Twin Hearts

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Liam racked his fingers through his hair one last time as his lap top chimed that his video conference with Xena was ready. Liam flicked the enter button and the screen lit up with the image of Xena.

Liam blinked in surprise, her formerly straight jet black hair was now white blonde and pulled back from her face in a fashionable up do. Liam knew from experience that a rich woman like Xena hadn’t done her hair herself. Then there was her makeup that was a picture of understated excellence, with her eyebrows plucked to a this line then artfully drawn back in.

The dark red suit she was wearing was tailored and obviously designer, by the sheen it was silk and expensive. Then there was the single diamond tear drop hanging about her neck, it was worth at least thirty thousand dollars, from what Liam could see Xena’s ensemble probably cost about forty thousand dollars, from hair stylist and makeup artist to tailored suit she was making a statement. Xena’s look was straight out of a woman’s high end fashion magazine, while Liam would agree that she looked very elegant he didn’t think her new look made her more attractive, it made her less. Liam much preferred Danny’s makeup free girl next door cuteness to Xena’s glossy fake look.

“Miss Angelos it’s good to see you again, did you look over the changes to the designs I sent you? I tried to put in all the changes you asked for.”

“Please Xena remember, my staff calls me miss Angelos not friends and I do hope we are friends now. I was hoping your brother would be present, my staff says he is your twin.” Xena purred giving Liam a suggestive smile.

“No he wasn’t available, besides I’m in charge of contracts and the building designs.” Liam replied.

“Too bad, the proposed garden designs with water features are amazing.” Xena leaned closer to the screen the camera showing a good amount of cleavage.

“I’ll let him know, now you had some other questions you message said?” Liam asked politely plastering a smile o his face while he ignored all the blatant attempts to flirt.

“Yes your bid was the second highest for the project, but your design are also the most spectacular.” Xena shifted pulling back from the camera and pushing back from the lap top. “ I have more questions about the apartments you designed.”

“Of course, where do you want to start?” Liam asked leaning back in his chair knowing it was going to be a long call.

Two hours later Liam closed his lap top then undid his tie before pulling it off and tossing it on his desk. Xena had wanted him to join her for the weekend at her private island in the Bahamas to discuss the project, but Liam knew what she really meant she wanted him to bed her. Well even if he wasn’t seeing Danny he would of said no, she simply wasn’t his type. Besides tomorrow was the museum opening and he had no plans of missing it or standing up Danny, Xena had pouted a lot but had finally settled on another video call on Monday.

Liam was reaching for his phone to text Danny to see if she was free for lunch when Keith stepped into the office dressed in a black company t-shirt and fitted jeans, from his casual look he’d obviously planned to miss the video call.

“You are late, you missed the call.” Liam growled in annoyance.

“Sorry I had to take Rita to work and she wanted to stop for breakfast and well.” Keith smirked. “ Besides you are better at business than me.”

“We will discuss what you missed latter, we need to talk about Rita.” Liam pulled open his top desk drawer to retrieve the files on Rota and Danny. “I’ve wanted to talk to you about her for several days but you are never home and you never answer your texts.”

“So I’ve been busy with work and Rita, so what do you want to talk about?” Keith asked sitting back in the overstuffed leather chair.

“I paid your credit card bills, you’ve run up a bit of a tab on her.” Liam replied.

“So she’s fun and she’s had a hard life. I like treating her.” Keith said with a frown. ”Besides it’s my money.”

“You have spent almost five hundred thousand dollars on her in the past few months, we aren’t supposed to flaunt our money remember. And who told you she had a hard life?” Liam demanded.

“Rita did, why what concern is it of yours?” Keith protested.

“I have two files here, one is on Rita the other is on Danny. I want you to read them both.” Liam pushed the files towards Keith.

“Files, you had Rita investigated?” Keith growled.

“I had them both investigated, I like Danny, I haven’t made it a secret. In fact I think she might be the one, to that end I had Danny investigated as well as Rita, we didn’t live this long and stay under the radar by being reckless.” Liam stated.

“You had no right.” Keith shook his head. “ You’re just pissed because I’m getting some and you haven’t been with a woman in years.”

“By some you mean unfulfilled, none orgasmic sex then no I’m not jealous.” Liam replied evenly. “What’s the point of getting excited and never having anything come from it, I might as well be a damn tantric sex master. And as I said I was worried at your spending. Now if you don’t want to read the file I’ll give you the high points. Rita isn’t who she says’ she is, and she’s had about as hard a life as one of the Hilton kids.” Liam snapped. “Now look at the damn file.”

Mumbling a curse Keith grabbed the file on Danny instead and snapped it open. “Your girl first.”

“Fine.” Liam knew he couldn’t argue with his twin, instead he popped open his lap top and began going through his emails. Thirty minutes later Keith dropped Danny’s file on the desk.

“This legit?” Keith gave Liam a searching look.

“It came from Artie, and yes it’s legit.” Liam replied. “Now Rita’s.”

Keith grabbed Rita’s file and sat back as he began reading it, after a few minutes he threw it on the desk top. “I don’t believe any of this.”

“Have I ever lied to you? You’re my brother, I’d do anything for you. I was concerned about you, about us. For the first time in a long time we are both seeing women we are serious about. I didn’t want to see either of us burned, nor did I want to risk exposing our secret to the wrong person.” Liam slapped his laptop closed. “Rita is bad news, you have to see that. Artie thinks she is some kind of serial killer.”

“Artie is nuts, Rita is just a small town girl trying to make her mark. It your worried it should be about Danny. She is some kind of freak, and she works for the cops. You going to dump her?” Keith snapped.

“She isn’t a freak, she is gifted. If you remember so is our new princess. You want to tell Prince Galen his fated mate is a freak? If Danny suspected anything about us she would have done something by now and no I’m not going to dump her, she could be our mate. Hell even my lion likes her.” Liam replied, like was mild as to how his lion reacted to her. “And don’t you think it would be helpful to us and the others to have a friend who was in good with the cops? She has information on those killings, in fact she is helping to investigate them.”

“Your lion is just hard up, and why should we care about a serial killer?” Keith protested.

“We should care because the killer might be a Ninmah, Danny has shown me pictures from some of the crime scenes. Stuff that wasn’t in the news. The killer was offering the dead women to Nergal.”

“ Offered to Nergal? As in the Mesopotamian god of death, pestilence and the underworld? That Nergal?” Keith frowned in obvious confusion.

“Yes that one, Danny showed me some of the crime scene photos, stuff not shared with the press, there were writing in Sumerian cuneiform, all made in the victim’s blood . The writings spoke of opening a portal, now do I have your interest.?” Liam demanded.

“Yeah, you have my interest. So you staying with Danny to pump her for information?” Keith asked.

“No, I told you I like her, I think she could be the one. The fact she works for the police would be a boon to us, I’m hoping to find a way to prove she is our mate. Then to break the news to her and claim her, I believe she would accept us for what we are and not harm us.” Liam grabbed the files and slipped them back into his desk drawer. “ You like her too, so why are you giving me attitude about her?”

“I don’t know, she’s different. She’s not the kind of woman I am attracted to. Maybe I don’t think she is good enough for you.” Keith sighed as he shook his head.

“Not good enough for me? The woman is a genius, she works like a dog and doesn’t want anything from me but my friendship. Hell she likes the same things I do, she even likes you, why don’t you like her. And the truth?” Liam knew Keith was keeping something from him after being together for several millennium Keith couldn’t hide anything from him.

“ I don’t know whenever I spend time with her I get, well jittery like I had too much coffee and my lion acts weird.” Keith shrugged. “Besides the last time we were both interested in the same woman was the middle ages, you told her about us and she freaked out and the church nearly burned us at the stake. Maybe I’m being cautious, so what are your plans?”

“Find a way to get close to her, then hell I haven’t been with a woman in years. Besides Danny isn’t the kind of woman you just jump into bed with.” Liam protested feeling frustrated at both Keith and the situation.

“Yeah I guessed as much what is she fridged or something? Just take her to bed if she is the one according to others you’ll know real soon and then boom.” Keith replied.

“She isn’t fridged, she’s cautious and I don’t blame her. And I don’t want to scare her off by coming across as an octopus the woman was nearly killed by a stalker. Though it’s killing me I don’t mind going slow, tomorrow night I’m taking her to the museum opening, there should be dancing and a romantic atmosphere I figured I kiss her then and see what happens.” Liam glared at Keith in annoyance.

“You haven’t kissed her yet? What the hell man this isn’t the middle ages.” Keith asked in disbelief.

“No, but I’m pretty sure she is a virgin, you don’t just grab and kiss the stuffing’s out of a virgin who was nearly killed by a stalker. I’m easing my way in, I kissed her on the cheek the other night and my lion about went nuts so give it a rest. What are you going to do about Rita? She’s bad news.” Liam demanded.

“Nothing for now, I like her, she’s fun, a bit ditzy but fun and she makes me feel young again. So she likes to spend my money I have enough, and she is hot in the sack, she makes me come close every time.” Keith replied. “If what’s in that file s true it’s not like she can kill me.”

Liam mumbled several curses under his breath knowing he wasn’t going to make his twin see reason. Keith could be as stubborn as a donkey at times and as immovable as a mountain when he made up his mind. “ Fine, fine how about we agree to revisit this discussion latter. It’s almost noon, I want to call Danny and see if she is free for lunch.”

“Agreed, but before you go did you tell the others about the murders and what you suspect.” Keith rose then smoothed down his shirt.

“Yeah I did, I called Bowman last night and sent him over everything Danny shared with me. He doesn’t want to tell Galen yet as he and Theo are out of the country on their honey moon. But he asked me to keep him apprised and he’s sent out messages to the other members of Galen’s personal guard. He also said he’s going to start searching the web and calling our international contacts to see if there have been other killings with the same pattern.” Liam replied as he reached for his phone. “ Can you ask Paul to come in on your way out, I need to go over a few things with him and Keith what we talked about.”

“Yeah I know keep it to myself. And by the way big brother I do like Danny, even if she isn’t my type she seems to be making you happy, and I don’t remember the last time I saw you happy. I have a bunch of roses in the green house, how about I send her some and say they are from you.” Keith paused as he reached for the office door.

“Thanks that would be great.” Liam saw Keith nod and as soon as he stepped through the door he swiped open his phone and hit the button for Danny hoping she would be free for lunch.

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