Twin Hearts

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Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Liam watched with combined envy and happiness as his friend and prince took the hand of his fiancé and heart mate and began his wedding. Galen deserved to be happy, if any of them deserved happiness it was Galen. Galen had been their prince and leader for almost ten thousand years. He had helped them adjust to the changing ways of man and lead them in their ever present fight against the Ninmah, who wished to see man’s civilization destroyed and their people enslaved. Galen, like all the Enki warriors, had waited several millennia for his perfect mate to appear, the one perfect female that would be not only his wife, and life mate but the mother of his children. The old ones, their creators, had cursed both the Enki and the Ninmah with long life but the inability to fully enjoy sex and to have children. Every few hundred years a woman would come along, their perfect mate who was both their genetic and spiritual mate. In ten thousand years Galen had found and lost four women who had signs of being his mate, all four had die before he could bed and wed them. Galen had nearly lost Theo too, he’d seduced her taking her virginity then left to fulfill his duties, when he’d returned he’d three months latter he’d discovered a very pregnant and angry Theo. It had taken Galen much groveling to win back both Theo’s trust and love.

Liam watched as Galen smiled down at the tiny woman that had captured his heart. Theo was short by current standards; about five foot two, with auburn hair and plentiful curves. Liam thought Theo was pretty, in a girl next door sort of way, but she had the most shocking emerald green eyes he’d ever seen. She was also staggeringly intelligent and had the kindest heart of anyone Liam had met in several hundred years. Liam felt an elbow in his side and looked at his twin, Keith; he’d been lost in thought and missed nearly the entire wedding. “She’s kind of cute for a short chick.” Keith’s voice sounded in his mind.

Liam scowled at his brother, Keith preferred tall women, tall blondes in fact, his taste in women hadn’t changed much in a thousand years. Keith’s current lover and girlfriend, Rita, clung to his other arm and made loud and very annoying sighing noises as the wedding continued. “Don’t let Galen hear you, he is rather devoted to Theo.” Liam thought back.

Liam turned his attention back to the happy couple as the judge finished saying the last of their vows. Galen took the ring from his best men and cousin Bowen, and slipped it on Theo’s finger. Liam frowned when he noticed Theo had no one to stand up with her, in fact all ten of the people witnessing the wedding were Galen’s friends and members of his guard, with the exception of Rita.

“He didn’t have to marry her just because she was knocked up.” Rita’s high pitched voice interrupted Liam’s thoughts. Beside him Keith hushed her loudly as Theo slipped her ring on Galen’s hand.

“I won’t shhh, I mean he could do better, she isn’t that pretty.” Rita protested, eliciting a glare from Liam.

Liam repressed the urge to do Rita harm and looked across the judge’s chamber, luckily nobody had heard Rita’s comment. The judge finished the last of the marriage vows and stepped aside to pronounce Galen and Theo man and wife and Liam saw the woman. She was petite, like Theo, and unassuming looking in a dark grey skirt suit and white silk blouse. But what caught Liam’s eye was her hair, it was a shade or two brighter than Theo’s, and pulled back in a loose pony tail. The judge asked the woman something and she stepped forward to sign the wedding documents and that’s when her eyes met Liam’s. They were like cut sapphires and as bright as a hundred carat stone, they sparkled with intelligence and something mysterious. Liam felt a thrill go through him as the woman held his gaze for a heartbeat, then looked away. Liam couldn’t remember when he’d been excited about a woman, or even interested in one. He’d given up on finding his mate several hundred years ago, in fact he hadn’t even taken a lover in three hundred years, after century upon century of failure he’d tired of the hunt. He had to know who she was and why she was there, he was pushing forward to meet her when the others surged forward to congratulate Galen and Theo and the woman disappeared from view. Liam pushed past his friends and looked about the large office but the woman was gone, Liam’s lion let out a roar of annoyance that Liam silently echoed. That his lion was interested in a woman was telling, his lion never showed an interest in women, it could only mean one thing his lion thought the woman was a potential mate.

“What is wrong you look like you saw a Ninmah warrior?” Liam turned to see Bowen giving him an odd look.

“The woman that was just here where did she go?”

“Um, the witness I think she went out the back door, why? I thought you liked tall, dumb and blonde like your brother. She was kind of cute, couldn’t tell much about her figure in that dull outfit.” Bowen’s voice trailed off when he saw Liam scowl. “She went out the back, if you go out the other door you should be able to catch her, I heard her tell the judge she had to catch the bus, she she’s probably heading for the elevator.”

“Thanks.” Liam spun only to find himself trapped by his brother and Rita.

“What gives?” Keith asked.

“The woman that was just here, my lion is interested in her as am I, I want to catch her.” Liam thought to Keith, whose eyes widened slightly.

“Come on Rita, party time. Let’s go catch the elevator.” Keith said loudly turning and dragging Rita after him. Liam sent a silent thank you to his brother then looked back over his shoulder at Galen and gave him a nod, before hurrying towards the door. He would make his apologies to Galen later, Galen would understand, now he had to catch the woman.

Danny quietly slipped out the back of the judge’s chambers and took a moment to compose herself. She was used to being around men, from working with the police as a profiler, but the men who’d been in the judges’ chamber were a breed unto themselves. None had been shorter than six foot six and they’d all been built like weight lifters or line backers. The sheer amount of testosterone in the chamber had been intimidating, men in close quarters made her nervous and large men even more. But then she had a right to be afraid of men considering what they’d done to her. She pushed down her dark thoughts, the men in the chamber though hadn’t given off any negative vibes, in fact it was as if they were all telepaths and had their shields up. It had been a startling experience; it must be what it was like to be a normal person, to feel nothing from another. But no that wasn’t entirely true, when she’d made eye contact with the one blonde man it had felt like she’d be struck by lightning. He’d been incredibly handsome, with a head of tawny blonde hair the color of a lion’s mane and amber eyes flecked with green, reminding her of a cat. She chastised herself for being foolish; she had a thing for lions, and had a tendency to see them everywhere. No lions only hot gorgeous men who didn’t even notice she was alive, but that was the story of her life. Hot guys didn’t see her but creeps did. There was the muffled boom of thunder and she mumbled a curse, she had to hurry or she’d never make the bus.

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