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“Dad, really? Do we have to do this now?” I whined as my dad threw me some boxing gloves.

“Yes, because I would like to know how well you are able to defend yourself,” he said.

“I can defend myself just fine!” Dad gave me a look as if he didn’t believe me.

In all honesty, I could. Jax had made me train with him multiple times a week and I was actually fairly good. I had been told that because I was small was more of an advantage than a disadvantage because I could duck out of the way or go for the legs, that kind of thing.

It didn’t matter how much I argued with him, he still wanted to see. Dad put on the boxing pads then came to stand in front of me. He held his hands up and started spouting out some crap about the correct techniques, which I already knew.

“Okay, give it your best shot, hit me,” he said.

I rolled my eyes and swung out, hitting the pad. Dad obviously didn’t expect me to hit with such force because he stumbled back with a shocked look on his face.

“Told you I was fine,” I said, smirking.

“Who - that was perfect form, who taught you?” Dad asked.

“Uh, it was Jax actually. He made me train with him at least three times a week for months,” I told him, and he nodded.

“So, can I go? Because it’s a Friday night and I promised Aylee and Poppy that we’d have a girls night. Okay, thanks bye!” I threw my boxing gloves down and ran out of the room before he could argue.

To be honest, I didn’t have a girls night planned, I just wanted a night to myself. I ran upstairs and changed into an oversized woolly jumper and a pair of leggings. I pulled on some ankle boots and a jacket.

When I was ready, I peeked out of my room, looking both ways before heading downstairs. I didn’t mind any of the guards or staff saw me, but I just didn’t want anyone I knew to question where I was going.

I got on my bike and headed east to a small forest. When I got there, I pulled over in a small clearing. It was a nice day, cold but clear and dry.

I sat down on the grass, pulling my phone and headphones out of my pocket. I scrolled through the songs but couldn’t decide on my own, so I decided on shuffle. I lay back on the grass and stared up at the clouds.

I loved my family and friends but sometimes they can be a little overprotective and sometimes I just needed some time alone. In previous places, I didn’t have this many people who cared about me and I was alone a lot of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond happy that I have them, I’ve never had a network of people around me who are so genuine and supportive but sometimes it can become a tiny bit suffocating.

Like just yesterday at teatime, I was tired, so I was quieter than normal and almost every single person asked if I was okay at least twice. I understand that my life was at risk and there was a mini tyrant on the loose but now that’s done with, I wish people would stop babying me so much.

At least Mum and Dad are happy and more settled. Its just disgusting to watch when they’re being all lovey-dovey with each other. I’m glad they’re happy but why can’t they be happy without all the PDA?

I shivered as a flash of their soppiness came into mind. Its also not just them, Julian and Aylee have been extra gross lately too. Julian has been like ten times for attentive and seems more whipped than normal. The other day Julian went across town to get Aylee’s favourite milkshake, whereas Aylee has been slightly snappier. She had glared at Julian when he brought her an extra large one back as she’d only asked for a large. Like come on, it almost seems as if she’s preg-

I shot up.

Oh god.

She can’t be, right?

I picked up my phone and pulled up Aylee and my messages.

Me: hey Aylee, when you gonna be back at the house? Thought we could have a catch up x

Aylee: I’m on my way back now actually, will be there in ten x

I stared at the phone for a second then hurried to my bike, zooming off the way I came. When I got back, Aylee was pulling up in her car.

“Where’ve you been?” She asked when she climbed out.

“Just for a drive, felt like ages since I’d been on my bike,” I lied and thankfully Aylee didn’t question it.

We headed inside, passing by the kitchen so we could eat grab a can of coke then went up to my room. I dumped my jacket on the floor and pulled off my jumper. I grabbed my pyjama top and shoved that on.

I dropped down on my bed next to Aylee and glanced at her. Shit, how do I start?

“So, feels like I have seen you in ages, what’s new?” I sounded ridiculous.

“Nothing much, Christopher has got me decoding this encrypted document that someone from Italy sent him,” she replied casually.

“Oh really? Sounds fun.” Just ask for god’s sake. “But I mean, is anything new with you?”

“Uh, not really, you?” Aylee asked, bringing her drink up to her lips.

“Are you pregnant?!” I blurted out, cutting her off.

Aylee choked on her coke and started coughing. She paled, looking at me but didn’t answer straight away. Although, I could tell by her reaction, she was. I continued to stare at my best friend, waiting for an answer.

Finally, she took a deep breath and answered me. “Um, I think so…”

“What do you mean you think so?” I asked.

“Well, I took like three tests and they were all positive, but I haven’t been to the doctors to get it confirmed or anything, so in all honesty, I’m not a hundred percent sure,” Aylee told me.

“Whoa, how does Julian feel?”

“He’s actually been really good, so supportive. He told me that its completely my choice if I want to have this baby, you know, if I am.” I almost died at how cute that was.

“So, if you are?”

“If I am… then yeah, I think I’d have it,” she said, but her voice was shaky.

“Okay, well before you can obviously make that decision, you need to find out if you really are,” I paused then grabbed my phone.

“What are you doing?” Aylee asked.

“We’re going to go find out!” I said, typing away on my phone.

Two hours later, Aylee and I were sitting in the doctor’s waiting room. Aylee was tapping her feet nervously. A beep sounded and Aylee’s name popped up on the screen, along with the doctor and room number.

We walked a short way down the corridor then knocked on the door.

“Come in,” a female voice said.

We did as instructed. The doctor we saw was quite young, almost as if she’d just graduated from university. She smiled at us when we entered. Aylee and I sat down in the two chairs that we placed next to the desk.

“Hi, I’m Dr Brown,” she introduced. “What seems to be the issue?”

“Um… well – I uh…” Aylee attempted.

“She thinks she may be pregnant but is unsure,” I said.

“Right, and was this planned or not?” Dr Brown asked and Aylee shook her head.

“No, it wasn’t planned, I’m just in my last year of sixth form,” she told the doctor.

“Ah, I see. Well I can get a nurse to come take some blood which will be sent to the lab for a Quantitative Blood Serum test, it basically It measures the exact amount of hCG in your blood. Because this test can detect even trace amounts of hCG, it’s a very accurate test and this will give us a very clear answer. How does that sound?” Doctor Brown asked.

“Uh, okay yeah that sounds good,” Aylee answered.

“Or we could also give you an internal scan if you would like. This is very good at determining if there is a baby there as we would be able to see it on the screen. The choice is up to you,” Doctor Brown said.

“Actually, can I have the scan? It sounds more thorough,” Aylee said.

“Sure thing, if you head back into the waiting room, I will check if we have any space today for the scan.”

We both nodded and left the room.

“So, how are you feeling about this?” I asked as we sat down in the waiting room.

“Honestly, I’m not sure. I don’t think I’m ready for a baby yet, I’m too young,” she replied.

“Well, all great things come from unplanned teen pregnancies!” I cupped my face and grinned, batting my eyes.

“You’re right, you are fabulous.” We both laughed.

“Aylee Black.” A voice came from down the hall. An older nurse with a grandma like face was looking around the room for her patient.

Aylee and I stood up, gaining the attention of the nurse. We followed her down the hall and around a corner, she opened a door which was almost identical to the previous doctor’s office. There was a machine next to the bed, which I could only assume was for Aylee.

“Okay Aylee, I would like you to remove your lower clothes and lay down on that bed. This scan we are going to do is internal, which means there will be a probe placed into your vagina, this gives the clearest and most accurate picture in early pregnancy. Do you know how far along you could be?” The nurse told Aylee.

Aylee nodded and started the process, she then climbed up onto the bed. I moved round to her head and held her hand. This process didn’t look like it was going to be fun.

The nurse pressed a load of buttons then picked up a probe and went straight to doing the procedure. Aylee pulled a face, she wasn’t enjoying this. The nurse looked at the screen the entire time. I could see the screen too and all I could make out was black shadowy things.

“Well, it looks like you are not pregnant,” the nurse said.

Aylee blew out a massive sigh of relief and mumbled a few words under her breath which sounded like she was thanking the universe.

“So, why did it say I was positive?” Aylee asked.

“I can’t see any abnormalities so there is a chance it could have been a chemical pregnancy, which is an early pregnancy loss that occurs shortly after implantation. Chemical pregnancies normally take place before ultrasounds can detect a foetus, but not too early for a pregnancy test to detect levels of human chorionic gonadotropin, a pregnancy hormone the embryo creates after implantation. Your doctor could confirm if you had a chemical pregnancy by doing a blood test,” the nurse explained.

“So, I was pregnant?” Aylee said, her voice sounded unsure.

“I would say you were in the first couple of weeks, yes. But unfortunately, a chemical pregnancy has between a fifty and seventy-five percent miscarriage rate.”

Aylee didn’t reply, just lay there looking at the nurse. I could tell she was disappointed about actually losing a baby. I took over and thanked the nurse while Aylee put her pants back on. We left the doctors in silence and got into the car.

I had offered to drive Aylee’s car, which she gladly accepted. We drove in silence until we got home. I parked in the driveway but neither of us made a move.

“Before you even say anything, I’m okay,” Aylee said to me. “It’s just weird, I was actually pregnant for a couple weeks and now I’m not. But I’m okay, I was not ready for a baby, plus if I was pregnant, then I would not be able to get absolutely shit-faced at that party.”

I smiled and nodded, then she got out of the car. I hung back for a few moments, watching as my best friend entered the house. I was also kind of disappointed because it would have been great to have a little niece or nephew to fawn over.

I finally got out of the car and made my way into the house. I yawned as soon as I stepped foot into the hallway. Damn, I needed a nap. I pulled myself upstairs and to my room. I kicked off my shoes and crawled under the covers, snuggling into my pillow.

God, I loved naps.

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