Unrequited Secrets

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Dear Diary, I like him. I like him so much it hurts. ~~~~~~~~~ Dedicated to Our First Love.

Romance / Drama
Muskaan Madan
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[1] A peace

“Mira. Why are you avoiding me?”

“N-No. I am not.”

The dark, intelligent pair of eyes bore into her from behind the silver lined square frame.

“You are lying.”

“N-No. I am not.”

His hand briefly took a hold of hers behind her back and she flinched as he uncrossed the fingers crossed behind her back. A habit of hers...

.... and she flinched?

“What happened?”

“I-I- Nothing. It was an accident.”

“Show me.”

Mira bit her lower lip at his unyielding gaze.




His hand left hers at the sound of his girlfriend’s voice, the deepness in his voice taking a gentle note as he walked towards her with furrowed brows.

“I told you to wait downstairs.”

“I-I came to see what’s taking so long.” Divya smiled shyly at him as she interlocked her fingers with his.

“Did you find something fascinating?”

She flinched and shuffled uneasily as a pair of cold eyes bore into her side just as Parth glanced back to Mira from over his shoulder.

“No. I just ran into Mira. My mom was asking about her. So, I came to remind her to come to our house later.”

Mira avoided his gaze as she picked up her bag, which had fallen during their tussle and disappeared behind the shelves.

“How about a cup of coffee?”

Divya smiled cheekily, a sparkle in her eyes as she stared at him.

“Just a second. I dropped my book there.”

Parth unzipped his bag as he walked over to, where his book sat haphazardly and picked it up, when something caught his eye.

The detailed green, yellow and blue canvas spread evenly on the diary, the leaves drawn on it in an even manner and single word written with black marker fascinatingly animated.


A peace.


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Mira means peace. A divine salvation.

[ Have you experienced your first love? ]

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