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I awoke to the sound of loud bangs on my door and Dustin shouting at me to get up or I would be late for my first day of school. I groaned and got up. Starting a new school over a month into the year was not what I had wanted to do, being mid-October meant that all the classes were well underway, and I’d probably have a lot of catching up to do.

I quickly got ready, pulling on a white short sleeved shirt and black short skirt, like what Addison was wearing the day before. I lightly did my make up and pulled a brush through my waist-length blonde hair. Looking around my room at all my unpacked boxes, I cursed. Where the hell did, I put my Vans? I only had them on yesterday.

Pushing boxes out of the way, I spotted my black vans, one of them half squished under a box. Glaring at the poor box, I yanked my shoe from under it, causing the contents to spill out on the floor. I simply stared the pile of clothes before turning to grab my backpack and black blazer to head downstairs. I’ll sort my mess out later.

Dustin was impatiently waiting at the bottom of the stairs, tapping his foot. He glared at me as I came down the stairs. Holding out an apple for me, he motioned for us to go.

We walked outside into the cool October air, then I followed Dustin around the side of the house until we reached a garage. Pressing a button on his keys, the garage door rose to show six cars. I looked wide-eyed at all the cars, most of which seemed brand new.

Dustin hopped into a Chrysler Genesis, waving for me to get into the passenger seat. When he turned the car on, I checked the time. It was only ten past eight. I glared at Dustin as he pulled out of the driveway, making his way to the school.

“Dude, its only ten past eight,” I said.

“I know, I want to get there early and show off my beautiful new cousin!” He was way to happy for this time of the morning.

I huffed for the rest of the ride as he sang along to the radio. I peered out the window, I wonder how hurt I would get if I did a tuck and roll out the car? As I contemplated how to get away from an overly chipper Dustin, we took a right turn and pulled into the school.

As I got out of the car, I felt hundreds of eyes on me. Taking in everyone around me, I came to conclusion that yes, there was in fact hundreds of eyes on me if the pointing and whispering was any indication.

I stuck close to Dustin as we made our way through the sea of people. On some picnic benches off to the left, I saw Addison staring at me then whispering to her friends who glanced then giggled. I rolled my eyes, continuing to follow Dustin.

We finally arrived at the desired destination, which was another set of picnic tables. Two guys and a girl were seated there when we arrived. One guy got up and met us, he kissed Dustin. I’m assuming that’s Luca, unless this town is just that weird.

“Guys, this is Shay. Shay, this is Luca, Olly and Aylee.” Dustin pointed to each person individually.

“Dude, is this the hot cousin you were telling us about?” Olly asked, then received a smack on the back of his head from Aylee.

Olly rubbed his head, frowning at the girl who was now rolling her eyes. Olly looked at Dustin who had his arms crossed, a look on his face.

“And at what point did I say hot?” He asked, now tapping his foot.

Aylee and Luca appeared to be trying to hold their laughter in while their friend was being scolded. Olly shrugged and offered an apologetic smile to Dustin. Its not that I was complaining about the compliment from a good-looking guy. Olly was about six foot, with dusty blonde hair. He had broad shoulders and I could easily spot a six pack through the slightly too tight school shirt he was wearing.

Aylee hopped off the picnic table and came to stand next to me, I took her in as she was walking over. She was incredibly pretty, her olive skin and long black hair complimented each other.

“Thank god I have another girl, I was just about to murder the next person who brought up superheroes,” Aylee announced.

All three of the boys looked at each other, knowing fine well it could be any of them. I let my eyes flick to Luca, who was even hotter in person than on the picture with Dustin. It was clear now that he had Spanish or Latin heritage and his brown hair stopped just above his eyes.

“So, Dustin tells us you’re a long-lost cousin of his,” Olly said.

“Uh, I guess I am,” I agreed.

“Poor you, I bet you didn’t expect to come live with Satan’s spawn,” Aylee grumbled, pointing over to the large group of people which held Addison.

“No, that wasn’t actually expected.” I shook my head and narrowed my eyes at Addison, who was glaring still at me. I still wasn’t sure what I had done to deserve all the shittiness.

“Oh Luca, guess what Shay does,” Dustin prompted, expecting his boyfriend to offer a response. When he didn’t, Dustin continued. “She races.”

“Really?” Luca looked at me with surprise.

“Yeah, I had to help provide for my mum and me while we were living elsewhere,” I explained.

While Dustin excitedly dove into the description of my bike, I let my eyes wonder around the school. It was just like your typical high school, cliques of people everywhere. Something off to the left caught my eye and walking in through the gate was the guy who was at my house yesterday: Kasper.

Almost as if he felt me looking, he turned his attention from the guy he was talking to and looked at me. He quickly said something to his friend before he started to make his way over to me. As he was coming over, I felt the daggers of my cousin coming from the other side of the school.

The closer Kasper got, the more nervous I became, but I wasn’t sure why. I got a chance to study him as he was walking over to us. He was at least 6’2” with muscles to match. His golden blonde hair blew in the wind. The conversation behind me died down when Kasper was a few feet away from me.

I glanced behind me to see the curious looks of my new friends as they started to watch any interaction Kasper and I were clearly about to have.

“Hey,” Kasper said, the sound of his voice reminded me of melted chocolate.

“Uh… hi?” I responded.

“I just wanted to say sorry about yesterday, I didn’t see you come out of your room and Addison didn’t give me the chance to apologise before you took off downstairs.” I stood there, almost dumbfounded.

The sound of a throat being cleared behind me brought me out of my trance, “its fine, don’t worry about it. She probably didn’t even mention I was there or anything.”

“What were you doing at our house? I thought Addison pissed you off to no end?” Dustin asked from behind me.

Kasper took his eyes off me to look at my cousin, “Yeah, she does but Mrs Smith made our class do a project and we had to work in pairs, she pounced on me before I could say no and Miss wouldn’t let me change.” Aylee snickered which earned her a look from Kasper. “Oh, by the way Dad wanted me to tell you that we’re going over to one of his colleagues houses for dinner tonight, so be home by four.”

“Ugh, whatever. I don’t know why John just can’t text and tell me himself,” Aylee replied. I looked between the two, what the hell?

“Maybe because you blocked his number, remember?” Kasper pointed out.

Aylee laughed to herself, nodding as if she remembered. Kasper turned his attention back to me before walking off to meet back up with his friend.

I looked curiously at Aylee, who was silently chuckling to herself. I noticed Dustin mouth “step-siblings” at me, realisation finally clicking into place.

The bell went, causing the entire student population to move inside the high school building. Once inside, I was pulled along by Dustin in a vast sea of uniformed students.

Gran had already had my schedule sent over and a map which I was told to memorise, but it somehow ended up in the bin, completely unbeknownst to me. It wasn’t like I had dumped it there only seconds after being handed it or anything.

When I had looked at my timetable, I saw that on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, I had Maths, Biology, English and History, on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I had Physics, Spanish, P.E and Geography, then on a Friday I had double Chemistry then double Art.

Being hauled into maths by my cousin, I was practically thrown to the back of the room and into a chair by the window. Olly was in this class too it seemed, while I saw Aylee and Luca wonder further off down the hallway.

I glanced around the room, seeing a few people looking at me and whispering. What is this? Bloody middle school? I rolled my eyes at some of the people staring, pulling out my notebook and bright yellow Pikachu pencil case from my bag.

Dustin, Olly and I chatted for a few minutes before the teacher told us to shut up as she was starting the lesson. I tried my hardest to pay attention but with these two boys whispering to each other like gossiping schoolgirls and drawing on their notebooks, I found myself losing focus.

Close to the end of the lesson, the teacher let us start to pack up our things and let us go to our next class early. As I walked past Miss Lowe (I think that was her name anyway), she gave me a small smile and welcomed me to the school.

During break, we sat in the cafeteria. As I looked around the busy room, I noticed that we were only one table across from Addison and her cronies. In comparison to our tiny little five-person group, Addison’s group was massive. It didn’t take very long for me to work out that she was the stereotypical ‘Queen Bee’ of the school.

“So, why did you decide to move here?” My attention was brought back to the voice of Olly

I glanced at Dustin, seeing his wary gaze before I answered. I wonder if Dustin really knew the real reason why we came home?

“Mum lost her job and found it really hard to get another one, so she got in contact with her parents and… here we are,” I said simply.

Olly nodded his head, taking my answer as oath but I felt Aylee’s eyes on me. When I glanced at her, I saw a look on her face indicating that she thought there was more to the story but kept her mouth shut.

A new movement from the door to the cafeteria caught my eye and in walked Kasper with the friend he had been talking to earlier. I got a better look at the friend who was about the same height as Kasper with pale blonde hair like me. They headed in the direction of the food line and were looking around cautiously, almost as if trying to avoid someone.

Having a good guess who it was, I looked at Addison. She had not noticed them yet, so they were safe. I watched the simplicity of Kasper buying a bottle of water and was confused at how something that basic could make my heart jump.

“Hey, earth to Shay!” Luca snapped his fingers in front of my face, making me jump out of my trance.

“Hm, what?” I turned my attention to Luca.

“I asked if you were going to come to the race tonight?” He said to which I nodded.

“What were you so transfixed on?” Dustin asked, looking in the direction I was before turning back to me and pulling a face. “Really? Kasper?”

“I wouldn’t otherwise your dear cousin may kill you in your sleep,” Olly said, gesturing to Addison.

“I was just people watching!” I said.

“Person watching, you mean?” Aylee mumbled and I glared at her.

Before anyone could say anything else, the bell went. Aylee, who was in my Biology class, led the way as we left the cafeteria. Biology was standard and boring; the teacher had a strict no talking policy when she was teaching. Moving to English, I met Luca in the hallway as I shared this class with him. The teacher seemed to be uninterested in teaching and read off the board.

So far, I did not have any classes with Addison, and I was grateful for that. I did not want to deal with the constant looks of hatred. I had yet to find out what she had against me, but I may never know.

Lunch started off as expected. We were all back in the cafeteria at the exact same table. Addison, again as expected, was glaring at me like I was infecting the school with some new-fangled disease.

I watched my new friends as they chatted amongst themselves, joining in occasionally. I hadn’t made any friends in my last school, pretty much just kept to myself. After what had happened in the town before, I didn’t really want to socialise with anyone.

In the town before, I had gotten in with the wrong crowd, like a majorly wrong crowd. There were parties, drinking until I blacked out, drugs and all sorts of things that a sixteen-year-old girl should not get involved in.

I remember when I first met Jax, he was every sweet fifteen-year old’s bad boy dream. He was tall, black hair, tattoos, motorbike and he drew me into a really bad world. The only good thing to come out of that relationship was my love of racing as he was the one to introduce me to it. It turned worse when I said that I wanted out of the drugs and the party lifestyle which is when he became abusive.

I shook off the memory, turning my attention to Olly who was now in the middle of doing a Bugs Bunny impression.

When lunch came close to ending, I was then informed that I did not have any of my friends in my History class. I huffed as they left me at the door of the classroom after the bell went. Walking into the assigned room, I instantly noticed that this was in fact a science lab. Desks were laid out in twos and lab equipment was dotted around the room.

As other students came milling in around me, I took a seat at one of the desks at the back. Another few minutes passed, and we were all seated. However, due to there being an odd number, I was sat alone. I had seen Addison wonder in with one of her cronies but thankfully, she hadn’t seen me.

The teacher walked in, her faced twisted into an annoyed expression.

“Right, as you are now obviously aware, we had to change rooms to this bloody science lab. We are now stuck here for the rest of the year. The seats you have chosen to sit in will be your seats for the rest of the year so I hope you and your desk partner don’t fall out because if you do, it will be tough – “ the teacher was cut off by the classroom door opening.

“Forgot we moved rooms,” was the excuse that Kasper used as Miss gave him daggers.

“Mm-hm, whatever. Just go sit up there by… sorry, what’s your name?” It took a moment to realise that she was talking to me.

“Oh, uh…Shay,” I said and earned a hateful look from Addison who now knew I was in the class.

Kasper made his way up to our shared desk, avoiding the gaze of Addison as he did so. Dumping his bag on the floor, he sat down. Neither of us looking at each other, we focused on the teacher who was now explaining what the rest of the term was going to focus on.

Miss spent the next half an hour yapping on about the fact that we were going to start a new module on the Russian Revolution and that the cartoon musical Anastasia does not count as studying. To be fair, it was a good movie even though barely any of it was historically accurate. After the Anastasia comment, I half droned out of listening to her as she was now explaining how the module would be graded.

“In your pairs, please write down everything you know or think you know about the Russian Revolution.” When she said that, I was snapped back into reality as it dawned on me that Kasper was my partner.

I slowly looked at Kasper, finding that he was already looking at me. I reached into my bag and pulled out my notebook and pencil case. Kasper took one look at the bight yell pencil case and smirked.

“Pikachu? Really?” He pointed to my pencil case.

“Well, yeah… there wasn’t a Psyduck or Snorlax one, so I had to make do with Pikachu,” I said.

Kasper just stared at me, almost like he wasn’t believing what he was hearing. I wrote a couple of points down before glancing back up at Kasper to find he was still looking at me. He was now wearing an unreadable expression.

“What’s with that look?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing… I just didn’t expect you to like Pokemon, that’s all,” he told me.

“And what is wrong with liking Pokemon?” I asked in a defensive voice.

“I mean, nothing is wrong with it, but I just didn’t expect it.” Kasper shrugged, picking up his pen to write down another point on our list.

“Why not?” I probed but before he could answer, the teacher asked the class to start telling her what we knew.

The rest of the lesson went by quite quickly. Kasper kept sending me strange glances and couldn’t seem to stop looking at my bloody pencil case. When the final bell went, the class made our move to leave.

I met Dustin outside the classroom, and he hugged me as soon as he saw me. We left the school building and went to Dustin’s car. Jumping in, he started to chat away at me as he sped out of the school car park. I was barely paying attention, but I managed to hear a few words during Dustin’s ramble.

When we finally pulled into the driveway, I was ready for a nap. Dustin told me to be ready by half eight as we were meeting Luca, Olly and Aylee to go to the race. It was about twenty minutes away from the outskirts of town, in the middle of practically no where.

Walking through the door, we were greeted by our Gran. I wasn’t aware that someone’s face could become even more irritated than Addison’s, but clearly it could. She promptly told us that we were having guests and to be ready in appropriate attire by five. Turning on her heel, she stormed off into the living room.

“Geez, I wonder what’s stuck up her arse today,” I commented as we walked up the stairs.

“Probably the same thing that’s stuck up her arse everyday,” Dustin said.

As we reached the top of the stairs, we then were greeted by a very pissed off Addison. She was standing just a few feet in front of us with her arms crossed over her chest, her foot tapping and the ever so permanent scowl on her face. This was gonna be good, I wonder what I’d done now.

“Stay away from him,” Addison said simply.

Dustin and I looked at each other before looking back to her, our faces clearly showing signs of confusion before I realised who she was on about.

“Wait a second, are you seriously asking me to stay away from Kasper?” I asked, my voice laced with annoyance. I wasn’t in the mood for her pettiness.

“Yes, he is mine.” Holy hell, is she actually kidding me?

“The fuck, sis?” Dustin’s voice was also showing signs that he was getting annoyed.

“He doesn’t want you; we have a good thing going and we don’t need you to ruin it,” Addison continued, ignoring her brother.

I was getting more fed up with this girl the longer she was talking. “Oh my god, I wish you had told me this earlier. I guess I need to cancel our date,” I paused looking her dead in the eye. “Well, I mean its not like a proper date, we were just gonna go around the back of the school and fuck.”

“Why you little - -“I cut Addison off.

“What? Bitch? I have been called worse than that and I have done far worse than fuck behind a school, so why don’t you leave me alone? I am not fussed one bit about you, or your imaginary boyfriend so please, just piss off.” I shoved past Addison, distinctly hearing Dustin chuckling.

Storming into my room and slamming the door, I dumped myself onto my cloud-like bed and cried.

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