To Be Forever

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Since High School Amelia has been studying in Barcelona and has made new friends and soon to be enemies. She ends up making the most of her time in college and opening new doors for herself. However, all of that is going to come to a halt as she discovers the letter Ethan had left her and that her new fiancee is cheating on her. How will she overcome these upcoming obstacles as he life starts spiraling out of control?

Romance / Drama
Angel Goodchild
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Chapter 1

Amelia’s POV

“I can’t believe it’s over,” I said to Elizabeth as we looked at our dorm room. It’s been four years since we started college together and now it was all over. We’ve graduated and have to move out of our dorm room. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get attached to this school in the past four years we’ve been here. Since coming to Spain I wasn’t sure how it would feel away from all my friends and family, but soon enough Elizabeth and I became friends and stuck together throughout our experience. Being away from Lakewood was different, but it allowed me to grow a lot more from when I was 17. I mean it was hard to believe that I was turning 22 on July 7th already.

“I can’t believe you’re engaged,” she said as we were packing up our stuff to move out.

“Liz, so many things have happened, I don’t want to leave,” I said sitting on my bed.

“You want to endure another year of university?” she asked, and I sighed.

“No, it’s just that I don’t have anywhere to go after this,” I admitted as she sat next to me.

“Mia, what do you mean? You’re going to get married soon. You have art exhibitions lined up for at least three months, you’re a model. You have so many people asking you to sign contracts with you. You have a lot of options. Plus, you’re moving in with Lucas in a few days,” she said, and I sighed. It was true. I was moving into a house that Lucas’ family bought when we announced our engagement. Everything was happening so fast. When I was in my second year of college, I signed up for an art competition and things took off from there. I met Lucas Martinez, who was the son of the CEO of the company that was hosting the competition. Through Lucas, I was able to be included in an exhibition of some of the best names in art. Since then my pieces where being put into different exhibitions and I was actually being received well by the public. After the first year had passed, I was able to do my own solo exhibition which brought good business.

“Yeah, but the tour makes it almost impossible to actually live together until the exhibitions are over,” I said, noting that the exhibitions she was referring to were taking us around the world, to different countries.

“Mia, come on, it’ll be fine, so what college is over? Our lives are now beginning,” she said, and I sighed. “But, come on, let’s finish getting this stuff to the car,” she said patting my knee before getting up. Most of my things had already been moved to an apartment that I was renting temporarily with Elizabeth. I had originally planned to move in with Lucas sooner, but he was currently away on a business trip and I wasn’t sure how much longer he would be. Therefore we put off moving in within the week that we had before I left for the first country on my schedule for exhibitions.

I sighed cleaning up the table of papers empty all the possible drawers that we had placed our stuff into. I furrowed my eyebrows as I held a white envelope in my hand that laid under a folder in the drawer of the desk. Weird. When is this from? I opened the envelope and took out the letter from inside. Oh no, this is the letter Wes handed me in the airport. I never opened it.

Dear Amelia,

Hey, it’s me, Ethan. I know I left without much of a goodbye, but I didn’t know how to tell you goodbye. I wanted to talk to you so many times, work things out, but of course, you always ran away. Mia, I swear to you the last thing I wanted to do was lose you. I’d risk anything for you and I was trying to work something out, so I wouldn’t have to move, so we could stay together. I felt guilty, but I just thought if I decline the offer it wouldn’t matter. I realize now that it hurt you more than I thought it ever would. That night when you kissed me made me realize that you weren’t over me like I thought. I still have a chance. So please, when you read this, call me. Aiden said you got accepted to a school in Spain, and I’m so proud of you. So if you think you want to work things out I’ll be here. Just call me and I’ll be there. I’ll leave a number since you would probably change yours.

Love you,

Did he leave a letter all this time? I had it all along. I felt my heart start to race as I sat on the bed. All the thoughts about Ethan starting to whirl around in my head. Memories, feelings that I thought I had buried started to resurface. All this time I was the one that had the power to change things, but I never opened this. God, I feel so dumb. I spent so much time hating him for leaving, and I was the one that left him in the dark.

“What are you doing?” Elizabeth entered the room. “I thought I said… what’s that?” she asked, and I sighed getting up. This is the past. It’s over. Ethan and I may never even see each other again.

“Nothing,” I said pushing the letter back into the envelope. “Just something from high school,” I said putting it in the folder with my high school stuff.

“Okay,” she narrowed her eyes at me. “I’ll pretend I believe that,” she said before picking up another box to carry down. I sighed putting the papers into a box and looking back at the room. So many memories had been collected here, and now it was time to start a new chapter of our lives. I sighed picking up the last box before walking out of the room and heading to Elizabeth’s car. “Is that the last one?” she asked, and I nodded.

“Just the last check now,” I said as I closed the trunk. Both of us went to the dorm where we ensured that we had taken everything that belonged to us from the dorms. Before taking off the lights and returning the keys. Since we graduated in June it didn’t really hit me that we were done with college until now.

The rest of the day we spent in our apartment, not really unpacking since I was moving out from there in a few days but just lazing around talking about the future. For college, I was an art major with a minor in management while Elizabeth was a management major with a minor in tourism. We had a few courses in common but not very many. “Being your manager works out well for me,” she said stretching next to me. That was true. Since the company that dealt with my affairs was Lucas’ dad’s company, they suggested that I got a manager to manage my affairs professionally between different businesses and even themselves as it would avoid the number of losses I would produce. I welcomed the idea and they introduced me to a lot of people, but I didn’t really like any of them. Then I thought of Elizabeth. We practically lived together for a long time, and I know I can trust her, so I asked her and now she was my manager.

“Yeah you get to spend time with me and get paid,” I said putting the food on the table. We had ordered food for dinner since we were both too lazy to cook.

“And travel,” she added taking a bite of her food. I rolled my eyes sitting next to her.

“Yup, three months of random countries,” I said also starting to eat.

“The last stop is in Lakewood, isn’t that where your family is?” she asked. I sighed thinking about it. I had purposefully made the last stop Lakewood since Jay’s wedding was also in October.

“Yeah, my stepbrother is getting married around that time, so I set so I can attend,” I said, and she nodded.

“So Lucas is meeting you there?” she asked scrunching her nose. One thing about my relationship with Lucas was that Elizabeth didn’t like him. She said he just gave her a bad vibe which I found absolutely ridiculous. Lucas was always so sweet and caring to me, I had no reason to not trust him.

“He’s supposed to,” I said. “You know I’m going to marry him right,” I looked at her.

“I know, but I just don’t like him,” she said as the doorbell rang. She stood up going to the door opening it after looking through the peephole. “Oh great he’s back,” she said in a bored tone walking back to the couch as Adrian stood in our doorway.

“Wow, you’d think you guys would miss me,” he said entering the apartment. Adrian is a guy we met throughout our first year of college and soon enough we three got closer than we ever thought. Adrian was also a management major and adapted well to hanging out with Elizabeth and myself.

“Why would you think that?” I asked as he sat down between Elizabeth and me on the couch.

“Well for one, I went home for two weeks and you guys didn’t see me,” he said, and Elizabeth sighed.

“Don’t remind me of the amazing days without you,” Elizabeth said dramatically.

“Oh shut up,” he said before we went on to discuss different things that have happened over the course of his absence. Watching Elizabeth and Adrian always reminds me of Clary and Wes. I kept in contact with almost everyone, except on different chats and different ways. While I’d talk to the girls constantly in a group chat, the guys were more individually. I wasn’t sure if any of them would be in Lakewood when I was going to be but one thing, I knew was that if they were, we’d almost most definitely see each other.

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