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I woke up the next morning with a huge smile on my face as I was still snuggled up to Kasper. I checked the time and groaned. It was half seven, we had to get up.

I untangled myself from Kasper gently, letting him sleep for a bit longer. Picking up his shirt, I threw it on over my head so I could go to the bathroom.

When I came back, Kasper was sitting up and on his phone. He looked in my direction when the door clicked shut. He gave me a once over and smirked.

“Is that my shirt?” He asked in a teasing voice.

“Maybe,” I replied, making my way over to sit next to him.

“Damn, you look so hot right now,” he mumbled as he kissed me.

“Dude, stop. We’re gonna be late if you keep doing that,” I said, although I’m sure it wasn’t very convincing.

“Mm-hm,” Kasper said but didn’t stop kissing me.

I was starting to get into the kiss, completely forgetting about school when my phone rang. Kasper groaned and slumped back onto the pillows. I grinned at his reaction and answered the phone to a face timing Aylee

“Hey babe! I just wanna check in, see how you’re doing?” Aylee said on the other side.

“Oh, I’m completely fine,” I replied, smirking.

“Whats with that—oh….” Aylee smirked then said: “did you fuck my brother last night?”

“Shut up, you’re fucking mine plus Kasper is your step-brother,” I corrected.

“Pfft, same difference but as long as you’re okay! Anyway, gotta go because Olly is here, and he gets bitchy when I am late.” Aylee blew a kiss into facetime and hung up.

“She really does have impeccable timing,” Kasper grumbled.

After that, we both got sorted then snuck out of the house to avoid being seen. The last thing we needed was getting caught by a pissy Addison. Kasper had texted Julian to ask him to bring a spare uniform to school.

When we got there, Julian was waiting by his car with the clothes in his hand. He gave us a suspicious look, although I’m sure he had a pretty good idea of why Kasper needed clothes.

Kasper went off to get changed and I was left with Julian who was looking at me weirdly.

“It’s one thing when my best mate defiles my friend but when my friend becomes my sister… now that’s just weird,” Julian said, shaking his head like a disapproving dad.

I grinned at Julian as we headed towards the library to meet our friends. Julian greeted Aylee with a kiss.

“You know, its one thing when my my best mate is defiled by my friend but when my friend becomes my brother, now that’s weird,” I said to Julian, trying not to laugh.

“Ha ha, ain’t you funny,” Julian deadpanned.

“Hey, what I miss?” Kasper said, jogging into the library.

“Defilement,” Olly said.

“Don’t ask,” I sighed.

“Right then.” Kasper nodded and rolled his eyes.

“Okay guys, so today at lunch, I have decided that us girls are going to sit away from you boys as we have not had enough girl time,” Aylee announced.

“You legit just had girl time yesterday,” Dustin said.

“Exactly, not enough.” Dustin shook his head at Aylee, a small smile on his face.

The bell went and we all made our way to our classes. The day was average. Maths, biology and English went quite fast. Although that probably had something to do with the fact that I wasn’t really paying any attention. I was too busy thinking about yesterday.

I still could not believe that I had a dad. I wonder what Mum would say? Oh god, Mum… how would I tell her? Should I tell her? I mean, I know I should but when?

Well those thoughts just ruined my day, bloody hell. I had to stop myself from face palming in the middle of english.

When lunch came around; Aylee, Poppy and I met up in front of the library. And after a five-minute debate on where to go, we eventually turned around and marched into the nice and cosy library. We headed straight to the back stacks where no one came and plonked ourselves down.

“You know, this would be a great place to make out,” Poppy mused, looking around.

“Oh, it is,” I answered not thinking.

“Excuse me?!” Aylee shouted.

“Well our history teacher sent us off to do some research and Kasper and I ended up in the stacks,” I explained.

Poppy rolled her eyes. “You guys are like horny rabbits.”

“Speaking of Kasper, was he there when I face-timed you this morning?” Aylee asked me.


“He wasn’t like, naked when I rang, right?” She asked.

“Yes, yes he was.”

Aylee shuddered at the thought of her stepbrother being naked but Poppy had an expression as if she was trying to picture it.

“Dude! Stop thinking about her boyfriend’s dick!” Aylee scolded, throwing her hat and Poppy.

“Sorry but he is hot,” Poppy defended.

“You’re very correct, Pops.” I grinned at Poppy.

“No, just no.” Aylee deadpanned.

Poppy and I burst into fits of giggles at our friend’s reaction.

“Anyway, on a more serious note, how are you Shay? And I want the truth,” Aylee said.

“Well… it’s a weird mix of I am totally and completely fine and what in the holy hell happened yesterday?” I told her.

“I can understand that,” Poppy said thoughtfully.

“My life is honestly reminding me of some cheesy ass teen novel right now though,” I said laughing.

“I can also see that,” Poppy spoke again.

“Are you gonna go through all the senses?” Aylee grumbled at Poppy.

Poppy stuck her finger up at Aylee who only rolled her eyes.

“Anyway, I am just so happy to have my dad, its been my dream to meet him ever since I knew what a dad was,” I told the girls.

“Have you told your mum yet?” Aylee asked.

“No, I think I am gonna wait and see what happens before I tell her anything.” Aylee and Poppy nodded understandingly.

For the rest of lunch, we chatted absentmindedly. When the bell went, we packed up our stuff and moved onto our next classes.

During history, Kasper and I did not really talk about the past few days. Instead we focused on the lives of the Romanov family. To be honest, it was nice to just be a student for a change.

After history, Kasper and I met everyone outside at the picnic benches. We chatted for a few minutes before heading towards our cars and heading back to Julian‘s to work on a plan.

I have been kind of nervous since last night, I don’t really think I had taken everything in. But on the way back to my dad‘s house, I was able to just think. My dad was, well is, the leader of an organised crime group, a Mafia leader or a mob boss; however, you wanted to describe it.

My long-lost brother, best friend and possible boyfriend were part it all. Why is my life starting to sound like a cheesy teen novel?

My dad seemed like he was a nice and genuine guy, despite the whole mafia thing, and I was really excited to get to know him. I was also excited that I now had a little sister. I was just a little concerned about the whole “mafia dad” thing. Like, would I now be a target for his enemies, or do I now have to go and threaten to kill people that owe my dad money?

I mean, I am probably just overreacting and over thinking as usual, but it is a concern. I suppose I could ask Kasper, Julian or Aylee about it but at the same time, do I really want to know if they’ve killed anyone?

I don’t think I could kill anyone, well there is a couple people that I would happily kill, like Jax and Anton but other than that, someone that hadn’t done me wrong personally, I don’t think I could. I just hope that I don’t must get involved with any killing.

“Hey, you okay over there?” Kasper asked me.

“Uh, yeah. Why?” I replied.

“You’re just kinda nodding and mumbling to yourself. I swear you just said something about killing someone,” Kasper said.

I chuckled to myself.

“Well, I was actually having a conversation in my head and was hoping that I wouldn’t have to get involved with any mafia killings,” I told him.

“Ah, I see.” Kasper nodded.

“Kasper,” I paused.


“Have you ever… um…” I trailed off.

“Are you asking if I have ever killed someone?” Kasper said, finishing off my question. I nodded.

He glanced at me before going back to stare out the windscreen.

“What did Christopher tell you?” Kasper asked.

“He said you and Julian were more “hands on” whereas Aylee was good a computers,” I explained.

Kasper pulled into the driveway of my dad’s house, parking the car next to Julian’s who was already here. He turned his whole body to look at me.

“Look, I dont want to lie to you but I also don’t want you to think of me any differently,” he said.

“Tell me.”

“Okay, so Julian and I are the best at what we do. Ever since we were kids, Christopher has had the best trainers into teach us like, everything. We are both trained in several different types of martial arts and weapons; for example, guns,” Kasper explained.

“So, have you…?”

“Yes, I have killed people and so has Julian and Aylee. But believe me when I say, its not glamorous or fun. But it’s our jobs.”

I nodded, taking this in. “That’s all I wanted to know and if I’m honest, I don’t care. You told me the truth so thank you.”

Kasper smiled at me and leaned over to kiss me. Just before his lips touched mine, a pounding came from the bonnet of the car.

“Yo, hurry up, will you? You can kiss later!” Olly shouted at us with a grin on his face.

I rolled my eyes and got out of the car, we walked up to the house. The same two people from last night were standing outside the door again, they let us in with a swift nod.

It seemed busier today, there was a lot more people wondering around, standing talking to each other or on their phones. I recognised a couple of people who were here from the night before but most of them were all new faces. Kasper led us into the same room that we were in last time.

Julian was already there with Aylee. He was standing talking with our father and an older man, probably in his late fifties or early sixties. Aylee was sat on one of the couches talking to an older woman around the same age as the man, Alexis was sat on her knee trying her best to participate in whatever conversation was happening.

“Shay!” Alexis shouted in excitement when she saw me. She hopped off the lady’s knee and ran to me, wrapping her little arms around my waist.

“Hey,” I said and smiled.

This had gotten the attention of the others in the room, all eyes turned and landed on the group of teenagers who were lingering in the doorway.

“Shay, glad you’re here!” Dad said, coming over to stand next to me.

“So, this is the long-lost daughter you have, Christopher?” The older man asked.

Dad pulled a face before turning around to the man. “Yes, Father.”

Huh, so these people are my grandparents?

I looked at the older man again. He had a serious face and was the spitting double of my dad but with grey hair. He wore a finely pressed suit and his hair was combed over to the side. He gave me a look which reminded me of Gran.

“She’s a beauty, Christopher!” My head snapped to the owner of a cheery voice.

The older woman stood up and beamed at me. Her hair was shoulder length and blonde with grey streaks starting to run through it and a kind face. She was wearing more comfortable clothes; a house dress and an apron. She had flour on her apron and a streak of it across her face. She reminded me of Grandad.

“I mean, she does take after me, Grandma.” Julian smirked, causing the woman to chuckle.

“Oh, hush now Julian and you, come give your grandma a hug!”

Before I could even answer, I was engulfed into the arms of this woman. She squeezed me so tight I thought she would suffocate me.

“Right, enough of these time-wasting shenanigans, we have work to do,” the older man said.

Whoa, what jumped up his arse?

I didn’t say anything because he was kinda scary but there was so much I would have liked to say to the miserable old sod.

For the next couple of hours, my grandparents were caught up to speed on the “Jax” situation. Both had different reactions.

My grandmother’s reaction was one of sympathy, pity and compassion whereas my grandfather seemed like he was just irritated with the whole issue.

“That boy is becoming a pain in my arse,” Grandfather said, rubbing his temples as he glanced around the room.

Most of my friends who weren’t deemed “important” enough by my grandfather were sent away to another room. This included Luca, Dustin, Olly and Poppy. I tried to argue otherwise but he wouldn’t have it. Alexis had been sent to her room too.

I was sat next to Kasper on one of the couches, Aylee was on the other side while Julian was perched on the arm. My dad and grandmother were sat on another couch while my grandfather was by himself on another couch.

“How well do you know him?” Julian asked Grandfather.

“Since he was a boy, I used to be in business with Marco until Jax killed him,” Grandfather said casually.

“Marco?” Aylee questioned.

“His father,” I answered.

I knew that Marco had been murdered a few months before Jax and I got together but I didn’t realise it was Jax who did it. Although, I’m not surprised.

Grandfather looked at me and narrowed his eyes.

“And how much do you know about Jax? Hmm?” He asked me.

“Everything I know, I’ve told you,” I said.

“You sure? Are you not keeping anything back because you may still have feelings for him?” He snapped.

“Excuse me?” To say I was shocked was an understatement.

“Henry, you can’t be serious?” Kasper asked him.

“It’s a fair question. I mean he was her first love, first guy she had relations with, you never know what kinda loyalties she has,” Grandfather replied.

That’s it, I’ve had enough.

“Are you actually fucking kidding me?” I shouted, getting to my feet.

The whole room went so silent you could hear a pin drop.

“How dare you speak to me like that!” Grandfather yelled back.

“Me? Speak to you like that? Ever since I stepped into this god damn room, you have treated me like a piece of shit. I do not have any loyalties to Jax anymore and you wanna know why? Because I was fucking abused by the bastard!” I practically screamed.

“Maybe you’re too scared to tell?” Grandfather suggested.

“Uh oh…” I heard Aylee whisper.

I walked over to him and stood in front of my grandfather, leaning over him. When I spoke, my voice was low and dangerous.

“Listen here ’Grandfather’, I am not too scared to say anything because I want that bastard dead for what he did to me, even if I have to do it myself. You need to think about how you speak to people and get your head out of your arse before karma comes back and shoves it up even further, so you choke on it.”

He didn’t say anything, just looked up at me with a shocked expression. I moved back to where I was sat and sat down as if nothing had happened.

“So, where were we?” I asked the room casually.

After what seemed like the longest, most awkward, conversation of my life, we were finally dismissed. Julian, Aylee, Kasper and I made our way into the living room, where the rest of our friends were waiting for us.

“Damn, what took you guys so long?” Olly asked when we walked in.

“Well, little miss moody-pants here went totally off it with her grandfather,” Julian said, giving me a look.

“What? What happened?” Poppy asked.

“Well he implied that I still had loyalties to Jax and said I wasn’t telling him everything,” I said in a huffy voice.

“Ouch…” Dustin commented. “He’s probably soothing his ego right now.”

“Huh?” Poppy said.

“Well, she has a temper and can verbally kick you in the balls,” Dustin said.

“She certainly did that.” I turned around to the new voice from the doorway, it was my dad.

My father was leaning against the door frame, carefully watching all of us. He entered the room and came to stand in front of the gaggle of teenagers.

“I don’t think you fully realise what you just did, do you?” He asked me.

I shrugged, not trusting myself to answer.

“Do you even know who your grandfather really is?” Dad asked.

Again, I shrugged.

“He’s in charge, not me.”

“Wha-?” I didn’t know what to say to that.

“Wait, I thought that you were the boss?” Luca piped up from across the room.

“No, I do run things but he’s always in been charge so what you just did was ballsy, kinda stupid but ballsy,” Dad said.

“Uh… oops?” I offered.

Dad chucked and shook his head slightly before walking back out of the room.

“Oops? Really?” Aylee said, rolling her eyes.

“You know, no one has ever spoken to him like that, right? They’re all too afraid of him,” Kasper told me.

I pulled a face. People are afraid of that dickhead? I mean, I suppose he is a big mafia boss that could have you assassinated if you were to sneeze at the incorrect moment, but he shouldn’t speak to people like he did. I wasn’t going to apologise for sticking up for myself, I’d had enough of being put down by people.

“Okay, well enough of that. What did they say about Jax?” Luca asked.

“Not much really, Shay told them all about her relationship with him and all she knew about him. Dad said they’re going to talk it over and see what they can come up with,” Julian explained to the group.

“Really? He made us wait out here so Shay could tell him shit we already knew?” Olly said, huffing.

“Yeah, that’s Henry for ya,” Aylee chirped.

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