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Why is the room spinning?

I sat up in bed. Shit that was a mistake. The room span even more. I groaned and fell back down. I felt for my phone on the bedside table, grabbing it to check the time. It was after noon.

Kasper was not next to me, he’d already gotten up. I grumbled to myself as I forced myself to stand. I grabbed a pair of pyjama bottoms and made my way slowly downstairs.

“Fucking hell Luca, could you not be so loud?” I heard Aylee scold from the kitchen.

“I literally just closed the cupboard,” he retorted.

I walked into the kitchen to see Poppy and Aylee slumped on the counter, against each other. Aylee had her head in her hands and Poppy was leant back against the wall slightly with sunglasses on. I immediately hopped up and joined them, leaning my head on Aylee’s shoulder.

“Jesus girls, I’ve never seen you guys in such a mess,” Dustin commented. This earned him the finger from all three of us.

“Where’s Kasper and Julian?” I asked the room.

“They went on a run, weirdos,” Ollie said, stuffing a slice of toast in his mouth. He was also currently frying bacon.

“I don’t know how they don’t have hangovers,” Poppy mumbled, now clutching her head.

“Oliver, where the fuck in my bacon?” Aylee snapped.

“Jeez, calm down woman, its cooking,” Ollie replied but earned a glare from Aylee.

A piercing sound rang through the kitchen, causing us girls to whine.

“What the hell is that noise?” Poppy complained.

“It’s Shay’s phone.” Dustin handed me my phone from the counter.

I groaned in disgust at the device before answering, putting it on loudspeaker. I could not be arsed to hold the phone to my ear right now.

“Happy New Year!” Mum shouted down the phone.

Her cheery and loud voice caused Poppy, Aylee and I to groan again.

Mum chuckled down the phone, “do you girls have hangovers?”

One of us, I’m honestly not sure who, grumbled a response.

“Yeah Auntie Juliet, they do,” Dustin said to her.

“Well I just wanted to call and see how you guys were doing. Also, I am supposed to let you know that it’s your Grandad’s birthday on the fifth, so we all have to make an appearance,” she told us.

“Bollocks, I forgot about that,” Dustin replied. “We’ll be there though.”

“Okay, well I’ll see you guys tomorrow when you get back, love to you all!” And with that, she hung up.

Poppy, Aylee and I glared at the phone. How dare it be so loud?

“Here, Your Majesty’s bacon,” Ollie sniped as he handed over a bacon sandwich to Aylee and Poppy.

Aylee gave him a wry smile before she started to eat the food.

“Can’t believe I have to go back to being in the same house as Gran, Addison and Ellen. I do miss Grandad though, he was always nice to me,” I said, sighing.

“Who was always nice to you?” Kasper said, walking in the kitchen with Julian by his side.

“Grandad. It his birthday on the fifth and Mum has requested that we go see him. I just don’t want to see the witches,” I told him.

Kasper nodded and gave me a knowing look. He went to the fridge and grabbed out two bottles of water, chucking one at my brother.

“Want me to come?” Kasper asked me.

“God yes, I don’t think I could do it without you.” I jumped down from the counter and hugged him.

I instantly recoiled back as soon as I touched him. “Eww, you’re all sweaty!”

Kasper chuckled and rolled his eyes, leaning down to kiss the top of my head. He then left the room, announcing that he was off for a shower.

“Don’t take too long, I gotta shower too!” Julian called after him.

“Don’t even think about coming near me when you’re that sweaty, I’m too hungover to deal with that emotional trauma,” Aylee grumbled into her bacon sandwich.

“Mate, control your missus, she’s been well testy this morning!” Ollie said to Julian.

“She’s on her period and hungover, not surprised,” Julian stated, a small smile tugging at his lips.

Aylee gave her boyfriend the finger then shoved the last of her bacon sandwich in her mouth. She jumped down from the counter and left the room.

“I’m taking a nap!” Aylee called to us.

“Ooh, a nap sounds so good,” Poppy said, following Aylee out of the room.

“Well, I’m going to go pack up some stuff because I won’t be arsed to do in the morning.” I waved to the boys as I left the kitchen and hurried up the stairs.

I entered my room just as Kasper came out of the bathroom, he shouted to Julian to let him know he was done. I smiled at him as he followed me into our room. He was fully dressed now and was towel drying his hair.

I grabbed my bag and started to put in my clothes, picking an outfit out to wear tomorrow. I wasn’t going to bother getting changed out of my pyjamas today because we weren’t going anywhere as almost everything was shut due to it being New Year’s Day.

I stuffed the carrier bag full of laundry into my bag, on top of all my unused clothes. I double checked that I had all my clothes pack in then zipped it up. The only things left to pack away was my makeup, brush and toothbrush.

I glanced into the mirror and groaned when I saw my hair sticking up like a bird’s nest, kind of similar to what Poppy and Aylee looked like downstairs. I grabbed my hairbrush and dragged it through the tats. After five minutes of whining as I brushed my hair, it was finally silky smooth again.

“Hey babe, you want me to pack up your stuff too?” I asked Kasper. He was lounging on the bed, watching me with an amused expression. “What are you smiling at?”

“Nothing, you’re just too cute with a pout… but yeah, if you don’t mind.”

I nodded and grabbed his bag, packing it the same way that I did mine. When I was finished, I chucked it next to mine and dropped myself onto the bed.

Kasper pulled me up to him, so I was tucked under his arm with his head on mine. I threw my arm over his stomach and snuggled in.

“Hey Kasper?”

“Yeah?” he answered.

“You’re my boyfriend, right?” I asked him.

Kasper pulled away and looked at me with confusion. “Um, I certainly hope so.”

“Okay cool, just checking. We just never…well, confirmed it, I guess…” I said.

“Well, I did tell you that I loved you.”

“Yeah, I know. I just wanted to be sure.”

Kasper chuckled and kissed my head, before pulling me in even closer.

I hadn’t realised I’d fallen asleep until I was gently shaken away by my (newly confirmed) boyfriend.

“Babe, dinner’s ready.”

I mumbled something which probably came out incoherent, but I’m sure it was that I’d be there is a second. I sat up and stretched, rubbing my face. I made my way downstairs and inhaled the scent of pasta. I grinned immediately.

The table had been set and was full of food. There was two big bowls of plain penne and spaghetti pasta, two respective jugs of pasta/spaghetti sauce, two garlic bread baguettes, a medium sized bowl of grated cheese and a giant bowl of salad. Off to the side of the table, there was a trolly which held a selection of canned soft drinks and a jug of ice water.

“Jesus, who did this?” I asked the room.

“Luca and Dustin,” Julian answered.

“Wow, this is amazing guys!” I yelled, hoping they’d hear me from wherever they were.

Both boys emerged from the kitchen and thanked me. We all grabbed something to drink and then took our seats. I was sat in between Kasper and Luca. We all started to fill our plates.

I chose to have some plain penne pasta sprinkled with cheese, some garlic bread and a can of coke. I grabbed the salt from the middle of the table and dusted my food with it. I shoved a forkful into my mouth and tried my best not to moan in appreciation.

“This is so yummy!” Ollie said in between mouthfuls of spaghetti. Dustin and Luca grinned their thanks.

Within half an hour, almost all the food was gone, and we were pretty much stuffed. I’d had two portions of pasta and an unhealthy amount of cheese. I’d seen Ollie fill his plate three times, all with different foods.

“Tanks for this, it was great,” Julian told the boys.

“Well, it was our last night, so we thought we’d do something nice for you guys and we all know how much this group likes food,” Dustin said, causing everyone to laugh in agreement.

“What time are we heading home tomorrow?” Luca asked.

“Whenever we want, it’ll probably end up being around noon. We just need to sort our shit out before we go. We don’t have to clean though because Dad said he’ll have the cleaners come in to do that for us,” Julian told us.

After another few minutes of chatting, we all did our bit to clear the table and load the dishwasher. I grabbed another can of coke before heading down to the basement, Aylee and Poppy following behind. The boys told us that they’d do the rest of the cleaning if we wanted to go relax. The three of us jumped to accept that off immediately.

“This was a brilliant idea,” Poppy said as she slumped on one side of the couch.

“Definitely, we needed this,” I said and took the other side.

Aylee plonked herself down in the middle then turned to lie down. She had her head on my lap and her legs over Poppy. She sighed in content as she did so.

“Comfy there?” I asked her.

Aylee grinned up at me and nodded.

“I really don’t wanna leave this place. Especially since I’ll have to go back to Gran’s this week. I don’t wanna see Addison, Ellen or the Head Witch,” I grumbled.

“Well, maybe it won’t be so bad? I mean, Addison has been leaving you alone recently,” Aylee said.

“Yeah, maybe the novelty of harassing you wore off?” Poppy said.

“Hmm…I don’t know, I just feel like there is something else going on,” I said.

“Really? Like what?” Poppy asked.

“Honestly, I’m not sure but it just seems rather weird how she just completely switched off, she was having a ball making my life hell.”

“Maybe she just gave in? I mean, you have Kasper and you moved out, there really isn’t anything left for her to mess with,” Aylee told me.

“Yeah, you guys are right. I just don’t remember the last time I didn’t have to look over my shoulder or wasn’t waiting for the other shoe to drop,” I explained.

“That’s only natural, it’ll probably take you a little while to readjust,” Poppy said.

“Ollie, it was just soap, stop complaining!” Kasper’s voice coming from the top of the stairs made us turn around and look.

“No, there was some pasta sauce there too Kasper! Look at this! This is a white shirt, how am I going t explain this to my mother?” Ollie answered.

“Your mother? What are you? Twelve? Wash the damn thing yourself and google how to get a fucking sauce stain out of it!” Kasper retorted.

“I…but – you know what, that’s not the point! It’s the principle of the thing!” Ollie said.

“What principles?” Kasper asked.

“These principles!” Ollie shot back.

“And fuck you too,” Kasper said.

I heard Ollie huff and then a few seconds later the stairs started to creek. Ollie emerged from the upstairs with a face like a smacked arse.

“What the hell was that about?” Aylee asked.

Ollie slumped down next to Poppy, squashing her slightly. “Your boyfriend just wrecked my favourite shirt!”

Ollie pointed an accusing finger at me then pointed at a tiny orange spot on the hem of his shirt. Poppy, Aylee and I looked at each other then turned to Ollie.

“That’s literally just a tiny spec!” Poppy said.

“No, it’s not! Its huge!” Ollie yelled.

“Its not even as big as a penny!” I told him.

“Still…” Ollie grumbled.

I shook my head in slight disbelief but dropped the subject.

When the rest of the boys were done, they came downstairs. Ollie glared at Kasper as he sat down next to me but didn’t bring up the ‘incident’ again. We stuck on a movie, but it was mainly background noise as we chatted.

Around ten, we decided to go up to bed as everyone was tired and there was still some packing to do. I trudged up the stairs behind Luca before going into my room to grab my toothbrush. Dustin and Julian were already in the bathroom brushing their teeth. I quickly did mine, said goodnight to my brother and cousin then returned to my room.

Kasper was already sorted for bed when I came in. I was quite glad I didn’t bother to change out of my pyjamas today because I was too tired to be doing that now. We got into bed and I snuggled up close to Kasper, he wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed the top of my head. Before long I could feel myself falling asleep.

Where the hell was I? I sat up from where I’d been lying. My head hurt and I was slightly dizzy. I tried to stand but fell back down straight away. I took a deep breath and tried standing again, this time successfully. I leaned against the wall behind me, hoping it would steady my shaking legs.

Wherever I was, it was dark. I could just see due to the moonlight which shone through a small window. I was in a small dingy brick room, or more like a prison cell and the only furniture consisted of the dirty mattress which I woke up on, that was shoved up against the wall with the window. I stood on my tip toes to look through the window, but it just looked out into complete darkness. I knew I would be small enough to fit through if there wasn’t metal bars making sure I couldn’t.

I tried to scream but nothing came out. No sound, not even a tiny squeak.

What the hell?

I tried again to use my voice but there was no sound. I even tried clearing my throat, but it was only silence.

What’s going on?

I turned towards the door when I started to hear footsteps coming towards it. I began to panic, not knowing who was coming through the door. I heard the jangle of keys and the turning of the lock. I expected Jax to walk in, with that smug look of his plastered all over his face.

But who I saw, wasn’t Jax.

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