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“Jax must have someone watching her, they wouldn’t have been able to know she was going to race if he didn’t,” Julian said.

“Yes, but who?” Aylee questioned.

“Well, that’s one thing we need to figure out, has there been anything out of the ordinary lately?” Julian asked the room.

Everyone was silent, no one seemed to have an answer.

“What about Addison? She’s been suspiciously quiet over the past month,” Kasper said.

“Addison?” Uncle David looked confused.

“Oh yeah, your daughter is a bitch,” I told him.

“Takes after her mother then,” Mum mumbled, and I chuckled.

Uncle David glared at us but didn’t say anything, probably because he knew we were right.

There was a knock at the door and Dad shouted for them to come in. Dustin peered in from behind the door, eyes searching the room. When they landed on me, he zoomed in and met me as I was standing up from the couch.

“Thank god you are okay!” Luca said from behind his boyfriend.

“Yeah, we were so worried about you,” Poppy said.

“Aylee called and filled us in on what you told her about Anton.” Olly took a seat next to Aylee.

“Bastard that he is,” Dustin mumbled, sitting down on a free couch.

“There is a lot of children here,” Grandfather mused as he glanced around.

“I hardly think we’re “children” exactly,” I snapped.

Grandfather opened his mouth to retaliate, probably to say something about me being disrespectful but a look from his wife shut him up.

Guess we all know who’s in charge.

“Do you guys have a plan yet?” Olly asked.

A few of us shook our heads. No one said anything for a moment, as if trying to think of a plan.

We spent the next hour or so discussing our next moves and trying to figure out what to do. Grandfather had asked Mum if she knew anything about Jax, but she said she’d never met him, which was true.

By the time nine o’clock rolled around, we were all tired, me especially. Dad didn’t want Mum and I to go anywhere so he said we could crash in two of the spare rooms.

I grabbed my jacket on the way upstairs and went into one of the rooms, Mum went off down the hall. Upon entering, I reached into my pocket for my phone only to have my hand close around a bit of paper.

Shit. That note.

I yanked it out, pulling my phone out too. I threw my jacket aside carelessly and made my way over to my bed. I sat down on it, my eyes raking over the word that was scrawled on the front.


I took a deep breath and unfolded the note. I took a quick scan over the writing. It was definitely Jax’s handwriting.

Hey baby, hope you didn’t get too badly bruised when Dante tipped you over, although thinking that you did is kinda turning me on… but anyway baby, if I can do that to you, just think of what I could do to your little friends. You have until Sunday 22nd at midnight to come back to me, or I’ll start picking off your friends one by one. Meet me at the tracks. ALONE.

I reread the note again and again and again. I didn’t realise I was crying until a tear dropped on the bit of paper. Shit. What was I going to do?

Jax was good at two things. One being racing and the other being going through with his threats. I was terrified but not for me, for my friends.

A knock at the door snapped me out of my thoughts, I dried my eyes with my hand before telling them they could come in. It was Kasper.

“Hey, I just wanted to check you were okay,” he said then took a second to look at me. “Which you clearly aren’t.”

Kasper moved inside the room, closing the door lightly behind him. He sat beside me on the bed.

“What’s up?” He asked, his voice soft.

I held the note out to him, which he quickly read over. I watched as he went from worried to absolutely livid.

“What in the holy fuck? That god damn bastard!” Kasper shouted.

“Shh, please. I dont want anyone to know yet,” I told him.

“What? Why? You’re not actually thinking of doing this, are you?” I couldn’t decipher the look on his face, but it was definitely mixed with multiple emotions.

“Honestly? Yeah, I am,” I said.

“Shay, no. I can’t let you do this.” His face was filled with sadness.

“But maybe not for real. I was actually thinking about using myself as bait.”

“What?” Kasper looked confused for a second but then thought about it.

“Look, I’m not saying I go running back to that bastard with open arms because that is the last thing I want to do, all I’m saying is that if I play along with it enough, I may just get him to lower his guard. That’s when you guys, who have obviously been hiding, spring out and shoot the fucker in the face.”

Kasper thought for a moment, “I mean I suppose so but its still so dangerous and I’m just worried because if one small thing goes wrong, he has you back in his grasp and that’s the last thing I want because I–“

Kasper stopped talking, he seemed unsure about what to say. I looked at him, puzzled.

“Because…?” I pressed.

“Remember when we started that whole ‘whoever falls first loses’ game?” Kasper asked.

“Yeah, why?”

He chuckled nervously, “well I think I lost.”

“What do you mean, you lost? We basically stopped playing that game ages ago, or I did anyway, unless you didn’t but –“

“Because I fell in love with you!” Kasper shouted, interrupting my ramble. “I lost because I fell in love with you.”

“Oh,” I said. That’s all I could think to say right now.

He loved me. Kasper Black loves me. He’s in love with me

“Oh? I guess you don’t feel the same, huh? I mean, it’s oka-“

I cut Kasper off as I smashed my lips to his. He seemed shocked for a moment but responded as soon as it wore off. He moved his lips in sync with my own. I pushed him down on the bed, moving myself so I was straddling him. His hands moved up and gripped my waist.

I broke the kiss and pulled back. I sat up straight while he still lay on his back. I smiled down at him.

“I love you,” I told him.

“Really?” He asked, his face lighting up like a Christmas tree.

“Yeah, really. I have for a while now,” I said.

“Oh, thank god,” Kasper mumbled as he pulled me back down to reconnect my lips to his.

We kissed for a little while but didn’t go any further. I rolled off Kasper and we both got under the covers. He wrapped his arm around me, and I snuggled into him.

“How are we gonna tell your dad?” Kasper asked me.

“About the note or us? Because I don’t know which is scarier,” I said, chuckling.

Kasper laughed. “Erm… the note. We can deal with the other situation after.”

“Honestly, I think we should just come out and say it. I’m not a kid and I can make my own decisions.” I could feel Kasper nodding in agreement.

We stopped talking after that and soon fell asleep.

Saturday morning rolled around, and I got up the courage to tell my dad and Julian about the note then about my plan.

“ABSOLUTELY NOT!” My dad screamed.

“Are you out of your god damn mind!?” Julian shouted.

“No, I’m not. I do think this could work. I am tired of always looking over my shoulder and wondering when he’s gonna pop back up. I want this done.” My voice was strong and firm. “Plus, it’s my decision and I’ll do it with or without your help.”

Both my father and my brother looked at me. They studied my face for a moment then gave each other a look. Julian sighed and Dad roll his eyes. They knew there was nothing they could do to change my mind.

“You are stubborn as hell,” Dad told me.

“Yep, Mum always said that I got it from you,” I said.

I would always remember the times that I would catch Mum mumbling under her breath that I was as stubborn as “Christopher”. Back then, I didn’t know who she was meaning, but now I did.

“I’m not stubborn!” Dad argued but the snort from Julian said otherwise.

“I was hesitant at first too, but when she explained it, it made sense,” Kasper said.

I looked at Kasper, he had been very quiet throughout the discussion. I was thankful he trusted me enough to make this decision.

“Shay,” my dad started, his voice was softer now. “I don’t know what I would do if I lost you, I just got to meet you.”

“Dad, I know but I have to do this, I can’t let it go on any longer,” I told him, my voice soft.

Dad sighed and his shoulders slumped. He looked at me and I could see worry on his face.

“Okay, but we have to come up with a fool proof plan, like go over it with a fine-tooth comb,” he told me.

I nodded, “okay.”

“Although, we have something much worse to do now,” Dad said.

“What?” I asked him, confused.

“We have to tell your mother,” Dad told me. His voice wary.

I shuddered at the thought, I didn’t want to be the one to tell her that. She would literally flip out completely.

“Tell me what?”

I jumped a mile and turned to look at the speaker. My mum stood in the doorway; her arms crossed.

“Well, uh…” I started.

“Shay wants to be the bait for her bastard of an ex-boyfriend to try and catch him unaware so we can kill him.”

I span around to look at my dad, he had just blurted that out so casually.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?!” Mum screamed.

She stomped over to me and gave me such a lecture. I zoned out as soon as she started talking. I know there was something about it being dangerous, which I knew already.

“And you!” I snapped out of my trance, to see Mum pointing at my dad.

“What have I done now?” Dad snapped.

“You’re going to let her do this?” She snapped back.

“Excuse me, Jules. But if I dont then she’ll just go and do it without my help!” Dad told her.

Mum sighed the biggest sigh I have ever heard. She glared at my dad one more time before turning to glare at me.

“Fine. You can do this. But I swear to god, if you get yourself killed, I will be really really angry.”

I nodded in agreement.

Later that day, we had called everyone in. My friends had just finished a similar rant as my parents about how stupid they thought I was but agreed to help.

By the time we’d gotten everyone over and filled them in on the situation, it was around six in the evening, which meant we had thirty hours until Jax expected to see me. to come up with something.

We had all agreed to have a chill night together. The eight of us were currently sitting in the living room. We were all smushed together on the sofa and were lying on top of each other. We had decided to watch a movie. The girls had won, and we chose to put on Mean Girls. We had two massive bowls of caramel and salted popcorn that were getting shared between us.

“That bitch reminds me so much of Addison,” Luca said when Regina was on the screen.

“Addison makes Regina look like a fucking angel,” Dustin told his boyfriend.

We all laughed.

“Speaking of Addison, has she seemed especially distant lately?” I asked the group.

“What do you mean?” Aylee asked me.

“Well, she hasn’t gone out of her way to make our lives a living hell recently and it’s kinda weird.”

“I mean, she’s kinda right,” Kasper said from next to me.

“She’s probably got a new fuck buddy, she normally goes into remission when she’s got other things on her mind,” Dustin told us.

“Well, I’m grateful because I can’t stand her,” Poppy said in between mouthfuls of popcorn.

I gave Poppy a look and chuckled. “Classy.”

“Always.” Poppy smiled then shoved more popcorn in her mouth.

“Hey guys, I have an idea!” Julian announced.

We all turned to look at him. His face had lit up like a small child on Christmas day.

“My dad has this beach house a couple hours away and I was thinking that we could go there for New Year’s Eve.”

“That’s a brilliant idea!” Olly said excitedly.

There was a collective round of ‘yeses’. After much discussion, we decided to leave on the 28th December and come back on the 2nd of January. It would be nice to just get away after everything. Hopefully I could now have some sort of a normal life and not have to look over my shoulder to see when the next time Jax would pop up again.

When the movie ended, we talked for a while longer but then people started to fall asleep. I listened to the soft breaths of my friends as I started to try and fall asleep. It was harder than I thought and not because I was squished in between Kasper and Julian with Aylee’s legs across mine but because I was imagining the worst out of the situation tomorrow.

What if it all went wrong? What if I was to get hurt or taken? Or worse, what if one of my friends was to get hurt or even killed. I don’t think I could live with myself if someone was to get hurt.

The plan we had come up with was quite straightforward. I was to go two minutes ahead on my bike to Jax then Julian and Kasper were to follow but come in from a different angle. I was meant to pretend that he had been right all along and flirt with him to distract him from any movement or sound the boys could possibly make. Then when he is distracted, one of them would aim and shoot. The only issue was we didn’t know how many people Jax would bring and how many people would be at the tracks anyway. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had managed to clear everyone out.

I just hope everything goes to plan and we can get rid of this fucker.

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