Bound (Book 1 of the Bound Series)

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Jenevieve Barlow is a girl with a tragic past. She lost her best friend who she'd believed to be her soulmate tragically, and has been struggling to recover. She thought her chance at love died with him, but then she meets Kale. He quickly charms her, but she isn't aware that he's not as perfect as he seems. He is the son of a renowned business mogul and is set to take over once he is called. This isn't a duty he wants, but he is powerless to refuse. As they grow closer, Jenny will discover that her perfect love has more darkness beneath the surface than she first imagined and that it doesn't play nicely with her own. Can they make it through the storm, or will the outside forces that threaten to tear them apart prevail? Through it all, Jenny will have no choice but to consider the fact that her beloved Kenny may not be lost after all and that she's bound to a fate that isn't letting her find happiness so easily. Will Jenny and Kale be able to break free of their chains and be together, or will they succumb to their demons instead?

Romance / Drama
Tanique Adams
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Gone were the days, so gentle and grand,

I was constantly beaten, face down in the sand.

I was broken, bleeding, with no courage to stand,

Like an angel, you were there, you took my hand.

Plagued with feelings, I didn’t understand then,

You offered acceptance, not judgment, you helped me to mend.

You stayed by my side, on you I could always depend,

You know I adored you, my one true friend.

I was in need of answers, to be no longer confined,

It was you, who was searching, for something I couldn’t find.

I knew what you wanted, but it wasn’t in the design,

It wasn’t to you, for that I’m sorry, to whom I was so inclined.

The riddle was solved, but as a result of my being defined,

I caused you pain, hurt you, and then left you behind.

Even still, like a thorn, I stay in your heart,

I wish I could hold you, console you, and go back to the start.

I want to start anew, rearrange my feelings, make them restart,

I wonder, would those feelings reach you, when we’re both worlds apart?

As I enter the void, where no light is found,

Even in darkness and fear, I whisper a sound.

In the silence, my voice, in a gentle breeze will surround, quietly saying,

To You, I am Forever Bound.

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