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We certainly did get the party started. Julian had turned on the sound system and started blasting classic club tunes throughout the basement. ‘All I Ever Wanted’ by Basshunter was the first to come on.

I was glad to have this time to party and get drunk with my friends after everything. I could just get a drunk as I could possibly be, dance, play games and just have a good time.

At an hour in, we were all tipsy. We had spent a good portion of that time just drinking and chatting. Then Dustin thought it would be a good idea to do three different kinds of shots in a row.

At two hours in, we were definitely drunk. We had played a drinking game, which is meant to get you drunk, then we had started to dance. Ollie was more drunk than the rest of us and decided to give one of the bar stools a lap dance.

We were now three hours in, and all of us were very drunk. I had drunk half a bottle of raspberry vodka to myself as well as some of Dustin’s cider. Poppy, Aylee and I were currently on the pool table dancing along to the ‘Friends’ theme tune. I kept taking big gulps of my vodka, then span around.

I could feel eyes on me, so I turned to find the direction they were coming from. Kasper was propped up against the bar, smirking. I smiled back them jumped down from the pool table, making my way over to him.

“Hey,” he said. His breath was a mix of alcohol and mint.

“Have you spent this whole time just watching me?” I asked him, placing my bottle on the bar.

“I may have, but I couldn’t help it because you’re sexy as fuck,” he told me, lowering his voice.

“Oh really?” I moved closer to him and put my arms around his neck

“Yeah.” He encircled my waist, pulling me much closer.

Just as our lips were about to touch, we were interrupted by Aylee shouting at us from across the room.

“Oi, lovebirds! We’re going to play ‘Never Have I ever’, so get over here!”

I rolled my eyes but let go of Kasper. Aylee really has a talent for interrupting us. We went over to where the others had made themselves comfortable, draped over the furniture. The music had been turned down so we could all hear each other.

“Okay, so everyone obviously knows how this works so I will go first,” Aylee paused and thought for a moment. “Okay, easy one to get started. Never have I ever had sex.”

Everyone drank.

“Never have I ever kissed someone of the same gender,” Ollie said.

Dustin, Luca, Poppy and Aylee drank.

“Who have you girls kissed?” Ollie asked.

“Just a random lass when I was very drunk,” Aylee told him and laughed.

“I kissed my ex-best friend,” Poppy said.

“Never have I ever had a threesome,” Luca said.

Only Poppy drank.

“Oh my god, who with?” I asked.

“My ex-boyfriend and my ex-best friend. We were also drunk and thought we should try it. Turned out he had been cheating with her anyway,” Poppy told us.

“Never have I ever shot a gun,” Dustin stated.

Aylee, Julian, Kasper and I drank.

“Never have I ever had sex outside,” Poppy said.

Kasper and I drank.

“Where?” Aylee asked. When we didn’t answer, she realised. “Oh god, not the hut we all slept in?”

“Okay! My turn!” I hurried to change the subject. “Never have I ever had a one night stand.”

Kasper, Julian, Aylee, Poppy and Ollie drank.

“Never have I ever had a friend with benefits kind of situation,” Julian said.

Kasper and I drank.

“Never have I ever done a strip tease,” Kasper said.

Only I drank.

“Damn girl, really?” Poppy asked.

“Yeah, it was for… erm, him,” I replied, and everyone knew it was Jax.

The memory surfaced in my mind. It wasn’t just for Jax, he had asked me to do it in front of all of the guys, and me being totally in love (and probably drunk and high) did it. I didn’t get all the way naked, but I was near enough.

No one said anything else about it and we kept playing. We played until we ran out of question and we were all completely mortal, but it was now getting closer to midnight.

Julian turned the TV on then changed it to BBC One where they broadcasted live from Big Ben in London. There was thousands of people in the crowd, the clock was lit up and you could see the hands ticking slowly by as it was getting closer to 2020. The London Eye was lit up in blue and there was a countdown timer on a nearby building, which was also lit up in blue.

There was five minutes left until midnight. Five minutes until we were in a new decade.

Then there was four minutes left. At four minutes left, the music was turned down slightly.

Then there was three minutes left. At three minutes left, we went to go stand with our respective partners.

Then there was two minutes left. At two minutes left I could feel all the tension and anxiety for it to be midnight.

Then there was one minute left. At one minute left you could almost feel the crowd on TV getting antsy.

Then there was ten seconds left. At ten seconds left, we started to count down.

“Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One!” We all shouted.

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” We practically screamed. We could just hear the chime of Big Ben over our shouting.

I kissed Kasper softly before turning round to look back at the TV. The crowd had gone wild, Big Ben was chiming, and the fireworks had been set off. They were coming from the London Eye next to the river. We watched the fireworks in amazement and danced along to the music which was playing.

“Happy New Year guys, I love you all,” Luca said to us.

“We love you too!” Poppy replied, moving to hug Luca.

We all hugged and kissed each other. Poppy, Aylee and I group hugged while the boys did those “manly” hugs. Julian moved over to me and wrapped his arms around me.

“Happy New Year baby sister,” he said.

“You too big brother,” I replied.

We didn’t really party much after that, we mainly just sat and chatted, trying to sober up before going to sleep. But after a short time of chatted, we all made our way up to the kitchen to grab something to eat.

I had decided on toast. I sat happily on the counter, munching away on my food.

“Are you seriously having a pot noodle at quatre to one in the morning?” Dustin said from the other side of the kitchen.

I looked up to see he was talking to Aylee who was currently stirring a brown pot noodle.

“Yes. Yes, I am.” Almost as if to prove a point, she shoved a forkful of noodles into her gob.

“Okay then, weirdo.” Dustin moved away from Aylee towards the fridge, grabbing some cheese.

I shoved half a slice of toast into my mouth at once then opened a bag of beef Hula Hoops. It took a minute before I had fully swallowed my toast then I started eating my crisps.

“You’re just as weird for eating crisps!” Dustin said to me, just as I was about to put my first hoop in my mouth.

I then simply dropped it in, stuck my finger up at him and smiled before proceeding to scoff the rest of the Hula Hoops. Damn, they taste much nicer when you’re drunk.

“I’m knackered now,” Luca said, yawning.

“I know, me too,” Kasper agreed.

The night was pretty much over now, so we headed upstairs. Poppy, Aylee and I went into one of the bathrooms to take our makeup off. We all took turns to pee then brush our teeth. We said our goodnights then headed to our rooms.

Kasper had gotten changed while I’d been out. He was wearing loose joggers and no shirt. I couldn’t help but stare. Damn, he was gorgeous. The intricate pattern of his tattoo really was beautiful.

“You enjoying the view?” He asked me, laughing.

“Yes, I am,” I replied, smirking then took off my socks.

He rolled his eyes but chuckled.

“Did you actually do a strip tease?” Kasper questioned.

“Uh…yeah, why?” I asked.

“Nothing, it’s just hot,” he told me.

I raised an eyebrow then smirked. I grabbed my phone and scrolled through the music before putting on a song.

I pulled my hair out of its ponytail, shanking my head slightly and letting it fall down my back. Kasper looked at me quizzically before he realised what I was doing.

I started to move my hips to the music, moving my hands up and down my body and into my hair. Kasper sat down on the edge of the bed, watching me intently, his eyes wide.

I pulled my shirt off slowly, leaving me in a red lacy bra and my red skater skirt. I moved closer to him, going along to the beat of the music. I put my hands on his knees and slowly twisted down before coming back up. I bit my lip and looked into his eyes.

I took a step back and removed my skirt. I was now just in my matching red lacy underwear set. I took slow steps forward then turned around, moving so I was basically giving him a lap dance. I span slowly to face him again before climbing onto his lap, straddling him. I could feel how much he wanted me right now.

I pressed my lips to his and grinded on him. I could hear the moans coming from him. Kasper turned his body so he could throw me back onto the bed. We briefly disconnected while Kasper removed his joggers, but he was quick to come back to me.

He kissed me softly at first, but it got slightly rougher, which I liked. His tongue grazed my lips and I parted them, allowing him to deepen the kiss. He removed his lips from mine and I almost whimpered at the missing feeling but he moved down slightly and kissed my neck then collarbone then down my chest and stomach before coming back up.

We flipped over so I was now back on top of him. I grinded on him again, then kissed and sucked at his neck, my hands travelling up and down his toned body. I could feel Kasper’s hand moving round my back, expertly removing my bra, it slid down my arms and was discarded.

Before long, we were both completely naked. We spent the next ten minutes teasing each other before we finally gave in and had sex, which was amazing. Kasper had to cover my mouth a one point because I was being a bit too loud but that was his fault for making me feel that way, and maybe the alcohol’s fault too.

Once we had both finished, Kasper wrapped his arms around me tightly, pulling me closer to him. I had grabbed the shirt that he has been wearing today and pulled it over my head to go to sleep in.

“I love you Shay,” he whispered into my ear.

“I love you Kasper,” I replied.

I could feel my eyelids getting heavy and before I knew it, I was asleep.

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