Now I Can See

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Mia Hart is a fairly normal girl. Growing up with just her mom might have been an issue for some, but she loved it. They were extremely close and Mia couldn't have asked for a more amazing parent. Everything was going great in her life. But that's always when things tend to go wrong. And they did. Terribly wrong. Left without her mom, Mia's world is drenched in darkness as she struggles to just wake up and function properly. When she feels like she's going to fade into nothingness if things continue they way they have been, something happens to snap her out of it. Or rather, someONE happens. Mia starts feeling emotions that she hasn't felt in a long time, and with these regained feelings, the darkness begins to recede and color starts to fill her life once more. However, that's exactly when things take a turn for the worse. Mia now has to fight for everything she's managed to build up when things from her past threaten to take it all away again. Will she be able to maintain her grip on reality and keep from sinking into the darkness once again or will it prove to be too much for her to handle?

Romance / Thriller
Hope Winters
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Have you ever had a routine that, no matter what, you couldn’t break from? Everyday, rain or shine, you would go through the motions of your life and feel as though you knew them so well you could go through the day with your eyes closed. Just do it all on autopilot day in and day out. Never really thinking about what life would be like if you strayed from the habit of your routine. That was my life for 2 years after the accident. A never-ending routine that I would do day after day without fail. When I think back to how I used to be, how dark and bleak my life was before I met him, a shiver always runs down my spine. I would give anything to never go back to my life from before. Before I finally opened my eyes again and saw the light shining down onto my sad little existence. Before I looked and realized that I hadn’t been seeing the bright world around me. Before him, my life was like the darkest of nights, but then the sun rose and filled the world with color once more.

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