In the Night

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So this probably isn't the ending you wanted but in real life people die. I think it's important to remember the world isn't fair. Parents lose their children, brothers lose their sisters and soulmates lose their other half.

I know some people were upset by the whole concept of Hakota and Cleo's relationship and didn't want them together because they hurt each other too much. I know it goes against the whole werewolf principal of a soulmate, but honestly a soulmate shouldn't have a stereotype that is put in a box. A soulmate is someone who can love even the worst part of you and forgive you and move forward but it's simply unreasonable to ask for instant forgiveness and understanding.

I don't believe anyone would instantly grovel just because they were wrong. It's hard for people to even admit they were wrong and even harder to start down the oath of redemption. We hold grudges because we are reluctant to give someone who hurt us, a chance to hurt us again. And most of the time it's hard to see ourselves that we were wrong without someone on the outside telling us. (as in the case of Terrin and Syn when Hakota came to Terrin's house to ask for the truth)

I know Cleo and Hakota seem dysfunctional and maybe even toxic but we can always grow stronger together rather than alone.

In The Shadows and Out of the Light showed the part of Hakota and Cleo's story where they kept to themselves. They acted alone throughout both stories, never quite able to come together, causing all of the chaos between them. They were unable to heal until they came together.

In the third book, Waiting in Darkness, we catch a few glimpses of Cleo and Hakota still working through their problems but we also see moments they come together. By the time we reach In the Night, Hakota and Cleo are truly one unit. It takes them time and experience to come to trust one another and no longer act in their own interests. They stopped trying to prove something to others and even themselves.

When we fight so hard for something, I think sometimes we fail to see we are also fighting against ourselves. Letting go is difficult but it's necessary to move on. Hakota and Cleo are not exactly nice people. They treated each other like shit, and even their friends and pack members, but we always hurt the ones we love because we show them the worst of ourselves.

I tried to make the alpha pair have realistic elements to their characters and relationship, though I will admit maybe sometimes I was being a bit dramatic or over emphasized it. I did my best to let you into their heads to better understand the human emotions that guide our actions.

I know some of my readers got pissed at the couple more than once, and even readers who despised one character or the other. It made me smile when I read such comments because I knew I had done my job right.

We do not like human nature, we don't like the faults in ourselves or inadequacies. We don't like how people treat each other but the fact of the matter is, all of this is very human.

Maybe you like reading to get away from such things, you read for the happy ending because it doesn't seem like they happen very often in real life.

If that is the case then I'm sorry. I know my books thing exactly do that 😂 (I mean author, I know.) But I hope you can appreciate the humanity.

I'll admit I enjoy a good cliché every now and then when I read a book where the male lead messes up and I'm like: "Yes! Grovel you worm!" But then I find myself only able to discover such stories and I wish for something more real where people actually act like people and have real problems in a more realistic story where not everyone has a fairytale meeting, where mistakes are made, where forgiveness is a struggle, and where we hurt the ones we love over and over. Where we don't always appreciate her friends and where not everyone makes it out alive.

That being said, I appreciate all of the support of my readers and for the wonderful comments and reviews. I

I love all of you, you've all kept me dedicated to my dream of being an author and even though the lycans' adventures have ended (though keep an eyes out of an In The Shadows short story collection where we might see more of Coda, Malik, Nahta and Kieran) I hope you will continue following me through my other stories with characters that are equally as frustrating.

Your author,


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