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The next couple of weeks were basically the same as my first week, except we were not forced to endure the pain of anymore dinners with Kasper, Aylee and their family. I had gotten into a routine everyday; I woke up, went to school, came home for a while then went to the races. I had now noticed Kasper dotted about and seen him race.

To say I was shocked was an understatement. He owned a black Honda Goldwing, which I heard had also been modified to be fast and lighter. That was something many people did to their bikes, trying to build a better bike to be the better racer. As I watched Kasper, he seemed to be just as good as Jax, if not better.

School was pretty much the same, I went to my classes, spent my breaks with my friends and avoided Addison like the plague. My history class with Kasper was okay, we were getting along quite well and had even joked around a few times. I had not missed the times when Kasper would not so subtly flirt with me, causing me to giggle like a stupid middle schooler.

It was currently a few days before Halloween and I was on my way to a house party with Dustin, Luca, Olly and Aylee. I hadn’t a clue who was actually throwing this party, but I’d heard his parents were out of town, so it was a good excuse to get drunk.

The party was in full swing by the time we arrived there around eight. We walked into the extremely large house and I was instantly hit with a wall of alcohol, sex and music.

The furniture of the living room had been pushed back up against the walls to make room for a dance floor. Many bodies were intertwined, and the sea of people were clearly smashed.

Aylee pulled me along with her until we reached the kitchen. She poured a round of shots, handing me one filled with straight vodka. Throwing back the shot, I felt the hot liquid run down my throat. Aylee encouraged me to have at least three more, or was it five? Maybe more?

The boys chatted amongst themselves while a slightly drunk Aylee and I moved our way into the sea of people to start dancing. I twisted my body to the music, moving my hands up through my hair.

I felt a pair of eyes on me. Turning, I found Kasper was watching me. Almost as if I had no control over my own body, I started to move in a very seductive manner, locking my eyes with his.

I moved my hands from my hair and slowly down my body, moving my hips to the beat of the music. I had on a skin-tight black bodysuit which cut very low. I moved my hands back up and traced the outline of my neckline, and spinning very slowly, I turned away from him.

I smiled to myself, knowing fine well what I had done to him. The way he looked at me was ravenous, that he wanted to devour me right then and there.

Aylee announced she was thirsty, so we left the dance floor in search of more alcohol. Once we had our drinks and had consumed more shots, we made our way onto a very spacious patio. There was a wood fire burning, helping to warm everyone up.

We met up with the boys who were already out there, sat in a circle of very drunk people. Once we sat down, someone announced we should start a game of spin the bottle truth or dare, to which everyone agreed. Someone sat down on my left next to me, but I didn’t look, focusing on the game.

After half an hour of some very sexual truths and some very explicit dares, it was now my turn again. I chose dare.

A girl, Summer I think her name was, chose my dare. “I dare you to do seven-minutes in heaven with…” she span the bottle to see who I would be going with.

The bottle span fast, I eagerly awaited who I would be spending the next seven minutes in a cupboard with. The bottle started to slow down then stopped a little to the left of me. I turned my head to see who it was.


When the fuck did, he sit down and how had I not noticed he was there until right now?

The circle filled with a lot of ‘oohs’. I mentally face palmed, but I wasn’t a chicken, so I was going to go into that cupboard with him. He smirked at me and stood up, holding his hand out for me. I bit my lip and took his hand, pulling myself up.

A couple of people accompanied us to the cupboard, Aylee included. One person started the timer and shoved us inside, darkness closing around us.

I felt the wall, finding a light switch. It turned on the most pathetic excuse for a light, the faintest glow barely lighting up the room. I craned my neck up to look at Kasper, he was smirking down at me.

“So…” he started.

“Yeah…” I said.

“Don’t worry, we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. I don’t think you could handle it anyway.” The playful glint in his eyes as he said that drove me crazy.

The alcohol was still having its effects, boosting me with confidence. I remember the look he was giving me while I was dancing and decided to use that to my advantage. I wasn’t as innocent or sweet as he seemed to think I was.

“I couldn’t handle it? I seemed to remember you watching me dance earlier, you looked like you were getting all hot and bothered.” I traced my fingers up and down his arm, distinctly feeling him shiver.

He chuckled. “Well, can you blame me? The way you moved was unbelievably sexy.”

Kasper placed a hand on my waist, sending electrical pulses all the way around my body. His touch made me go weak, almost wanting to fall into his arms.

“Any longer and I think you would have caved, you already looked like you wanted to fuck me right on the dance floor,” I teased.

In the dim light, I noticed his eyes darken with lust. “Who says I didn’t?”

He closed the distance between us, lightly brushing my lips with his before moving around to whisper in my ear. “Besides, you’re the one who would cave first, not me. I bet you would completely fall for me so don’t start a game you wont win, Princess.”

“Game on,” I mumbled, crashing my lips to his.

It was now Halloween and there was a party tonight at the tracks. Aylee and I were currently in my room, getting ready. We had decided to go as demons. The idea came to me when I was watching the Disney movie Hercules. Aylee thought it was great because it meant she could dress up as slutty as she wanted.

Once we were finished, we went to stand in front of the mirror. Aylee was wearing a skin-tight black leather dress which was cut out at the back. She had fishnet tights on and short black booties. She had curled her long black and left it hanging then had put dark makeup on.

I was wearing black short shorts which just covered my arse and a black see through crop top which I shoved on over just a black lacy bra. I had put on my Doc Martin boots and left my straight blonde hair how it was. My makeup was also very dark. To top it off, we both had a headband with some horns on.

“Damn girl, we’re looking hot!” Aylee said as we checked ourselves out some more. I nodded in agreement.

“Hey girls, you read-“the voice of Olly was cut off when he saw us. He made no secret of looking each of us up and down.

“Fuck,” he breathed out.

Aylee and I looked at each other and giggled. Before telling him, we were ready. As we walked out of my room, I was able to get a good look at Olly. He was wearing tight black jeans and a black button up shirt which was not buttoned up revealing his defined muscles. Damn, he really was hot.

Once we got downstairs, we took in the appearance of Luca and Dustin who had both given us wolf whistles. They both looked like Olly, except they each had one button done of their shirts.

“So, what are you guys supposed to be?” I asked, looking at the three boys.

“Hot guys?” Dustin replied.

“Ah, well it’s certainly working for ya,” Aylee told them, and all three looked proud.

It was a little after nine when we left the house. I had been thankful not to run into Addison or Gran. I am still yet to know why they hated me. We all jumped into our respective vehicles. Luca and I had decided to take our bikes and the other three piled into Olly’s truck.

The party was in full swing when we got there and despite it being practically November, the air was warm, but that probably had something to do with the mass of bodies all in once space.

The dance floor was bigger this time, ten cars were surrounding it with their dipped headlights all facing inwards. They were all connected via the same music which was using all their speakers to blast the tunes all around the tracks. There was a lot of kegs which were dotted around, and I could already see that many people were extremely drunk.

Kasper caught my eye, he was standing talking to the same friend, who’s name I came to learn was Julian. According to Aylee, they had been best friends since first school. I watched the pair for a moment, mostly focusing on Kasper. He didn’t seem like he had bothered to dress up but was still wearing all black, which included skin-tight jeans and just like Olly, his shirt was unbuttoned and staring at his body, I swear I almost fainted. I was able to see the continuation of his tattoo as it spiralled round with more intricate designs over his chest.

So, I had to admit. Over these last few days I had developed the tiniest of crushes on Kasper. But it was that tiny, I wouldn’t ever think to tell him or do anything about it. If being in love with Kasper was a ten, my crush was about a two. I was just going to admire the gorgeous boy from afar and continue to enjoy my history lessons with him.

Ever since that house party, Kasper and I had been tormenting and flirting with each other none stop. He would “casually” place his hand on my thigh in history class or I would “accidentally” brush past him when we saw each other in the hallways. I hadn’t said anything to anyone, keeping this little game a secret. We had made a bet with each other, who ever falls first, loses. I didn’t know how long this would go on for or if it would just turn into a casual friends with benefits situation. Either way, I ain’t complaining.

Luca and Dustin had already moved off to the makeshift dance floor and Aylee announced that she was heading over to the gas station to grab something better than the beer keg to drink. This left me with Olly.

We were currently sat on the bed of Olly’s truck, people watching. I was very aware of the the closeness between Olly and me. He was bopping away to the music, but I could feel glances from him every so often.

After another few moments of silence, Olly turned to me and said; “You know, you look absolutely stunning tonight.”

That caught me off guard. I turned to look at him, his face had a thoughtful expression. I was used to him joking around so to see this side of him was new to me.

“Thank you, and so do you,” I told him, earning a big smile.

The pair of us glanced at the dance floor and we spotted Aylee who now had a bottle of Vodka in her hand, she was presently dancing with Dustin and Luca. Olly flicked his head back to me and suggested we go join them.

Hopping down from the truck, we made our way to the dance floor. For the next few hours, the five of us danced. We shared the bottle of vodka between us and by the time it was empty, Aylee and I were pretty much gone.

I had always been a lightweight, but this was the second time I had had a proper drink since I called it quits with Jax, and it had been a long time since I had let myself have a good time. Thank God it was a Friday night because the school would be nearly empty the next day due to all of us being in bed with hangovers.

Olly span me around and I accidentally bumped into someone. Turning around to apologise, I was met with the gorgeous blue eyes of Kasper. His arm had reached out and grabbed my waist to steady me and my hands had landed on his chest.

“Sorry, my fault,” I whispered but didn’t make any move to turn away.

“No, its okay,” he replied and placed his other hand on the other side of my waist.

We stood like that for a second then before I knew it, we were dancing. It almost seemed like a dream as we moved to the music. I could feel the eyes of my friends on me, but I didn’t care.

I did not know how long Kasper and I danced for, but it seemed like an eternity. Our bodies fit perfectly in one another, he spun me around a couple times but always made sure to bring me back as close as possible when I was done spinning.

Kasper turned me around, so my back was against him, his hands moved up and down my body, his lips tracing down my neck. The way he touched me seemed like he never wanted to let me go and to be honest, I didn’t want him to.

He was an expert with the way he moved, he knew exactly where to glide his fingers over me. I moved my hips against him, and I could feel what my body was doing to his. A noise which sounded like a growl rang in my ear, then he spun me back round to face him, bringing me in close.

Our lips inched closer and closer to each other and just when I thought he was going to kiss me, a siren sounded which signalled the start of a race. Kasper pulled back like he had been electrocuted and it was almost like a part of me left when he let me go.

“I’m in this race,” he told me and turned to follow Julian to get his bike.

I stood there and watched him go, suddenly feeling cold. I shook my head, obviously it was just spur of the moment heat. I turned around to see Aylee watching me with an interested look while Olly was giving me an unreadable one.

“Mate, I could feel the sexual tension over here!” Aylee squealed, linking her arm through mine.

She proceeded to tell me what we looked like dancing together, but I couldn’t concentrate on what she was say because I was too busy trying to decipher the look which had been on Olly’s face.

I pulled my phone from where I had shoved it in my bra to check the time. It was already past 2am. When Aylee, Olly and I reached Olly’s truck, we found the two boys were in the middle of an extremely heavy make-out session pressed up against the side of the truck.

“I know it’s not fair to disturb them but… actually it is fair, I’m single so I don’t wanna see that!” Aylee said before yelling at the two boys to stop shooting their live porno.

I looked at Olly who was looking down at the floor. “Hey, you okay?”

Olly nodded his head before mumbling something about him being tired. The group then decided it was time to head home. I hopped onto my bike and Aylee climbed onto the back of the bike as she was spending the night.

Dustin was spending the night at Luca’s so Olly was dropping them off on the way home. As everyone got ready to set off, I took one last look around.


The demon’s spawn herself was standing with the worst look on her face as she watched me pull out of the tracks. I guess she had seen what had happened on the dance floor then. I didn’t even think she was going to be here tonight, but at it turns out, unfortunately she was. Boy, was I in for it tomorrow?

When we arrived back at the house, Aylee and I didn’t say anything as we made our way to my room. We quickly got ready for bed and spent the next half an hour or so chatting until we dozed off.

I was restless during the night; my mind was on Jax. I was always worried that he would appear, that just when everything in my life was going well, he would come back into it and ruin it.

He was that kind of person, the kind to sneak back into your life when you least expect it and turn everything to shit. The light shone through a crack in the curtains and into my already open eyes. I had been awake for about an hour thinking about Jax.

Aylee stirred beside me, sitting up and stretching. I could feel her moving about and mumbled a few choice words at the fact that she was awake. I did not know what time it was, but it had been light for a while now.

“Holy shit, Shay wake up! It’s like one in the afternoon!” Aylee shook me.

I turned and looked at her, confused. I must have been lying awake a lot longer than I thought. We were meant to meet up with Luca, Dustin and Olly. Oh shit, Olly! I span round and got the attention of Aylee.

“Hey, did Olly seem off to you last night?” I asked her as she was making weird faces to herself in the mirror.

“Other than him staring at you all night, not really.” She looked over her shoulder at me in the mirror. “Why?”

“Wait, what? What do you mean he was staring at me all night?” I asked, surprised.

“Well, the first day he met you, he couldn’t shut up about you. He’s got a crush, its proper cute,” she told me. “You seriously not realised?”

“I have only known him for a couple of weeks!”

She gave me a look as if to say ‘and?’ then continued pulling the faces in the mirror. I watched her for a moment and laughed to myself. Walking towards my wardrobe, I rummaged through to find my favourite black short dungarees.

I was in the middle of getting dressed when Aylee turned to me and said; “Plus the way you were practically dry humping Kasper in front of him probably got him a bit riled up.”

I choked on air and coughed. Shit, I had totally forgotten about that. Aylee smirked at me from where she was sat on my bed, fully dressed.

“How in the hell did you get ready that fast?” I asked her, changing the subject, which didn’t go unnoticed by her, but she didn’t say anything.

“I have been friends with these boys since I was little, do you really think I have not perfected the art to get ready in a matter of minutes?” Aylee looked me up and down then checked her phone. “You really need to practice more, it’s now half one.”

Crap. I hurriedly pulled the rest of my clothes on, quickly brushing my hair. I did a once overlook in the mirror and after conclusively deciding that I still looked like shit, I announced that I was ready. On our way out, we each brushed our teeth and peed before making the rest of the way downstairs.

I had taken the keys to one of the spare cars, to which I couldn’t believe we had, and drove Aylee and I to the meeting place, which was the 24-hour ice cream shop we had stopped at on my first night here.

When we slumped into the booth with the boys, I noticed how shit they all looked, it was clearly still too early for them to be about in public.

“Whose smart idea was it for us to meet up today?” Olly asked as he clutched his little pot of ice cream to his head.

We all looked at him and spoke simultaneously, “it was yours.”

“Well, next time, I suggest we wait a full twenty-four hours before we meet up, I could have used an extra day in bed,” he announced.

“So, girls, how was the sleepover?” Luca asked Aylee and I.

“It was great, we had pillow fights in our underwear,” Aylee said.

“Really?” Olly’s head shot up; his eyes bright.

“No,” Aylee and I said in unison. We then earned a glare from Olly.

“Aww, don’t tease the poor boy, he’s clearly in a lot of pain,” Dustin scolded us, but he was trying to hide a smile.

“Piss off,” Olly shot back, causing the rest of us to laugh.

The rest of the day went by smoothly, Olly went back to acting like nothing had happened last night and I wasn’t the idiot who would bring it up. We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting in the ice cream shop before all heading our separate ways. I drove Dustin home after we said good-bye to the rest of our friends.

It was almost five by the time we waltzed into the house. What we did not expect to hear as soon as we walked in was a shouting match. Following the noise of the argument, we turned the corner to find my mum and Dustin’s mum screaming at each other in the living room.

“How dare you say that about my daughter, Ellen!” Mum screamed.

“I mean, it’s obviously going to be true. She’s gonna turn out just like you, a slut who can’t keep her legs closed. Just look at the mess she caused for you last year!” Ellen shouted back.

Both women hadn’t noticed that they had an audience as they continued yelling at each other. The whole house can probably hear it but didn’t want to come anywhere near them.

“That poor boy must have been sucked in by her ways and poor Addison does not want that happening to her friend!” Ellen continued.

Did that bitch say what I think she just said? Was she really talking about Jax? I knew that Gran and Grandad knew why we came back, but I didn’t think they would start spreading it around the house like high school gossip.

Although now that I think about it, Gran probably told Ellen just to make things harder on me. But now Addison knows? Holy shit, the entire school is going to know by the end of tomorrow.

I didn’t dare look at Dustin as I continued to watch the interaction between Mum and Ellen. Both were not going to back down. Mum opened her mouth to retaliate but I beat her to it. I was beyond angry right now.

“Hey!” I shouted, causing them both to look at me. Mum looked sad while Ellen looked shocked that I had heard her.

“I am in no way a slut! I did not lure “poor Jax” into anything! I was just a kid!” I shouted.

“Yeah, just a kid who can’t keep her legs closed, I told Mum what I saw between you and Kasper last night,” Addison snapped, coming out from no where. There was a dark smile placed on her face.

This was when I lost my shit.

“Are you fucking crazy? We were just dancing, you stupid cow! I told you the other night to leave me the fuck alone! I have been through way worse shit than the childish tattle-tale crap you are spinning right now, and I have no problem with beating you to a fucking pulp if you continue to piss me off and tell lies about me! I am not some sweet little girl you can mess with like you try to with the rest of the puppets which are at school! You need to grow up, get a life and piss the fuck off!” I practically screamed the last part.

The room went deadly silent. I looked at Addison who looked unfazed, but I clearly saw the fear which was in her eyes. I looked back at Ellen, who looked unsure and Mum, who looked proud.

I span on my heel, pushing past Dustin and flying up the stairs to my room. I dumped myself down on my bed, letting tears fall freely down my face. A knock at my door made me jump.

“Not now Dustin,” I called but the door opened anyway.

“Hey love, are you okay?” Mum asked as she stepped into my room.

“What do you think?”

“I am so sorry you had to hear that, Ellen has always hated me ever since we were teenagers, I’m just sorry that she feels the need to treat you this way to.” Mum sat down next to me on the bed, wrapping her arm around my shoulder.

“Who told them?” I asked, more tears spilling out.

“Probably your grandmother,” Mum mumbled, an annoyed tone in her voice.

Great, just great. I thought she couldn’t hate me even more, but I guess she did.

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