Billionaire's Peeping Piper

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XLII. All Bullshit

“You’re an even bigger bitch in person.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“What do you see in her?” Makena asks Jackson. “Must the sex, huh.”

“Alright. I’m done.” I got up and turned towards the guard, “Raid their places.”

The guard pressed the earpiece, “Take everything in the apartment complex of Makena Kekoa and Victor Spence.”

So that’s the name of the guy.

Victor slams his head against the table. “Why me?”

Makena ground her molars, but she didn’t rebuttal. There’s something else that’s much more precious to her. My eyes flicker towards the camera around her neck.

“I want that too.” I point at her camera.

Quickly, Makena holds her camera close to her chest. “You can’t. You can’t take away my camera!” The guard tore the camera from her hands. “What are you doing?!” She charges at him, “Give me my camera back! That’s mine! It’s mine! You can’t do this!”

When she finally stops screaming, her eyes glare straight into mine.

“What are you going to do about it?” I mock.

Her chest rises and falls dramatically before she decides to charge at me. Victor held her back by the waist as the guards stood in front of us.

I’m aware of the sudden switch in my personality - the weapon in my hand. Do I feel good behaving like this? Of course not. I’m raised to be better - to have a conscience. But, I also understood, if I don’t behave this way, the woman in front of me will eat me up.

Just like all the others.

I can feel it.

The cold tiles of the bathroom and the cruel laughter were echoing inside.

“Did you see her? She looks like she was going to cry.”

“Please. We all know it was an act. What a whore.”

“I heard she got into a catfight the other day and tore off someone’s hair. But then again, why are we surprised? Commoners, you know?”

“It’s kind of sad, really. I mean, I feel for her. Pretending to be someone she’s not just to be accepted by everyone.”


Jackson grabs my arm, “Hey. You okay?” He whispers into my ear.

“Look,” Victor said. “We’ll tell you everything we know about Harrison Hanson.”


“But, promise us two things.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“One, you can’t take anything from us.”

“And two?”


“Why protection?”

Makena and Victor exchange looks before Makena flop on the chair. “Because we’re being watched.” I looked at the guard who somehow got my signal and gave Makena the camera back. She snatched it from his hands and bought it around her neck. “Your husband. He’s not someone normal. And I’m not saying that because he’s a runaway heir.”

“Then, what are you saying?”

“You heard of E.L.I.T.E, right?”


And then, the explanation began.

Makena explains how she met Emerson when she was younger - when he was still a student at Harrison High School.

Emerson was the top student - no surprise. He had expectations placed on his head before he even started school. The principal’s son. The intelligent and refined young man who will undoubtedly contribute to society.

It’s all sugar talk.

In reality, Emerson was trapped.

Emerson, like many elite families, parents married for mutual benefits. His father was a smart man from MistVille - what are the chances. Brilliant but poor.

Brains get you nowhere unless you have some wealth to back it up.

Emerson’s mother was the backup.

Her family sponsored Emerson’s father to where he is today.

Somewhere down the line, Emerson couldn’t take it anymore.

So, he left.

But, what about the E.L.I.T.E? What’s so important about a club for the intelligent and wealthy? Isn’t it simply a place where you shake hands? To kiss butts of the one above you and step the ones below?


It’s much more than that.

“The E.L.I.T.E initially started as a club where your husband and his friends can come together. To do what? I’m not too sure. But, down the line, they messed with the wrong people.”

“Wrong people?” Nina asks. We’re not sure if Makena knows about M.I.N.D and how Alice was the founder. It’s better to keep it brief on our ends. Mainly since Alice left all, that’s left of her power to Nina.

Matt hasn’t said a single word, but I could still feel the tension around him.

I’m sure he doesn’t want Nina to mix into this mess.



He knows something.

After all, he was the one who had personally investigated everything. Am I saying I don’t trust my sister’s husband?

The answer is: yes.

Even though Nina had forgiven him, it doesn’t mean we had forgotten what he had done. Matt did a lot for our family. I must admit that. But, it doesn’t automatically make him a good person.

And he definitely did not help us merely out of goodwill.

“Brilliant in Trials for Cognitive Humans.”

“What?” I question.

“Brilliant in Trials for Cognitive Humans,” Jackson mumbles. “Wasn’t that the organization that studies youth?”

I turn towards Jackson, “You know about it?”

“Yeah. It was a program made back in the 60s or something. I briefly heard about it when I was in high school.” He looks at Matt, “Didn’t they come to our school and made a speech?”

Matt shrugs. From what I heard, Matt’s head was high in the sky while he was in high school and through college. Jackson exhales. He knows he’s not going to get anything out of Matt.

“What is it about?” I ask Jackson.

“It’s an organization that aims to revolutionize humanity.”


“They’re supposed to establish programs that support humanity in reaching our full potential. Create programs that help people live better or excel in education. Some people say it’s like an advanced tutoring company.”

The more I heard about this, the more suspicious the organization sounded. It sounds like a scam.

“What about that organization?” Jackson asks Makena.

Makena and Victor exchange looks before Makena leans forward. “We think the organization is the one who took your husband.”

“You’re telling me a tutoring company kidnapped my husband?”

“You all think it’s a tutoring company? A company that makes programs and helps others advance in education? Really?” Makena looks at us with crazy eyes. “You’re barely scratching the surface.”

Makena began to talk about Brilliant in Trials for Cognitive Humans. On the cover, it’s an organization that encourages youth to push themselves and becomes the best version of themselves. As in, work hard and advance humanity through math, science, and technology. But, in her words, dig a bit deeper, and you’ll find out what’s really going behind the scene.

“Brilliant in Trials for Cognitive Humans is an organization that experiments on humans.”

I am at a loss for words.

Everyone in the room didn’t dare to speak a single word.

Did she really say that a non-profit organization that helps students become the best version of themselves is actually an evil organization that experiments on humans?

Where did she get that bullshit from?

Was there a movie about human experimentation that came out, and I missed it?

My life revolves around work and children. Which reminds me, I need to complete some paperwork tonight and send them to my supervisors.

“And your husband, Emerson Hanson, is one of the experiments.”

Amid the silence, a light chuckle appears.

It’s me.

I’m laughing.

“An experiment?” I cover my mouth. My body leans forward, and the most horrific laughter erupts. “You’re an experiment? Are you for real?”

“I’m not lying,” Makena responds. Her face didn’t change.

“Look, lady,” I said. “I don’t know what drug you took before you came here.” And if we didn’t meet under bad terms, I would ask you for a sniff. “But you waste enough of my time.” I look at the guards.

Makena held the camera closer to her chest, “I’m not lying!” She moves further away from the guards, who paces towards her.

Victor stands up and covers Makena, “She isn’t lying. That’s everything we know!”

I stand up, and the chair behind me slides back, “Tell me what you actually know!”

“That is what we know!” Makena shouts. “Emerson Hanson is an experiment! Before he was born, his father signed him to be a part of this program called Beta Babies!”

I couldn’t help but laugh again. “Stop bullshitting with me!”

“We’re not bullshitting!” Victor screams. His breathing hasten, “The program does exist!”

“And how would you know?!”

This is ridiculous.

Absolutely mind boggling.

How could they lie right in front of our faces without batting a lash?

This is about my husband.

A member of my family.

The man I love.

And they dare to lie to me, knowing it will hurt me.


Why won’t they tell me the truth?

“You asked us why we followed Emerson,” Makena said. “Why are we so interested in him.” Makena steps away from Victor’s protection. “Do you not see the story? An organization funded by the government is experimenting on humans.”

A story.

Even if it’s not real.

This is a story for them.

A phone buzzes, and my eyes flicker towards the guard. He held it up on his ear, and a few seconds later, he made his way towards Matt.

“We have a problem,” he said.

“What problem?”

“The guards at Makena and Victor’s place of living they’re...gone.”

Finally, Matt looks at him, “What?”

“The men we sent to their place said there wasn’t anyone there. And, the apartment was also raided.”

“Do you believe us now?” Makena question.

Whenever I’m stressed, I would walk away. I would find a place where it’s quiet and take a handful of deep breaths. Then, when I’m finally calm, I’ll start thinking logically. Once the logic is in, I would count my blessings.

My legs motion fast down the hallway. I could see the patterned carpet below of blue, red, and white. It’s something people won’t often notice unless they stare at it.

Brilliant in Trials for Cognitive Humans.


Beta Babies.

An evil organization that experiments on humans.

Sounds like something out of a poorly made movie.

“Piper!” Jackson calls out for me. But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stop; instead, my legs moved faster. “Piper!”

Soon, the carpet began to blur, and the water dripped down my cheeks and off my chin.

Jackson blocks my path.

I stare at our shoes. Maybe it was better for me to keep my head down low like everyone else, not to acknowledge what’s in front of me. Because the moment I do, I’ll go insane.

He rests his hands on my shoulders and exhales lightly. “Piper.”

“How ridiculous,” I mumble. My eyes travel from his black shoes towards him. “It’s ridiculous, right? I mean, my husband, is an experiment? What did she take?”

Jackson moves his hands from my shoulders towards my cheeks. “Piper,” his voice grew softer.

“I mean a father who sold his son for the greater good of mankind or some shit? Doesn’t it sound ridiculous to you?”

When Jackson didn’t respond, my heart dropped.

“Tell me it sounds ridiculous to you. Please, tell me that this whole situation is a lie.”

Steadily, Jackson pushes me towards his chest. I could hear it, his erratic heartbeats.


His arms tighten.

“All bullshit.”


“Complete bullshit.”

Emerson is-

“It’s not true.”

Emerson is not-


Emerson is not an experiment.

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