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A Trip In Time

By nikmariecav All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Adventure

Chapter 1

I was bored once again in history class. We were learning about the time of when king and queens were the rulers of the land. It was hard for me to not go off into another world. I loved learning about medieval times but I just didn’t feel I was learning anything in this class room. I wish I was able to see what it was like back then to be put into a kingdom and see how it was to live in their world. Being in high school in modern day America wasn’t as fun as it should be. My name is Lily and I live in New York City. It is a city that can keep me busy and I am glad for that. I just wish I was able to see more than the big city. Living on the outskirts of the city didn’t give much adventure like I always hoped to have.

The only monsters we have here are the ones that lurk in the dark corners and there are no more shinning knights to protect us from the evil that could harm us. My life wasn’t anything extraordinary I had my two best friends and that was all I needed. Kara and Adam have always been there and stood up for me and I did the same thing for them. It wasn’t until Kara came up and tapped me on the arm that I realized the bell had rung and it was time to move onto the next class.

“You okay? You look lost in space?” I just smiled at her I didn’t know what else to say. Of course I was okay I just didn’t want to be here anymore. I felt like I did the same thing every day with nothing ever changing.

“Yes I am okay. I just get lost in thought.” That was true it wasn’t like I went into another world I just couldn’t be totally in this world at the moment. Kara always looked out for me and had the best intentions. She didn’t see things like I did, she saw everything as it was. I could see things as they were or how they could be. That is why I became such good friends with Adam because we could see things the same way. I did feel bad though because Kara didn’t always understand where we would come from and could feel left out.

“Hey Adam.” I walked over to his locker, I wasn’t in a rush to get to my next class and I knew that he wouldn’t mind talking. Kara needed to get to class at least 5 minutes early to make sure she was all set to go before class got started. I didn’t understand how she worked but it was how she was. She didn’t even notice that I stopped she continued on walking.

“Hey Lily what are you up too?”

“Getting ready to head to math class.” I made a face and Adam laughed. He knew I hated math more than anyone. It was my least favorite subject.

“Sounds like you are ready to have a great time. What are you doing after school today?” I had to think about that one. I didn’t think I had any plans.

“Nothing yet why?” He gave a smirk and I knew I was in trouble now. Adam like to say and do things that kept me on my toes. I never knew what to expect when it came to him. Adam had been there for me through all my phases. He was the one thing in my life that never changed. It was nice to have someone I could consider my rock.

“You should come over we could go to the mall.” He was always asking to just hang out the two of us and I always found a reason not to. I figured now was the time to give in. I knew how much he wanted this. It would only be one time so I could prove to him that we just needed to stay friends and nothing more.

“Yes I can come over and go to the mall this afternoon.”I heard the bell go off for a warning to get to class.

I didn’t wait to see Adam’s reaction I just took off. I couldn’t afford to be late to another class again. I made it into the class room just as the bell saying class started went off. I sat down in my chair just as the teacher came in. I knew I had to pay attention in this class or less I would be lost and would end up failing. I didn’t want to fail math. I was an A plus student when it came to all my other classes, this was my one down fall. I was still trying to figure out where I would be using the stuff they have been teaching me in class. I knew I was never going to be in a job where I needed to find an area of a triangle or the cos, sin, or tan of anything. The teacher began her lesson and I did my best to not go off into another thought and to focus on what was going on. This class seemed to go by faster, I didn’t know if it was because I did participate more in this class to prove I was trying to learn what was going on despite what my test scores were saying. It was nice because math was my last class of the day. I was now free to get out of this place, I knew I had to find Adam before I went anywhere.

I waited for Kara to be done asking the teacher questions, it seemed like every class she had to ask the teacher something about the lesson. I just wanted to get out of here it was officially the weekend and it was time to forget about school. Finally Kara was done talking and came over to the door where I was waiting.

“Sorry I wasn’t getting the same solution he was for that last problem I wanted to see what I was doing wrong.”

“It’s fine let’s just get out of here.” We started to head towards our lockers, it was nice because we were near each other. I knew I was going to have to let her know about tonight. I was just hoping she wouldn’t be hurt by the decision.

“What are you doing tonight? Want to watch movies?” I never said no to her we always hung out with each other.

“I have plans tonight sorry. Adam asked me to go to the mall and I told him I could.” I could see a little hurt in her eyes that Adam had asked me to go tonight but he didn’t ask her. I did feel sorry about that but I couldn’t help it she knew that Adam has a little crush on me. I could only imagine what she was thinking about she liked to over think things when it came to the three of us. I threw my books into my locker and grabbed my backpack and slammed the door shut.

“I will talk to you later.” I took off down the hall before she could say anything else to me. I did love her dearly but she could sometimes be too much when it came to me doing things that she wasn’t doing.

I made my way through the crowds it didn’t help that I was going the opposite way that everyone else was going. I was hoping that Adam would be at his locker. If he wasn’t then I wouldn’t know where to find him. As I got further into the school the crowd got to be less and I was able to breathe a little more. I did end up finding Adam at his locker which was nice because I didn’t feel like running all over this school looking for him.

“Hey are you ready to go?” He shut his locker and look towards me. “

Yea I figured you would be heading this way so I just decided to stay put.”

“Smart thinking. I wasn’t going to chase you all around.” He chuckled but I was being serious I would have just started walking home if I couldn’t find him.

“Let’s head to my car.” I started to led the way to where his car would be.He had parked in the same spot for the last three years. It was nice because we didn’t go to a big school. We had less than 80 students in the whole senior grade. For living near the city we didn’t have a lot of kids in our school. I always figured it was because we were a private school and they tended to keep those more exclusive for the people who could afford them. Adam held the door as we walked outside. I could see his silver Chevrolet cruze sitting by itself. It seemed like everyone had already left for the day. I walked over to the passenger side and climbed in as he threw his bag into the back seat.

We got to the mall in no time, I felt like Adam was driving faster to get here. I knew it was probably because he wanted to get to the mall to hang out. I was hoping that once this “date” was over we could just go back to being friends. I didn’t want to lose the friendships that I have. I knew of so many people who no longer talked to each other and don’t even hang out. I don’t want to never talk with Adam again. It was scary to not know what could happen. I always felt a connection with Adam but I never wanted to go past friends because I would rather not know and have him in my life than know and not have him in my life. I knew I was being a little selfish about this but it was one thing I couldn’t move past.

It took a while to find a parking spot it seemed like the whole city was at the mall tonight. After driving around for a few minutes he finally found a parking spot and pulled in before anyone else came along to take the spot. I grabbed my purse and threw it over my shoulder. Adam sprinted over to my door to open it up for me. I tried not to laugh because of how the chivalry thing was dead. He shut the door once I was out and locked the door. We had a bit of a walk to get to the entrance.

“Lily what do you wanna do?”

“I was hoping to look into the new movie coming out. The one about the medieval times.” I knew I was showing my true nerd side by wanting to see the movie but it was something I was hoping to get tickets for. I didn’t get into movie and just waited for most of them to get on tv but this was one I wanted to see before it came out to tv.

“Okay we can head over to the box office so you can get a ticket.”

“Thanks Adam, I know it wasn’t what you had planned for.” We made our way into the mall and had to make it through the crowds to get to the box office. I didn’t know what else I wanted to do at the mall. I rarely came here and when I did it was to see a movie and nothing else. If I did come shopping for clothes I was in and out without spending too much time here.

“The tickets just came on sale for the remake of the Sword in the Stone. I have always loved the story.”

“I know you love your history things. Maybe I could see the movie with you too.”

“Yea we could get a group of us together to go see the movie. I know a few kids from my history class that would love to go.” As soon as the sentence left my mouth I saw the look in Adam’s face drop. I felt bad but I didn’t want to lead him on, I did the best I could to tell him we should stay friends but he didn’t want to believe it.

“Yea let me know even if it is the two of us we will still have a good time.” I knew he was right, we were always having fun.

It took a while to get to the box office and get through the line to get to the window. I should have known that a Friday evening that the box office would be busy. As we stood in line I was watching all the movie times blink across the screen. I hadn’t even heard of half the movies that were up there. I had to remind myself to look more to see what was out. It didn’t seem to take as long as I thought it was going to. We made it through the line in about fifteen minutes. We made out way up to the window to the next available girl.

“Hello how can I help you?”

“We would like to get two tickets for the remake of the Sword in the Stone for when it comes out in a few weeks.”

The attendant started to click a few buttons on her keyboard.

“They do have a special showing tonight that will start in 30 minutes if you want to see it tonight.” Adam turned to me, I knew it was up to me to decide. I really wanted to see the movie and if I could see it tonight without having to wait than I was going to take it.

“Adam I know a movie wasn’t what you had planned but would you want to do it?”

“It sounds like a perfect way to hang out.” I smiled I couldn’t hide my excitement from being able to see the movie now.

“We will take two tickets for tonight.” I grabbed my wallet out to pay for my ticket but Adam pushed my hand down.

“I have this covered.” He gave the lady the amount that was due and took the tickets from her. He handed my ticket.

“Thank you, you didn’t have to do that I could have paid for my ticket.”

“I know but I wanted to treat you tonight.” I wasn’t in the mood for any snacks I just wanted to get into the movie theatre.

“Do you want popcorn or anything?”

“No I am perfectly fine right now.” The lady ripped the ticket in half and gave my portion back to me. She did the same for Adam and then told us which theatre we were in. I was already half way down the hall when I turned around to see that Adam wasn’t anywhere near me. I stopped in the middle of the hall way and waited.

“Sorry I guess I was just too excited I didn’t realize how far away you were.”

“It’s fine, it is cute how excited you get when it comes to something that you really care for.” I smiled and then held the door to the room open. We found seats with no issues, it didn’t seem like a lot of people were coming to see this movie tonight. We made it into our seats just in time for the lights to dim and the previews to start.

The movie was amazing, I was so happy to be able to see the movie before it actually came out.

“Thank you for taking me to see the movie.”

“Anytime Lily I am just glad we were able to hang out together.” We made our way down the hall back to the main lobby.

“I can’t believe how much I actually like that movie.”

“Ha I told you that you would like the movie. It is more than history.” I smirked a little I was happy that I was able to prove him wrong.

“I know I will never live this down but you were right.”

“I wish I was able to get that recorded. It’s not often that you tell me I am right.”

“This is the only time that you will be right.” He was wrong and he and I both knew it. There would be many times in the future where I would be right he just wouldn’t admit anything out loud. We have been doing this for a few years.

“I am glad you asked me to come to the mall this has been a lot of fun.” “

So you had doubts about tonight?”

“I just didn’t know how it would go in the end.” I could see that he got a little happier by the fact I did have fun tonight and the night went better than I thought it would go. We made our way through the mall to where he parked. It didn’t feel like such a long walk when we first got here but I was also on a mission when we got here now I was just walking at a normal speed. We finally did make it back to the car and we got in and Adam started to head towards my house. It wasn’t along ride to get back home.

In a short time we were pulling into my drive way. I jumped out and grabbed my back pack from the back seat. Adam had the passenger seat window rolled down.

“Goodnight Lily.”

“Goodnight Adam. Thanks again I did have fun.” I smiled than started towards the front door. He didn’t pull out of the drive way until I made it in the house and had shut the door. I made my way upstairs before my mom or dad could stop and ask me any questions. I made it into my room without any questions. I put my back pack on my computer chair and went to my closet to grab some sweats to change into. This was the best part of the day when I could change into my comfiest clothes and just relax. I was sure I was just going to head to bed, today I was drained and I didn’t have the energy to go through and read any of my books like I normally do before bed. I climbed into bed and shut off my lights and laid down. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to live in the medieval age.

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