My Path To You

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Seraphin is the oldest archangel alive, she has been hidden from the world, doing the Deities work, in secret, like his personal assassin! The other archangel don't even know she exists She was born of the oldest star, over taking Michael and Raphael in age, by millions of years, being the only one left of her legion, she lives secluded and alone, nobody knowing her whereabouts Or so she thought? Receiving the next mission personally from the Deity it self she has no way of knowing how much her life will change Will it be for the better? For Deities sake she hoped so Her mission? Find the culprit that's sending all these demons to earth and exterminate it from existence But what happens when she finds this culprit and boom baby it's not what she bargained for? Shall we see?

Romance / Fantasy
S. C. Lavin
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Chapter 1

Ugh what a mess, these fucking demons are getting on my last nerve, I mean, come on, give it up!

We kill you, you return to hell, you come back, and we are set on, what? repeat people, Ugh, such a waste of my time, I could be in the Bahamas sipping a refreshing beverage, but nope, I still get tasks from our Deity in secret, tasks the other angels arent equipped to handle.

We will slice you, then dice you, is a song I made up in my head, I have been singing it on repeat, as I take the head off , of yet another demon.

Fucking idiots dont know when to quit, I am actually getting tired of this now, I have been at it for what seems like forever, but it has been fifteen minutes and these fuckers are getting me all worked up, I was tired

Slicing through a demon horde has never been this boring , they keep on coming at me like a never ending stream of fucking boring kiddie shows, yeah I love cartoons, but fuck me sideways, there seems to be a repeat, on all the shows lately, just like these fucking demons , they keep repeating their ,oh so stupid mistakes, they just keep on coming back, and what do I get, you may ask? I am sent to kill them all over again, yippee!

Rolling my eyes at the task, I have to complete, then, and then only, can I go to my cloud and get some rest for deities sake.

Closing in on the second last demon, I run my sword through his grotesque body, letting the shit of a carcass fall to the floor, while his blood splattered all over my body including my wings, I turn to the only remaining demon, as I step forward he scurries backwards, time to play little demon and meet my blade

“Yeah you better run, you piece of demon shit”

“He will send more of us, you flying wasp!”

He snarls in my direction, the motherfucker, oh yeah did I forget to mention these idiots always give away their war strategies when threatened, ooh, I thought more demons, what a change, that would be from my day to day life, oh whatever shall I do?

Laughing at my own thoughts, I think of my own strategy, hmmm, what will I do to the bastard, oh yeah seductive kill maneuver is my favourite, you lure them in and strike em dead on the spot, feeling giddy, I smile at the demon

“You are a demented little angel, he will love it, if I capture you for his torture, yes he will”

“Who is this “he” you keep bringing up “little” demon?”

I throw back, the word "little", not that he was little by any means, all demons were huge motherfuckers

Taking my hands, I run them down my hips, watching the demon gaze follow my every move, I linger close to the apex of my thighs, I could see the rutting piece of shits eyes glaze over with lust, yeah look, you pig, look!

“My master of course ” as drool dribbles down his fangs

The filth, I could read his thoughts, and let me just say, its taking everything in me not to vomit, eeeww!

As soon as I see my opening, I grab the knife that has been hiden between my thighs, sending it flying into his heart, the look on his face was priceless, yeah fucker, I will kill you before you kill me, walking over to the demon, I yank my blade out of his chest, wiping his blood off of my weapon, I swiftly place it back in its hiding place between my thighs.

Turning in a circle, I make sure all of the scum are dead, before I leave this shitty place, satisfied, I teleport back to my cloud.

Finally all of the demons are killed, my task is complete, rest, I need rest, my body has been overworked these past days, tracking the horde has been no easy feat, they have become super sneaky, I had no sleep, no food , nothing, and as much as I would like to get straight into my fluffy bed, I needed to cleanse my body of any remnants of demon gore, and I needed to do it stat, ugh, I reaked to high heavens, nasty, nasty!

Stepping into my luxurious bathroom, I walk over to the vanity and seeing my reflection, I groan, Holy Deity, I look a mess, my rich dark hair, that fall down in waves, has seen beter days, oh fuck its going to hurt to brush this rat nest, my skin is covered in blood and other unmentionable things, yeah I will be scrubbing my skin raw, thank you very much, my eyes are the only constant thing that never changes, I sigh , the bluest of blue light shines back at you, don't get me wrong they are bad ass, but the problem comes in, only I have these orbs of light, the rest of the oh so mighty angels, have normal looking eyes, sounds petty, which it is, I would like to blend in too, for deities sake man!

Taking all my weapons off of my body is a task all on its own, finishing up with that, as I can feel my body tiring even more, I rip the rest of my clothing off, opening the faucet, I step underneath the warm spray and close my eyes , to its calming feel, as the water sluices over my body and down the drain, I take a deep breath while leaning my head against the tiled wall, nearly there Ser, making quick work of cleaning my body I tense.

Hearing someone commanding my cloud to open up for them, I reach for a weapon, who would dare come here, nobody knows of my location, you see my name is Seraphin, and I have been erased by the holy books of our Deity, I am the last of our elite squad of archangels, I was born from a star older than Michael or Raphael, I am one of the first and I have been hidden from the world until now.

Hellooo sweet readers

This will be my 3rd book and I feel confident that you all will love this book as much as I do already

Please leave a comment, review, and a like for my sake please

I would love to hear your thoughts on this first chapter?

Lots of love S. C. Lavin


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