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As we loaded the cars with our bags, I couldn’t shake off the dream I’d had last night. I had expected Jax, more than anything. But when Anton walked in, I didn’t know what to think. Maybe my subconscious was finally coming to terms with the fact that Jax was dead but needs something to fill that fear.

I so hope that it only stays a dream, or rather a nightmare.

“Hey, Shay…can you pass that bag?” I heard the voice, but I didn’t listen.

“Shay?” Fingers snapped in front of my eyes and I blinked out of my thoughts.

“Hmm, what?” I turned to look at the voice, Dustin stood there with a concerned expression.

“You okay?” he asked me then bent down to pick up the bag himself.

Truth or lie?

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just dazed I guess,” I replied. Huh, I chose lie.

“Well stop dazing and help me woman!” Dustin joked.

I stuck my tongue out at him then grabbed another bag, shoving it into one of the cars.

When the cars were packed, we didn’t waste any time before jumping in and heading back to reality. I didn’t really want to go back, I just wanted to stay here with my friends in a perfect little life.

But no.

Life didn’t work like that. We had to go back to reality.

The car ride on the way back was quieter than the car ride on the way there. Aylee drove, Poppy was in the passenger seat and I was sprawled out across the back seats using a folded up coat as a pillow. I had shoved my earphones in and blasted Skillet into my eardrums.

Despite the fact that I hadn’t woken up at all last night, even after my nightmare, I was still exhausted. I was more than likely emotionally drained, and I didn’t even blame my emotions, they’d been through a lot of shit lately.

“Shay?” A gentle nudge pulled me out of a sleep that I didn’t realise I’d fallen in to.

I looked up to see Poppy smiling at me. I didn’t say anything but sat up straight away. I stretched and rubbed my face. I caught sight of myself in the rear view mirror and almost cringed at the state of my hair. I ran my fingers through it to flatten it down.

We were halfway through unloading some of the bags from the cars and transferring others into Ollie’s truck so he could drop people off, when the door to the house sprang open and out rushed my parents.

“Oh my god! You’re back!” Mum squealed like a teenager.

“Thank fuck! I have missed my kids!” Dad said.

Just as the pair were about to step forward to come hug Julian and I, Grandma came barging past. She was in her trademark apron with some flour smudged across her face. She’d been baking. Again.

“Move out the way! I want to hug my grand-babies!” she announced.

Grandma grabbed both Julian and I then pulled us into a very tight hug.

“Mother!” Dad protested.

“Oh, hush Christopher, I am your mother which means I am the boss, so I get to hug them first!” Grandma snapped.

“But – I… fine.” I could see Dad huffing but Mum pulled a face at him like she knew it was going to happen.

Grandma squeezed us even tighter. Damn, how strong was this lady?! When she let us go, I felt as if I could breathe again. My parents were finally allowed to come hug us. Over Mum’s shoulder, I saw Grandma go round and hug everyone else.

Mum pulled back and looked at me, tears in her eyes.

“Why are you crying?” I asked her.

“I just missed you and I’ve been worrying about him, but I know he’s gone but its probably just going to be a really bad habit to break,” she told me.

“Trust me, I know exactly what you mean,” I said.

“I have something I need to tell you later by the way,” Mum said, a look on her face I couldn’t decipher.

I nodded but didn’t get a chance to reply as I was engulfed in a massive bear hug from my dad, he picked me up and spun me around, squeezing me even tighter.

“Dad…can’t…breathe,” I managed out.

“Shit, sorry.” He put me down but didn’t let go of the hug for a few seconds.

“Guys, I have been away for only a few days, not ten years!”

“When you’re a parent, you’ll understand but until then, no comment,” Dad said to me.

The adults went back inside and left us kids to sort out our bags. We chatted for a few minutes then said goodbye to those who were leaving. Kasper, Aylee, Julian and I were staying here. Kasper and Aylee had pretty much moved themselves in and since they were eighteen, their parents couldn’t do a thing about it.

We headed inside the house, I smiled at the two guards which stood on the door and they gave me a very professional head nod back. The house was quiet today, only a few members of the security detail was dotted around.

When we walked into my room, a new dresser and wardrobe had been put in, next to the ones I already had. There was a note on top of the dresser which read:

Kasper, here are your own set of drawers since you basically live here, I thought you’d want somewhere to store your crap. Love Chris

“Guess that’s all the permission I need,” Kasper said, chuckling.

Aylee burst through the door with a bit of paper in her hand. She shoved it in our direction and it basically said the exact same thing.

“You seen this?” Aylee asked us.

“Yeah, Kasper got one too.” I showed her Kasper’s paper.

“Thank god! I am so glad to be out of that house!” Aylee squealed and jumped up and down.

I rolled my eyes and smiled at her. Aylee turned to leave just as Julian came into the room, phone in hand.

“Shay, Dad wants me and you to go to the living room,” he said to me.

“Wonder what they want,” I asked Julian, who simply shrugged.

We trotted downstairs and into the living room. Dad, Mum, Grandma and Grandfather were sitting on one side of the large L-sofa. The two of us sat on the other side. Mum and Dad were in the middle with a grandparent on either side. Grandma couldn’t seem to contain her excitement while Grandfather wanted to be anywhere else.

“So, your dad and I would like to tell you something…” Mum started.

“What?” Julian asked.

“Well, when you guys were away, we were able to actually sit down and have a really good conversation. We also realised that we actually still had feelings for each other,” Mum said.

“Which is why we were probably being arsey to each other before,” Dad added.

“We?” Mum looked at Dad, raising her eyebrows.

“Okay, me.” Dad pulled a guilty face.

“So, you guys are, what? Dating?” I asked.

“Um…well, not exactly…”

“THEY’RE ENGAGED!” Grandma jumped up and shouted with excitement, cutting my mum off.

“Mother!” Dad hissed.

“Oh, you shut up, I will be as happy as I damn well please!” Grandma told her son.

Julian and I looked at each other, not saying anything for a moment, before looking back to our parents.

“So…” Julian started.

“You’re getting married?” I finished.

Both of them nodded.

“Like you’re not going to split up again?” Julian asked.

“And we’re all going to live here?” I asked. I mean, we were all living here anyway…

They both nodded again.

“Cool,” Julian said casually, but with a smile of pure joy on his face.

“Awesome,” I said, grinning.

“Jesus you two, I had more excitement in my little finger!” Grandma said, holding up her little finger.

“We’re just not really that surprised,” I said.

“Yeah, we kinda figured it would happen sooner or later,” Julian added. “You told Alexis?”

“Funnily enough, she was the one who asked me when I was marrying Jules,” Dad said. “I think she just assumed that we were together because Juliet has been around so much.”

“Hang on a minute, where is Alexis?” I asked, realising I had not seen the tiny, hyperactive girl.

“She’s at her friend Sophie’s house for the day, she will be back in a couple hours,” Grandfather said.

“Okay, cool.” I nodded.

Julian and I were dismissed so we got up to leave. Julian paused then turned back round to say something else.

“Also, what’s with them dressers?”

“Well, they were just putting their shit in the corner of the rooms and it was kind of infuriating, so we got them one each, plus it’s not like they ever go home nowadays, is it?” Dad explained.

“Right,” Julian responded.

Walking back to our rooms, we discussed the recent news.

“What the hell?” I laughed.

“We leave them for a few days, and this happens, should have left months ago!” Julian shook his head.

We walked back into my room to see Aylee sprawled out on my bed, star-fishing and Kasper perching on the corner, glaring at his step-sister.

“Do you have to take up so much room? You’re a tiny human, why can’t you curl up on a pillow?” he grumbled.

“Because shush, that’s why,” Aylee snapped.

Kasper shook his head then turned toward the door, he stood up immediately and came over. Aylee’s head snapped up when she heard Kasper move.

“What did they say?” Aylee asked as she moved into a sitting position.

I sat down next to her before speaking. “They’re engaged.”

“What?!” Aylee screamed.

“Yep, getting married,” Julian said.

“Well then,” Kasper muttered.

The four of us chatted for a while before Aylee and Julian went back to their room. Alexis had come to see us for a few minutes when she got home before going off to have her bath then bed.

When it was nearing ten o’clock, Kasper and I started to get sorted to go to sleep. I bumped into Aylee in the bathroom and we spent ten minutes chatting then brushed our teeth.

“What took you so long?” Kasper asked me when I came back in the room.

He was already in bed when I’d gotten back.

“Blame Aylee, she was in the bathroom too and we just started talking,” I said then climbed into the bed next to him.

“Honestly, you girls. How do you find so many things to talk about?” he asked.

I shrugged then moved over to snuggle into Kasper. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed the top of my head.

“I really enjoyed that holiday,” I told Kasper.

“Me too, we should all go back, make it a regular thing,” Kasper said.

I nodded into Kasper’s chest, starting to feel myself falling asleep. I wriggled and turned over to get comfortable, Kasper put his arm over my waist and pulled me into his chest.

“I can’t believe my parents are getting married,” I whispered.

“I know,” Kasper agreed.

Getting married. My parents are getting married. If someone had come to me a year ago and told me that my mum and dad would be engaged within the new year, I’d have told them to fuck off and check into the looney bin. Hell, if someone had told me that I’d be living with my dad, I would have laughed in their face.

My life is so different to what it was a year ago. I didn’t have to look over my shoulder for my bastard of an ex-boyfriend, I had an amazing group of friends, I had a bother and a sister, I had a boyfriend and I had finally met my dad.

I could honestly say that I was truly happy, except for the nightmares…

Sorry, this is kind of a filler chapter and it's kind of short but I promise the next one is going to be good (I hope) x

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