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“Why haven’t you found anything out yet?! This is my daughter we are talking about! I don’t want to hear shitty excuses like that! Fucking FIND HER!”

I didn’t dare enter the office while Chris was in that state, he had been frantic since Shay went missing. To be honest, we all were. I convinced myself it was all going to be okay, that we would find her. We had to find her, there was no way we couldn’t.

I had a good idea of who had taken her, everyone did but we had no way of contacting Anton. We didn’t even know where he was. It had been two days since she had went missing at that party, two days of misery.

Juliet had been crying for the full two days, refusing to leave her room. Henry had sent every ally he had out looking, it was obvious he cared for his granddaughter, even if he didn’t show it when she was here. There was also a constant array of baked goods which came from the kitchen, Chris had sent loads home with his guards because of the overflow.

The guys kept coming over, calling, or texting to ask if there was any news on her but there hadn’t been.

I was sat on the bottom step of the staircase, slumped over with my head in my hands. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I kept hoping that she would just walk in through the door, but it was almost impossible that that would happen.

“Sir,” a deep male voice said. I looked up to see one of the guards standing in front of me. I had been so out of it, I hadn’t heard him come up to me.


The guard handed me an envelope and told me it had been left at the front gate. I stared at the envelope for a moment, the words on the front gave me chills.

For Kasper, the puppy.

I ripped it open and emptied the contents onto the floor. I almost cried out at what I saw. There was a photograph of Shay staring up at me. She looked lifeless and covered in bruises. I turned it over, seeing if there was anything on the other side.

Hope you liked the photo, you should have heard the way she screamed when my men hit her. Don’t worry, she isn’t dead. Yet.

Anger boiled up inside me, I felt like I couldn’t breath. What in the holy fuck is this guy’s problem?

As much as its gonna kill Chris, I’ve gotta show him. I stood and marched over to his office. Without knocking, I barged in. He was talking on the phone still but when he saw my expression, he hung up the phone instantly.

I placed the photograph on his desk and his face morphed into that of pure anger.

“Read the back,” I told him.

When Chris read the back, a tear rolled down his face. He slammed the photo down and barked for the closest guard to get in the office right now

“Go find my father and Julian now. Ask them to come here right away!” The guard nodded and sped away. Chris then turned to face me. “ Do you know who sent it?”

“Yeah, definitely Anton. He called me a puppy the few times we’ve met.” I showed him the envelope.

“Dad, what’s going on?” Julian asked as he entered the room, Aylee closely following.

“Kasper got this.” Christopher handed the photo and envelope over to Julian.

“What the fuck?” Aylee snapped as she looked at the photograph.

Julian didn’t say anything. He just stared at the photograph for a little while. It was snatched from his hands by his grandfather, who almost erupted when he saw it. Henry closed the door and moved further into the room, placing the photograph down on the desk.

“Who sent it?” Henry asked the room.

“Anton sent it,” I replied.

“How do you know?” Aylee asked me.

“The few times we’ve met, he’s called me a puppy and that’s the name on the front.” I pointed to the envelope.

“Prick,” Aylee mumbled.

“Can anyone recognise anything familiar about the photo? Does it show any clues as to where she is?” Julian asked.

We all crowded around the desk, studying the photo intently. My eyes avoided looking at my girlfriend and I forced myself to concentrate on her surroundings.

The floor was grey, with many marks on it. There was dried blood splattered in the corner of the photograph. It was obviously not Shay’s as it had discoloured. In the top section, there was the bottom of a mirror which reflected a bed of some sort.

“Isn’t that a hospital bed?” Aylee said, pointing at the reflection.

“It looks to be and there is those darker patches there which looks like old blood,” I said.

“Are they in a hospital or something?” Christopher mused aloud.

“Aylee, go straight online and look up any abandoned hospitals in the area,” Henry ordered.

Aylee nodded and left the room quickly, minutes later I heard the furious typing of her laptop.

I looked at the photograph again, focusing in on Shay. What the hell had he done to her?

My pocket buzzed and I grabbed my phone. Ollie had texted the group chat asking if there was an update on Shay. I considered just texting him what I had gotten but I told him to grab the guys and head to the little hut.

I left the room, passing Aylee who gave me a weak smile. Julian and Aylee would know where I had gone due to the messages. I hopped on my bike and drove off.

I was the last one to arrive, I looked around and saw the worried faces of my friends. I sat down on one of the logs and they followed suit.

“What’s going on?” Poppy asked.

“I received a photograph today from Anton,” I started.

“What kind of photograph?” Luca asked.

“It was of Shay. She had been beaten up pretty badly,” I told them.

“You sure she is still alive?” Dustin asked.

“Yeah, I’m almost positive because the note which came with it said she was. Although with Anton, you can never be too careful but I’m sure she is.”

“Fuck man,” Ollie breathed.

“How’s Auntie Juliet taken this?” Dustin asked me.

“She doesn’t know, she still hasn’t left her room and I don’t think she’ll be told because it would kill her to see or even hear about what they did to her,” I said.

“Any clues?” Ollie asked.

“There isn’t much to go on, but you can see what looks like a hospital bed in the photograph so Aylee went straight online to look up any abandoned hospitals in the area.”

“I don’t get it though, what the fuck does he want with her? Jax is dead,” Luca said, annoyed.

“Maybe that’s why. He might think that its revenge for Kasper killing him, even though we know it was Shay,” Poppy mused.

“She wouldn’t let Kasper take the blame. I’m sure that she’s told him by now,” Dustin said, looking at Poppy.

God, I hope she hadn’t. It’d be worse for her if she has told him, from what I knew about Anton, was that he didn’t play games.

When I got back home later that day, I headed straight to the room we used to train. I pulled off my shirt then bee-lined to the punching bag in the middle. I started my attack on it, imagining that it was Anton’s face.

That prick didn’t deserve to live, when I find out where he was keeping Shay, I was going to kill him. He took the girl I was in love with and for what? Was it some stupid revenge thing for killing Jax? Or was he just twisted enough to take her because he thought it would be fun?

I wasn’t sure anymore, but I was sure that I would do anything in the world to make sure she was safe at home again.

I stayed in the training room for hours, unsure of how much time had really passed as I continued my assault on the punching bag. I didn’t notice that the sun had went in as the day moved into night. I only stopped when my sister came into the room, asking me if I was okay.

Aylee was more to me than a “step”-sister. She felt more like family to me than any of my real family did. I hardly spoke to my father, despite his work with Christopher and my mother had died when I was young, but I never ever spoke about her, to anyone.

“Are you okay?” Aylee asked me.

“Sure! I’m fantastic!” I replied to her sarcastically.

I looked at my hands, they were all red and bruised. I hadn’t bothered to wrap them up or put any gloves on. I was almost like I needed the pain to keep me from going crazy.

“Kasper, come on.” I didn’t have to look at her to know that she was worried, I could hear it coming from her voice.

“What do you expect me to say? Of course, I’m not okay, I have never felt anyway near okay since I realised, she’d gone. I feel like someone has ripped out my heart and crushed it, like part of me is missing,” I told her.

Aylee didn’t say anything, she didn’t need to. She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me into a hug. For the first time since I lost her, I cried.

Sorry, I know this chapter is a little short but you now have insight into what is going on on both sides!

Hope you enjoy!!

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