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You have got to be fucking kidding me?

When I looked at who was ringing, I debated whether or not just to ignore it and go back to kissing Kasper, but I finally decided to answer the phone to the stepsister of the boy I was basically just about to fuck.

For five minutes, I regretted answering the phone as I was listening to Aylee scold me for not texting her where I was. I felt like I was little kid getting told off for running away at the shops.

When I had finally managed to convince Aylee I was okay and that all I needed was some time alone and away from all the gossip, she hung up the phone. I dumped my phone down on the ground, turning back to look at Kasper who was lying on his right side, head propped up by his hand, watching me thoughtfully.

I sat there for a moment, checking him out and I wasn’t being discreet about it either. I moved back over to him, lying down next to him. My eyes travelled over his tattoo, taking in the detail. It went up his left arm and covered the entirety of his chest. I traced my fingers over his chest, moving down his stomach.

Kasper placed a hand on my waist, pulling me closer until we were touching. We hadn’t said anything yet, but my mind was full of questions. The main one being: what the fuck just happened between us? Despite what we had agreed, there wasn’t a chance in hell that either of us would be stopping.

“Are you going to the tracks tonight?” Kasper asked, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, I am. I have decided to race,” I told him.

I paused, thinking. Should I ask him what was going on? My mind kept reminding me that I had only known him for a few weeks, and we were playing a game with each other, but the rest of my body was telling me something different that I couldn’t quite figure out.

I decided against it as we started to get sorted to head out. I jumped on the back of Kasper’s bike. We rode all the way back to town in a comfortable silence, finally pulling up a street away from mine so Addison wouldn’t see.

I hopped off the bike and stood in front of him. I readjusted my skirt and noticed as his eyes travelled the length of my body. Biting the bullet, I asked about today.

“Kasper,” I started, causing his wondering eyes to move back up my body and connect with my own. “What just happened?”

The question seemed to take him by surprise, he thought about it for a moment, almost unsure of what to say. Kasper got off his bike and leaned against it, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Honestly, I think we were both about to lose,” he said and smirked.

I rolled my eyes at his teasing. Kasper reached out and grabbed my waist, pulling me closer. I leaned against him as I stared into his eyes. His thumbs moved in circles on my hip bones. How can such a small action drive me crazy?

“Well, I won’t be making that mistake again, because I always win,” I mumbled.

I reached up on my tippy-toes and brought my lips mere millimetres away from his before moving them over to his ear, brushing past his jawline.

“Goodbye, Kasper. See you at the tracks.” I pushed away from him, clearly seeing his reaction.

Before he could say anything else, I turned and walked away. Once in the house, I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding, slowly smiling to myself. I made my way up the stairs, waltzing into my bedroom.

When I opened the door, the first thing I noticed was four pairs of eyes on me. Dustin, Luca, Olly and Aylee were sitting on my bed, scowling in my direction. Luca looked at his watch and tapped it.

“And where have you been, young lady?” He asked, a dad-like look on his face.

“Yeah Shay! We have been worried sick!” Aylee snapped.

“Sorry! I just needed some time alone, away from all the stares, whispers and judgement,” I told them, making my way over to sit next to Luca on my pillows.

On the other side of Luca, was Olly who was giving me a look of worry. Dustin was giving me a look of annoyance while Aylee just looked plain pissed off.

“Are you okay?” Dustin asked softly.

“Yeah, actually I am. I came to a revelation!” Well, technically it was Kasper’s revelation, but I didn’t tell them that.

“Oh yeah? What?” Olly piped up.

“I know who I am, what I have done and what I have not done. So, everyone can talk, bitch, whisper, stare, whatever all they want because if you guys support me, I don’t care what anyone else thinks,” I said confidently.

In that moment, there was split second of silence before Aylee pounced on me, bringing me into a massive hug. Another pair of arms wrapped around us then before I knew it, I was at the centre of a group hug.

Later that night, we were all at the tracks and everything had been set up for my race. I wasn’t the only girl who raced but I was the only new racer. As I was sitting on my bike, waiting for the race to start, I felt eyes on me.

I looked around and saw Kasper standing with Julian not far from where my friends were stood. He watched me intently and I could almost sense desire coming from him.

The siren went and off we all sped away.

The wind swept through my hair as I went. I loved the feeling of being on my bike. I felt completely free from reality. That if I wanted to, I could just drive off and never come back.

I manoeuvred myself between other racers, gaining more and more speed. I could hear the embarrassing cheers from my friends through my helmet as I passed more and more people.

I remember the first race I ever won, I felt so proud of myself. When I had gotten off my bike, Jax had been there immediately, picking me up and spinning me round then told me he loved me.

I passed the person who was in second place and was quickly gaining on the person in first. We passed the half-way point and put even more distance between us and the rest of the racers.

I could now see the finish. I accelerated even more and took over in first. I passed the finish line, causing the crowd to cheer. When I pulled to a stop, the person who came in second place came over to congratulate me. I didn’t recognise her, but she was older than me.

“Damn girl! That was amazing! Who knew you were that good!” Dustin praised me when I reached my friends.

Olly looked down at my hand to see the envelope full of money, “How much you win?”

“Couple grand I think, there was quite a few people in that race, so all the starting bets added up,” I said.

We stood and talked for another five minutes before Luca went up to race. Dustin walked him over and Olly went with Aylee to get something to drink from the gas station. I declined to go with them, so I sat on the bed of Olly’s truck.

As I was scrolling through facebook, waiting until Luca’s race started, I felt a pair of hands move slowly up my thighs. Looking up from my phone, I locked eyes with Kasper. How the hell did I not hear him coming?

“When you said you could race, you really meant it, didn’t you?” There was a playfulness dancing in his eyes.

“I was trained by one of the best, despite the fact that he turned into such a dick.” I snaked my arms around his neck.

“Oh really? Better than me?” Kasper moved his fingers lightly, making their way under my shirt to the bottom of my spine which sent shivers throughout my whole body.

“Oh, I don’t know, he might be.” I lightly tugged at his hair before moving my hands slowly down his chest.

“I doubt he is better.” He moved his hands back to my hips, making small circular motions as he did.

I leaned in closer, bringing my lips to his ear and whispered; “Why should it matter? You are way better at turning me on than him.”

I drew back and locked eyes with him again. There was now a desperate hunger which darkened his eyes. With an aggressive tug on my hips, he pulled me closer to him and his lips brushed slightly over my own.


Kasper and I pulled apart as if we had been electrocuted and turned to see the smirking face of Aylee. She raised her eyebrow at both of us, clearly sensing the sexual tension between us. I silently thanked the gods when I didn’t see Olly standing there, I did not want another huffy repeat of Halloween.

“And what do we have here?” Aylee said, coming to stand next to us.

“Nothing,” Kasper replied before walking off.

Aylee snapped her head to me, raising her eyebrow again.

“We’re kinda playing a little game,” I mumbled to her.

“Oh god, what game?” Aylee jumped up on the truck bed and sat down next o me.

“Well, long story short? Whoever falls for the other one first, loses. We tease each other, make out, and when you rang yesterday, you literally stopped just as we were about to fuck.” I took in Aylee’s expression.

Her jaw had dropped, and her eyes were wide. Closing her mouth, she thought about it for a moment, giving me a look.

“Well, you’re sure as shit lucky that it was me who came back first and not one of the boys or you would be screwed,” she paused, taking a sip of a drink she had brought back from the shop. “I take it, you’re not actively spreading this around?”

“God no, and you better swear you won’t tell anyone!”

Aylee waved her hand, “Pfft, like you even have to ask. Girl, this is what best friends are for.”

I smiled at her. Best friends? I like the sound of that. It had been so long since I had a genuine best friend and I think Aylee fit that category perfectly. Olly jogged back over just as the siren sounded for Luca’s race to start. We all stood on the truck bed as we watched our friend move effortlessly around the track.

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