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“You don’t have the guts to shoot me, baby,” Jax said as he took slow steps forward.

Jax and I struggled on the ground, screams and shouts were heard.

A shot went off…

Jax fell onto me, his heavy weight pushing me down. I used all of my strength to move him off of me and he slumped onto the ground.

I shuffled back, looking at him. I had shot him in the stomach, and he was now twitching where he lay, blood was running down his chin. I felt arms wrap around me and I instantly knew it was Kasper from his scent.

I looked down at my hands, his blood had stained them. I watched as Jax took his last breath.

I sprang awake, gasping.

“Shay, are you alright?” Kasper’s voice soothed my nerves from beside me.

“Yeah, I just keep thinking about it. I mean, Kasper I killed someone. I know he deserved it, but it still feels like – I don’t even know how it feels,” I said to him.

“I know babe, I know.” Kasper hugged me and rubbed my back.

I nodded, snuggling into him. The motions of him rubbing his hand down my back, settled and calmed me then before I knew it, I could feel myself falling back to sleep again.

When I woke again, I was alone in the bed. I grabbed my phone to check the time. It was almost noon. There was many messages from the group chat about the trip we were taking over New Year’s Eve. Everyone had agreed to meet up at my dad’s around three then head out.

I got up from my bed and went to the bathroom then made my way downstairs. I nodded to the guards as I reached the bottom floor. Mum and I had stayed at Dad’s since that night, my mum had told my grandparents about Dad and how I wanted to get to know him, but she didn’t say anything about the whole Jax situation. So, since then, we’d been staying with him.

Kasper and Aylee had also been staying here since then too. Kasper hadn’t wanted to leave my side since that night, because of Anton. He was paranoid that Anton would come back and do something. I think Aylee had just been staying here to be with Julian. Mum and Dad had started to get along more too, they had not been arguing as much and I swear I caught them flirting yesterday.

Christmas had been nice as I had been surrounded by family and friends. Dustin had chosen to spend Christmas with us rather than at home. I was happy that he’d done that.

“Hello love,” Mum said when I entered the kitchen.

I mumbled a hello before going to the fridge and grabbing a can of coke. I didn’t like coffee or tea, but I needed caffeine right now. I may have slept until almost noon, but I was still exhausted.

“How you feeling today?” Mum asked me.

“I’m okay, still having flashbacks,” I told her.

“I’m not surprised, what you did wasn’t easy.” Mum came round the counter and hugged me.

“You’re telling me,” I said, trying to lighten the mood.

“At least you get to go away for a few days with your friends, you guys deserve this,” Mum said with a smile.

“Oh shit, gotta go pack.” I hurried out of the kitchen, grabbing an apple and my coke on the way.

Once upstairs, I grabbed a medium sized suitcase and started to shove my clothes in it. I had moved a lot of my stuff here over the past couple of days, so I had most of the clothes I wore often here. Once I had fully packed, it was almost half two and everyone would be arriving soon.

A soft knock came from my door followed my Kasper, he smiled at me as he walked over and kissed me quickly.

“Hey, did you manage to sleep more this morning?” he asked me.

“Yeah, I did, thank you. Where did you go off?” I asked.

“I was with Julian this morning, we went for a run then just sat and chilled,” Kasper told me.

I nodded, “have you guys packed?”

“Yeah, I packed yesterday, and Julian finished this morning. I’m really looking forward to going away, cant wait to have a weekend with you.” Kasper pulled me into him, his arms snaking around my waist and mine going around his neck.

“You do know we’ll have like six other people there, its not just us,” I said, chuckling.

“Oh yeah, well that’s just ruined everything.” Kasper and I laughed.

Kasper leaned in to kiss me and just as our lips were about to connect, Aylee and Poppy came bursting through my bedroom door. I jumped a mile.

“Guys, seriously! You nearly gave me a heart attack!” I scolded.

“Sorry, but everyone is here and we’re gonna leave soon so either come now with us or don’t come at all,” Aylee said in a very mother-like tone.

I rolled my eyes and turned to grab my suitcase, but Kasper had already done so, gesturing that he’d carry it. I smiled at him then followed the two most poorly time girls, out of the room.

“Finally!” Ollie said once we’d gotten downstairs.

“You guys take forever,” Dustin mumbled.

“Shut up,” I snapped playfully.

Dustin gave me the finger but grinned.

“Right kids, lets go!” Luca beamed, clapping his hands together.

We all made our way out onto the driveway, we split into two groups and drove in those cars together. I was with the girls and the boys had gone in Ollie’s truck. Julian had already given the address to Aylee so she could put it in the satnav.

The drive to the house wasn’t bad as us girls sang and bopped along to basically every single song we had in our phones.

When we pulled up the beach house, I expected something small-ish and quaint but no, of course not. It was a three-story modern house with massive windows that looked on to what seemed like a private beach. It had a large decking area which surrounded the entire house and a rather large garden.

The boys were already here and had began to start unloading the bags from the cars.

“Damn, your dad doesn’t do simple, does he?” Poppy said, she seemed just as shocked as I was.

“No, I guess not,” I mumbled, still gazing at the house.

We headed inside, Julian unlocking the door. When the door swung open, we walked straight into a massive open-plan room which held the living room and dining room.

Over to the right of the room was a big marble fireplace with a flat screen TV over the top. There was a three seater couch opposite and matching two-seater love seats either side. In the middle of the couches was a coffee table.

In the centre of the room was a big staircase which separated the two sections of the room.

On the left side of the room was a massive oak dining table, which sat about eight people, or more if necessary. Off to the side of the dining table was a cabinet with glass doors that held some posh looking plates and cups.

I could see a door leading off the room which I assumed led to the kitchen. Dotted around the rest of the open-plan room was different bits of décor and a couple of bookshelves.

“Whoa, this place is nice!” Olly said from behind me.

“I know, he’s got good taste, your dad,” Dustin said.

“Well, it was actually Laura who decorated this place mainly, Dad just provided the money and told her to go crazy,” Julian told us.

“And she definitely went crazy!” Luca said.

Julian nodded, smiling. “Okay, so there is enough rooms for all of us, all with double beds, as well as two more rooms with twin beds. On the second floor there is two bathrooms, one with a shower and one with a bath. Then there is another toilet downstairs. So, as my dad would say, go crazy.” Julian pointed to the stairs and off we went.

When we all reach the top of the stairs, we stopped. We looked both ways as if we were crossing the street. We split off and all headed towards a door.

The first door I opened was a twin room, so I closed that. Then the second door opened onto a big, spacious double room. Kasper and I walked into it, dumping our bags down straight away.

The room was big, clean and simply decorated. There was a double bed in the middle, two side tables next to it, a flat screen on the wall opposite. There was a chest of drawers and a small wardrobe to the right. On the left, there was a set of double glass doors which led out onto a small balcony.

“This is lush,” I commented, looking at Kasper.

“Yeah, and we deserve something nice after the recent situation,” he said.

Kasper grabbed my arm and pulled me to face him, bringing his lips to mine. I melted into him straight away, sighing with content.

A loud bang at our door, followed by Aylee telling us to come downstairs. We broke from our kiss and scowled at the door.

When we headed downstairs, everyone else was waiting. Aylee announced that we must go exploring in the little village nearby. We all did as we were told and left the house. Julian put the key under a plant pot so we could come back any time.

We decided to walk to the village, it wasn’t a long walk, only about ten minutes. Aylee, Poppy and I were walking together, our arms linked.

“Oh my god, do you guys smell that?” Dustin asked us.

I sniffed in and I could definitely smell something amazing. It was a mix of cinnamon and fresh bread. We followed the smell until we reached a small café, with what seemed like a bakery inside.

“Ooh, lets go in here!” Poppy said.

And so we did.

The eight of us crowded in one of the corners. I took everyone’s orders and went up to the counter. Within a few minutes, our table was full of coffee’s, cakes, pastries and fresh juices.

I dug into my croissant and fresh orange juice. The croissants practically melted in my mouth, it was heaven.

“This cake is amazing!” Olly said in between stuffing his face with chocolate fudge cake.

“Olly, you have cake on your nose,” Julian pointed out.

Olly stuck his tongue out and tried to reach up to get. We all laughed as he failed at this. He eventually got a napkin and wiped his nose.

“Why am I dating you again?” Poppy asked her boyfriend, a smirk on her lips.

“Because I am incredible,” Olly told her, matter-of-factly.

“Oh yeah, that must be it,” she said, rolling her eyes.

After we all finished up with our food, we headed out to explore. We mostly stayed together, give or take a few wanders and reuniting.

The village was beautiful. It was small, but not too small, and old. You could almost tell the age by looking at the detail on some of the houses in the very centre of the village. They were mostly white house, with a few brick ones, that had those wooden beams running across. However, the further out of the village you got, the more modernised the houses became but they were still at least fifty years old.

There wasn’t too much in this village but it was still brilliant. There was two pubs, a small café, a post office, a small sized co-op and a few other little shops.

After a few hours, we had exhausted all the places to go in the village and were all tired so we started to head back.

Luca grabbed the key and unlocked the door, putting it in the lock on the other side.

“I’m gonna take a shower!” Aylee announced then ran upstairs.

“I call the bath!” Poppy said, following Aylee.

“Guess we wont see them for like an hour,” Luca said, chuckling.

I yawned. I had not realised how sleepy I was until just now. I told the boys I was off to have a nap and not to wake me, even if there was a fire.

I trudged upstairs and got changed into some leggings and an oversized jumped before crawling into the bed. It was comfy and soft. I pulled the duvet up and tucked it under my chin, almost cocooning the rest of my body. Within minutes, I was drifting off to sleep.

I walked down a street. I wasn’t really sure where I was. It was night time, and the street lamps were very dull, almost like they were holding onto a lifeline and could go out any minute. I patted myself and looked for my phone, but I could not feel it.

“Where the hell am I?” I mumbled to myself.

I came to the end of the street and peered round the corner. It seemed like it was the exact same street. I shrugged and kept going.

The further I walked, the more uneasy I felt. It almost felt like someone was following me. When I started to hear footsteps behind me, that seemed to solidify that someone was following me.

I turned and peeked over my shoulder but I could not see anyone, despite the fact that I could still hear the footsteps.

I turned back around and came to face to face with Jax.

“Hello baby,” he said, his voice drawing out.

I instantly turned and started to run.

Shit no.

He’s dead.

He cant be here.


I turned my head, to try and see him. He was chasing me. He was getting closer and closer despite how much I was pushing my legs to run faster, it seemed like I was slowing.

I felt a hand wrap itself around my hair and he yanked me back…

“No!” I screamed.

“Shay?” I turned to see a shirtless Kasper, standing not far away from me. He dropped the shirt he was holding and rushed to my side.

I pretty much dove into his arms, snuggling my face into the crook of his neck.

“What happened?” He asked me softly.

“I had a dream that he was still alive,” I told him, pulling back slightly.

“Oh Shay, no. He’s not, don’t worry. Your dad’s guys took take of the body, he was cremated, there is no way he is coming back from that,” Kasper reassured me.

“I know, but it just felt so real.”

“I know babe.” Kasper pulled me in closer, wrapping his arms tightly around me. I felt him place a soft kiss on the top of my head.

A knock on the door brought us out of our hug and Julian came in. He looked at us before his face changed into a concerned expression.

“What’s wrong?” He asked us.

I explained to him about the dream I had, and the other few that I’ve been having since Sunday. He nodded along and listened intently.

“He’s dead Shay, dead.” Julian sat on the bed. “He’s not coming back, he wont hurt you anymore. He’s gone.”

I nodded, knowing it was true but somehow, I just didn’t feel as safe as I should feel. I keep getting the feeling that there is something else looming but I don’t know what.

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