Billionaire's Peeping Piper

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XLIII. Frisbee

When I was younger, I’ve always wanted to be like one of those hot female leads in movies.

Now that my life feels like a movie, I actually don’t want to be a lead.

The lead usually has some sort of tragic backstory.

My backstory is normal.

I’m normal.

Yes, there was a part of my life where I almost got married to a billionaire, but other than that - I’m normal.

I grew up in a small town with people who never go anywhere. I was never an outcast - sometimes a bit too confrontational for people liking - but nonetheless, I was never an outcast. I had typical grades, not ones where everyone would look at and go, “Wow! She’s going to an ivy lead school,” but good enough.

Then, I found out the guy I had been lying in bed with for nearly a decade is a runaway heir who is an experiment for an evil organization?

What kind of bullshit is this?

“Mommy?” Crystal waves her hand in front of my face. “Mommy? Earth to mommy!”


“Are you okay?”


Her brows crease together, “You sure?”

I uncrease them with my fingers, “Yeah. How was the day with your cousins?”

Crystal smacks her lips, “Those boys are show off.”

“Show off? How?”

She gave me a side-eyed look, “They show off their big rooms and pool.”

“You want a pool?”

“No. But, it doesn’t mean they can shove it in my face.” She waved a hand in front of her face furiously. I don’t know where she learns all this from.

“Maybe they were excited that their cousin finally visited them, so they want to show her everything?”

“Yeah. I guess. But why can’t they show me their ponies? I would love that!”

“Your cousins don’t have ponies.”

“But, they’re rich.”

“Who says rich people have ponies?”

“Rich people on tv?”

I press my fingers near my eyes. Media culture really has gotten to her. I need to send her back to school, but where? All the schools near our house refuse to accept Crystal.

“What are we all talking about?” Jackson stroll into the living room with a clean Dustin. During dinner, Dustin smacks the plastic plate on his face. Jackson volunteered to bathe him while I had some time with Crystal.

“Rich people,” Crystal responds. “Hey, you’re rich. Do you have ponies?”

Jackson sat down on the single chair, “Ponies? Now? No. But, I think I had one or two when I was younger.”

“You had a pony when you were younger?” I ask.

“Yeah. Hercules.”

“You named your pony after a Greek God?”

“I was seven. Had a Greek God phase.”

“I told you so!” Crystal said. Out of the blue, Crystal smiles, “A pooooonyy,” she said in a low sweet tone.

“Do you want-”

“Don’t,” I intervene. I sat up from the couch, “It’s time for bed.” I lift Crystal and place her down on the ground. With a single hand, I drag her towards the exit.

When we pass Jackson and Dustin, I grab him from Jackson.

Crystal peek past me, “Yes,” she whispered. She gave him a thumb up.

Jackson’s smile broke out but quickly disappeared when we made eye contact.

“No,” I said to both of them.

Crystal puckered her lips and pout, “You always say no to everything,” she grumbled.

“Fine, I won’t say no.” I gave her a fake smile when she looked at me, “It’s unavailable.”

Crystal puffs her cheeks and stomps her way out of the living room, up the stairs, and down the hallway.

“I was just joking,” Jackson said. Sure you were.

After I got Crystal and Dustin ready for bed, I poured myself a glass of wine from Jackson’s wine chamber. When I first came here, I thought Jackson was a secret alcoholic. It turns out he loves collecting wine, not drink them. I may drink more alcohol in a year than his lifetime - exaggeration, I know.

Maybe I’m the alcoholic.

Once the alcohol touched my senses, I let out a breath of relief and poured another cup.

Expensive alcohol that’s free really hits differently.

“I see this is still your favorite spot out of the whole house.”

When I turned around, Jackson was leaning against the door frame. His eyes went towards the bottle in my hand before he made his way towards me. On his way, he grabs a glass from the counter and leans it towards me.

I lick my lips and pour him a glass.

I watched as the wine in his hand swirled in a perfect circular motion before he lifted it towards his lips.

“You complain how Crystal wants a pony, but here you are, drinking a bottle that’s worth more than a pony.”

I look at the bottle, “It was open when I got here. I thought it was leftovers.”

Jackson settles against the arm of the couch and chuckles, “Crystal told me the same thing when I caught her sticky hand in the candy jar.”

I ran my tongue across my cheek, “It was really open.”

“She told me the same thing.” The edge of his lips stretches from ear to ear. “The maid opened the jar and didn’t eat anything inside. So, she was forced to eat all the candies or else it may spoil.”

“I’m not like her,” I sway my body towards the couch perpendicular to him. Jackson turns his body towards my direction. “I would never ask the maid to open the bottle of wine for me.”

“You’re not scolding her.”

“Why does everyone always think all I do is scold Crystal?” I pour myself another glass. I should stop. I don’t see this night turning out well. When the alcohol no longer burns my throat, I know my senses are being thrown into darkness.

When I reach for another glass, Jackson blocks the top of the bottle with his palm and then moves it away from me. “You had enough for one night.”

Steadily, my sight went from the bottle towards him. I know there’s a foolish grin on my face. “Don’t act like you don’t want this to happen.”

“Piper. I think you should go to bed.”

When I stood up, my legs were shaky. I should’ve known that a few glasses would’ve knocked me over. One of Jackson’s businesses is in the production of alcohol, and in no doubt, the bottle in my hands could knock over a cow.

I stumbled onto Jackson, but he didn’t budge. Instead, he held me firmly.

“Let me take you to bed. There’s one next door to the kids’ room. You can sober up there.”

Jackson supports me down the hall and into an empty bedroom. When we reach the bed, I push him down and crawl on top of his body.

I know I shouldn’t do this - not with this type of drunken mentality.

My tongue found its way down the vein of his neck, and I could feel his twitching dick between my legs.

Jackson grabs my arms and pulls away, “Piper. Stop.”

To others, his voice may sound stern...angry.

But, I could hear it, the trembles between each letter.

My fingers found its way down the buttons of my sweater.

Immediately, he flips me on my back. The instant motion got my head swirling more than it already is. “Go to bed.”

My hand went from his thighs towards the center of his pants. His lips tighten when I grab his erection. I caress it gently in my hand. “Can’t you make me forget for a few hours?”

His eyes dropped slightly, and his face relaxed, but I could feel his hands tighten on the sheets.


When the moon reaches its peak, the light drifts past the curtains. My nails dug deeply into his sweaty back. His waist rhythmically slaps against my own, and with each thrust, his tongue only seems to dig deeper into my mouth.

My body inches upward with his aggressive action. I slap a hand onto the bed and grip onto the sheet to secure myself.

Jackson grasps my bottom and lifts me. My back slammed against the bed frame, and I desperately held onto the edge.

My head lifts in an attempt to grasp for air, “R-Right there. There. There!”

I could feel the tip of his dick striking against the most pleasurable part of my body.

“You like that?” His husky voice reaches my ear. “You like it when I fuck you here?”

I nod, “Yes. Yes. Yes!” When my voice grew louder than intended, his mouth captured mine.

My sex drive isn’t a low one. I know that much. With time, I learned how to control it, to suppress the desire. But, when I was in my earlier twenties, it was all over the place. If anyone were to know me honestly, they would know that I’m not foreign to Jackson’s touches.

“Fuck,” he whisper. “I’m about to cum.”

At one point, I even played frisbee with both men.

I grip onto his hair and pull his head back, “No. Not yet. Not until I cum.”

The edge of Jackson’s lip twerks slightly before he turns my body into a doggy stance. His hands grip my waist, and with pure aggression, he thrust inside of me. Steadily, my waist lowered until he sat on top of my butt. “Fuck.” He grabs a handful of one of my cheeks, “This ass is going to be the end of me.”

I may not work out often, but whenever I fold my laundry, I would do squats. It seems odd, but it’s working.

When I find myself on edge, I bite onto the sheets. The fire raged below me, and soon, I could see the stars.

“Shit,” Jackson whispered. I could feel a pulse below. And after a few more deep breaths, Jackson’s hot body fell on top of mine. His breathing was deep and shallow, but it didn’t bother me. After a few moments to recollect his thoughts, he said: “We need to clean up.”

Of course, he would say that. Jackson had been extra cautious ever since we nearly got caught by Crystal. After he said that sentence, I would always fall asleep. It’s not the alcohol. It’s a routine I established after sex - amazing sex. If I was still awake after going at it, it means the person isn’t good. It means I should grab my clothes and leave.

Have I done that before?


Not every body is compatible.

I can imagine it now. After I fell asleep, Jackson would release a deep sigh before throwing the condom inside the trash can. Of course, he would make sure the condom isn’t lying on edge but actually inside the trash can. Then, he would wipe me down with some tissues because he knows how much I hate waking up to dry after-sex liquid between my legs. Then, after he cleans me up, he would try to move a pillow beneath my face.

Now, there’s a pillow shoved below me.

And finally, he would cuddle me from the side.

His large arm draft over my back with a single leg press above both of mine.

He won’t allow me to escape in the middle of the night - not anymore.

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