Billionaire's Peeping Piper

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XVI. Rectangle

Piper’s POV:

I sat in the front with Emerson and groaned slightly.

“And...And-” Crystal wouldn’t stop talking.

Why did I decide to have children again?

I look at Emerson.

“What?” he mouthed.

“Here, baby. Have another candy.” I threw the candy back.

“Yes!” Crystal unwrapped the chocolate bar and shoved the candy inside her mouth. Dustin reached for the sweet, but Crystal turned the other cheek.

Finally, silence.

“You really think the best way to stop her from talking is to give her more candy?” Emerson asked.

I pressed my fingers against my temple, “I’ll take any second I can.” I’m hoping she will go into a sugar crash.

Without the candy, Crystal will talk the whole car ride home. She will tell us everything she did at the zoo, even though we were with her the entire time.

With the candy, she will stop talking for a few minutes. Then eventually, she will fall asleep.

I’m the best mother in the world.

After a few more pieces of candies, Crystal fell asleep with Dustin.

I smirked, “See? I got all the secrets.”

Emerson chuckled, “Yeah. They’re going to want you to write a book about this.”

“You say that, but I heard you released a deep breath over there when you can’t hear Crystal talk anymore.”

Emerson curved out of the freeway, “I don’t know what we’ll do when Dustin starts talking.”

“I don’t know what we’ll do, but I know what they will do.” I cleared my throat, “That’s my space! Daddy! Daddy! Dustin is in my space! No! No! Crystal is lying! She is in my space! Daddy!"

“Why are they calling me?”

I chuckled, “Because mommy is fake sleeping with her headphones on.”

Emerson poked my waist, “You! You are the best mom!” He gave me a thumb up.

I smiled widely and tangled our hands together. “I know. Aren’t you lucky?”

Emerson kissed my hand, “Yeah. Yeah.”

I lean towards him, “So, what do you want to do? Mr.Manager?” Yes! Emerson got promoted!

Emerson broke out into a grin, “I told them I don’t want the position.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s hard work! I only want a paycheck. I don’t want to think at work.”

I rolled my eyes, “Stop bragging. You’re making this small-time employee jealous.”

Emerson smiled, “Want to go to the jewelry store?”

“Why?” I asked.

I held my ring in the air, “I love this. My husband stupidly used all his salary on it for me.”

“We could get you a new car,” he suggested.

I lifted a brow, “Oh? Sugar daddy?”

Emerson cracked out laughing, “Sugar daddy without any sugar.”

I smiled, “Save the diabetes.” I lean my body towards his arm, “I want to live in a nice non-rented house.”

Emerson inhaled a sharp breath, “Are you sure you don’t want to get a nice ring?”

I punched his arm, “Don’t be cheap! You’re district manager now.”

“Yeah, but you’re acting as if I own the factory!”

I wiggled my brows, “Let’s not kill that dream just yet.”


“Come on! Your boss treats you like a son!”

"Like a son,” he said. “I’m not his son.”

“Oh? And that Hickleberry can run the factory?”

“That Hickleberry is his son.”

I groan, “Why do people like Hickleberry get to be heirs?” I look at him, “And here, people like my hardworking husband works to his bones just so the Hickleberry can take over the factory.”

Emerson laughed, “Hickleberry isn’t bad.”

“He’s bad at his job.”

“You don’t even know what his job is.”

“And neither does he!”

Emerson didn’t respond to my statement, which means I’m right. The boss’s son is a lazy, no good man. I won’t even call him a bum because a bum works harder than him.

I smiled, “Maybe we can invite Hickleberry to dinner and-” I ran my hand across my neck, “yah know.”

Emerson pinched my cheek, “One day, one of these plans of yours will get us into trouble.”

“I don’t hear a no,” I sang. I kissed his cheek.

Emerson shook his head, “If only you weren’t so cute.”

My tongue poked out, “Someone trying to get lucky tonight?”


“No! No! My unicorn!” Crystal shouted from behind. Sometimes, she talks in her sleep, notably after a sugar rush.

“Nope. Nope. I don’t want to get lucky.”

I burst out laughing, “Emmy. You’re getting lucky whether you want it or not tonight.”

“Consent. It exists in males too.”

“Alright. Then, I’ll just sleep naked tonight.”

Emerson covered my mouth, “Children in the back. Do you have no shame?”

I lowered his hand, “Is that a word? Never heard of it.”

Soon, we arrived at our house. Emerson took Crystal into her bedroom while I carried Dustin out. Steadily, I placed Dustin inside his crib. I checked the baby monitor before I went downstairs.

Two legs poked out from the couch.

I walked towards the legs and fell on top of Emerson’s body.

“Tired,” he grumbled.

“Me too.”


“Your ass.”

“Don’t want to go to work tomorrow.”

I rest my head on his chest, “Me too.” Life of a middle class is tough. We work our butts off only to get two days off. They aren’t even actual days off because of the kids.

“I’ll pick up Crystal after school,” he said.

“And I’ll drop Crystal off in the morning. Let’s have my mom watch Dustin so we can have a little time with Crystal,” I said.

“We shouldn’t,” Emerson said. “Crystal needs to learn how to share with her brother or any kiddos.”

I rolled over and landed on my back, “But, she won’t stop whining.”

He turns his head, ”Gee. I wonder where she got that from.”

I smiled, “Must be you because I’m damn perfect.”

Emerson rolled his eyes, “Pick Dustin up after work. I’ll go home early this whole week and spend some extra time with Crystal so she won’t feel left out.”

“Daddy spends all his time with me. Mommy is always working. You’re trying to turn me into the bad parent?”

“You have the blissful weekend with them.”

I sat up, “No!”

Emerson gave me a sheepish grin, “Boss asked me to work this weekend.”


He turned his body until I was behind his legs. His head turned, “One weekend.”

“Weekends are family time!”

“I thought you say weekends are mini rewards the government gives us so we won’t riot and burn down the white house.”

“It can be both!” I stand by my statement that weekends are made so that people won’t be worked to death. They work just enough where their body will be productive, and then, when retirement comes, they die.

Emerson hugged me then flopped down. I can hear his heartbeats. “I know you don’t like it when I work weekends.”

Emerson and I try our best to spend weekends with each other or the kids. Working a lot of hours means more money, but what’s the use of having more money if there’s no reason to spend it.

“But, I promise, after this weekend. No more for the rest of the year.”

I look upward. My chin pressed against his chest. “So, I won’t be able to see you much this week?”

“You’ll see my butt sticking up on the bed.”

I chuckled, “You’re so stupid.”

“You’re in love with stupid.”

“That’s the stupidest mainstream line I’ve ever heard.” I kissed him.

Emerson inhaled a sharp breath, “How about this?′


“After this weekend, the four of us will spend next weekend at the park.”

“This better be good because it sounds like another typical weekend.”

“I will bake you your favorite dessert. Raspberry lemonade pie.”

I let out a small squeal, “Oh?”

“And I’ll make those sandwiches.”

My eyes widen, “The ones where you cut into small triangular pieces without the crust?”

He nods, “And I’ll feed that demon upstairs.”

“This is getting good.”

“I’ll even play with the devil unicorn upstairs while you read your favorite book about that macho man who isn’t as manly as me.”

“Oh my manly man,” I cooed him. “You’re sacrificing so much for me.”

“You’re worth it.”

“And you know what you’re worth?”



“I do so much and I’m only worth a potato?”

"Potatoes. I’ll buy alot of potatoes and bake them.”

“All for me?”

“All for you.”

I burst out laughing when Emerson cuddles closer to me. He loves potatoes. When I looked at him, I squealed loudly, and he held me close to his chest. We rolled around until we landed on the ground.

I’m still on top of Emerson.

“So, how about it?”

“Saturday. Noon. Sharp. Be there or be-”

Emerson grinned, “rectangle?”

I chuckled, “Dork.”

Before I can get in another word, Emerson flipped me over and kissed me wildly.



Be there or be...rectangle.

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