Wild Child

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This is book 7 of the I Don't Date Cheerleader series After the Vera and The Christ crime family joining with the marriage of Jac and Natalia, they were unstoppable. Years of marriage they were blessed with two kids, a son and a daughter. Jacob Christ, 25 years old, following his mother's footsteps in the family business while Kate Christ, 23 years old, an unemployed young adult who decided not to be a gang leader. After refusing her mother's and brother help in finding a job, she decided to move away from her luxurious life to renting a small apartment with nothing but only her clothes. While searching for a job around town, she came across a little grocery shop that has nothing but a beautiful shopkeeper. Since working in the grocery shop, Kate's life has been turning upside down. Read to know what happens next.

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Chapter 1

“Do you have everything? Clothes? Bathroom essential? Apartment keys? Honey I still insist I should look at the apartment you choose. Making sure it’s safe.” Jac said while watching her daughter packing her last things into a suitcase.

“Mom.. I have everything. And it’s okay. The salary I get from helping you and mommy enough for a couple of months rent.” Kate smiled and zip close her suitcase. “I’m going to be fine mom. I promise.” A knock was heard from the door and they both turn.

“The car is ready. Seriously Kate, you want to use the old car instead of your own?” Jacob asked with concern. He always been protective of his little sister because she’s the only sibling he has.

“Yes. I don’t want to be flashy. I’m sorry mom but I don’t I want to have a job that made everyone cringe when they learn I’m your kid.” Jac chuckle and open her arms for her. “Okay. Since you want to be independent, I let you be who you want to be.”

They hug. They usually hug but this time it’s different. Kate could feel how hard her mother letting her go. When they pull away, Kate smile when she notice how her older brother would wipe his tears away. “Come here!” Kate went to her brother and hug him.

“If there’s anything, anything at all, call me, or mom or mommy. We promise we’ll be there as soon as we can.” Jacob gave her sister a last squeeze before letting her go. “Go talk to mommy. She’s been crying.” Jacob chuckle and help Jac carrying Kate’s belonging to the car.

Kate walk out and went into her mother’s bedroom. She heard soft sobbing sound coming from the room. “Mommy?” She notice her mother sitting on the bed with her face on her palm. Natalia look up and open her arms for Kate to hug.

“Mommy.. you’re a leader of a notorious crime syndicate, you shouldn’t be crying like this.” Kate chuckle. “Every mother would cry when their baby girl is moving away. Why can’t you just stay here with us?” Kate rub her mother’s back.

“Mommy, you know why I’m moving away. I want to live independent without your help. It’s not that I hate to live here it’s just I need to have some sort of responsibility. It’s like a training wheel for me and my future.” Kate reason.

Natalia pull her daughter away and look at her features for the last time. She remove the strands of hair that blocking Kate’s eyesight and smile. “Be smart in dealing with challenges of life that may come in your way. Never lost hope even there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Remember that.”

Kate nod and hug her mother for the last time. “We’re one call away. Just call us. Anytime, anywhere. Okay? Promise me?” Kate nod and pull away. “Bye mommy.” They both turn to the door and made way towards the front entrance where Jac and Jacob waited for her.

“Group hug?” Kate open her arms and hug her parents and brother. “I can send you if you want Kate.” Jacob said after he pull away. “It’s okay. I can manage.” After Jac and Natalia gave her only daughter their last kiss, they watched as Kate got in the car.

“Why does she insist on driving that rusted bucket to town?” Natalia lean in and whisper. “She said she doesn’t want her future employer to take her in because of us.” Jac chuckle. Kate wave and started to drive away from her mansion’s drive way.

She’s finally out of the Christ mansion and to the free world. The guards saluted when she drive out of the Christ grand gate. She puts on some music and enjoying the right to town for her new life and adventure. Her whole life was about adventure but this time it’s different.

This time, she’s going to have her own adventure.

After few hours on the road, she stop by at a diner for some meal and bathroom breaks. The cash in her hands enough to feed herself for few months. Months of working for her mother really help her in this situation.

She park her car in front of the diner and look at herself on the mirror. She tied her long blond hair in a messy bun before got out. Everyone outside the diner look at her. They never seen her before. They all were curious to who she was.

When she entered he diner, once again, all eyes on her. Embarrass, she walk with her head down down to the counter and ask for a simple lunch set and a glass of orange juice. Few minutes waiting, she was glad that her food looks like it’s eatable.

This is all so new for her. She was enjoying her meal when a waitress came up to her. “You’re new here huh?” The waitress ask. Kate swallow her food and nods. “Where yah from?” She ask again. Kate think for a minute. If they know she’s from the Christ Estate, they all will get even more curious to why she’s here.

“I’m from the north. Coming here to search for a decent job. Rebuilding my new life in a new town.” The waitress smile. “Good luck sugar. I hope the best for you. Here.” She place a piece of cake on a plate in front of her. “For luck. It’s on the house.” The waitress smile and leave her alone.

With a stomach full of food, she went to the registry counter and pay for her food. She place a hefty amount of tips and smile before walking out of the diner. She got inside her car again and drive away towards her rented apartment in town.

It’s not much like the one she used to but it’s home. The least. If her mother’s saw how terrible looking the apartment was, they probably going to have a fit and drag her away from the place that very moment.

But Kate believe, a little cleaning up will do her good. Beside, she already paid for 3 months rent.


Kate stop by the road and look out. It’s her apartment building alright. She look around before decided to go out. The landlady did warned her to be careful around here. She went to the back of her car and open the boot.

She took out both of her suitcase and made way towards the stairs. With little breath she has, she place the suitcases down on top of the stairs and lock her car. She carried her suitcases through the door and to the lift. She pressed the floor she live in and waited patiently.

When the lift door opens, she carried her heavy suitcases to her apartment door. “18..” she breaths out and unlocking her apartment door. Once inside, she place her bags in the living room.

She look around and wonder which part of her apartment to start first. Her disgusting kitchen or the dull looking living room. Not to mention the horrendous state of her room. She went to one of her suitcases and change to a more comfortable clothes.

She decided to start with the kitchen first. With the cleaning supply she had bought earlier, she scrub, clean and make sure every part of the kitchen is clean. It’s been forever since someone rented the apartment.

It looks like a haunted apartment to be honest. She then proceed to the empty and dirty living room. She started to mop the floors and wipe windows. She plan to buy some furniture for the room but probably after her first salary.

She’s not living with her parents anymore. She need to be frugal about everything.

After making sure every part of the living room is clean, she went to the only room in the apartment. With her brother’s help,m to carried it up to her room. she bought a new mattress and bed days before moving in. She started to clean the whole room and bathroom without complaining.

After it’s all done, she took a deep breath and proud of herself to actually clean the apartment all by herself. She then felt her stomach grumbling from hunger. She decided to take a shower before going out to explore the surrounding.

She was locking her apartment door when the landlady greeted her. “I hope everything’s in order.” The landlady smile. “Oh it is. Thanks.” Kate said before walking towards the lift with the landlady. “Umm.. is there any restaurant or cafe nearby?”

“There’s a popular restaurant across the building. It’s famous for its Mexican food. Try them.” Kate thank her and went to the restaurant that was mention. The landlady was right. A lot of people inside the restaurant.

Kate search for a free table and sat down. She was on her phone scrolling her social media when a waiter introducing himself. “I’m Ben and I’ll be your waiter for tonight. Here’s the menu.” Kate choose the chef special and waited for her food.

While wait, she look around the restaurant watched how people around her react to one and another. Kate was enjoying herself when a proposing gone wrong between two couples.

Ben came back with Kate’s food and slide a paper to her.

“My number.” Ben smiled and leave her alone. Kate chuckle. “Only if you know that I’m gay.” Kate said mentally and eat her food.

“Did you heard about Micheal? He trespass a secluded building and actually went viral because of his daring stunts hanging at the top of the building. He was arrested though.”

Kate heard a group of teenagers beside her talking. Kate was bewildered by the weird obsession of being popular in group of teens. Her high school life was okay. They were afraid of her parents mostly. Kate chuckle.

Her dinner was the best food she ever tasted. Not even her mother’s celebrity chef could beat this. Except for her mommy’s special mushroom soup. Now those are life. After she’s done she called for Ben for the cheques.

She pay for the food and went out of the restaurant. She decided to buy some grocery for the empty kitchen cabinet and her eyes caught a glimpse of a vacancy flyer. She went inside and ring the bell on the counter.

“Wait a second!!” A voice yelled. She looked around the grocery shop. It’s not to big nor too small. It’s just right. “What can I help you with?” A female voice behind her said and she turn.

Kate was lost at words when a beautiful woman with the silkiest auburn hair walk out of the back room. She must be staring when the woman clap her hands loudly in front of her face. “Excuse me! I was asking you a question.” The woman said.

Kate shake her head and pointed at the flyer. “Vacancy?” The woman look at Kate from head to toe. “You look like someone from the snobbish family in town. I mean that clothes. It’s designer. What makes you think you can work in a grocery store?”

Kate look at her clothes and she’s right. She really need a set of new clothes. “I promise I’ll work hard. I’m not from here. Im from the north. All I want was a fresh start to rebuilding my life here.” Kate smile.

The woman once again look at Kate with intimidating looks.

“Okay then. You will be in a probation period. This store belong to my parents. It’s a family business if you may add. Tomorrow at 7 am, please come here with decent working clothes. Not something you will wear to the office.” Kate nod and smiled at the woman behind the counter.

She then continue to shop for her grocery list and pay for it by the counter. “Don’t forget to come here at 7 am.. sharp!” Kate turn to the woman for the last time before walking out of the store with wide smile plastered on her face.

She finally landed herself a job. Not much of a job but at least it pays. She walks towards her apartment building and wait patiently for the morning sun to come.


Cathleen Royale, 23, woke up when she heard loud banging on her room door. “WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD! ITS 6:00 AM!!! YOU NEED TO OPEN THE STORE!!!”

She knew that annoying voice anywhere. It’s Marshall, her younger brother. “I’M UP! I’M UP!” She yelled and lazily got up from her bed towards her dresser. She stretch and checking herself out before grabbing her towel and went to the bathroom.

She went back inside her room and getting herself ready for the coming day. Today will be different for her. Usually her morning routine would be fill with hatred and anger but today, it’s different. She’s choosing a decent looking clothing rather than just go with the flow.

She applied some light make up rather than letting her face in its natural beauty, make up free. And today she actually care how her usual messy hair even messier than it was usually.

“What the hell am I doing?! Cathleen, she’s just a woman. Nothin special. A woman I forgot to ask what’s her name was.” Cathleen shake her thoughts away and grab her apron before walking out of her room.

“Benjamin?” Cathleen call out for her brother who’s tip toeing away from his room. “Why are you being sneaky?” She asked. Benjamin show his sister an award winning smile before letting her walk towards the kitchen.

Cathleen noticed Marshall at the stove preparing their breakfast like always. Since their parents are out of town, Cathleen’s in charge. Her brothers both scared of her because of how scary she can be.

When Marshall walk in and place a plate full of hotdogs and bacon, Cathleen was the first to grab a bite. “There will be a new worker coming in today. We really need the help we can get.” Benjamin nod.

“A she or a he?” He ask.

“A she. She seems off. But she’s harmless.”

“How can you be so sure? Remember the last worker we had? He ended up taking the money off of the register.” Marshall said.

“Ugh. Let bygones be bygones. He was arrested for his crime.” Benjamin chuckle. “He’s a free man now Cathleen.” Benjamin then put down his fork and look at his sister. “You seem.. different.” Benjamin pointed out.

“Yea. I agree with the brat.” Marshall added.

Cathleen glare at her brothers before standing up. “You two clean this up before going to the store. Understand?” The boys nod and watch as their sister went to the stairs that connected to their family store.

Cathleen like always, will do her morning check up before opening the store door for customer. She turn to the clock and it’s only 6:30 AM. She seems restless knowing that the mysterious blond woman will come anytime soon.

It’s was just seconds before she heard a knock coming from the store door. She look up to see the blond woman smiling and waving at her. Cathleen ask the woman to wait and unarmed the security.

When she gave her the thumbs up, Kate walk in and greeted her employer. “What is your name?” Cathleen ask. “Kate. Kate Christ.” Cathleen raised both eyebrows. “Christ?” Kate nod.

Cathleen was about to ask if she’s from the notorious gang but then she realised not only them owns the name Christ. “Okay then Kate. Let’s start with the boxes on the third aisle. My brothers didn’t do a good job cleaning them.”

Kate oblige and went to the third aisle. She start to clean and carry all the empty boxes away from the pave. Cathleen watch how she work and then she convince how can someone so diligent be the crime family princess she thought earlier.

It’s almost opening time and Cathleen really need the help from her brothers. She went to the back door that connected to the stairs and yell for her brothers. “MARSHALL! BENJAMIN!!!”

“COMING!!!” One of the boys answered her back.

The boys made their way downstairs and was lost at words when they both look at their new worker. “Geez.. what a beauty.” Marshall said and went to Kate who’s wiping the aisle from dust.

“I’m Marshall Royale. This is my brother, Benjamin.. you are?” Marshall gave Kate his award winning smile. “I’m Kate Christ.” Kate smile back. “Why such beautiful lady like yourself doing in such store? You should be pamper by richness and luxury.” Marshall using his smooth talker.

Kate chuckle and ignore the Royale brothers.

“Ahem!” Cathleen clear her throat. Both the boys fixes their posture and continue to do their work. “You have to excuse them. They both famous for their sweet mouth and shit. My name is Cathleen.” Kate nods and continued to do her work.

Cathleen was cleaning the counter when she came across the employee’s form Kate needs to fill. “Kate..” Cathleen call for the blond. Cathleen don’t know what to say when Kate walk out from the storeroom with her hair in a messy bun.

Now she can fully see how.. beautiful her features are. “Yes?” Cathleen was back to reality and gave Kate the form. “You need to fill this.” Kate took the form and fill it. Cathleen’s heart were racing. She never felt this way before.

“What is wrong with me?” She asked mentally. It was when Cathleen’s friends came in the store that she finally in the real world. Kate made way for them and continue to fill the form.

“Cathleen! It’s Wednesday. Let’s go out to the clubs. We’re bored.” Said a woman with straight black hair. “I agree with Brianna. Come on Cathleen. It’s been forever since we hang out together.” Said a brown hair woman.

The brown hair woman turn to Kate who’s busy with her form and came up to her. “Hello beautiful. My name is Veronica. You are?” Kate look up to her hand. “Kate.” They shake hands.

“Oh Cathleen. I now have the reason to come here often.” Cathleen shake her head. “If you’re not buying, then no thanks.” Brianna and Veronica turn to her friend. “So is it a go or no?” They both asked at the same time.

Cathleen nods. “Meet up at the clubs after 10 pm.” Both the girls jump excitedly. Veronica turn to Kate. “You can come with if yah want.” Kate politely decline the invites and continued to do her job.

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