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Fucking hell my head hurts. How much did I have to drink last night?

I felt to the side of me, searching for Kasper but my hand hit a wall instead. Um…I don’t have a wall next to the bed. I shot up, groaning at the pain in my head and looked around me.

It was a room, but not mine.

The room wasn’t big, it only consisted of a single bed, a bedside table, a small chair, and a dresser. There was also two doors in the room, I stood quickly, moving over to one of them. I opened it up, revealing a bathroom. I went to the other door, but it was locked.

The fuck?

“Hey!” I yelled, banging on the door. “What’s going on? Where am I?”

I felt my pockets, but my phone wasn’t there. I continued to shout and bang on the door repeatedly for what felt like hours.

I eventually gave up and headed back to the bed. I sat for a moment, looking around the room again. I spotted a small window, high up the wall. Grabbing the chair, I pulled it under and stood on it. I had to go on my tip toes to see out.

There were bars on the outside of the window. I peered between the bars and noticed that the building I was in was L-shaped and I could see the other side from where I was. I looked forwards and didn’t recognise the area. The building was surrounded by a very tall stone wall with barbed wiring on the top. I could see faint letters on the surrounding wall which read:

Thorn Hill Psychiatric Hospital

I flopped down, staring at the door. Thorn Hill? I tried to rack my brain for some answers, but nothing came.

After a while, I lay down on the bed, exhaustion pulling me into sleep.

When we walked into the house, the twenty-four hour party was already in full swing. I checked the time and it was only half past twelve. Damn, this party got started fast. It was rather obvious that people had been pre-drinking before arriving to the party because I’m sure that no one could get this drunk within half an hour.

Within minutes of arrival, I was dragged straight to the kitchen and a shot of a clear unknown liquid was dumped in my hand. I threw it back, feeling the familiar burning sensation travel down my throat. The shot turned out to be vodka.

After I had had two more shots, which were given to me by Aylee, I was finally able to take in the house. I looked around the kitchen, cringing at the amount of dry-humping that was happening on the kitchen counters. It was a big modern kitchen with black marble counters and high ceilings. I could see out into the back garden through a massive window. There was a pool outside, which was currently inhabited by teenagers despite the freezing temperature.

“Come on!” Poppy said, pulling Aylee and I out of the kitchen.

We were now back into the living room, which had been converted into the dance floor. The living room was, as expected, huge. All the furniture had been pushed back against the wall and there was a make-shift DJ booth in the corner, which was really just a guy and his laptop that was hooked up to the speakers.

Aylee and Poppy pulled me to start dancing and let me tell you, we were anything but sexy. The three of us were dancing like six year olds on a sugar rush. After fifteen minutes or so of dancing, we returned to the kitchen. Poppy filled up six shot glasses for us and handed us two each, I downed the first one straight away. I put my second one on the counter behind me to have in a few minutes.

“Move please.” I knew that spiteful voice.

I turned around and Addison was pushing her way past us, the counter blocking her in. I glared at her but didn’t say anything, no one did. Kasper and Luca moved so the mini-witch could get past. As expected, she didn’t even say thank you, just strutted off to the garden.

“What a cow,” Dustin mumbled.

“Yeah, don’t know how she’s your twin sister,” Ollie said.

Dustin shrugged but the thought seemed to disappear from his mind quite quickly.

I watched Addison for a few minutes through the big kitchen window, she was standing by the pool, texting on her phone. It was weird that she wasn’t here with anyone because her minions followed her everywhere. Every so often, Addison would look up from her phone and into the window at our group.

I rolled my eyes, picking up my other shot. The girls encouraged me to down the drink quickly as they wanted to go dancing again. I did as I was told and started to follow them through into the living room, feeling the burn of the vodka.

Well that tasted a bit dif –


My eyes sprang open and I sat up. The shot. It tasted different. Who could have done that? The only other person to go past us was…

Wait a second, was it Addison? No, surely, she can’t be that evil? Right? I don’t understand, could she really hate me that much?

I swung my legs round and placed my feet on the floor then dropped my head in my hands. What the hell is going on?

Maybe this is just a joke, someone will come and let me out soon, right? Like I know Addison hates me but hopefully doesn’t hate me enough to drug me.

I curled up into a ball, pulling my legs up to my chest and watched as the small patch of light faded away into darkness. I turned on the lamp which was placed on the bedside table. It casted a soft glow to the dark room.

I wasn’t sure how long I just laid there in silence, but it seemed like days. There was rattle at the door, and I heard the loud sound of a lock snapping open. The door opened and I now realised this definitely was not a joke.

Anton sauntered into the room, a smug smile on his face. The door shut quickly behind him, someone locking it from the outside. Anton didn’t say anything straight away, just pulled the chair directly in front of me and sat down.

“Hello Shay,” he said smoothly.

I didn’t reply, I just looked at him with disgust.

“What? Nothing to say? You were so chatty the last time we saw each other.” Patronising bastard.

“What the fuck is going on?” I hissed.

“Now now, is that anyway to speak to an old friend?” Anton tutted.

“Friend? We have never been anything close to friends,” I spat.

“Oh really? I don’t remember it that way.”

I looked at him quizzically, first unsure at what he was referring to but then remembered it. The flirting, the dancing, the kissing. All to please Jax. I glared at him but that smug smile didn’t leave his face.

“What the hell am I doing here?” I asked, ignoring his previous statement.

“Well, I could tell you now but why don’t we discuss this over dinner? You must be starving.” Anton stood and started to make his way over to the door. He gave three short knocks and it opened.

Anton gestured for me to follow him and I reluctantly obeyed. I just knew the consequences would not be good if I refused. I followed Anton out of the bedroom door then turned left. I made a mental note of everything I saw as I walked down a hallway. It wasn’t kept or clean and was very grey. There was some bits of medical equipment strewn about haphazardly, left to collect dust.

It was a long hallway, took about two minutes until we got to another door. when we walked through, there was two way to go. Anton took me right. I looked behind me at the other direction. Men with guns stood in front of a set of double doors, possibly the way out?

Another set of double doors was at the other end, pushing through them, we entered a kind of mess hall. Long tables were set out in rows, accompanied with long benches. I could see that these had been nailed to the floor, maybe to stop previous inmates throwing them across the room or into people, which is exactly what I wanted to do to this bastard walking in front of me.

The table he stopped at was laid with a few different foods, the benches had been removed from the floor and a set of comfier looking armchairs were placed around it instead. Is he trying to play out some stupid fantasy? This isn’t a fucking mafia movie.

Anton pointed to one of the chairs on the end of the table and when I didn’t sit straight away, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked over my shoulder into the eyes of Thai and felt the colour drain from my face slightly. I didn’t object any further and sat in my assigned seat. Thai was the one person that I was truly terrified of because he is so unpredictable.

When Anton started to eat and didn’t say anything about why I was here, I plucked up the courage to ask, very weary about the crazy person right behind me.

“So, are you going to tell me why I am here then?” I asked.

Anton sighed like I was annoying him. He took a sip of wine then looked me directly in the eye.

“Because I wanted to,” he said simply.

“What?” If I’m honest, that wasn’t what I expected him to say. “You kidnapped me because you simply wanted to?”

“Well, that and because your precious boyfriend killed my best friend, so it’s like revenge.”

Anton started to eat again, I could hear the distant chatter of the people in the room around me. It was like that for a minute before I simply didn’t care anymore.

“I was the one who killed him.”

The room went completely silent and Anton dropped his fork. It made a clang on the plate which echoed around the room. He looked at me with shock but didn’t say anything. The room was so silent that you could hear a pin drop.

After what felt like hours, Anton finally spoke.


It wasn’t a question, more like a statement.

I nodded once.

It was weird because he wasn’t angry or sad just puzzled and shocked, like he was sure that I couldn’t have done something like this because I wasn’t a killer. Anton pushed his chair back and stood up. He walked over to my and grabbed my arm, yanking me up from the chair.

“Come on, we’re taking a little walk.”

Anton didn’t let go of my arm as he dragged me from the dining room. We walked through a different set of doors and along another corridor. This time the walk was short and we entered a library or day room of sorts.

I looked around the room as soon as we entered. There was a bed pushed up to the barred window, a small table with a lamp was placed next to it. Tall, overflowing bookcases lined the room and many cardboard boxes were scattered about haphazardly.

In the centre of the room was a wooden chair. He dragged me that way and practically threw me on it. Anton stood in front of me, pacing side to side.

Within a minute, the twins and Thai walked in then stood next to Anton. Thai had rope in his hands and a smarmy look on his face.


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