction. I’d find some way to convince her to go right in that utility closet. I’d feel her up, put my hand right in those leggings, push her panties to the side...

“In your dreams.” She bites on her lip as she reads my mind and waves me back with her hands. “Will you just go, Xavier?”

Deciding to act like I’m not bothered, I start to walk backwards towards the door and shrug my shoulders. “Whatever you say, Elena, but you can’t stay away from me for too long. I hear we’ll see each other at Dion’s birthday party?”

She rolls her eyes and sends me a smile before she repeats, “Will you just go?”

“Sure thing.” I grin. “Bye, Elena.”

I push open the door to the bookstore until I hear her call my name again. Turning back to look at her, I see the same sarcastic smile spread across her face.

“Just so you know, the bad boy thing? I still know it’s a front. You aren’t fooling anyone.”

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