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It had been five days since Kasper, and I had slept together in that little hut. It was now a Monday again and things between us seemed different but the same. We didn’t really talk about it afterwards and we hadn’t talked about it much since.

We were normal with each other. Kasper and Julian had started to hang out with us more and were now firmly part of the friendship group. We had all hung out over the weekend and went to the races a a big group. Aylee had even made a group chat on facebook with all of us in it.

When Dustin and I walked into school on Monday morning, everyone was already waiting at the usual picnic table. Luca had his arms wrapped around Aylee but broke away when he saw his boyfriend.

“Hey! I am bloody freezing here!” Aylee snapped at Luca.

“Sorry, but I wanted to greet Dustin,” Luca said.

“No excuse,” Aylee huffed.

“I’m starting to think we need to be meeting inside for a while, because it was getting a lot colder,” Olly said, pulling down on his hat to cover his ears more.

“Yeah, I agree. I haven’t been out the car two minutes and I’m already freezing,” I said, wrapping my arms around myself.

“We could always just meet in the library?” Kasper suggested, to which everyone agreed.

The first bell went before anyone else could say anything else and we all headed to our separate first classes. Maths, Biology and English flew past then before I knew it, I was sitting around our lunch table.

“Anyone wanna go catch a movie tonight?” Olly piped up.

“Oh yeah that sounds good, but which movie?” Julian replied.

“Hallow Faces, the new horror, is meant to be really good,” Dustin suggested.

“Oh my God! Yes! I really want to see that.” Aylee clapped like a five-year-old.

The rest of us agreed to go see it. We then decided to go to Pizza Hut after the movie so none of us could accidentally puke up our dinner from fright (Olly). We hadn’t had the joy of seeing Addison this lunch time, and come to think of it, I hadn’t seen much of her over the last couple of days. It was weird but peaceful.

During History, the teacher had sent us to the library to do research for a pairs project we were starting today. There was several topics to choose from so Kasper and I chose to do about the downfall of the Russian monarchy.

Kasper and I were currently in the very back of the library looking at some very dusty and unused books. We had a few of them spread out in front of us, while each reading through a different book.

I distinctly heard Kasper sigh but ignored it as what I was reading was starting to get quite interesting. Kasper was sat a little behind me, while I was lying on my front, engrossed in a book. I felt my hair move to one side then a pair of lips start softly kissing my neck. I relaxed into it, feeling him kissing down my neck and along my shoulder.

“Kasper, if you start doing that, we’re not gonna be able to work,” I whispered.

“I know, why do you think I started doing it?” I felt him smirk into his kisses.

“We’re at school still.” I moved out from under him, so I was now sitting, facing him.

Kasper looked like he wanted to devour me right here in the library and at this very moment, I don’t think I would have stopped him if he started again.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what we did on Thursday and not being able to do it again has been driving me insane,” he told me.

“Me too.” I looked at the pile of books, trying to avoid Kasper’s gaze.

It was nearing the end of the day, so we didn’t talk about it anymore as we packed up the books, putting them back onto the shelves. The bell went and we walked in comfortable silence out to meet up with the others.

We had all agreed to meet at the cinema for the six o’clock film and since Dustin was going straight to Luca’s after dropping me home from school, Kasper had offered to pick me up. I didn’t miss the look Aylee gave me when Kasper offered.

At home, when I was relaxing on my bed and scrolling through facebook, a facetime notification popped up from Aylee. I answered it to see a suspicious expression.

“And what is going on with you and Kasper now?” Aylee asked almost immediately.

When I hesitated, her eyes widened as if she had just come to a major realisation.

“Holy shit, you guys slept together, didn’t you?” Aylee said.

“Um… little bit?” I replied.

“Knew it! Have you guys talked about it or what?” Aylee was in the middle of putting on a face mask.

“Not really, I mean today we kinda did, but it was more like we couldn’t stop thinking about it,” I explained.

“He totally likes you!” She beamed.

“What? Nah, he doesn’t. I think it’s moved from the silly game we started to a friends with benefits thing.”

I got up from my bed and went into the bathroom down the hall. I placed the phone against the wall and started to run the tap so I could wash my face.

“Come on, he totally does. I see the way he looks at you and I have never seen that before. Also, its extremely obvious that you like him, a lot.” Aylee started fanning her face as if trying to get her mask to dry faster.

“How obvious?” I asked. I picked up a cloth and dropped it into the full sink.

“Well, it’s extremely obvious to me. But you know how boys are, they’re completely oblivious to anything like this.” Aylee was now looking through her wardrobe for something to wear while waiting for her mask to dry.

“I mean, yes I do like him, but I don’t think you’re right, he doesn’t like me like that.” I scrubbed my face with the cloth.

“That’s a load of shit babe, he definitely does. Kasper doesn’t pay this much attention to a girl, its normally a fuck and chuck situation. Have you ever thought to ask him?” Aylee prodded her face, testing to see if the mask was dry.

“Are you kidding? I dont think so, that would just ruin everything!” I rinsed out the cloth then patted my face dry.

“Nah, it wouldn’t. Just think about it because you have made him so much happier.” Aylee began to wash away her face mask.

“Really?” I moved back to my bedroom, dropping back onto my cloud-like bed.

“Yeah, you should have seen him before, always moping about but now he’s actually enjoying life and that’s all down to you.” Aylee patted her face dry

“Well maybe its just because he has more than one friend now?” Aylee gave me a look that reminded me of an irritated mother.

“Nice try babe,” Aylee said, rolling her eyes.

“Honestly, I don’t know whats going on with us, but I am actually happy for the first time in ages and that’s because of you guys too, not just him,” I said.

“Girl don’t even. You’re gonna make me cry!” Aylee fanned her eyes, like she was trying not to cry.

The pair of us burst out laughing, we talked for a while longer, and it wasn’t about my love life. When I asked her about Julian, she went bright red and tried so hard to evade the question. They had been hanging out almost as much as Kasper and me, but she didn’t know what was going on either.

When we hung up with each other, it was minutes before Kasper texted saying he was outside. I headed downstairs, running into Gran on the way.

“And where are you going?” She asked, her voice stern.

Against my better nature, I decided to be civil to the old witch. “To the movies with my friends.”

“When will you be back?”

“I don’t know, late?” The look on her face was pure hatred.

Seriously, what the hell did I do to piss her off so much?

She shook her head, walking away and the last thing I heard from her was: “arrogant girl, just like Christopher.”

Who the hell is Christopher?

I left the house with the name still on my mind and hopped into Kasper’s car. I greeted him quickly, then looked out the window. I hadn’t met a Christopher while being here, were we related?

“Hey, you okay?” Kasper asked.

“Hm? Oh yeah, just thinking I guess,” I said.

“What about?”

“Well, my Gran said I was just like someone called Christopher, but I don’t know a Christopher. Do you?” I watched Kasper as he thought for a moment, but he shook his head.

We were silent for a couple minutes, the radio playing softly. I thought back to the conversation that I had with Aylee about Kasper, I glanced at him from the corner of my eye. Was he happier since we started hanging out? Course, I wouldn’t know because I didn’t know him before I moved here.

“What if its your dad?” I snapped my head to look at Kasper.

“What?” I said.

“Yeah, I know you’ve never met him, but he probably lived here and went to school with your mum,” he said.

“You have a point, Mum would never even tell me his name so if I asked about this Christopher, then maybe she would tell me.” I tried my best not to get my hopes up, it may not even lead to anything exciting.

We pulled up to the cinema and got out straight away, walking around to the front of the building. We were the last ones to arrive.

“About time guys, film starts in ten minutes!” Olly said dramatically.

“My fault, had to endure a conversation with the head of the coven,” I said.

“Eww, I am so sorry you had to go through that experience without me.” Dustin patted me sympathetically on the shoulder.

I rolled my eyes as we all headed into the cinema. We got our tickets and some snacks then went to go find our seats. We were on the back row, in the middle.

I was sat in between Kasper and Aylee with Julian and Olly on the other side of Aylee and Dustin and Luca on the other side of Kasper.

When the film started, I couldn’t seem to concentrate. I kept thinking about the possibility that Christopher could be my dad. I had mixed feelings about growing up without a dad. Sometimes it didn’t bother me but other times there were moments when a girl just needed her dad.

Maybe if I had grown up with one, I wouldn’t have been so stupid with Jax because I would have had a more stable environment? I was on my own a lot because Mum worked so much to support us.

I did wonder what my dad was like when I was younger. Did he know about me? Would he like me? Was he alive? Every question that I could possibly ask myself, I did. When I asked Mum about him, she always clammed up and was off with me for a couple days so in the end I just stopped asking.

A jump scare pulled me out of my thoughts but not because I was scared, it was the reaction of everyone else in the cinema which broke my thoughts. I didn’t even know how far through the movie was.

I started fidgeting with the hem of my top, now unable to keep my fingers still. I jumped slightly when I warm hand took mine. Kasper laced his fingers with mine and I instantly relaxed. I looked at him and gave him a warm smile.

Pushing the thoughts of my dad out of my mind, I thought of Kasper. I was starting to think that maybe I more than liked him. When he touched me, all my nerves were on fire and shivers ran down my spine. It was different to what I felt when I was with Jax.

Being with Jax was exciting and fun but being with Kasper was so much more. I felt safe with him and I could be myself completely, not having to try and impress him or do anything I didn’t want to do.

I gripped Kasper’s hand tighter, almost like I was afraid he would disappear if I let go. My mind seemed like it was in overdrive, all my thoughts swirling around with no control.

Kasper. My dad. Jax.

Being happy. Feeling scared. Disappointment.

Everything seemed too much suddenly, I started breathing fast. I excused myself to go to the bathroom, hurrying past my friends and down the long flight of stairs. I burst into the ladies’ room then headed to the sink, gripping tightly on the basin for support.

I looked at myself in the mirror, took in the appearance of this blonde girl in front of me. A tear ran down her cheek. All I wanted to do was reach out and hug her, tell her it was all going to be okay, but I couldn’t. It was my reflection.

The door burst open behind me, and over my reflection’s shoulder, I saw the face of my best friend. Aylee took in my appearance, she saw the tear. She didn’t ask if I was okay, she didn’t make a sassy comment, she just grabbed me by the shoulder to turn me around and engulf me in a hug.

For a few minutes, we just stood there, hugging. My feelings completely overwhelmed me, and I finally cried. I let out all the worries and frustrations I had in the tears that escaped.

When Aylee finally asked me what was wrong, I let everything out. I told her all about Jax and my past. I told her how confused I was about Kasper. I told her about the Christopher may be my father thing. I told her everything.

I didn’t realise we had spent the rest of the time in the bathroom until one of the boys texted Aylee asking where we were. After my cry, I felt a lot better. Aylee lent me some of her concealer to cover the redness of my eyes and hide the fact that I had been crying. When we met the boys in the entrance, none of them question whether I had been crying, they just believed when Aylee said ‘girl problems’.

On our way to Pizza Hut, I felt much better, like all I needed was a good cry. We entered the restaurant and sat around a big booth. All the boys chatted about the movie which I had barely watched. I had basically paid to go sit in a dark room and think about my problems.

When the waitress came around to take our orders, I asked for a deep pan margarita and some fries. The waitress winked at Kasper and I couldn’t help but feel jealous and glare at her. Aylee had caught me doing that and tried so hard not to laugh. We chatted while we waited for our food, which barely fit on the table when it arrived.

“Hey, did you guys hear about whats happening this Friday at the tracks?” Julian asked the group.

“No, what?” Olly replied.

“Well, there is a massive race going to happen, people from all over are coming. Some rich dude is putting up twenty grand for the winner and ten for the runner up,” Julian explained.

“Whoa, you serious?” Dustin said, taking a huge bite out of his pizza.

“Who would want to do that?” Aylee asked.

“Uh, I think its some retired racer named Hawkaye.” My eyes widened when Julian said that.

“Wait, Hawkaye is coming here?” I asked.

“You know him?” Kasper asked me.

“Yeah, he ran the tracks when I was racing two towns ago, he is the best racer I have ever seen!” I looked at Kasper while saying that then turned to the rest of the group and continued. “He’s a retired professional racer who did street racing on the side for extra money then took over one of the tracks after the previous guy was killed.”

“Damn, he sounds like he’s gonna be good, I wonder why he’s coming here and not doing it there?” Luca said.

“Well, this track is much more difficult to drive round than his, so am guessing its to make it a more interesting race.” I shrugged.

“I bet like everyone who competes at his tracks are gonna come try to get that money,” Julian said.

I froze when he said that. Jax competed there, and if what Anton said was true, he would be coming here. While the others talked, I tried to push that thought to the back of my mind. I focused on my friend and decided to deal with this possibility later. Just another thing to add to my list of ever-growing worries.

When we finished our food, we all said our goodbyes to each other. Since Dustin was spending the night with Luca, Kasper offered to drop me home and pick me up for school tomorrow.

When we were both settled in the car, Kasper turned to me and asked: “That track, its where Jax races, isn’t it?”

“Yep,” I said.

“I know your head must be going into complete overdrive right now, but I promise you that I won’t let anything happen to you and I know for a fact, neither will any of the others.” He reached over and pulled me into a hug.

“Thank you,” I said, sighing into him.

I was definitely head over heels in love with this boy…

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