Les Jumeaux (The Twins)

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A side story about the famous Larove twin, Christina and Catherine Larove.

Romance / Other
The Moonlight Demon
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Chapter 1


My name is Christina Larove.

I am the second daughter of William and Maya Larove. I have a twin sister, Catherine but she will introduce herself in her own chapter. This is my time to shine. Usually, this AUTHOR only tell a story about my little sister, Carmen, I mean, she even have EIGHT BOOKS about her descendent alone!

Seriously JACQUELINE DOHIM, it took you this long to write a story about me?! We need a chat about this in the future. I need my own franchise!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes... introducing myself. I’m sure you all know about my ‘charming’ attitude, this author did mention about me here and there in the first book. Well, if I don’t pay her a major amount of money, she wouldn’t even want to tell my story, did you JACQUELINE! I sighed.

I look at the time and wonder why does my sister took her sweet time getting herself here to the university cafe. She know it well that we have practice everyday after class session. Why does she always ended up being the one who late, hell, she even drag me along with her tardiness.


I look up to see a charming looking guy. “Yes.” I force a smile on my face. “My name is Carlo. Would you... umm.. like to... have a dinner with me.” He was being a complete gentleman. “I’m sorry but I have to say no.” I politely decline his offer. “What...?” He sound like he can’t believe what I just did. “You... dare to ... oh no no no...” he actually have the nerve to sit on the chair in front of me. He’s slowly showing me his true colour.

I close the book I was reading and look up to him. “You, always say yes to Carlo! That’s an order!” Oh, is that so? “Why would I have to say yes to anything you say?” I asked him. “Because once you’re with me, all you have to do is pleasure me and you can have everything in world. Everything, anything, even a human life... I can give it to you. NO one ever said no to Carlo.”

Did he just offer slavery to me? What is this? 1800?!

“I have to say no. I don’t need whatever you just offered me. I have everything I could possibly imagine right now as well.” His face showed his embarrassment of being rejected. “I will never allowed this humiliation to happen to me! Not ever! Come with me! Introduce yourself to my friends as my girlfriend.” He was about to touch me when Catherine suddenly appeared beside me, slapping his hands off.

“Oh no, that’s not something you should even considering of doing, Carlo Scarcello.” Catherine knew him?! Catherine face me. “Seriously Chris, I was late for what.... 10 minutes, this happen to you?” I shrugged. “I can’t blame myself for being too hot for them to handle.” I stated the fact. Catherine scoffed.

“No woman disrespect a Scarcello!” Carlo said through gritted teeth. “No, it’s the other way around. Better leave us alone if you want to live normally in this university.” Catherine warned him. “Let’s go Chris.” Catherine grabbed my wrist and was about to get me away from this Carlo. Before I could even stand up, Carlo pulled on Catherine’s body as we collided.

“Don’t touch my sister with your filthy hand.” I warned him myself. “Hurt her, you will die.” I added with hatred. “You even show your face in front of us, I won’t hesitate on ending your social life. If you’re so eager to know what kind of person I am, try, just try to annoy us.” I pushed him on the chest and stood up from my seat.

“We’re a Larove. We don’t take orders from you low life.” I said before leaving him dumbfounded. “You do know we have cheer practice. Our captain will not be happy that we’re late.” Catherine waved it off. “I’ll explain to her why we’re late. I’m sorry to drag you with this mess. I need to finish my assignment.” I placed my arm on my sister’s shoulder.

“Oh really? What’s this little kiss mark on your neck then?” I asked while poking her neck with my finger. “Oh hush... there’s no harm in having a little fun.” As we were walking inside the gym, my eyes landed on our teammates with their Pom Pom. “Good, you’re here. Take those Pom Pom and get in line. It’s bad enough that you both are late.”

Our captain said while facing the others. “Today we’re going to learn some provocative dance routine.” Provocative dance?! For real? Will this university even allowed that? Hell, she probably can get herself out of anything since she technically owned this university. Few jumping around and herkie jump being done, our practice end well. When the captain ended our practice, Catherine and I just sit on the gym floor, catching our breath.

“This is something we used to do... but... the intensity are different when we’re captain and co captain huh.” Catherine stated while chuckling. We sighed when the basketball team enter the gym, completely making a huge fuss of us sitting on the court floor. “Oh shut up.” He captain spat before asking us to sit on the bleachers for a little announcement.

I offered my hand to Catherine who’s standing up as she helped me to my feet. “Freshman, this will not include you but you have to listen as well. We don’t know what will happen in the future.” She was referring to us. “I received some urgent matter regarding our involvement with the last party we hosted...” the others started to sighed.

“Turns out the police will not close an eye for what happened. Take note, it is not our fault that one of the student actually choke to death because of an olive!” The captain sighed. “Apparently her parents blame us for it... God bless her soul... well even thought she’s probably in hell right now.” What a bitch.

I turn to my sister who’s trying to hold her laughter. “What’s happening right now?” I mouth to her. She shrugged. “Hey captain, maybe they can help us.” Said one of our teammates, referring to us. “The twins?” Captain question it. “Not just any twins... they’re the Larove twin sisters.”

“Basically their family have connections throughout the world.” One of them added. They all turned to us with such hoping looks. I sighed. “Oh come on Chris. Let’s help them. Look at them, they need us.” Catherine force me to look up at the captain and the others. “What do you want me to do Cath?” I lazily asked her.

I heard her chuckle before she let go of my face. Seriously, this girl is something else. “I want you all to obey two conditions from us.” Catherine said before smiling wide. There’s a condition?! “First condition, you all will have the to follow us to a place only we know. Further information will provided in the future. And our second condition, whatever the police or anyone who have their fair share in this matter said to you, never, ever told them it’s the Larove who help you guys. In time, they all shall know but at least they know not from your mouth. Okay?” Catherine smiled.

There’s a reason why the rest of our family afraid of her. The way she make a deal with people remind them all of our grandfather, Damien Christ. She’s the golden granddaughter of our grandfather and he always pampered her with everything she ever desire. She basically wrapping our grandfather around her finger.

The captain look at each other before nodding her head. “It’s a deal.” Catherine was excited as she turned to me. “Make the call Christ.” I sighed and reached for my phone on my duffle bag. I dialled the familiar number and waited for her to answer me.

"Hello?” The familiar voice greeted me.

“Natasha? It’s me, Christina..” I said through the phone while the others eyeing me.

"Yes, I know Chris. Your name showed up when I answer the phone. Something wrong?” She asked.

“Well, there is. It involves the police and a death of a teenager.” I was waiting for her to lecture me but it didn’t occur.

"What did you do?" She asked frantically.

“We didn’t do anything. It’s our friends. They’re facing a pretty bad charges. I was hoping you could help us, expunge the charges and do whatever it takes to deal with it.” Once again I was waiting for Natasha to yell at me. Shes not someone to toy with when it comes to business or anything at all.

"You want me to expunge the charges that was place on your friends? Christina we’re talking about the law here. I can’t simply do that.” She stated. I was about to say something when she sighed.

"Consider it done. I need the details of the matter in black and white. Ask your friends lawyer to contact me. Okay?” I was speechless. She actually helping me! For once she didn’t even yell or lecture me about life lesson like she always do!

"Christina? Are you there?” Her voice bring me back to reality.

“Yes, I am. What was it that you said before?” I asked.

"I was asking if something happen to you? You only call me for help when you can’t talk to your parents or Camellia about it.” Something happen? Nothing happen to me though.

“Nope. Thank you for your help. I’ll ask my friends to contact you..” I bid my goodbyes and ended the call.

Their eyes were on me, aching to know what will happen next. “It’s okay. She said she will help. Ask your lawyer to contact her about the details.” I smile. Their faces turned from grieving to happiness in just seconds.

“Say Catherine, where are you planning to bring us? I mean that is one of your condition, am I right?” Asked the captain. Catherine wiggling her fingers. “It won’t be a secret if I tell you, isn’t it?” She chuckled. “Let’s just treat it as a weekend getaway or cheer camp. Okay? I hope you all have nothing to do this coming weekend. On Friday, after class, we gather around at the university square. Pack a few of your clothes. Deal?”

Everyone nodded. “Deal.” The captain said before dismissed us all. When it’s only the two of us, I stared at my sister. “What are you doing? Where are you taking them all?” Catherine face me with a smile. “You’ll know soon enough. Don’t you want to see Maria? I know you miss her.” My heart leap when I heard her name.

I know I like her but, she’s been giving me a lot of mix signal. Catherine has been bugging me about it, telling me I should just confess but, how can I confess? I can’t betray her trust on me. I work hard on gaining her trust when we’re in high school. Confessing to her will jeopardise everything I work for.

“Hello! Earth to Christina!” Catherine was waving her hands in front of my face. “This is not a video shoot for a music video. I was asking you did you really forget what’s happening this weekend?” She asked me again. I try to recall but I can’t seems to remember anything. I shake my head. She sighed heavily.

“Camellia asked us to go home, remember now?” I try to think as hard as I could. “Oh! The swimsuit photo shoot, am I right? Why do we need to bring ..... hold on...”

Did she just... without their consent...

“Catherine! You’re planning to ask them to model for Camellia’s newest line and give them no room to say no did you!” Catherine laughed. “Yes my twin sister! I did the impossible. What? You really want to mode for it alone? Be my guess. I will not model for it alone ever again. Her ways of doing shoot was crazy!”

We both flinched when we remembered the last time we did.

“Anyway, since we’re going home, any plan on confessing your love to Maria? I mean come on sis, you two kiss, even had sex.” I gaze on my sister. “Yes it was when you both were drunk but still! It’s still sex.” I sighed heavily and rest my head on her shoulder. “I don’t know sis. I want her. But I don’t want to freak her out. Why can’t I just be like Carmen who fight her way into Larissa’s heart.” Catherine chuckled.

“You actually want to have her love journey? You willing to kill for Maria? I suggest you should have a normal love journey. Just confess. If not, somebody else will.” I felt her hands on my back. “Let’s go back to our dorm. I need my bath right now. I stink. Showing my panty today makes me tired.”

I chuckled and let her go. I followed her footsteps while my mind thinking about Maria and our last moment together before I went to the university. She decided to stay in LA and enrol in a local college while Catherine and I go decided to be all the way in New York. I can’t help but to think all those people seducing her and trying to get her attention. I curse my own sister who decided to do a make over on her while we’re in senior year.

“I need the keys.” I handed my set of keys to Catherine as she open the door. I went to my computer when I’m inside after I closing the door behind me while Catherine go into the bathroom. “Check my emails for me.” Catherine shouted over from the bathroom. I waited for the computer to reboot before surfing the net.

There’s nothing except for rumours about my family and the recent scandal of swindling money between company’s. Why can’t they talk about something else beside this? I sighed and close the news forum and click on the emails. There’s nothing except for invitations and lots of it. I lazily scrolling down Catherine’s email when my eyes came across a foreign name.

I turned to the bathroom door and noticed she’s still singing. I smirk and click on the email and read it through. It’s a fucking love confession via email! What the hell! I wanted to gagged when I read it through. Catherine might be bisexual but she always dated a boy before. I wonder if she’s truly bi to begin with.

“What are you doing?”

I froze when I heard Catherine’s voice behind me. When I turned around, she’s still naked while drying her hair with her towel. She walked towards me and look down. I can’t help but to remove my hand as her breast brushed against it. “Oh... delete it. I don’t like him anymore.” She simply said while turning herself to the full view mirror.

“Just delete them?” I asked for her confirmation. She nodded while looking at her naked body. I sighed and did as told. “Hey Chris... do you think I’m a slut?” That question made me stop whatever I’m doing and I think for a moment. I need to find a perfect word for this. “Umm.. define slut.” I nervously said.

“Well, slut.. whore.. anything. Come on. Am I one?” She asked while looking at me using the mirror. I turned the chair to face her and think again. “Well, you do change your boyfriend a lot since we came here.” I shrugged. “I did? I didn’t notice. They were losers to begin with. I’m searching for an honest relationship but they all fuck it up.” She laughed it off.

She went to the closet and put on her clothes. “I prepared the bath for you.” I thanked her and let her continued to check her own email. I went to the bathroom and close the door. I began to strip my clothes off and went inside the bubble filled tub and just enjoying my relaxing bath.

I can’t help but to think about Maria. What is she doing right now? She’s asleep? Or studying? She tend to study and forget about her sleeping pattern a lot. I sighed.

Why do I have to be so weak when it comes to her? She’s just a woman... who has my heart. It hurts to think that she’s with somebody else right now. What if she’s dating someone... someone with a package .... a man perhaps...

I wash my face using the water and just try to not thinking about when for a change. If I keep this up, I will ended up being the one who’s hurt in the end. I swear, when the time is right, I will confess... even if it will jeopardise our friendship.... but... I don’t want that to happen. After some time in the bath, I decided to got up from the tub and dry myself with the towel Catherine prepared earlier.

After blowing my hair with the hair dryer, I wrapped another clean towel around my body and walked out of the bathroom. When my eyes landed on the computer screen, I can see Hope waving at me.

"Aunt Christina!! Hope miss you..” Hope’s voice echoes in our room.

“Hi Hope.. I miss you too. We’ll coming home this Friday, honey. Do wait for us. Okay?” She nodded her little head before Carmen showed herself to us.

"Hold on. You’re coming home? Why didn’t you tell us sooner?” Carmen asked while I picking out the clothes I’m gonna wear.

“We did. Just now.” Catherine said. I turned around and stand behind Catherine. “Carmen, did you do what I asked you to do?” I asked.

"I did. She’s living and healthy. Don’t worry too much.” Carmen replied.

“What about her parents? Sisters? Brother? Tell me all about them.” I said. By now I’m sure Catherine staring at me with her sly smirk on her mouth.

"They all fine. Geez Chris. Oh wait, her father did just admitted to the hospital. Larissa went to visit so don’t worry much. Beside, your coming home right? You can visit him then.” Carmen smiled.

Her father is in the hospital?

“Seems like Christina in her own world again.” I heard Catherine said. “Meet you all on Friday. Tell mom and dad. Also, let the maids know that we will be bringing a few of our friends over as well. Maybe more than 10 people.” Catherine ended the call before she slapped my face hard. “OW!” I glared at her.

“Snap out of it! He will be okay. I’m sure Maria just don’t want to worry you. Can you please relax! Geez...” Catherine is right. I need to chill. But I can’t! I can’t help but to worry about her.

Can Friday just come already!

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