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I groaned when my alarm went off for school. For once, I had been having such a nice dream about bunnies that could fly, but that obnoxious sound had to ruin it. My arm flung out, reaching for Kasper, only to realise he wasn’t there.

I sat up and looked at the empty space, seeing a note on the pillow which told me he’d gone for a quick run before school. I screwed up my face in disgust, I really don’t know why someone would wake up this early to willingly do exercise.

I flopped back down on my pillow for a few minutes, thinking about last night. I was glad when I realised that the twins were only there to race. They did their tactic and won, as usual. The guys noticed this as well, all of them f-ing and blinding at the pair.

I had chosen not to say anything about them, it was clear they weren’t here to cause trouble, so I didn’t want to start anything by opening my big mouth. If I had seen Anton or Thai, then I would have said something.

Thai was probably the worst out them all, but probably because he had major anger issues with a childlike mind, which they used to their advantage. None of them really trusted Thai because he was so unpredictable, which was why they kept him close.

I slugged out of bed and across the hall to the bathroom, meeting Aylee who was already in there brushing her teeth. I grabbed my toothbrush, putting the paste on and then running it under the water.

“Did you see that note this morning?” Aylee asked me as she rinsed her brush.

“Yeah, absolutely disgusting behaviour,” I said with the toothbrush in my gob.

“Why would anyone choose to do that to themselves?” Aylee shook her head.

I shrugged and spat in the sink then washed my face. By the time we were finished in the bathroom and went back to our rooms, Kasper was back. He smiled at me brightly and I gave him a look of disgust.

“Ugh, can’t believe you choose to do this to yourself.”

Kasper chuckled at me, opening his wardrobe, and pulling out his school uniform. He took off his shirt and I openly stared at him.

Damn he was so hot.

His intricate tattoos swirled around his upper body. Kasper caught me staring and smirked, planting a kiss on my head as he walked out the room to go take a shower.

I pulled my uniform on and brushed my hair, pulling half of it up. I grabbed my mascara to put a light coating on my lashes. I gave myself an overall look in the mirror and made my way downstairs.

I headed straight to the kitchen for some breakfast, but my stomach had other ideas when I walked in and saw my dad’s tongue down my mum’s throat.

“Guys! No!” I shouted, averting my eyes.

They broke apart, looking like two guilty teenagers.

“I thought you supported this?” Mum questioned.

“I support the relationship, but I do not support the live porn show in the kitchen,” I grumbled.

“Who’s doing a live porn show?” Julian asked as he came into the kitchen with Aylee, Kasper shortly following.

I pulled a face and pointed at the “adults”. Julian visibly cringed then muttered a few choice words.

The four of us quickly grabbed some portable food then left the house before we witnessed anything else and headed to school.

I did not want to go to school, it had been a brilliant Christmas holiday, but of course, good things don’t last forever.

When we got there, we headed straight to the library to meet our friends. We chatted for a bit and I told them about the porn show in the kitchen.

“Eww, what the hell?” Dustin said, shuddering.

“Those were my thoughts exactly,” I said.

“That’s not something you want to see first thing in the morning,” Poppy said.

I shook my head as the bell went. We packed up our stuff and made our way to our lessons.

During Maths, I almost fell asleep because the teacher would not stop rambling on about their Christmas holiday. We only started to do some actual Maths about ten minutes before the bell went, which I didn’t actually do because I was too busy watching a squirrel out of the window. It had been darting up and down one of the trees and I found that more entertaining than Maths.

During break, we sat in the library again because Luca complained it was too cold to sit outside. It was a very uneventful break time, except the fact that when Ollie was swinging on his chair, Aylee pushed it and he fell backwards. We got glared at by the librarian for laughing.

On my way to my second lesson, my phone started to ring.

“Hello?” I said into the phone.

No response.

“Hello?” I tried again.

When I got no response again, I hung up the phone. Stupid cold callers probably.

In Biology we did a stem cell experiment which I did not understand at all, so I spent the lesson copying off the person next to me and let them do all of the actual experimenting. From across the room, I could see Aylee doing the same thing.

I met Luca in the hallway on the way to English and thankfully I sat next to him. Again, we didn’t really pay attention, we just sat at the back of classroom and gossiped about anyone we could think of. The teacher glared at us and told us to shut up a few times, but in the end, she seemed to give up.

When the bell rang for lunch time, I practically raced to lunch line, leaving poor Luca behind. I grabbed a small pizza, potato wedges and a bottle of fresh orange. I glanced around the cafeteria, spotting the Dustin, Julian and the girls, so I made my way over then dropped down at the table and dug in.

“Jeez woman, you not getting fed at home?” Poppy asked.

“Hush, I’m eating,” I responded.

Aylee chuckled and Poppy rolled her eyes.

“Oh my god, you’ll never believe what I just heard!” Ollie said as he sat down.

We all looked at him expectedly.

“Molly and Jack Dawson are having a party!” He exclaimed, as Luca and Kasper took their seats.

“So?” I asked.

“Yeah, what about it?” Poppy said.

“Ugh, keep forgetting you guys are so new, but their parties are insane. Their parents only go away like once a year and they’re insanely rich! Not like Christopher rich, but rich, nonetheless. Their house is massive! But anyway, they throw a twenty-four hour party, from twelve lunch time! We have to go!”

“When is it?” Poppy asked.

“Starts on Saturday and I would advise a full English plus extras before we go,” Ollie said, a full smile on his face.

“Is that a hint you want to go out for breakfast?” Julian asked him.

Ollie scoffed. “Obviously.”

“Mate, last year you got so wasted you walked home in nothing but a sock,” Dustin said, laughing.

“Uh… a sock?” Kasper questioned.

“And it wasn’t on his foot,” Luca told him.

Kasper raised an eyebrow at Ollie, who was trying so hard to keep a straight face. I shook my head, taking a bit of my pizza.

The rest of lunch was quite nice, the guys were talking about last year’s party and what happened. When the bell went, I grumbled and trudged slowly to my last lessons. Kasper threw an arm around my shoulder as we walked to History, and I couldn’t help but notice the daggers I was getting from almost every single girl in the hallway. We took our seats at the back of the classroom. Within minutes the teacher was introducing the new topic for this term, The Prohibition.

After another hour of another dull lesson, we were finally finished the day. Ollie had put in the group chat that he wanted ice cream and demanded that we should go get some with him. We all met at the ice cream place, the same one we had come to after my first party here.

“What you looking at?” I asked Ollie as he eyed my ice cream cone. I had asked for a cone of vanilla with a flake

“Vanilla? Really?” He replied.

“What’s wrong with vanilla?” Luca asked.

“It’s just so boring,” Ollie said.

I stuck my tongue out at him then continued to eat my ice cream. He watched me for a few more seconds, shook his head in disapproval then went back to concentrating on his double chocolate chip and cookie dough ice cream.

“So, have your parents set any kind of date to get married?” Poppy asked.

“Not that we know of, I think they’re just in the gooey and soppy romantic bit at the moment,” Julian told her.

“That much is obvious, especially after this morning,” I said, cringing.

“Eww, please don’t put me off my ice cream,” Ollie said, making us all laugh.

By the time we got home, it was after seven and I was exhausted I took myself upstairs for a nice relaxing bath. Dad needed Kasper and Julian for something and Aylee facetimed her mum.

After my bath, I got into my pyjamas and snuggled into bed with my iPad. I put on Netflix and started to watch New Girl. It didn’t matter how many times I had seen this show, I loved it. After a while, my eyes started to feel heavy and before I knew it, I was asleep.

I was glad it was the end of the day, I was too schooled out. I walked towards my bike, putting my bag in the seat compartment when I heard a voice.

“Hey Shay.” I looked up to see the twins.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” I asked.

“Nothing much,” Ace started.

“Jax just wanted us to tell you,” Dante continued.

“To remember to come to the tracks tonight, we’re racing,” Ace finished.

I shivered slightly, it creeped me out when they spoke like that. I nodded and threw my leg over the bike, ready to drive off. When I didn’t hear the twins leave, I looked back in their direction.

“Erm… anything else?” I asked them.

They both studied me, saying nothing, then turned to leave. I watched them as they went over to their own bikes. That was weird, but then again, I don’t think they did anything normal. I shrugged to myself and headed home.

I unlocked the door and shouted to Mum but there was no answer, indicating she was working. I rushed upstairs to take a shower and get dressed. I pulled on some tight leather shorts with fishnet tights and black crop top then threw a leather jacket on. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and quickly did my makeup. Once I was ready, I texted Jax to tell him I was on my way.

I flew out of the house and went straight to the tracks. I parked next to Jax’s group, hopping off straight away. Jax saw me and smirked, coming over to kiss me. I looked around and took in who was here. Jax, Anton, Thai, and the Twins. It seemed like it was a small group tonight, as normally there were a lot more people here, but they also tended to show up a bit later, to bet on whoever was racing.

As if on cue, around ten more people showed up. Mostly guys with a few of their girlfriends, who all hated me. They went about placing their bets on the twins, obviously large sums of money.

Soon enough, the race was beginning. Everyone who was entering got into position, the sound of a gun echoed throughout the tracks and everyone sped off. I knew it was Dante who was going to win this time while Ace would sabotage the other racers. I watched as they manoeuvred expertly around the track. It didn’t take long before Ace had taken down the two biggest threats, and after that it was smooth racing for Dante.

When Dante inevitably won, we all cheered. Ace came back over to us first, a smirk on his face. Dante came over shortly afterwards, handing a wad of cash over to his twin brother. The boys started talking, leaving me standing slightly off to the side.

“Hey there, what’s your name?” a voice said from behind me.

I span around and took in the face of a very good-looking guy.

“Hi, I’m Shaylin,” I replied.

“Kyle,” he said bluntly. “What is a beautiful girl like you doing standing here all alone?”

“Oh, I’m not alone, my friends are just there.” I pointed to the group behind me.

“I see, well how about you leave your friends and come home with me?” Kyle moved closer into me.

“Or how about you fuck off before I shoot you in the head?” Jax threatened from behind me.

“Piss off mate, you don’t have a…” Kyle trailed off as Jax pulled out his gun and pointed it at his forehead.

Kyle said nothing further, just turned and ran off. Jax put his gun away then grabbed my upper arm, forcing me to turn and face him. His grip was tight around my arm and I knew it would leave a bruise.

“What the fuck to you think you’re doing?” Jax hissed at me.

“I wasn’t doing anything,” I replied, trying my best to stay strong. This side of him scared me.

“Really? Because it looked like you were about ready to go home and fuck him!” Jax growled, his grip tightening.

“Jax, no. Ah – stop, you’re hurting me.” I tried to pull away but that only made it worse.

“Good, maybe next time you wont whore yourself out!”

He pushed me away and I stumbled, almost falling over. Jax stalked away from me and back to the guys. I could feel a bruise forming already on my arm. I stood there, pleading with myself not to cry, but one tear betrayed my pleas.

The bed shifted besides me, waking me up from the memory. I turned over and saw Kasper with my iPad in his hand, putting it on the bedside table. We didn’t speak, he just wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer. I sighed into him and fell back to sleep, thankfully it was dreamless.

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