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“Has there been any progress with finding my daughter?” Chris asked down the phone.

I distinctly heard the voice telling Chris there hadn’t been which made him furious. He shouted at the poor sod then hung up, throwing his phone across the room. It smashed into a million pieces as soon as it hit the wall.

Chris stared blankly at it before pulling open his desk drawer and grabbing an identical phone from it. I didn’t question his actions out loud but, in my head, I had a few.

Julian and Aylee walked into the room a few moments later, treading on the broken pieces. Julian simply looked at them then shrugged but Aylee looked as confused as I felt. She was carrying her open laptop with her on one hand.

“Anything?” Chris asked her.

Aylee headed over to the desk, putting it down and readjusted the screen.

“I’ve found a few hospitals within thirty miles which have been abandoned. There is four within ten miles of here though. St Bede’s Memorial Hospital, Thorn Hill Psychiatric Hospital, Queen Victoria Children’s Hospice and St Mary’s Rehabilitation institute,” she explained.

“Do you think she is more likely to be in one of those four?” Julian asked her.

“Honestly, I’m not sure. I am in the process of trying to get into her phone and turn it back on to see if I can trace where she is but that could still take a few days but after that –” Aylee was cut off by Henry storming into the room.

“We have a problem,” he snapped.

“What?” Chris asked.


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Chris said, sighing.

“Who?” Julian asked.

“Jax’s psychotic uncle,” Henry replied.

“Define psychotic?” Aylee asked.

“Ten times as psycho as his fucking nephew,” Henry spat.

“Okay, well I’m going to ask Nix if he can keep and eye on Luciano for me, follow the bastard and see what he’s up to,” Chris said directly to his father.

Chris grabbed his new phone and began typing away furiously at it. Henry left the room straight away, shutting the door behind him.

I’d never met Nix, but I’d heard of him. I knew he was one of Christopher’s top guys and he was only used in situations like these because he could essentially become a ghost when he needed to be.

“Nix, really?” Julian asked his father.

“Yes, he’s very much needed right now because I can’t be arsed to deal with this issue unless I absolutely have to because I am focusing on finding your sister,” Chris snapped. “Now, what were you saying Aylee?”

Two hours later and I was wrapping bandages around my hands so I could train. In all honesty, it was more for me to get my anger and frustrations out on the poor punching bag. I walked over to it and started to punch.

I felt like this was all my fault, that if I didn’t leave her at that party then she wouldn’t be gone.

I watched as Addison walked off from us.

“What a cow,” Dustin mumbled.

“Yeah, don’t know how she’s your twin sister,” Ollie said.

I agreed with Ollie, I don’t know how Dustin could be so nice yet Addison the exact opposite. It was baffling to be honest.

The girls decided that they wanted to go dancing again so Shay threw back her remaining shot, gave me a quick kiss then followed Poppy and Aylee out to the dance floor.

“Dude, you’re completely smitten with her,” Ollie said, smirking.

I couldn’t deny it, I was. She was my whole world.

“Yeah, so what if I am? You’re the same with Poppy,” I threw back at Ollie with a smile.

Ollie gave me the finger then picked up his bottle of beer, bringing it to his lips.

“I am not smitten, I am simply infatuated,” he said then took a drink.

Lucan, Dustin, Julian and I laughed but we also couldn’t disagree.

We stood there for about half an hour, chatting amongst ourselves. Poppy came rushing through, panic etched on her face.

“Kasper, somethings wrong with Shay!” She said before hurrying back out.

The five of us wasted no time in following her. She raced through the crowd of people towards the stairs. Shay was sat on the bottom step with her head in her hands and Aylee’s hand rubbing her back.

“What the fuck happened?” Julian asked.

“We don’t know, we were dancing then all of a sudden, she said she started to feel dizzy but she barely had anything to drink!” Aylee answered.

“Outside,” Shay breathed out.

“Okay babe, we can go outside,” I replied.

I helped her up from the step and walked with her to the front garden. I was glad the others didn’t follow behind us. I sat Shay on a bench just outside the house, sitting next to her. Within seconds of her sitting down, she was up and throwing up onto the grass.

“Baby, what happened?” I asked her once she was done.

“Shot tasted a bit different,” she told me.

Before I could ask about it again, she moved back towards the grass to be sick some more.

“Babe, can you get me some water please?” Shay asked me.

I nodded then rushed into the house. I went straight for the kitchen, turning on the tap. I looked through cupboards until I found one of unused mugs. I grabbed one, putting it under the tap.

I manoeuvred past the drunken teenagers and back outside to Shay, who was no longer on the bench or by the grass.

I had searched that party for hours trying to find her. Why didn’t I bring her with me to the kitchen? Why didn’t I ring one of the guys to get the water?

“FUCK!” I screamed.

I hit the punching bag so hard that it detached from the ceiling. I glared at it for a moment then sighed. I left it there and unwrapped my hands, shoving the bandages into a cupboard. I left the room, in search of Aylee or Julian.

They were sat in the living room, hunched over Aylee’s laptop. Julian glanced up when I entered by Aylee didn’t take her eyes off of the screen as she typed away. I moved around to look at the screen but saw nothing I understood. I was filled with multiple windows, some numbers, others maps.

I had absolutely no idea what any of that meant, and by the look on Julian’s face, neither did he. I watched for a couple of minutes before finally asking my step-sister what she was doing.

“I am trying to turn on Shay’s phone from my laptop, that way I can pinpoint her signal to find out where she is,” Aylee said.

“And how’s it going?” Julian asked.

“I am about 80% there, just need a little more time.”

I nodded but she didn’t take in my action as she didn’t move her eyes from the screen.

Julian and I sat with her for what seemed like hours as she typed away on the keyboard. Occasionally she would type into her phone before returning to her laptop.

My phone started to ring and I saw it was my brother. I got up silently, leaving the room to answer it.

“Kristian,” I said into the phone.

“Hey, Dad told me what happened with Shay, you alright?” He asked me from the other end, his voice worried.

“Nah, I am worried sick, I don’t even know where she is or even if she is okay. I got this awful photo sent to me of her in some kind of distorted position and she looked out cold. There was hospital stuff in the back ground so Aylee is checking like every hospital type location nearby,” I explained.

“Has she gotten any closer?” I heard a car door close from both his end and my end.

“She said like 80% but needs time,” I said.

“How much time?” Kristian’s voice echoed and I knew he had just walked in through the door.

I hung up the phone quickly and went over to hug my brother. I had missed him when he was away at university, he was less involved when it came to this kind of stuff unless he was really needed.

“What are you doing here? What about uni?” I asked, pulling away from him.

“Eh, Uni can wait. I told them my dad died and they said to come back whenever and it wouldn’t be an issue,” he said, shrugging.

I smiled, I was grateful that he was here. I hadn’t seen him in weeks, since that really awkward dinner we attended at the Rose’s house.

“Guys,” Aylee faintly shouted before almost screaming the house down.

Kristian and I ran into the living room, she had a huge smile on her face. She’d found something. I moved next to her, to look at the screen. There was a radar type thing beeping over a map.

“What is it?” Chris said as he entered the room.

“Her phone, I’ve managed to get it on. Its showing me a ten-mile radius of where she could be!”

Christ, we had hope.

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