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A soft knock rapped on my door over an hour later and seconds later, in walked Dustin. He gave me a look of sympathy as he took in my position. I was presently curled up in a ball in the middle of my bed, hugging a pillow. After I had cried for half an hour about the pathetic excuse I am for a teenage girl, I spent the rest of the time hugging one of my pillows like a it was a lifeline.

Its not like I was bothered about what Addison thought of me and I didn’t expect to take it the way I did, and I def didn’t expect to cry about it. Maybe its PMS or something making me all emotional.

“Hey, I just wanted to double check you were actually okay, I heard you cry through the wall.” Dustin walked over to the bed and sat down, pulling me up into a hug.

“If I said I was, would you believe me?” I pulled away from my cousin and gave him a look of attempted confidence.

“Nope, not one bit. Also, it’s like half four and like Gran said, we’ve got people coming over at five so pretend to have your shit together for the next couple of hours, kay?” Dustin said.

“Ugh, fine. But I’m not gonna pretend too hard.” I huffed as I got up and headed to my wardrobe, waving over my shoulder as Dustin went to go get himself ready.

I looked through my clothes that had been hung up, presumably by my mum but who knows. I suppose I should attempt to make an effort tonight, right? Maybe it may even get my gran to like me.

A simple black lacy dress caught my eye, I couldn’t remember when I had bought it, but it was pretty. Changing into it, I glanced in the mirror. It was skin-tight around the stomach and had a mid-thigh wavy skirt with lacy sleeves coming to my elbows. I fastened a small belt around my waist to finish the look.

I brushed my hair and pinned the sides up, letting the rest flow all the way down my back. I re-did my make-up lightly but added eyeliner for tonight. Slipping my feet into some black ballet flats, I was finally satisfied with my look. I grabbed my phone and checked the time.

17:07pm. Shit, I was late.

I headed downstairs to the dragon’s den, hearing the extra voices of our guests. I walked into the living room and was instantly met with the hateful gaze of my loving grandmother.

“You’re late,” she stated.

The entire conversation died down and everyone’s eyes turned to look at me. I took my chance to do a quick sweep of the room, spotting both Kasper and Aylee. I resisted the urge to double-take before I answered Gran, who had already pissed me off with those two words.

“Sorry, I couldn’t seem to find the dress I use for prostitution, so I had to settle for this one.” Well, my attempt at friendliness fucked off down the toilet.

“Shaylin!” Mum hissed at me.

“Watch that tone miss, it will get you into trouble one day,” Gran remarked, her voice calm but deadly.

“Duly noted.” I faked a smile them moved over to go stand with Dustin and Aylee.

As I walked past Kasper who, to no surprise, was being crowded by Addison, kept his eyes on me as I travelled the length of the room. I wasn’t sure if the look on his face was surprise or pride.

“Damn girl, someone pulled up their big girl pants,” Dustin said causing Aylee to chuckle.

I rolled my eyes and we launched into a conversation for the next few minutes. All the while talking, I constantly felt eyes on me. Someone announced the dinner was ready and we all moved through to the dining room.

I moved to sit in the middle of the table with Aylee and Dustin on either side. Looking up, I saw that Kasper had chosen to sit directly opposite me, with Addison on his left and a young man who I didn’t recognise on his right, opposite Aylee. Gran and Grandad were at either ends of the table and everyone else sat at the other free seats around the table.

The maids, which I didn’t know we had so many of, served the starter. Placed down in front of me, I looked at a very unappealing bowl of green soup. I glanced around at everyone else who was already eating it. Was I the only one who thinks this looks disgusting?

I casually played with the soup, only eating the roll of bread which had been placed next to me.

“Hey, where’s Aria?” I whispered to Dustin, noticing that the tiny girl was no where to be seen.

“Friend’s house for tea, she always is when we have guests.” I nodded, taking in his reply.

“So, Shaylin.” I jerked my head up to the sound of a male voice. I looked at a man in his forties, who I assumed was Kasper’s dad. “Do you have any plans of what you want to do after school?”

Shit, did I have any plans? I looked at the expectant man but before I could answer, Gran jumped in.

“Well, obviously she is going to attend university, John,” Gran said.

“Ah excellent, Kristian is at Cambridge university studying Law.” John pointed at the young man who was sitting next to Kasper. “I’m hoping that Kasper will be doing the same, both my children following in my footsteps.” John emphasised ‘my’ and looked at Aylee. Dickhead.

I looked at Kasper and distinctly saw him roll his eyes. He clearly didn’t wanna follow in that arsehole’s footsteps. His brother gave Kasper a sympathetic look, as if he understood how he was feeling.

Almost as if I had been discarded after Gran answered the question for me, the adults went back to having their own conversation. At Grandad’s end of the table, he had us kids around him, so he struck up a conversation with Kristian and asked if he was on a holiday from university.

Two more painfully disgusting courses and another three questions answered by my Gran for me later, we were eventually allowed to leave the table. Dustin, Aylee and I couldn’t get out the dining room any faster. We headed up to my bedroom so I could get changed into something more ‘race’ appropriate.

I threw on a pair of very skinny jeans, the ones which made my arse look great and a black netted top which just went over my bra. I pulled on a pair of black Doc Martin boots and my leather jacket. Once I was ready, it was almost eight and we decided it was time to head out.

When we made our way back downstairs again, Kasper and his family were on their way out. It was for the first time I noticed Aylee’s mum was here. Kasper watched me as I walked down the steps, his eyes never wavering as he took in my appearance.

Gran was in the hallway saying good-bye, keeping her back to us but I knew she knew we were there.

“And where do you think you guys are going?” Addison asked as we reached the last step.

“Out,” Dustin and I said at the same time.

Pushing past her, we left the house. Dustin talked me into taking my bike even if I wasn’t going to race so Luca and Olly could see it. Aylee fangirled slightly when she saw it before getting into Dustin’s car.

I grabbed my helmet from my handlebars and put it on, making sure it was secure. Following Dustin out of the driveway, we headed out to meet Luca and Olly.

It took half an hour before we got to the destination. It was already busy, and a race was well underway. We pulled up next to a truck with a black Suzuki GSX1000R parked next to it. Olly and Luca were sat on the bed of the truck as it was pointed in the direction of the race, intently watching.

When we pulled up, their focus was pulled from the race to us. They hopped down from the truck. Luca kissed his boyfriend then hugged Aylee and I. Olly hugged all three of us.

For the first ten minutes, we filled them in on how our dinner went. Both boys laughing at what I said to my Gran when I walked into the room. They then filled us in on who was racing and what bets people had been making on them.

While everyone was watching the race, I had my chance to watch everything else. Over to the north was where the race was being held, it was larger than the last track but not the largest I had ever raced. To the left of us, there was a few cars which were blasting music from the speakers. Many people were dancing, and it almost seemed like a make-shift club.

To the right, I saw there was a gas station. This must have been the perfect spot to set up these tracks because of the station and I bet they made loads of money. I spotted a few people, who were under the age of eighteen, coming out of the shop with alcohol. They certainly didn’t ID anyone here, maybe what Dustin said about the police not giving a shit was true.

Someone had attached lights to the telephone poles which were dotted about making the track brighter, other areas were lit up by the headlights of the cars. I wonder why the police didn’t bother? Was it just a place that housed all the kids to keep them out of trouble?

The cheering of the crowd shook me out of my thoughts as one of the racers won. I clapped along with them even though I hadn’t a clue who it was. Another race was being set up while the betting for the previous one was being settled.

“Okay, I’m gonna go up,” Luca said, moving over to his bike.

We all followed him over as he got sorted on the bike, Dustin kissed him, and we all wished him luck. He made his way over to the starting point while the rest of us climbed up onto Olly’s truck to get a better view.

A gun went off sounding the start of the race. We watched as Luca went around the track, manoeuvring skilfully around the other drivers. We cheered him along, making fools of ourselves but we didn’t care. When Luca was on his last lap, he was neck and neck with another rider but just pulled into first as they went over the finish line.

We lost our shit with cheering for Luca as he won, getting annoyed glares from the people around us. I could almost feel the hatred through the looks from the people next to us.

As Luca sorted out his winnings; Olly, Dustin, Aylee and I relaxed on the pillows that were lining the bed of the truck. Apparently Aylee had complained that the metal truck-bed hurt her arse and insisted that Olly fill it will pillow and blankets, which he now admits was a good idea.

“They really went all out for this place,” I commented.

“Yeah, even our parents came here when they were younger, its been around that long,” Aylee told me.

I could only imagine my mum and uncle here when they were around my age. I wonder if this is where she met my dad? The fact that basically everyone from school was here, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Luca ran up to us, a big smile planted on his face. We jumped down and engulfed the poor boy in a massive group hug.

“Oh my god! You were brilliant!” Olly praised.

“Thanks guys,” Luca said before turning his attention to me. “So, what do you think?”

“I’ve been at a bigger track before, but none of them are as good as this one. It legit reminds me of a nightclub.” I pointed to the makeshift dance floor, earning chuckles from the rest of them.

“You think you could beat me?” Luca asked, challenge twinkling in his eyes.

From the way Luca raced, it was hard to know if anyone could beat him, but I knew that I could. Despite Jax’s personality, he was one of the best racers I had ever seen, and he showed me. I knew I was good and after watching Luca, I knew I could beat him.

However, I simply shrugged my shoulders and said; “Oh, I don’t know like. We’ll definitely have to find out one of these days.”

Luca laughed, but nodded. “You’re on, girl.”

We stayed for a couple more hours before deciding to head home, stopping at a 24-hour ice cream place on the way back. It was around 1am before Dustin and I rolled into the driveway.

“I’m surprised that we didn’t see Kasper there tonight,” Dustin said, getting out of the car.

“Kasper races?” Course he did.

“Oh yeah, he is actually undefeated. Even better than Luca and Luca are one of the best there,” Dustin told me.

Hmm, I wonder if I could beat him?

When we got in the house, we tip-toed up the stairs. I felt like a ninja on a secret mission or something. Dustin and I said goodnight then headed into our separate rooms. I quickly got ready for bed, almost forgetting to wipe my make up off and groaned when I had to get back up to take it off.

Once in bed, I snuggled up against my pillows and let the world fall away around me as I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

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