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"There are many benefits to being related to me. For example: I'm your sibling... You're welcome."

A SMILE erupted on my face as I saw my younger brother running down the street to meet me.

I tapped the taxi driver's shoulder furiously, yelling at him to stop. He pulled over, and I wasted no time flinging my door open, squealing as I ran into Chase's open arms.

He picked me up, swinging me around until I screamed at him to stop. He finally set me down with a chuckle and I swayed to the side, dizzy.

"Geez, you're huge," I said, staring up at his six-foot frame. He was definitely not the scrawny little 16-year-old I left behind.

He grinned at me before promptly groaning.

"Seriously Luna?" He gave me a wry smile as he lifted a curled lock of my dark blue hair. "I swear last time I saw you over skype it was pink."

I shrugged, grinning at him.
"You know I can't stay with one colour," I poked his stomach and he poked mine back.

I swatted away his hands, heading to the trunk of the taxi. I dragged my suitcase out before rolling it to him.
"Carry this for me, would you?" I asked sweetly before turning back to the taxi for my handbag.

"¿Por qué tengo que hacer todo?" Chase rolled his eyes before bowing mockingly. "Of course, your royal highness." (Why do I have to do everything?)

I hit him on the head in return for the comment.

"Stop being rude," I said. He scoffed, his eyes twinkling with mirth.

"Me?" He whined loudly. "You're the one that's making me your slave after not even being here for five minutes."

"Isn't that what you're made for?" I asked innocently. "Besides, I've actually been here over an hour."

Chase grinned and swung an arm over my shoulder as we walked to our house.
"I didn't miss you one bit Hermana," He grinned. I snorted in amusement.

"Admit it Chase," I returned his grin. "Life was boring as hell without me."

He chuckled before shrugging in agreeance.
"I will never admit to that," He ruffled my hair.

As we entered the house, I heard my mother's familiar squeal of excitement resound throughout the halls.

"Luna!" A body came hurdling towards me and I didn't have a chance to brace myself before we were thrown to the floor.

"Hola mama," I groaned in pain as I tried to push her off me. My mother was in no way large, but no matter how much I pushed at her chest, she didn't move an inch.

"¡Oh, mi niña pequeña!" Mum cried as she gripped onto me. "You're finally home!" (Oh, my little girl!)

I heard Chase chuckling from beside us and I peeped my head over mum's shoulder to glare at him.
"Chase," I grumbled. "Get her off me."

He sighed, grinning in amusement before winding his arms around my mother's torso. She let herself be lifted up and I followed soon after.

I looked up at my mother's face, her short frame towering over my even shorter one. She had a cheshire grin planted on her face and I couldn't help but return it. It was good to be home.

"So, how was Europe?" She asked as she hugged me. Like a normal person this time.

I returned her short embrace before answering.
"Estupendo," I said as I turned to grab my suitcase. "But it's not like you didn't call every single day to ask that exact question."

My mother waved off my comment as we made our way to my room. She hummed to herself as we walked up the stairs, and I felt a wave of comfort flowed over me. As much as I had loved taking the year off the travel, there was nothing quite like the feeling of being home.

I smiled softly as I followed behind her.

We finally made it to my room, and I dropped my suitcase in front of my wardrobe, promising myself I'd empty it later.

My mum left after a hug and a kiss, saying she had to go finish making dinner.

I let out a sigh, falling back onto my bed. This year had gone so fast. I had to go to university in two weeks, and I didn't know if I was ready for that. I still felt like a high school student.

My curly blue hair fanned out around my head and I turned so I could look at it. It was such a pretty colour. I'd have to change it soon.

I pulled myself off the bed as my mother called for everyone to come down. The smell of mum's cooking hit my nose as I entered the kitchen.

I had missed this. Throughout the year, I had lived off stall foods and ramen noodles. Neither of which were terrible, but nothing beat mama's cooking.

I grinned at my mother as she ushered me towards the dining table. Chase was already seated and serving himself paella.

"Oi," I slapped his head playfully as I sat down. "Save some for us, cerdo." (Pig.)

Chase stuffed a forkful of food into his mouth before grinning at me. I scrunched my nose up in disgust at the view.

"Asqueroso," I muttered. Chase proved my point when he let out a belch, tossing a lazy smirk in my direction. (Disgusting.)

"Dios mío," I fake gagged. "Mama! Chase is being gross!"

Mum finally sat down at the table, opposite me and next to Chase who was seated at the front of the table.

"¡Basta! Chase, stop torturing tu hermana," She scolded. "Luna, stop being so loud." (Enough!)

I scoffed, glaring at Chase who stupidly wiggled his eyebrows at me. The action annoyed me and couldn't help but make a comment.

"Cabrón," I mumbled, hoping my mother wouldn't hear. Of course, I had no such luck. (Dumbass.)

"Luna!" My mother gasped. "We do not use that kind of language at the dinner table. I raised you better than this."

I rolled my eyes, slumping in my seat. I angrily stuffed food in my mouth as I scowled at Chase who was trying hard to conceal his giggles. I stubbornly stuck my tongue out at him when my mother looked away.

Chase kicked me under the table and I yelped.
"¡Ay!" I yelled. "Hijo de las mil putas! I'm gonna hit you so hard!" (Son of a thousand whores!)

My mother's eyes widened in shock and anger as I got out of my seat to slap my idiotic brother. He shot up, laughing as I chased him around the table.

"¡Basta ya!" My mother yelled as I finally landed a hand on my brother, pushing him into the wall. "I'm not in the mood for this shit!" (That's enough!)

I slapped my brother, ignoring my mother's words as she scolded us.

"Stop this right now!" My mother growled, getting between us. "¡te voy a pegar!" (I'm going to hit you!)

I simmered down at my mother's threat. I did not want my mother to hit me; she hit harder than I did.

Chase was still laughing his ass off and I grumbled as I stomped back to the table.

We behaved the rest of dinner, except for a few snide comments here and there. I really had missed being home.

I offered to help my mother clean up as Chase ran back to his room. My mother accepted my offer and got me to work washing the dishes.

"So," She began as I scrubbed at a plate. "I found you a job."

I instantly groaned at my mother's words. I had always hoped I could escape her incessant need for her children to earn their own money. I hated working, especially when I had to go to interviews and the like.

I was not a people person.

My mother lightly slapped the side of my head in response.
"Don't groan at me mujer joven," She said, crossing her arms. "You need to get a job. I'm not going to pay for you forever, you know." (Young woman.)

I huffed in defeat, glowering at the dish in my hand. I knew she was right. If I wanted to be able to buy my own place after university I had to start saving now.

"I found an apprentice position at a journalist's office," My mother continued. "I already booked you an interview for tomorrow, so I expect you to dress well and actually go this time."

I rolled my eyes slightly. It wasn't my fault that the last time she set up a job interview for me I happened to fall "sick" the very same day.

I knew I couldn't back out of it this time, however. I needed the money.

"Fine," I grumbled reluctantly.

My mother smiled at me, kissing my cheek as she left the kitchen. I finished washing the last glass before heading back up to my room.

It was almost 7 by the time I was dressed in my comfiest sweat pants and sweater. I cuddled under the soft covers of my bed, frightening noises escaping my mouth as I stretched.

I sighed, closing my eyes for a moment, simply enjoying the sensation of finally being back in my own bed. I grabbed my MP3 player off the bedside table, pressing play as I got up to go to the bathroom.

The familiar tune of The Good Side by Troye Sivan flooded the room, instantly calming my every nerve.

I walked into my en suite, setting the MP3 on the side of the sink before getting to work brushing my teeth and washing my face.

Once I was satisfied, I let down my hair from the bun I had thrown it in to wash my face and walked back to my bed.

I decided I should say goodnight to Chase and mama before I went to sleep, so I opened my bedroom door, walking to the opposite side of the hall to Chase's room.

I knocked in a random pattern, waiting a few moments for a response. When there was nothing, I opened the door expecting Chase to be lying on his bed with his earphones in. Instead, I was greeted with the sight of the widest grin on Chase's face as he stared down at his phone.

My eyebrow instinctively shot up in question as he turned to face me. His previous happy expression quickly morphed into panic as he slammed the phone down, screen first.

I grinned, the action peaking my interest.
"What's going on here?" I snickered as I leaped for the phone. He scrambled for it, but I snatched it before he could, running out of the room again.

I cackled as I locked myself in the hallway bathroom, poking my tongue out at the door when Chase began banging against it.

I finally looked at the screen, catching sight of a video chat. The smaller box had my face as I stared into the screen, the bigger one, that took up most of the screen, held the view of a blushing girl as she looked at me sheepishly.

My smile grew as I realised what this meant.
"Are you my brother's girlfriend?" I gasped, though I was slightly hurt that Chase had never mentioned her.

The girl shyly nodded, looking away from the phone and I squealed.
"Chase!" I screamed. "Why did you never tell me you had a girlfriend?"

I looked back down at the girl on the phone, squealing at the blush that seemed to cover her whole face.
"¡Eres tan lindo!" I giggled as Chase's pounding got harder. (You're so cute!)

"Luna, I swear por Dios!" He yelled. "Let me in!" (to God!)

I cackled again before unlocking the bathroom door. Chase came barrelling into the bathroom, glaring at me as he snatched the phone out of my hand.

I gave him a playful pout.
"No need to get jealous Chasey-poo," I snickered. "All I did was call her cute. Plus, I'm straight; I'm not gonna steal her off you."

Chase scowled at me as he rushed out of the bathroom, leaving me to laugh until I started tearing up.

I was still quietly giggling to myself as I climbed into my bed, completely forgetting to say goodnight to my family members.

I snorted as another laugh forced its way up my throat.
"Shut up Luna!" Chase screamed from his room, causing me to go into another round of chuckles. I heard him groan, which only encouraged my reaction.

After a few more minutes, I finally calmed down, a large grin still etched on my lips as I slowly fell fast asleep.

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