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When I woke Monday morning with Dustin banging on my door, I groaned. It was that delightful time of the week again, a fucking Monday. I had not gotten out of the bad mood I had developed on Saturday night after getting into that argument with my heinous aunt and cousin.

I stayed in bed all yesterday, not wanting to do anything at all. Dustin had come to check on me and asked if I had wanted to go out with him and the guys to see a movie, but I told him no. I only really emerged yesterday to take a shower then retreated back into temporary hibernation.

Getting dressed into my school uniform felt painfully slow. I brushed my hair and teeth but didn’t bother with makeup today. I double checked my eyes were no longer puffy from crying most of yesterday before I grabbed my bag and walked downstairs.

I did not say anything to Dustin as he drove me to school, he seemed smart enough to realise that I was not in the mood for conversation. My stomach filled with sharp pains of fear as we neared the school.

As we parked and got out of the car, my fears were true. People were staring wide-eyed at me and whispering. They had just finished whispering about the fact that I was a new girl.

Dustin and I walked towards our friends who were looking at me with faces full of concern. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dustin shake his head. It took me a second to realise that it meant to just leave me be.

I felt like a robot throughout the day, just simply going through the motions of a school student. I felt eyes on me all day and there was constant whispering and giggling coming from many students around me. I could only imagine what they were saying.

I caught the sight of Addison during lunch looking exceptionally proud of herself. I wanted to go up to her and smack that smile off her face but that would just make matters worse.

It didn’t matter how many times I moved or how far away I moved, Jax would always be there to taunt me. He was actually very different from the nice guy he pretended to be; he was only nice if he was getting his way. There were times when I didn’t feel like having sex with him, but he used every trick in the book to guilt me into actually sleeping with him, the very last time we had had sex was actually rape.

That had been the final straw for me, that was when I finally told my mum what was going on. He had made me believe that the times he hurt me were deserved and were all my fault, it wasn’t until I was out of that relationship, that I knew those times were never my fault.

I could feel myself getting worked up and mumbled to the guys something about needing to pee then going to my last class early before I stormed off out of the cafeteria, shoving past people.

I entered the empty science room of my history class, marching to the back of the room and sitting down in my seat. I resisted the urge to scream in frustration and dropped my head to the desk.

“Are you okay?” A voice made me lift my head.

Kasper stood a few feet away from our shared desk, he wore a worried expression as he looked at me.

“Oh, you know, I’m just peachy or haven’t you heard? I’m the new school slut!” I said in a fake happy voice.

Kasper looked at me, not knowing what to say then opened his mouth to speak; “Uh… congratulations?”

I burst out laughing, almost hysterically. I did not expect that, but it made me feel a whole lot better. Kasper sat down in his seat next to me, watching as I forced myself to calm down and stop laughing.

“I’m glad I made you laugh,” he said, smiling.

“I’m glad you did too, thank you.”

“You know, you shouldn’t let this get to you. I know it’s hard, but you know what you did or didn’t do, and it shouldn’t matter to you what anyone else thinks, only what you and the people who care about you think.” Those words hit me hard, but he was right.

“You’re right, I shouldn’t care. It’s just Addison trying to get to me.” I straightened up and felt more confident.

“Wait, Addison started this shit?” He asked, looking angry.

I nodded, “Yeah she did.”

“Bloody bitch,” Kasper spat. “Why?”

I gave him a look, half considering whether I should tell him the real reason before opening my mouth to spill.

“Um… well, she saw us dancing together on Halloween,” I explained.

Kasper bit his lip. Damn, that’s hot. I used all my strength not to just lean into him and kiss him. God, what was happening to me? I’m never like this over a boy, I wasn’t even like this when I was with Jax.

“Ah, the dancing… I mean I guess it was pretty – “

“Intense?” I cut him off with my suggestion.

“I was gonna say hot actually.” Kasper locked eyes with me, and I momentarily forgot we were in a school.

I cleared my throat. “Yeah, that too.”

“Any chance you wanna skip?” Kasper asked after a moment of silence, his eyes lighting up.

“Fuck yeah, I don’t wanna be here right now.” I grabbed my bag and we left the classroom, darting out of the nearest exit and fled into the car park.

We reached Kasper’s bike, and both jumped on. I wrapped my arms around his firm muscles, and we sped out of the car park. I didn’t care that I wasn’t wearing a helmet as we sped through the streets of this weird town.

We took a sharp turn right and headed onto a dirt path, Kasper drove for another ten minutes before we came to a clearing. He parked the bike at the entrance of the clearing, helping me off. I took in my surroundings, amazed at what I was seeing.

There was a small hut built from wood and logs, with conifer leaves used as the roof. A small fire-pit, which had clearly been used recently was out front, surrounded by larger logs to be used as seats.

I made my way to the hut and peered inside of it. There was a collection of blankets and pillows which lined the floor and there were a few sleeping bags rolled up in the corner.

I turned back to Kasper, who was watching me intently.

“Oh, my god. This is amazing,” I said to him, then moved inside of the hut, popping down on the ground which was actually very comfortable.

Kasper followed me inside and sat down a few feet in front of me, leaning against the wall. “Yeah, Julian and I found this place when we were like ten and slowly built this up over a couple of summers. It’s the kind of place we come to when we just don’t want to be in the real world anymore. So, I thought that you would appreciate the quiet.”

“I do, thank you. A lot.” My gaze lingered on Kasper for longer than intended.

“So, I was surprised when you didn’t hesitate about getting on my bike,” Kasper said, breaking the silence.

“Well, I actually have my own bike. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed it while being at the races,” I told him.

“Wait, that Triumph is yours? I thought that it was Dustin’s.” He didn’t even bother to try and cover the shock all over his face. “Do you race?”

“Yeah, but I haven’t raced since I moved here because we don’t need the money anymore, I was taught by my ex.” I mentally cursed myself for saying that last part and I could tell that Kasper caught on.

“Your ex?” He questioned.

“Uh, yeah. His name is Jax Guiys, he’s a year older than me, eighteen now. He turned out not to be a very nice guy, so I left him. However, while I was with him, I did a lot of stuff a sixteen-year-old girl just shouldn’t do.” I wasn’t even sure why I was telling him this, but I didn’t ignore his next question.

“Like what? Sleeping with him?”

I laughed a little, “Well… I was drunk almost every day, did a lot of drugs that I can’t remember some of the names and yes, but it was more like fucking through a drug haze….”

“Well, I guess you ain’t the sweet, innocent girl I thought you were when I first saw you, you’re –“I cut him off before he finished.

“What? A slut?”

“No, not a slut. You are brave, feisty and sexy as fuck.” Kasper had moved closer to me as he said every word. “But, I kinda figured that from the house party last week.”

I wasn’t sure what was happening right now, the way that Kasper was looking at me made a fiery feeling in my stomach start. A gust of wind blew his hair to one side and the fact that the simplicity of the top few buttons of his shirt being undone which meant I could see the top of his tattoo, drove me wild. I just wanted to jump on the boy. I didn’t care that I had only known him for a few weeks, I didn’t care that Addison would literally poison my food if she ever found out, I just wanted him.

I could see in his eyes that he knew what he was doing to me, moving so close that our lips were nearly touching. He moved his hand, so it rested on my thigh, his fingers playing with the hem of my skirt. I looked down and watched his tattooed hand, my heart racing.

“I’m not surprised that Addison was jealous when she saw me dance with you. The way you moved against me, drove me insane,” Kasper said, staring deep into my eyes.

“The way that you moved your hands all over me, drove me insane.” I moved my hand, so my fingers danced up his arm. “What are you thinking?”

“That I really want to kiss you right now, but if I start, I don’t think that I will be able to stop.”

The words came out of my mouth before my brain even registered what they were; “then don’t stop.”

I didn’t object as his lips came crashing down on mine. One part of me is thinking that this is gonna end up being a bad idea but the rest of me is telling that part to shut up.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as if to pull him closer, to which he complied, pushing me down on the pillowed floor and hovering above me. I moved my hands through his hair, pulling and tugging at small parts which caused him to groan.

I stroked down his chest and played with the hem of his shirt, pulling it up over his head. He broke the kiss for a few seconds to yank it the rest of the way. Kasper rolled onto his back, pulling me with him so I was now straddling him. He placed his hands on my hips and massaged his thumbs in small circles.

I kissed him again, before moving down his jaw and down his neck. I kissed along his shoulder, sucking slightly. I knew fine well that was gonna leave a mark. I kissed back up to his lips. I felt Kasper’s fingers move effortlessly as they unbuttoned my school shirt, pushing it down over my shoulders, causing my blazer to fall away with it.

Flipping us again, Kasper was now back on top as he kissed down my neck, feeling him bite down on my collarbone. His hand moved slowly down my stomach and reached the hem of my skirt, hiking it up as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He moved his hand back down…

Then my phone rang.

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