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Gemini Sisters

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Two friends who are like sisters born on the same lunar eclipse on the witching hour with extraordinary powers that only they know about. that is until they find their mates who are neighboring packs. with hunters out to rid the world of all werewolves the girls learn how to hon their power rid of the hunters who have abused their powers after learning about what their purpose is from the moon goddess who gifted them their powers.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Xedna and Xantara have been best friends since high school. The girls always had their own special bond that they couldn't really explain to others. If you tried to understand them you would think they were nuts. The girls could talk through their own mind link that only they shared and when they were together they could also read minds. The even weirder thing about them were their abilities.

Xantara (Tara) is a healer, she could heal any sickness and only heal deep cuts and gashes when Xedna was near. Tara could also manipulate nature, growing trees, vines, foods, any thing that you could grow she could manipulate it. Tara was also a white witch who helped heal small issues and aliened chakras. She is a small thing packed with curves, with small tight curls that fell down and framed her apple shaped ass. Her hair was always half up and with her beautiful body came her sarcastic attitude. Tara was always taking care of someone else never really much time for herself. Xedna kept her plenty busy these days.

Xedna (Sid) seemed to cause trouble everywhere she went. Sid had the ability to move things with her mind and with a single touch she could make someone sick. Deathly sick if she was motivated enough to make it happen. Xedna was a feisty little control freak. Sid never liked being told what to do or someone trying to control her If anyone was going to make decisions for her it was going to be herself. Hence why she was always in some kind of trouble she never did anything she didn't want to do. With her always getting into trouble also lead to her looking out for someone else other then her own well being. Xedna was never caught with out her signature leather jacket. Today it was the maroon one. Her favorite color. she always wore jeans and her combat boots and was always driving around on her Harley. Sid loved the freedom she felt when driving the hwys. She had long wavy hair that fell to the small of her back always french braided in a single or double.

"Hey! Busy day today?" Sid says walking into their dorm setting her keys on her desk, taking her boots off at her bed looking across at Tar sprawled out across her bed.

"You know damn well I was busy today! You need to slow down, I'm a miracle worker not a Quick and Eazy gas stop. Your moving faster then I can heal everyone!" Tar yells at Sid more like venting pent up frustration towards Sid.

"Ok, ok I'll slow down, I'm sorry." Sid exclaims.

" Whats going on with you lately? you seem to be stressed out more then normal?" Tara asks Sid with concern in her voice.

" Just a little distracted and in my head more then normal is all." Sid explains letting out a deep sigh.

Sid was going deeper into thought about her dad. It had been 2 years now since her dad had died taking his own life. Sid couldn't help but think that if she had been home he would still be around to watch her graduate. All Sid could do was blame herself for not being there and noticing the signs.

Before she could go any deeper into thought about the memory Tara snaps her out of it with her crying.

"It wasn't your fault Sid! we've been over this there would have been nothing you could have said or done to stop him. The idea was there long anyone realized. Quit beating yourself up about it please!" Tar says tears streaming down her face feeling how much pain her heart is in.

Sid's mom passed giving birth to her all she had was her dad. Now that he was gone all she had was Tara.

"Stay out of my head Tar my thoughts are my own!" Sid says feeling her privacy slightly invaded. This was a normal thing for them. they were always together. most of the time at least.

" You have no privacy when it comes to me!" Tar says looking at Sid

"I know this bitch but still damn!" Sid yells

" Shut the fuck up. Lets go get some food I'm starving with all the work you've been sending my way." Tara yells back still slightly frustrated with Sid

" I just took my boots off jerk!" Sid says

"Bitch!" Tara replies

"Fuck face!" Sid yells

"Cunt!" Tara yells back.

" Yo mama!" Sid yells the reply. They both freeze looking at each other and in unison they both reply

"Too far, Too far!" both laughing it off and just like that they re fine again.

"Come on lets go eat get your boots back on." Tar says

"Alright, alright I'm moving." Sid says tying the laces and walking out the door with Tara.

"where do you want to go eat?" Sid asks Tara she wanted to meet her there making any excuse to ride her Harley more.

" I want street tacos. you know the place!" Tar says hoping into her classic Volkswagen bug.

"Alright I'll meet you there." Sid says putting on her helmet and starting her Harley reeving the engine wiggling her eyebrows at Tara making jokes with her.

Sid's POV

We meet at our favorite place to eat. Fill ourselves till we're content and start to head out the door after talking about tomorrows plan for business. Walking out the door I mount my bike When Tara realizes she left her bag in the restaurant.

" Do you want me to wait for you?" I ask Tar before turning on my Harley

"No go ahead and head home I'll be there soon." she replies running in to the restaurant.

" Ok see you later!" I yell. with that I start my bike and rev the engine letting her know I'm leaving. Before I leave I notice 2 guys I saw at the campus and while we were driving here. I thought maybe it was a coincidence and thought nothing of it driving off to the dorm after securing my helmet. I get home and its been 30 minutes and I realize Tara still isn't home. Its only a 10 minute drive from the taco place to our dorm.

"Sid!" Tara's voice ring clear in my head slightly panicked.

"What is it? Whats wrong?" I reply urgently

" A couple guys have taken me." she says to me.

I quickly tell her to start naming as many land marks that she can see till she stops. After their journey had stopped I hop on my Harley to go find my sister livid that I left her alone.

"Shut up! I told you to leave!" Tar yells at me in my head.

"You shut up! I knew something felt off. I'll be there soon. If they hurt you I swear they will die!" Sid yells back in Tars head.

"They haven't even done anything besides push me around a bit it hasn't gotten bad yet." Tar replies.

"As long as it stays that way they'll still live. Till I get there keep me in the loop on whats going on." Sid says in concern

"Well yea your the only one that I can talk to technically through this soo... I kinda have no choice" Tar says ringing in my head sarcastically.

Tara's POV

After watching Sid drive off i grab my bag from the table we were sitting at. noticing from the corner of my eye 2 tall muscular guys walking out behind me. Following me to my car thinking something felt wrong and my intuition was right because the next thing I knew I was chloroformed. Fucking chloroform! really! Fucking damn it. I cursed myself. When I wake up I'm in the back of a van looking around I see a sign for the Sequoia national forest exit sign in the next 5 miles.

I quickly mind link Sid and tell her everything thats happening. After talking to her I lean forward looking at the muscular men. I wasn't stupid I knew good looking me when I saw them. Smiling and leaning forward slightly I begin to speak to the men.

"So? who are you?" I say slyly trying to hide the amusement in my voice know my sister is coming. No reply. So I continue with the questions.

" So? where are we going? hopefully someplace good!I need a vacation!" I say leaning back putting up me feet. Both the men look at each other in confusion but still none the less silent to my questions. I keep naming off lad marks through the mind link to Sid, when I notice a bug

"OO PUNCH BUGGY NO HIT BACKS!" I say punching the guy in the passenger seat. He looks at me like I've lost my mind. Like I had the nerve to punch him.He looks at his friend as if they were talking through body language and he lets it slide.

"Your fucking with them aren't you?" Sid rings in my head I start laughing out loud at her question startling the guys driving.

"Oooooohhh yea!" I say way to happy through the mind link.

"Try not to mess with them to much I don't want them to hurt you if you get them angry." Sid explains in concern.

" Yea, yea I know." I sarcastically scold my sister.

After another hour we arrived at our destination. we've been driving through the woods for what felt like hours and into the Winema national forest. Sid assured me it had only been 5-9 hours. Which I corrected with "duh Hours!" I say to her exasperated. We were in Oregon now deep in woods when we arrive at gates to what seems like a tribe or maybe a cult I thought to myself. Driving in there were people walking around looking at the van I started to feel self conscious at all the people looking at me as I was grabbed rather roughly out of the van and dragged to a basement that was dimly lit and poorly ventilated it smelled very musky in here. Before I could get a word out I was pushed in falling to the floor scraping my knees on the ground and the door slammed and locked behind me. I brushed myself off and healed my knees before mind linking Sid and telling her where I was.

Sid's POV

I waited for hours before Tara told me where she was. I had stopped at the last land mark she gave me waiting for her to collect more info for me. I was only 2 hours behind her. when I made it to the last land mark before the cults gates. I decide to hid my bike in a large bush and start looking for an entry point to get to Tara. Being cautious of where I step looking out for traps. After some hiking I found an entry point. When I headed for it I was slammed to the ground by a large gray and black wolf. Baring his teeth full length to me his eyes were flashing from brown to gold. I looked at him confused as to why he hadn't ripped my face off yet.

"There's a fucking wolf on top of me!" I mind link Tar yelling. As I'm telling Tar this I use my telekinesis to rip a tree out of the ground and send it hurling at him. I just lay there in shock looking at him as it didn't even phase him barely budged him. Both looking at each other the wolf shifts to his human form looking at me in shock wondering what I am.

"what the fuck are you?!" we both ask each other. I'm mind linking Tara telling her everything shes stunned when I tell her what happened.

" A tree like a small one or a giant one?!" she yells in my head making me wince at how loud shes being.

" A FUCKING GIANT TREE!!" I yell back while the wolf is in his human form I hurry out from under his body I stand up ready to book it for an exit when I notice I'm surrounded by wolves. I use my mind to make a giant rock hurl at their heads knocking some of the wolves out cold. I run for Tara when I'm caught from behind by a pair of giant arms wrapped around my waist stopping me mid jump start to a run. I touch his arm making sure to leave behind a mark of sickness that would kill him. I was tired of the cat and mouse game.

" I know you have my sister! Take me to her now!" I demand.

" What makes you think I have your sister?" The man says from behind me as I struggle to get out of his grasp.

" She's been talking to me the whole time telling me where you guys were taking her." I say struggling against his strong hold around my waist.

" How is that Possible are you a wolf? You don't smell like one?" He says smelling me clearly enjoying my scent. due to the low growl that escapes his chest.

" Look I've just given you a deadly sickness that only my sister can heal. You can either take me to her or die?" I state in a matter of fact tone.

" Who says she won't heal me with out you there?" He replies smugly.

" My sister won't heal anyone with out my say especially If I have good reason to it. Plus I'm telling her all of this right now, she already knows not to heal you unless I'm with you. Call it proof of your life." I say with a sly smile knowing I've won this battle.

With that being said he leads me to the basement where they are keeping Tara. Happy to see each other unhurt we run and hug each other. Mind linking each other trying to figure out a way to escape. Before we can finish our conversation clearly being watched by the wolf. He clears his throat. Curling over holding his stomach coughing blood uncontrollably. The second wolf looks at his friend worried not knowing whats happening.

"What happened?" His friends states.

" My sister made him sick to ensure he would bring her to me." Tara says matter of factly.

"Well he brought you sso heal him quick!" The man yells.

Tara kneels down holding her hands above his head and stomach. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath white orbs start to fly from her hands and around the guy laying on the ground. Orbs start to circle around him healing him and making him return to normal. Tara reads their minds as she finishes and stand to her feet brushing the dirt off her knees. When the alpha and his beta are mind linking Tara is reading their minds.

"We need to kill her she almost killed you!" The beta says to the Alpha.

"She's my mate we will do no such thing. She did what she did out of protection for herself and her sister." Alpha yells at his beta. The beta didn't like was hearing or seeing but he submits to his alphas declaration.

while they were mind linking Tara is mind linking Sid asking what a mate is.

" A mate? thats what they call friends in Australia." Sid thinks to Tar

" He's saying your his mate?" Tara explains.

" What?! I'm not his friend!" Sid says scrunching her face in disgust. Finally everyone is done discussing things when the beta walks over to Sid and knocks her out cold.

" So is this where we go back in the basement now? Is that how this works?" Tar says looking between the two muscular guys. The alpha just leans down to pick up Xedna and tells Tar to follow him. He leads them to a room and sets Sid on the bed in the room and Tar sits next to me on the bed. Clearly noticing that he's still naked after shifting the Alpha leaves the room and returns fully clothed pulling a chair up to the bed looking at Tar.

"Welcome to Walmart! Get your shit and get out!" Tar says loudly kicking the chair back making the Alpha fall off to the floor. He scrambles up from the floor telling Tara

" Your sister is my shit!" He says to her. Tara stands there confused at what hes saying.

"Yea thats not going to happen?" Tara exclaims. Standing there with confusion on his face staring at Tara waiting for her to explain more.

"why not? He asks wanting more details about Xedna.

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