Welcome to Rose Valley Series

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Welcome to Thorn Hill

After her move to Rose Valley, Shaylin was finally happy. She was no longer bothered by her abusive ex-boyfriend and she finally had her father in her life. However, Shaylin couldn’t help feel that something was off and when she wakes up in a strange room with no real clue how she got there, she definitely knew something was not right.

Kasper Black finally met the girl of his dreams when she moved in with her grandparents. He didn’t have to hide who he was with her either but when he loses sight of her at a party and gets a note sent to him, he knows he must do everything in his power to get her back.

Go onto the next chapter for the first chapter of my second book! Its gonna have the point of view of Kasper in this one, and maybe a few other characters. Hope you guys like it.

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